Kidnappers jailed for abducting senator’s dad


From PAUL OSUYI, Asaba

Four persons yesterday paid the price for kidnapping the father of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa represent Delta North Senatorial district, Pa Arthur Okowa, as they were sentenced to 45 years imprisonment with hard labour by the state High Court sitting in Owa-Oyibo in Ika North East Local Government Area. Presiding judge, Justice Christiana Ogise handed down the sentence to the convicts who included Fresher Aiwiro, Victor Ajulor, George Ogala and Bright Onyemari, all in their 30s.

They were found guilty in the four-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping, prefered against them. Justice Ogise held that having listened to the humble plea of the counsels to the accused persons to temper justice with mercy, the court found them guilty as charged. “They will be in jail, with hard labour, for 35 years each for the first and second count charges and 10-year jail term each for the third and fourth count charge, the jail terms are to run concurrently,” she held.

Meanwhile, the counsel to the convicts, Kaliku Ikechukwu, said the judgment would be studied before appropriate action was taken, saying: “As lawyers, we have done our best. It is left for us to study the judgment, before taking sound step against it. I can assure you, we will appeal the judgment.” Pa Arthur Okowa, said to be in his 70s, was kidnapped on July 20, 2008 in his Owa-Oyibo residence and whisked to an unknown destination and in the custody of the hoodlums.

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  1. This is good news. Yes, that serves them right, but I would’ve appreciated “life inprisonment” more. But, that’s ok for them.

  2. Which Way Nigeria on

    Why prison? why not dead sentence? These guys are meaned and as such they ought to be wiped out on the surface of the earth to avoid domination.

  3. E woo! Chei!! O gini? Ndigbo ndi oma, ndi nwe m na ndi nwe, unu o n’ahukwa ihe m n’ahu ugbu a? Ihe na-esi m o na-esikwa unu? Ndigbo biko mepe anya unu k’unu hu na ike (anya nsi) unu dizi na-ezi. Ndi ndi-ozo juru aju, ha o g’ajuzi onwe ha? Ndigbo, anyi o g’ajuzi onwe anyi? Ike (anya nsi) Ndigbo na-esizi ndi agbata obi anyi, o joro njo! Ihe di njo di njo, ihe di asi di asi. Bikozienu, Ndi Chukwu tere mmanu, Ndigbo oma, ndi nke Chukwu, k’anyi hapu ite onwe anyi unyi n’iru. Ndi ozo jizi anyi mere ihe ochi. Ndi ozo a bu ndi achoghi oganiru anyi, ndi ekpere ha bu otu ha ga-esi hu Ndigbonile na-ime onunu. Eji m anya mmiri ebe a n’asi bikozienu k’anyi hapu igba onwe anyi n’anwu.
    Biko umu nne m (OUK na T.Orji), biko obi adighi m mma (o dighi kwa Chukwu) maka otu unu si agba Ndigbo n’anwu, nke kachasi ibe ya njo bu nsogbu ahu ekwesiri idozi na Abia, e wee buru ya ga na nke ndi iro anyi. Ihere o n’emekwa unu? Orji na Orji, kedu ka-unu ji eme onwe unu otu a. Unu gbahara onwe unu maka ndi pdp abughi ndi kwesiri idoziri unu okwu. Ka Chukwu gozie unu nke ukwuu dika unu na-eme otu a.
    A choro m iji ohere a (maka anya mmiri m ekweghizi ka m mara ihe m n’eme ugbu a) gwa ndi nile n’asi na OUK mere nke a mee nke a. Kedu ka-onye bu onye igbo g’abia n’ebe a na-ekwu ma obu na-ede ihe enweghi isi (n’asu ya na bekee) ekwugide onyi Igbo ibe ya. Gini ka nwanne gi nke n’agba nbo otu aga-esi chikota Ndigbo onu mere gi. Nkpagbu a nile ndi Naijiria n’akpagbu anyi bu Ndigbo o di unu mma? Anyi hapuru ngba anyi kwesiri igbawa wee gbawazie ozo. Onye obuna bu onye Igbo (ma ndi ochichi) nke amaghi na ndi iro anyi bu ndi Naijiria, onye ahu bu Ewu. Ndi ochichi anyi, unu bilie na-ura, unu dozie ala Igbo ka-odi ka-ebe obibi. Maka oburu na-unu ekweghi ekwe, Anyi bu ndi Ikorobia g’enyere unu aka ma-oge rue.
    Ndigbo, oburu na-unu achoghi OUK, biko k’anyi biakota onu jiri otu obi, mezie nghoro nime onweghi, ya buru na ndi Naijiria achoghi k’anyi chia n’afor Puku iri abuo na iri na ise, anyi azowazie Biafra. Ha nile di nfe ma oburu n’anyi abiakota onu ma hukwa onwe anyi n’anya. Onweghi ihe gbara Chineke ghari. Ka Chukwu gozie Ndigbo nile n’aha Jisos, amin.
    I g’enweta m na: zero asato zero ato itolu ano zero asato otu itolu abuo

