Jonathan pledges better days in New Year



President Goodluck Jonathan has urged Nigerians to forget the current challenges, confronting the country, pledging his administration would perform better in 2013. He said the New Year would better the lots of Nigerians in all aspects and urged Nigerians not to lose hope because he had resolved with his cabinet to make significant changes.

The president gave the assurance at the foundation laying of the Living Faith Foundation’s Bible College in Kaduna. “Let me assure all of you and, indeed, all Nigerians, that 2013 will be better for us than 2012 in all aspects of the nation’s history. The New Year shall be better for us in terms of job creation, wealth creation and improved security, among others,” he said.

President Jonathan said although the changes might seem to be slow in coming because of the tedious processes involved, they would soon be manifesting in forms of better wellbeing for the people. He said he was aware of the doubts Nigerians were expressing about his government because of challenges. “Sometimes, challenges make people doubt the sincerity of government but I am confident that God knows everything,” he added.

Making reference to Job in the Bible, who lost everything, Jonathan said God wanted Nigerians to learn some lessons from current challenges, noting that God meant well for the country. While assuring the citizenry that the improvement being witnessed in power supply would be sustained, the president said his wish was that Nigerians could live without buying generating sets. He said his administration should be able to generate enough power so that small scale businesses could thrive.

“Small-scale businesses, such as barbing salons, cannot continue to buy generators to operate and break even. My wish is for Nigerians not to have generating sets.” On security challenges in the North, President Jonathan said law enforcement office was working hard to end the tide. He added that having sanitised the electoral process, his administration was also intervening massively in road construction, upgrading of airports and railway development.

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  1. President should remember that 2013 is just few weeks or days from now… we believe in him and we are still waiting to receive and witness the good about Nigeria….. WE KNEW THAT HE IS A GOD CHOSEN MAN AND WE STRONGLY BEHIND HIM.

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  3. Don’t say we believe in him ‘cos i didn’t. Remember that his last new yr subsidy gift is still fresh in my mind. The yr i collected back the money i gave my mother for her xmas just to fuel my car back to the city. Clueless president should note that Enugu-Onitsha road is one lane now. Enugu-PH is impassable. Shoeless president, my pray is that you ‘ll leave that office a disgraced man.



    • Ken is only speaking for himself. Few days ago GEJ was at the RCCG redemption camp with Pastor Adeboye praying to God for everything from wisdom to protection. He came back to Abuja only to appoint a known thief Anenih as Chairman of the Board, Nigerian Port Authority and he is telling us that 2013 will be better when there is nothing on the ground to justify his statement. How will the NPA be better off in 2013 when u have a thief in charge of it? GEJ is not, has never been and will never be a serious president although he is excellent at wasting both time and resources.

  4. I thank Mr President for appreciating that times are hard for majority of Nigerians but what he should do is to confront with serious determination the numerous challenges that are making us poorer everyday and should be bold to curb ever rising high tech corruption still going on unchecked among the Officers and top Officials in his cabinet and other Ministries, Departments and Agencies of Federal Government.
    He must concentrate on development of roads, rehabilitation of railway services, development of agricultural and farming settlements with deliberate development of rural communities by giving good roads, health care centers, primary and secondary schools where they are not existing.
    Nigeria will get out of poverty if we are able to produce surplus food crops for consumption and exportation while farmers are encouraged to grow cash crops like, cocoa, cotton, palm oil, rubber, etc. etc for export..
    My late father was a successful cocoa farmer who paid special tax to the defunct Western region government because of his income on sales of dried cocoa beans.
    The Village still exists till today with the same fertile land but nobody is farming again because governments at both Federal and state levels do not show serious commitment towards development of agriculture and farming.

  5. every year they come out with new promise,do they think we are fools,but no problem lets hope and see,for our life in nigeria is full of promises,thats why a politician can bodly come and say he will water everywhere and will fire everywhere still no way

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  7. I hope dat 2013 wil b better dan 2012. Bt am tired of political empty promises. Till 2day Nigerians still buy fuel @ d cost of #120 and above, does it 2ruly mean dat d government is nt aware of all these. 2nd of Jan 2012, d president promised us pleasure wch landed us in2 pressure. Am afraid oo. We d poor citizens re suffering and doz dat control National cum State affairs re in aboundance. Though they wil neva fail 2 promise us dreams.

  8. Promises! promises!! promises!!! That’s what we keep getting from mr president. Ordinarily, every human being always pray that the new year should be better than the outgoing one. Hence, this 2013 shouldn’t be different. Therefore the president should stop telling us what we know already. By the grace of God 2013 is going to be better than 2012 and not the other way round.

  9. mr president…you would have been a good pastor…believe me,a very good one,,,may be you will become one after your presidency…with or without God’s calling…

  10. Na him know jare,if he like make he swtch off all the dams wey dey this country.All i know is that,nothing will intoxicate me to vote for PDP in 2015.BUHARI please get prepared and be warming up for 2015 as i am ready with all my family members to join your campaign parachute to make sure you become the next president.I know you will be courageous enough to send OTEDOLA and that stock fish in the national assemble including those groups of nincompools to where they actually belong to,irrespective of the number of private jets they have.Long may you reign GENERAL BUHARI.

