Jonathan’s administration full of deceit – ACN


The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has accused the Jonathan administration of engaging in governance by deceit, saying the administration has been overstating its achievements and making fake promises to Nigerians. In a statement issued in Lagos yesterday by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party also slammed the president’s Special Adviser on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, for making himself a purveyor of blatant lies and for having the temerity to denigrate the country’s opposition for daring to criticise a non-performing government.

It said only a government swimming in corruption and lacking self-respect and decency could pick as its spokesperson a man who had been shown to be an epitome of corruption by collecting funds for contracts that were not executed. ACN said the government’s claim, through Okupe, that it would generate 780,000 jobs in 2013 through the “Young Graduate Employment Scheme” and 5,000 jobs in each of the 36 states through SURE-P was the latest example of the administration’s lies.

“Our advice to the teeming young graduates who have no jobs is that they should not allow themselves to be hoodwinked by this promise. They should remember that this same administration promised to create 10,000 jobs in each of the 36 states through SURE-P in 2012. The year is over and all we have now are phantom jobs and more fake promises,’’ the party said.

It also urged Nigerians to ensure that their generators were in good working condition, as the government’s promise of stable electricity in 2013 was as unrealistic as it was deceitful. “The administration said it has generated an all-time high 4,500MW and will increase the number to 7,000MW in 2013. What a celebration of tokenism! In the first instance, the government should be ashamed to tell Nigerians it has been able to generate only 4,500MW from a huge expenditure of 16 billion dollars!

“Also, no one needs a rocket scientist to know that 4,500MW cannot ensure stable electricity supply in a country of 160 million people, when South Africa, with less than a third of Nigeria’s population, generates over 40,000MW! The party also faulted the administration’s claim that the bombings and killings in the North had decreased from January to December, calling it “fabricated cold comfort and a disservice to millions of our citizens who are daily being subjected to terror attacks, while President Jonathan, now a professional mourner, resorts to endless lamentation instead of decisive action.”

“Well, we are not surprised at the claim of reduced terror attacks by the Jonathan administration. After all, the same administration claimed that global anti-corruption body, Transparency International (TI) acknowledged Nigeria’s progress in fighting corruption, when nothing like that ever happened. “To set the record straight, 750 people have been killed in terror attacks in the North this year, a figure higher than about 570 who were killed in 2011 and not counting the latest killings in Borno and Adamawa states,’’ it said.

ACN advised the Jonathan administration to level up with Nigerians by admitting its failings and rolling up its sleeves, to reverse the “transmogrification” which the president’s transformation agenda had become, instead of relying on a hypocritical spokesman to peddle lies to citizens already reeling under the failure of an impotent government. Lagos, Dec. 30th 2012

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  2. Doyin Okupe is known for being a megaphone for peddling lies and fabricating false statistic to defend his boss as boot leaker, that guy is a disgrace not only to Yoruba race, but also to Ogun state. That guy has no record of credibility at all, he talk with his ugly mouth and his big body like that of sack of bag full of rubbish. That guy must be stopped by all means possible. He did the same when he was the PRO for NRC and he was molested for his corrupt attitude and bundled out of the convetion in Port Hacourt. Jonathan has not been lucky man because he is keeping evil and incompetent team as the best brain in the mist of over 160Million Nigerian. God has a way of punishing all the evil people and I believe He would deal with these evil rulers, come year 2013! God bless NigeriaZ,

  3. I wonders what Jonathan thinks, how can a man who was picked from a garbage bag, cleaned and put in a seat of leadership my people turn around to become the most Devilish leader ?

    I am sure by now he and his gang of looters must have concluded their plans against the citizens of NIgeria come 2013, but my advice to them is that the politicians that died few months ago never knew that they will not see 2013, Abacha never knew that he will not live to enjoy his loot, Ibori did not know that he will be disgraced and imprison in London. What shall it profit a man to steal from his family members, what shall it profit a man to use his good opportunity to create Enemity, what shall it profit a man to steal what he can not make use of ? Bible in the book of proverb says that a good name is better than wealth. Mr. President do you know that Nigerian will be happy to hear that you are dead ? Do you know that your name will be written in the black book of Nigerians, do you know that you will surely regret these corruptions and betrayals, why should you favour your fellow politicians and put the rest 160million Nigerians to suffering ? Jonathan you are a fool.

  4. I want to drop this for Mr President pls, move close to the masses u’re governing, don’t allow anybody to over protect u for their selfish end. Go close to people and seek their opinion about ur administration. It will appear to u that those surrounded u are not doing well at all and is affecting ur administration and u in particular as the president. God bless Nigeria and ur administration!

