Kidnapping: Revenge mission backfires


•Man kills brother’s wife, son


In what could be termed a revenge mission backfiring, a middle-aged man yesterday reportedly shot dead his brother’s wife and the son over alleged kidnap of a girl in Ikem, Imo State. Ikem, a sleepy village in Amala Autonomous community in Ngor/Okpala Local Government Area, was thrown into confusion when Mr. Mbadiwe Onwukwe allegedly shot dead the woman and the son.

He handed himself over to the police. The state police spokesman, Mr. Vitalis Onugu, confirmed the incident, but said that he did not have details of what had actually happened. The traditional ruler of the community, Eze Ben Nwankwo, told our correspondent that Mr. Onwukwe allegedly killed Ikemba and his mother when they attempted to attack him with a machete.

The monarch narrated that trouble started when the late Ikemba, son of Beatrice, who was said to have allegedly abducted the girl and held her hostage in the family house for five days, and on noticing that Onwukwe (uncle to the deceased) had reported the incident to my palace because they all lived in the same family compound.

The Eze said: “The incident of kidnapping was reported to my palace by Mr. Onwukwe, who is an uncle to the late Ikemba because they lived in the same family compound and on getting the report, I quickly dispatched the securitymen in the community to rescue the lady and to bring her to the palace”. The traditional ruler said that when the late Ikemba got wind of what happened that the victim had been freed and now in his palace, he became very angry and threatened to deal with his uncle for exposing him.

It was with the anger that the late Ikemba took his machete and headed for Onwukwe’s house to kill him, but unfortunately, Onwukwe, having seen him coming from afar with a machete, shot him (Ikemba) dead before he had any chance of causing him any harm.

The late Beatrice on hearing of the killing, also armed herself with a machete and headed for the house of Mr. Onwukwe, ostensibly to avenge the death of her son, Ikemba. It was gathered that before heading for Mr Onwukwe, she had attacked his (Onwukwe’s younger sister) with a machete which missed her by the whiskers before going for Mr. Onwukwe, who also shot her dead on sight.

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  2. Mr Owukwe, u did the right thing it is called self defence. For the fact that Owukwe has reported the matter before the royal highness , he will be freed indeed. Kidnapping a lady inside family house is pure evil. The mother must be as wicked like her son, those that destroyed their children from birth in the name of mummy’s boy, rubbish.

  3. this story can’t be is a mere fabrication.the community royal highness can make up a better story than that.i suspect the uncle,he might be the actual kidnapper and the king is an accomplice trying to cover up. the uncle is now sergeant Roger that can pick out anything from a distance. if a woman with machete is coming after you from a as a man the best you can do is flee for safety not shoot at a poor old woman.

  4. But the shooting is not the best, killing your fellow human ? No I didn’t support this killing he could have shoot them in their leg. And this could have give him some confident to talk in the public today.

  5. Mr onwukwe must face the law and get punished, for to short at sight, including a woman that he can handle differently as a middle age man, he has an issue with family or can i say hatered.

  6. I do not concore 2 d story. Y wld d kidnapprs hv jst matchets nd d shooter hv gun, whom among them wr suppose 2 b well armed. Think about it my ppl.

  7. The story is best known to all involved. Then evil shall slay the wicked. Again that 1 called Aboki, is a disguise, but be careful whoever u are,more silly words may be anything.


    Nigerian Insecurity, all n everyday in different forms yet, SOME FEEL NORMAL. However, my questions are, why is it only affecting the masses? And why dont we apply the RICH antidote for the MASSES? SAVE US O LORD.

  9. Dis is Igbo Haram hw can u kill ur follow human 4 hvin a machete God hlp us. Aboki e b like say koko wey u take d run ur belle

  10. nawa o, oga Onwukwe, u for shoot dem for leg na, why killing dem and calling it self defense, how can old woman kill u with a matchet? weda u like it or not, u r a killer and its a bad name which u will never forget in ur entire life. pls go and report ursef and take the necessary consequencies for ur mind to be at rest.

  11. Rochas what is happening in your state. Are you harboring boko harams? Pls look into this with red eyes cos it is inhuman . Endtime signs and wonders. May their wicked souls rest in peace but I doughtoooo

  12. The English grammar on this page is deplorable and exceedingly shameful. Respondents can’t even form simple sentences. Awful!

  13. Anans, if you have been a victim of kidnapping, you will not be quick to condem this man. Shooting on the leg means postponing his own death in the hand of these kidnappers.



  15. Why killing killing killing killing all thetime? Alot of things are happing in eastern side of the country and boko haram in Northern. Hire killer and road accedent in the western. All over killing killing. What is wrong with Nigeria??????

  16. Does it mean this man can not over power a woman that he had to shot her to death May God have Mercy on this heart hardened man.

  17. i strongly feel this story is made up!!!
    ”on sighting” a man wth a machete he shot him… Meaning he had d gun on him already and waiting for d man…do u belv that?
    Y not shoot on d leg to demobilise him/her?
    Plss, we want the truth…d kidnap angle is not good and those people deserve death but on d hands of ”ndaa” onwukwe

  18. i strongly feel this story is made up!!!
    ”on sighting” a man wth a machete he shot him… Meaning he had d gun on him already and waiting for d man…do u belv that?
    Y not shoot on d leg to demobilise him/her?
    Plss, we want the truth…d kidnap angle is not a good one and those people deserve death but not on d hands of ”ndaa” onwukwe

  19. Dis Ibo people self.Xmas is fast approaching n dey r getting terribly desperate.Is dis a glimpse in2 wot life in d Biafran republic wil look like?

  20. Where are the witnesses?
    The dead cannot speak for themselves. We need to wait for all details especially neutral eye witness accounts. Going after a man who shot your son with a machette does not make much sense. I do not believe the story.

  21. ”The idle heart is the devil’s workshop”. Our security system porousness is the reflection of our society today, with a lot of apprehensive environment and atmosphere. This is indeed to a large extent, the fulfillment of God’s word. My question is, ‘Are you ready for the unforeseen’? Eschew evil and embrace peace with one another because, this is the bases of the Kingdom’s access. Hebrews 12:14 says, ”Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.”

  22. We are yet to be told the whole truth. The haste with which the man carried the “shoot at sight”leaves alot to be desired! The hatred and acrimony that has eating deep into the families fabric has finally exposed them. Why can’t we embrace peace, forgiveness and love for one another? Why did it took Mr. Onwukwe several days in raising an alarm? I congrat him for taking law into his hands. This is extra judicial killing!

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