  11. Mr President, i disagree. From all these pastoral speech you’ve not thought of addressing squarely Nigerian ploblem. U were once like us, no school bag, no sandal……..amongst power sector,security not only in the north but all Nigeria, order a fresh detailed census, know the working class, unemployed, graduates with technical know how, artisans, business men, small scale industrialists et al. Put up an aduquate fund revolving scheme to empower the masses. These people in turn pay taxes. Wealthy nation, wealthy people, robust economy.

  12. Mr. President. May God help you Oooooo. There is so much suffering in the land and though you talk too much without action I pray God use you to make a different.

  13. Oh! My God I Love this statement,”Sometimes,Challenges make people doubt the sincerity of government but I am confident that God knows everything” MR President,let me profusely add that God really knows why we are facing all this sociatal ills.

  14. This man that calls himself present has no shame at all.hw can u be promising a better day while u hv married to corruption and hav even started sowing seeds of corruption against next year.It is only a fool will count on empty promises from a chalantan and demagogue like u….God will surely disgrace u out of office one day

    • Why not pray to God to help Mr President deliver as he promised instead of denigrating him. You will not perform better if you become president for 20yrs. As for me I believe in mr president, year 2013 will be better for ME.

  15. Nigerians never ever beleive this man ooooo. Hes a proffesor of lies. A president who doesnt give a damn to declare his assets. This man is a big time rogue, looter. Our best bet is to vote out PDP. Buhari is the only clean and honest man to do the Job. Lets try Buhari. If Buhari can get there, all these looters will go on exile or take poison. Lets forget wheather is hausa or fulani man. Buhari is the only man whos ready to step on people toes.

  16. It is interesting to hear Goodluck Jonathan say that God wanted Nigerians to learn some lessons from current challenges. Did God reveal that to him? The man should be told to sit up and leave God out of it. God is not in the habit of coming down to do for you what you can do for yourself.

  17. How many million litters of water can ever fill a basket???????????Nigerians can hide under d canopy of religion see him quoting Bible. We must wake up fellow 9ja

  18. God wl help u..buhari av gatherd against u in many ways bt he wl run away in more ways dan nigerian borderz..IGBO PRESIDENT CUM 2015..datz our theme/scheme

  19. Mr president I love your promises,but your promises is to calm Nigerians down,because inside your heart you know you will only make your PDP cult members happy come 2013.
    Nothing good will come from your pdp led government period.

  20. Mr president I love your promises,but your promises is to calm Nigerians down,because inside your heart you know you will only make your PDP members happy come 2013.
    Nothing good will come from your pdp led government period.

  21. President assurance, we are tired of your idiocy. We have lost all hope in your government. It is better you don’t annoy us any more with these your endless assurances. God is the only power we look to to save Nigeria from the hands of ravens like you and the politicians the useless Nigeria military imposed on us since 1999. Jesus is my Lord, in Him I put all my trust and hope, not Jonathan.

  22. When they talk they seem to sound passionately , but are they sincere ? They loot the treasury of the country to a state of comatose with impunity ,some times i wonder if they don’t have natural affection towards their fellow country men. May God forgive Nigeria and heal the land through our lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  23. What is/are your plans for better year. It is Not saying it. Infact, is that no plan.

    It makes it hard to believe.

    What a surprise and “good news”

  24. MY PRAYER is that God will in this new year, grant our visionless politicians and wicked and selfish rulers the wisedom and courage to negotiage a peaceful de-amalgamation of Nigeria. WHAT PORTION HAVE WE IN NIGERIA, WE HAVE TO INPUT TO THE UNFORTUNATE AMALGATION OF NIGERIA IN 1914, TO YOUR TENTS OH NIGERIANS – AMEN!

  25. Don’t think any serious minded person can take this promises serious,once bitten twice shy,more so that the indicators are there ever reading negative,Anenih,s appointment as head of NPA did not
    Come as shock to many who have already developed their shock absorber against the ever negative tendencies of the president and his Wayward party, the way out is however not with the opposition whose backbone is fortified by the northern Muslim,s olighachy.

  26. The way out for suffering Nigerians is for them to return to God and ask for forgiveness,repent of their sins and pledge their loyalty to Him and He will hear and deliver and heal the land.(2chron.7:14) Nigerians should fast and pray for God-fearing leaders in all positions of government without regard to tribe,religion or sex.The mess that Nigeria is dealing with now took a long time to pile up.That is why everybody should support the president and his administration.He is making all the right moves in terms of projects that he is executing for Nigeria. I just think that his government should get tougher with corruption,crime and instability. Nigeria needs a government that is lean, capable,and in tune with current economic situations in the world.A recent news report that Nigeria spends 70% of its revenue in salaries should be a wake up call for our leaders to do something drastic in correcting this ugly trend.No business can survive like that. It is time to trim all the excesses in government spending.If the leaders want the people to take them seriously,they should take a pay cut.The very idea that our legislators are making more than the president of U.S.A. is sickenning.A call to service should not be a license to loot and God will reward evil leaders.

  27. @Dan, please let us forget about ethnicity, religion and tribalism in 2015 general elections and vote for progress and development of Nigeria and the only credible, honest and capable man for that top position is Muhammad Buhari for president in 2015.
    I am not a politician nor card carrying member of any party but as a Nigerian i have stakes in the country that is why am calling on the poor masses not to allow this corruption infested PDP continues as ruling party in Nigeria from 2015 otherwise, we will degenerate to Somali level.

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