  5. What gave you people the alacrity to insult,embarrass and molest mr president?why don’t you people wait to see what he will do come 2013? Plz enough of there nonsense,yes we knew that he’s the most criticise president in the world but by 2013 we’ll all be proud of mr president.

  6. What gave you people the alacrity to insult,embarrass and molest mr president?why don’t you people wait to see what he will do come 2013? Plz enough of there nonsense,yes we knew that he’s the most criticise president in the world but by 2013 we’ll all be proud of mr president.(alala chike)08130163349

  7. Okupe has been known to be a 419 Chieftain since long time ago but he has been escaping jail because of his propaganda work for corrupt PDP governments in power since 1999. He will pay for his lies and dehumanizing propaganda against the poor and oppressed people of Nigeria soon.
    Where is the power, the good roads, the security of lives and property, the agricultural and farming ventures, and the enabling environment that would make poor and unemployed youths and graduates get jobs in 2013 that will make Nigeria better in 2013?

  8. Those of u saying that he will creat job in 2013, are all evil 2011 & 2012 has just gone for nothing. Is he God that will perform miracle in 2013? Has he realized his mistakes? Or has he removed that satanic garment he is putting on?

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  10. My advice to the government is to try and fix power and roads,at least ,otherwise Nigerians will never forgive them,and all these disasters are warnings,they should take and start acting soon


  12. Without God Jonathan can do nothing. If u love this nation pray for her. Alters of evil powers in this nation need a radical prayers. Nigeria is under a spell and is been profan daily by our eel comment against our leaders. Nigeria need ur positive confession and prayers. Closeness to God is the only way out.


    “If you bite the fingers that feed you, then you are bound to be hungry for weeks or months until the fingers are healed”. I was Lagos for a week and I saw the stable electricity and this made me to do some survey among the people and they rated the PHCN 80% of stable power supply. I now wonder why Lai (Lied) Muhammed is telling his own people to buy more generators in 2013. I suspect he has invested in a generator companies in China or Germany; he should look for another country to sell his purported generator. On Job creation, I observed that the unemployed youths are not been carried along on job opportunity available because they are not member of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN). All of them are ready to engage in the Subsidy Reinvestment Programme (SURE-P) and the Young Graduates Commercial Farmers Scheme (YGCFS) of the Federal Government but the State Government is politicalising employment, yet the mouth piece of “Lion of Bourdillon”, in the person of Lai (Lied) Mohammed will never see the achievement of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) because GEJ is fixing Nigeria beyond the imagination of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)! How many “physical” jobs has the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) created since inception? I know of many of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) members are on the payroll of all the Local Governments in their controlled States without going to work, yet getting paid in the name of party loyalist. Yet they will be first to throw stones on corruption “He who stays in glass house don’t throw stones”
    For those who must have been misled by Lai (Lied) Mohammed, below is for your record:

