Keshi selfish–Odemwingie


West Bromwich Albion’s striker, Peter Osaze Odemwingie, has hit out at Nigeria’s Head Coach, Stephen Keshi, for excluding him from he Afcon provisional squad. The 32-year-old posted his outburst via his social media account on Twitter, @OdemwingieP, yesterday. Odemwingie did not only hit out at Keshi, but also at the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF),

Super Eagles’ former coaches, Samson Siasia and Lars Lagerback, as well as the media and recent captains of the national team describing them as “selfish.” The forward, in his social media outburst, which began from about noon local time (1p.m CAT), claimed that his exclusion from the Africa Cup of Nations provisional squad is “all comedy” based on “lies.” The Bendel Insurance ex-man also vented anger on a number of Twitter account holders who questioned his outburst on the social media network.

“On my exclusion from the Eagles list, I am not surprised. Not surprised Keshi and NFF couldn’t tell me themselves. No personality! “We talk through Press, how come I am the only stubborn one but no Eagles ex-player was sent off from the team with respect? “Keshi has no footballing reasons not to invite me, but he is not saying the truth. He is still in my plans, he said. Haha coach u no dey my plans. “To some who wanna put mouth here, please act like men. When two men talk 3rd has nothing to do.

So, Ikpeba and the rest talk to me face to face. “This is all a comedy and our poor fans are being fed with lies, while they are cutting the cake for themselves. “(The) NFF’s spokesman told MTN he was arrogant? I am arrogant? Why did (the) country’s president threaten to close down our federation for two years? “Why didn’t Lagerback continue with (the) Super Eagles after (the 2010) World Cup? Chop and run was his plan and they knew it. “Nigerian fans voted me Nigerian Player of the Year during (the) World Cup qualifiers and I was a spectator in the World Cup and I should be quiet?

“Because after we got Olympic silver, I didn’t say Siasia is ready for Eagles. He waited till he got the job to axe me?” “Okay, that childish thing about shirt aside. WBA needed me back for (an) important game and Siasia refused to let me miss a midweek friendly game? “Where is commonsense there? The game was played in an 80,000 capacity stadium with 2,000 spectators. That’s how important the game was! “They can’t spoil my name! That’s when I ask my self – do we not have a team captain and federation who can tell its commonsense? And settle the matter ? Na wow oh.

“Then they don’t invite (Vincent) Enyeama our number one keeper for a crucial qualifying game because he complained about a flight or something little? Ridiculous. “This might sound disrespectful but (the) Eagles had no good captain for many years. Everyone is looking only after himself. “Then SWAN sends a letter to NFF to warn me. (Sorry about that tweet didn’t mean it that way). But tell your colleagues not to make up stories. “A wise man advised me after 1st tweet that there are other ways to make someone look stupid. I am not interested in that. Just cleared myself.

“The only reason I write this is for fans to know my reasons and position on a few things and don’t think I don’t care or too proud. “After Afcon in Ghana, (the) Eagles’ fans were satisfied with our performance and Siasia after the tournament said I will take you to the Olympics. “They sacked Berti Vogts and just a month after that coach Amodu took over! In his first game in charge I didn’t even warm up,” wrote the angry striker. Odemwingie also claimed that while declaring his outburst on Twitter, that an unnamed NFF official called to insult him.

He ended his outburst saying he could shut down his Twitter account, which is verified. “NFF member just called me. Of course, got insulted. I told him I sang national anthem for 10 years to be treated like this. “That’s it on this. Story ended. No more talks about national team again. I’ve said all I wanted. If will be tempted will go off twitter,” he rounded off.

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  1. Osaze you are not bigger than super eagles ok, so take your outburst somewhere…you can’t dictate for the coach,if u want to be a coach then quit playing football and test what it means to be a coach,

    • Mr kace, you did not say what you think made osaze a disappointment, he told his own side of the story and even if you have heard the other side of the story, a reasonable and responsible person don’t up and call somebody irresponsible for telling his own side of a story even if they are wrong

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  3. ohikhuare omogbai on

    When are we ever gonna get things right in this country? For how long are we gonna in the realm of corruption? God is watching them all, ODEMWINGIE. I know certainly that Nigeria would hardly make that expected impact at the nations cup. f**k NFF.

  4. I don’t kn y some people always back bad things, Osaz if stupid Keshi and NFF think they can do it alone let it be you have served ur father land is not easy 4 gud 10yrs.

  5. Let there be a private discussion by the coach and the two players- Osaze and Martins. Let it be at the instance of the Coach, who is what his tittle suggests- the Big Boss. Someone must be in charge, and should be respected, while these great players also need to be treated with a good degree of their own respects. They are all sportsmen and should please show sportsmanship- both Coach and His younger brothers. Nigeria must be placed first. What do I mean? Let the Big Boss pls put a call to Osaze AND Matins TODAY, ( humility- an indispensable quality which Keshi has), and let Osaze & Martins take the calls with humility ( a hallmark of great men which they are), and let them dicuss to the shame of “the uncalled for umpires” – sorry to speak in tongues. It is to avoid many twittings by many that cannot solve any problems. They will discuss and even if the boys will not be called now, they will let the public know that they are more mature that what people are unnecessarily insinuating. LOVE COVERS MULTITUDE OF ERRORS as the bible declared. The Coach is a wise man and will surprise a lot of people when he does what he knows better to do. Sports appears to be the only area the universal set still CLING TO, or isn’t?

  6. We know that our system is corrupt you dont need to tell us but past players play for the fans. Osaze where u dey during the qualifiers? and why you no complain then if you are really patriotic and love the fans as u claim? you wait till qualify abi? even Mikel where dey Chelsea no go reach like this if him no dey list. you are not greater than Utaka,Taiwo,Martins? Kalu Uche? this guys start from youth teams execpt Martins and Utaka and dont make noise.who u be seff West brom player abegi go sleep we don vex for you.

  7. Ego, ego egomania on display.
    Siasia went on this very road to the dung hill of Nigeria soccer; an inconsequential complain about flight led to the dropping of quality players. Ask ego man Siasia the out come.
    It is unfortunate Keshi is treading the same path and will end up the same way. Players and coaches shld have mutual respect for one another. Keshi shld be able to resolve little issues in camp.Then and only then can we hail him as the Big Boss indeed.

  8. It is quite unfortunate that some of our big players look down on our indiginous coaches. We read and watch and never have we seen them falling out with their european coaches. It is quite annoying that we are going to miss the service of on-form player like Odemwingie in the forth coming cup of nation. We rather do away with him than having him there to poison the hearts of the younger ones that will fight to their last drop of blood in search of national honour. Our national team needs disciplined players. We are not going anywhere with arrogance.

  9. I think the most appropriate topic for discussion at this time should be the nation cup proper – not Osaze! Osaze should forget the AFCON 2013 for now and focus on his expected baby boy.

  10. keshi, siasia, uche okechukwu, oliseh, ikpeba, okocha, amokachi, kanu and all others did the same things osaze is been crucified for in their own time. they all started it. osaze pls, west brom needs u to survive. relax 4 UK and enjoy with ur family. I wish u best of luck. Nigeria FF and their management is a failed state. keshi couldnt manage Togo, he cant manage Nigeria. His team cant even win common Rwanda. Ntooooo

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