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  5. 2 de lawyer first u will appeal on what reason & 2 de nig judiciary if it is de socalled bigmen dey will be free at de end of judgement or u see one lawyer coming out 2 depend dem because he know when de matter end he will get his own share but in all God will save us ameen.

  6. Well done Nigerian judiciary. But will other perpetrators of dis evil act ever learn their lesson from dis? That’s d question.

  7. lawyer will appeal, if the case is finish his pay also finish so mr lawyer go ahead and appeal because man must wak,but let us face the truth why have those in government and politicians who have suck this country dry have not faced this kind of judgement ? we all knows that those politician have crippled this country and are more dangerous than these kidnappers, they are the people who directly or indirectly exposed our youths into all sort of crimes,let us quench the fire so that we all will not die from it smoke, these politicial are the roots of all evil in this country.corruption in our government is the cause of all these evil,a country where PHD holders has turn to truck drivers and okada riders, what a shame? i pity for Nigeria, Country where court will stop the prosecution of political criminal, a country where court will struct out a case of embezzeled $12,8 billion dollars oil windfall, a country where somebody whe doop public of 191 billion naira will only be sentenced 1 year and 8 months imprisonment and not only that the prisoner spend the period expensive hospital, pretending to be sick. a country where where a political criminal facing charges will go and sit in an expensive hospital faking sckness and the court will order that he will not be arrested.
    What a usless country.those jubilating that it is a good jugdement should know that these people are not borne criminals, something is responsible for their sudden change to criminality, and the number factor responsible for criminality in Nigeria is bad government and corruption in all levels in our government,what a usless country Nigeria, till these problem of unemployment is solve crime in Nigeria will countinue to increas,till our government start to care for her citizens crime will not reduce,till the government start to rehabilitate her citizen crime will not reduce.i rest my case.

  8. What a country,if a poor man commits a crime the Judgement becomes faster but when the rich commit crime,the government sets up committee to look into the matter and immediately they are granted bail and the judgement process continues till eternity. This one no be news atall

  9. Where is senator Ndume,Otedola,Lawan,Bamanga Tukur son and all this wealth men that have plunder dis country nt tried just because na senator papa d judgement is fast. God help us.

  10. Any lawyer who appeal to this matter should also be jail with them, the judiciary is our problem in this country o ly God Almighty can help us.

  11. Sound and well delivered judgement by the presiding justice (Mrs) Ogise but i only hope this will serve as a deterrent to other kidnappers out there since not even death sentence or life jail deters most criminals any more.

  12. Chief Akpaniko on

    Good thinking, good judgement but how many years sentence is given to those we trusted and gave our commonweal to who kidnap and stole trillions. Are they not special guest at Aso Rock? For the young men, its a pity!

  13. Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

    That’s good judgment, infact they should have been given life sentence. This fool are the ones bringing disrepute to ndi-igbo. Igbos are known for being hard-working and industrious, but you lazy-heads chose to kidnap people . May they all rot in jail.

  14. The sentencing is too lenient and is not showing any deterrence to others in kidnapping” business”.

    We are talking of murderers,rapist,armed robbers, is anybody thinking of anything less than life?

    I think there should be re-trial.Having it in mind how many innocent people had been killed due to non compliance of payment.

  15. It is the right of the convicted to appeal their conviction. Don’t blame the lawyers for appealing the case. It is also true that this kind of judgement is only for the poor. Where are we going from here? The rich and affluent have stolen this country dry without being punished, where are we really heading to? God help this country of ours.

  16. how many of d grand cretors of all dese cryms have bin convicted? dose dat milk d country dry n turn our useful youths 2 criminals

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