JTF kills 14 suspected kidnappers In Rivers


From TONY JOHN, Port Harcourt

No fewer than 14 suspected members of a notorious criminal gang were shot dead and others wounded, including two ladies, in the early hours of yesterday when they engaged security operatives in gun duel. The latter had stormed their camp in Kanni in Ogoni local government area of Rivers State.

The incident occurred at 2:50a.m, following investigation into the recent abduction of  one Biram Karakus, a Turkish and staff of Rivigo Construction Company, in Port Harcourt. It was gathered that a combined team of security operatives from the State Police Command and Anti-kidnap Unit of the military, stormed the hideout of the hoodlums, following an intelligence reports.

The kidnappers, it was gathered, opened fire on the team on sighting them, a development that led to the gun duel.  Six of the suspected kidnappers were gunned down instantly, while eight others, who were among 10 that sustained bullet wounds, died as they were being rushed to hospital. Police Public Relations Officer in the State, Mr. Benjamin Ugwuegbulam (DSP), who confirmed the incident, said the gang leader, popularly known as “Bishop Nelly”, was among those killed.

He said the bandits were responsible for kidnapping, armed robbery, killing of policemen and civilians in Rivers State in recent times. The Command’s spokesman stated that six AK 47 rifles, 444 rounds of live ammunition, 17 magazines and charms were recovered from them. Other items recovered were two bags used in delivering ransom and N98,900, being part of the ransom of N20 million recently paid to them.

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  3. Excessive quest for wealth. Get rich quick syndrome or die hard in penury. All ur nefarious activities will one day be brought to book. Thanks to God who has an end to every thing on earth.

  4. Please,F G N Should provide Job opportunies for our young graduates,retire the old ones,so that all this crime will stop.All this people are graduats consider them…..

  5. I saw police with 3 vans dat carry 15 lifeless bodies(guys) to the port harcourt cementry early yestaday and was buried in one grave aka mass barial but as far as am concern naija police n jtf always kill innocent souls so i dnt knw how authentic it is in dis matter. Lol

  6. Is unfortunate that Nigerian military hears only kill. I did not heard of any arrest. It is a nice development but arrest will help to track down other gangs that will be on their network. Blood blood and blood, May God help us.

  7. “eight others, who were among 10 that sustained bullet wounds, died as they were being rushed to hospital.”

    – Or in other words – The JTF made sure that no witnesses to the incident were left alive to tell what really happened!

  8. Why did u kill them ?, take them to court and try them the way u tried Alhaji Asari & co who started all this in the name of Gov Odili political thugs, but today one of the most influencial & respected in the country.

    • I like the site. Please go to the United Nation and declare your independence. But before you do that, let them know your border line. Make sure you work with the minority to your south, since I’m sure they would not want to be a part of you. Perhaps the current SE should suffice. Any attempt to expand your territory beyond it would surely be met with resistance. I wish you good luck. In the meantime, advise your folks to stop investing in other parts of the country. It is time that you guys return home to realize your dream. No arms conflicts this time. The case can be handled by your competent lawyers. Good luck!

  9. People in civilized countries will laugh at us to no end, wondering whether we are complete human beings or apes. These people are clearly called SUSPECTS, and they were slaughtered on the strength of mere suspicion. That means some of them could have been innocent, and they were killed. Someone may argue that our judicial system is so paralysed that the criminals would be set free to continue their destructive acts. But killing people for suspicion is not the solution, as two wrongs dont make a right. We are all just living in a big jungle

    • You’ll think twice if they kidnapped you or your innocent child before having pity for those people. Ask yourself what they are doing in a hideout with guns, charms, money etc.

    • Bros you have to read the story very well, the criminals opened fire on the military and if that happens in any country the forces shots to kill and that was what happened. Someone that does not want to die is the forces come to you just hands up and submit your guns or you die.

  10. What else do u do when someone u want to arrest could not even allow u to get close but opened fire on you. U will continue to arrest and get killed. Lets be sincere in real human sense. The wicked shall never be left on punished, instituted law from alighty God.

  11. The truth of the matter is that the amount recovered is much more than =N98.900 as claimed by the JTF, that was why they decided to kill them all to conceal the evidence. Those wounded if ruched to hospital as pot railed some would have survived. Nevertheless kudos to JTF but return the stolen money to the rightful owners.

  12. @TOCHUKWU,
    The amount recovered is immaterial. For risking theri lives to stop those criminals is what matters. They can declare Kobo, it is between them and their conscience and the God that guide them to succeed. Mind you, not everybody that face a criminal gun duel that survives…


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  14. Kudos to the JTF, KIDNAPPERS BEWARE, you can never win all the time like in this case. Repent now and save your dear life, or else you die if you continue your dirty dastardly behavior. It is retributive justice. What goes around comes around. THOSE WHO HAVE EARS SHOULD HEAR THIS.

  15. well done JTF but we could have heard from the surviving ladies’ part of the story to know weather they where rubbed of their innocence for the JTF to receive honuor,praise & promotional aword.

  16. Which Way Nigeria on

    That’s the best thing to do than to take them to court. Which Court? I mean Nigeria judicial that will set them free by arranging with criminal lawyers. Spare no one.


  18. Let them shift their attention to Ubima, the home town of Governor of Rivers State. I have been kidnapped there before while I was driving down that road. Ransom was paid before I was released. Only God saved me. Those guys are animals and not human. I slept in the open farm with dirty, smelling, drunk boys, smoking hemp. I was tortured by people I have not offended in any was just because of money.That plantation owed by Risonpalm is their den. There have been similar cases after mine. It is only God that saves us in this country. Police came to the scene, took my car and left me in the bush with the criminals without making any attempt to come after the kidnappers. My people, our help is in the name of God.

  19. U and i should change and put a stop our evil deeds than to put blame to security operatives for not rescuing u as if the are God. Some of u that make comment are armrobers and different types of evil doers. Stop praising and blaming JTF u people should not be fools, May God have mercy on us.

  20. Try and give information if u want to help security operatives than to only to be making comment. Stand up and help in any way u can.

  21. In a country where jungle justice strives, anybody can be a victim. From the story, it is obvious that the 10 were arrested alive but shot on there way to the hospital. Kidnapping is a crime against God and humanity & must be strongly discouraged & condemned but our security forces can do better than this. Get them arrested and extract useful information that can lead to the arrest of others. Is always better to allow 100 criminals to go than to kill 1 innocent person. Please let JTF be more proactive next time, there could be an innocent person among them. The military are well trained and can always over power this criminals.

  22. Frm d way dis criminals reacted on sighting d JTF team shows dat dey are unrepentant nd ready 2 kill or die 4 their evil act. Morever how are we sure dat those that died on their way to hospital were not collaborators. Kudos 2 d JTF.

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