    Upon assumption of office by President Jonathan, the power sector was groaning under heavy technical and managerial challenges resulting in power generation of below 3,000 megawatts. Power infrastructure such as the 10 National Independent Power Projects (NIPP) were either abandoned or stalled. The power sector, simply put, was characterized by high degree of inefficiency such that the much needed infusion of funds from the private sector was not forthcoming. There was a high incidence of transmission losses, low collection efficiency and a speedy regression of previous generation gains. After a deep analysis and planning personally supervised by Mr. President, the Power Sector Road Map content of President Jonathan’s transformation agenda is beginning to make record progress. As at today, most of the challenges earlier identified have been resolved while others are receiving due attention of the Federal Government. Above 95% out of the ten IPP projects have been completed. Our power generation has hit an all time high of 4,502 megawatts.
    The initial problem of inadequate gas supply has been resolved as Nigeria now produces gas in excess of its internal consumption demand. This was partly due to the state of emergency declared in the gas sector by the President earlier in the year.
    The limitations imposed by inadequate transmission infrastructure are being tackled, while funding for the expansion of gas supply to power plants has been made available. We expect that this challenge would be fully overcome by the second quarter of 2013.
    Today, large parts of an unprecedented number of cities and towns across the country are enjoying between 14 to 16 hours of uninterrupted power supply, except in some few areas where localized problems of power distribution network have created bottlenecks for smooth transmission.
    With the projected generation of a minimum of 7,000 megawatts by the middle of 2013 as well as the effective privatization of the distribution and generation subsectors and the commercialization of the transmission arm of the Nigerian Power Sector; economic activities are bound to receive significant boost in the coming year. The impact of a more stable electricity supply in improved industrial capacity, job creation and growth of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) cannot be overemphasized.
    Mr. President and his administration remain committed to the promise he made to the Nigerian people at the launch of the Power Sector Reform Roadmap in August 2010 when he said:
    “In the same way that the reforms in the telecommunications sector paved the way for the benefits we all enjoy today, we believe that with diligent implementation and meticulous application of what this Roadmap provides, we will see an end to the chronic electric power supply shortages we know too well, and witness the birth of a modern, efficient, customer focused, private sector driven electricity supply industry. We have the will. This Roadmap shows the way.”
    In realising the prime position that the agricultural sector occupies in the economic transformation of most advanced nations and in fulfilment of his electoral promise to the Nigerian people, President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration established a revolutionary agricultural programme to ensure food security, reduction of expenditure regarding foreign exchange in food import, diversification of the economy and creation of new jobs. You will recall that prior to the advent of the administration of President Jonathan, major agricultural produce like cotton, sorghum and groundnut, which were the bedrock of the economy of northern Nigeria were practically extinct. Considering the fact that Nigeria imported N500 billion worth of rice in 2011, one will not be left in doubt as to the need for a radical solution, which the Agricultural component of the transformation agenda is progressively providing.
    In the year under review 14 new rice mills with capacity to process 240 metric tons of rice were set up by the private sector while in addition, a sum of 1.2 billion dollars was secured by the Federal Government to install 100 large scale rice processing mills to produce 2.1 million metric tons of rice annually. Today, Nigeria has reached an unprecedented 60 per cent sufficiency in rice production, a feat, which the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) recently described as capable of raising world rice output to a record high in the next 12 next months. By the year 2014, Nigeria’s 167 million population will feed on rice grown and processed locally as we would have attained 100 per cent self-sufficiency in rice production like we just did in the production of cement.
    This and other initiatives of government in 2012 resulted in the creation of about two million new jobs among rural dwellers. In 2013, the Federal Government will implement a Young Graduates Commercial Farmers Scheme (YGCFS), which will absorb 780,000 graduates in its first phase and provide an estimated four million jobs in the agricultural sector in the first year.
    In the same vein, Government will restructure and recapitalize the Nigeria Agricultural Bank to provide loans to peasant farmers at single digit interest rates. This will be the most remarkable fund injection initiative ever undertaken by any government to empower rural peasant farmers and create wealth for rural dwellers. Export of dried cassava chips began in July 2012 and this represented the first time that Nigeria will achieve commercial scale export of dried chips, which will earn $136 million annually in foreign exchange. Also, improved cotton seedlings, which have been provided free of charge to farmers especially in the northwest and northeast geo-political zones, will result in the resuscitation of the upstream and downstream cotton/textile subsector before the end of 2013.

  14. KENNY u said “U where in lagos and saw stable power supply”…evil incanate like u; hv u been 2 other states if at al there is stable power in lagos.

  15. Wao! Nigeria has become a land of blind and heartless people. They have sworn not to see, not to hear but to perpetually sigh and grieve. My pity to those commenting on this subject. If Lai Mohamed was in power, they would do worse than Jonathan. If those writing the above have respect for the country, they should not be calling and qualifying their President in such ungodly terms. They are despairing, apparently hopeless, thinking that the promises of “miracles” from the pastors will also work in government. Let those talking show us how they have handled their families, their secondary education, etc. If this column is for insults, we beg it be closed.

  16. its quite a pity that the citizenry has been in perpetual ignorance and has been manipulated and subjected to a devastating conundrum. how can a coordinated person that has keen interest in our politics dare raise an accusing finger on the government of the day when it is very overt that our country has pummeled in to ruin as a result of the past wicked leaders we have had of which the north dominated. northerners should bury their heads in shame cos they have consistently proved to be the problem of this country. they have ruled this country for 38 years yet the region is bedeviled with poverty. all their elites can do is to sit down and deceive the poverty stricken youths of the region towards unleashing violence so that they can get back to power by fanning shameless innuendo. when monstrous vampires like ibb, abacha atiku, gowon, obj are parading themselves as elder statesmen, surely our country is in trouble! but 1 day the masses shall rise to the occasion and wrestle power out of this evil and wicked generation of failed leaders!


  17. Lai Mohammd sh stop inciting people against Mr President after all he and his ACN party did not vote for Jonathan. Why sh he lai be benting on destroying the house he never built. After all we, the geniue voters who voted our conscience not sold our conscience like ACN members did not complain.

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