Jonathan lists priorities in 2013


•Flood, erosion control, jobs, others to get priority attention


President Goodluck Jonathan has said his administration will give priority to flood and erosion control, rehabilitation and expansion of federal roads, improved power supply, as well as the continued rehabilitation, upgrading and reactivation of the national rail network in 2013.

The President, in the traditional message to Nigerians to usher in the New Year, also listed employment generation and wealth creation as areas that will remain a primary objective of his socio-economic agenda for this year. Jonathan who thanked God for bringing us and the nation safely through the past year to the beginning of 2013, assured that by God’s grace, the New Year will be a much better year for Nigerians and the country.

“Creating more employment opportunities for our youth and graduates of our universities is an imperative that will continue to underpin our drive for massive economic growth, the rapid expansion of our manufacturing and industrial base, and the productive diversification of our national economy. In this regard, we will continue to provide the necessary enabling environment for the private sector to thrive”.

On peace and security, Jonathan insists that it remains pre-requisite conditions for the full realization of his administration’s objectives, assuring that this year, more will be done to further empower security agencies who are working in collaborative partnerships with the international community to stem the scourge of terrorism in the country and enhance the security of lives and property nationwide.

“I also want to assure Nigerians that we will refuse to be discouraged by those who have taken it upon themselves to pick on every initiative and effort of this administration. We remain resolutely committed to the rule of law, Due Process and fair play in all circumstances.

Our democracy continues to grow, and the scope for human freedom continues to expand. It is an achievement that we will continue to build upon. I say it again, we are determined to continue to push forward. We will do more, not less.

We will remain focused. “For your part, dear compatriots, I urge that you all include in your New Year resolutions a commitment to do more this year to support the implementation of the Federal Government’s Agenda for National Transformation in every possible way.

That is all I ask for. The task of making our dear nation a much better place for present and future generations cannot be left to government alone. Leaders and followers alike have critical roles to play in our march towards the fulfillment of our great national potentials.

“Let us all therefore, resolve as we celebrate the New Year to place the higher interests of national unity, peace, stability and progress above all other considerations and work harder in our particular fields of human endeavour to contribute more significantly to the attainment of our collective aspirations”, he said.

The President said his administration last year “achieved a lot in terms of the positive transformation of vital sectors of our national life such as public infrastructure, power supply, oil and gas, transportation, education, health and agricultural development. We will continue to work diligently in 2013 to ensure that our efforts in these areas are carried forward to full fruition in fulfillment of our promise of better public services and improved living conditions for all Nigerian”, the President noted.

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  1. this is a new year, it is a time to make new plans, when the ones we made previously failed. Pls Mr. President listen to the cry of the poor Nigerians and do what is right in the site of God and to better our lives in this courtry of ours. May God help You and the plans you have for us this year. Amen


  3. Mr president to achieve all these, be ready to pay ur own price. U need to show more commitment than ever, live by example & avoid sychophants n miscreants. To God be the Glory!

  4. Mr president better concentrate on power supply cos al these crap am hearing abt improved power supply is not true in my area.

  5. This man has Ph.d in empty promises and emotional speeches.Well may God compel u this time to fulfil ur promises especially in d area of job creation.Pls mr President,yank off garment of corruption to enable u save the poor masses from this artiificial woes they are facing

  6. Mr president, how many times will u keep telling us this same story? Talkless and act more! our problems are power and corruption, stop all these stories because you can not be able to solve our problems at once.

  7. Mr. President, you failed to list amongst your priorities that CORRUPT OFFICIALS/OIL THIEVES TO BE PROSECUTED TO RELIEVE Nigerians and let them trust you more

  8. PRINCE ADU/Tokyo on

    Its the same old News…….Take POWER alone and others will follow…………..POWER is the Nucleus of all the Rubbish you listed there……


  10. Charles Ugwuanyi on

    The is well said and I believe the Lord will bring all your good plans to fruition… my worry and question has been, Mr President Sir, How can your government give strict punishment to any act of corruption without looking back to check the growing love for money at all cost by Nigerians, politicians and workers? may the Lord Almighty bless Nigerians.

  11. Mr.President,pls what of 16billion or 19billion mansion residential building of yr VP and $9billion new loan?till U clarify that no serious struggling and suffering Nigerians will believe your words that have never mentioned how corruption will be tackled since corruption is a collective
    enterprise of this fed.govt and all the govt s in the land. till u start to fight and looters in and out of yr govt is jailed pls sir we don’t need those sweet words that doesn’t go with action.
    thank you sir and may the almighty God guide,direct and give you wisdom..

  12. my ppl let pray 4him dat GOD to grant mr prsdnt ability to fufl his aim an dstroy d plan of all his enemy in jesus nm long life mr prsdnt long life all ngrn long life federal repulic of nigeria

  13. Iykelondon, I absolutely agree with you. But our problem is not limited to corruption alone. We seem to habour Flea and louse in the hair at the same time. When will the government provide the people with the basic needs to function and be productive? ; constant energy, water and good coordinated transportation.

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