It’ll take North 20yrs to bounce back – Abdulsalami


…No peace, no development – Akume

From NOAH EBIJE, Kaduna

Former Head of State, General Abubakar Abdulsalami, yesterday hit the nail on the head at the Arewa House Conference in Kaduna, telling his fellow Northerners the plain truth: “there is no unity among us as well as within the region, our socio-economic status would take 20 years to bounce back to limelight again.”

On his part, former Benue State governor, Senator George Akume, said it was a sad development for the present insecurity in the North, just as former Secretary of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, said that the next two years will test the resilience and capacity of Northerners to return to reckoning.

Speaking with reporters shortly after chairing a session on “Security, politics and economy of the North,” on the second day of the conference with the theme: “The North and strategies for sustainable development,” Abdulsalami said the essence of the conference was to seek for unity among the people. He also urged the North to help government solve security challenges in the region, stressing that everybody must act as a watchdog of the country and the immediate environment.

Earlier in his address as the chairman of the session, the former Head of State lamented that a lot of socio-economic damages had been done to the North, arising from insecurity, saying that it would take more than 20 years to clean up the mess and revive the region. “Certainly, if there is unity, we wouldn’t be here at this conference, so since there is no unity, that is why the Arewa House is trying to galvanize it at this conference. It will take 20 years to revive the North.

A lot of socio-economic damages have been done. If you go round the areas that is when you will appreciate the extent of damage done to the region. We have to work together to revive it, he said. Senator Akume, who chaired another session on “Values and leadership,” said that it was sad that North is no longer safe for both its people and visitors.

He charged the people to imbibe hardwork, integrity, honesty, respect and determination to lift the region back to its lost glory. He said, “if there is no peace, development hardly takes place, no matter the determinations of the actors. The theme of this conference bears direct relevance to what is happening in the North. The topic for today is value and leadership. I do not intend to go into conceptual definition of values and leadership. In every society, there are norms and values, these are highly respected, respect for sanctity of human life, and where this is not respected, there is no way you can have peace. This is a very big challenge, particularly in the North.

“I am very sad that things are happening the way they are happening now. I was in Borno State about six months ago when my friend and brother, the Governor, Kashim Ibrahim, gave out his sister for marriage. We were about 30 persons that were supposed to go to Borno, but only eight of us decided to go. The others gave different reasons for not making it. We must imbibe the values of honour, respect, integrity, hardwork and determination because they have direct bearing on the development of the North.”

On his part, Baba-Ahmed said: “The next two years will test the resilience of the Nigerian state; and the capacity of Northerners to bounce back. Right now, the Boko Haram insurgency is eating it up like a cancer, and it will require bold initiatives by Northerners to find a solution, by influencing both the insurgency and the government. Not all Nigerians are comfortable with a united and strong North. Its current position therefore, is welcome to its detractors and rivals. They will not lift a finger to heal its wound. This will have to be done by people in this hall who feel the pain most.”

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  1. criminals representing their people! how will Nigeria be good.i know Buhari will not be there.Abdulsalam,well done,the man who stole more than Ibb and came clean.But be bothered that you are getting nearer to meet your creator where money is not needed .what would you tell God?

    • That buhari was not there does not mean is not part of them. What all of them are doing is to position buhari for 2015 and most ppl are falling for it

    • That buhari was not there does not mean is not part of them. What all of them are doing is to position buhari for 2015 and most ppl are falling for it.

      • what is wrong with having Buhari as the president of this nation????
        Do you prefer to wallow in this clueless administration for a life time??
        I am a Nigerian,if the Moses of this country would come from the North what is wrong with that????
        All we hear is GEJ spending Billions of naira on foreign trips or his Wife blocking the roads and airport as id she is the country’s constitutional CO-PRESIDENT.
        Please keep your racism to yourself and think wisely.
        If Buhari is the problem of the nation,why hasn’t GEJ acted as the commander of chief??

        • Ferguson Mkpoikana on

          Buhuri is the answer for a corruption free Nigeria. Pls Northerns plead with him to contest come 2015 cos he’s the most qualify. NIGERIAN SUPPORT BUHURI TO REFORM NIGERIA.

          • Support Buhari to waste more innocent blood in 2015. I hope yours will be among, Peter/Ferguson……..Blood suckers Organisation members

  2. Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

    The north led nigeria to its present state of underdevelopment, insecurity, corruption etc. It was the northerners that spoilt nigeria. And the people of the middle belt, should know that no matter what they do, hausas will never see them as one of them.

  3. Day dreamers. All your efforts and concern are geared towards clinching back power in 2015. Nigerians are wiser. I only pity the Christians amoung you who are naive and cannot read in between the lines to see that they are not realy part of you as the core north only use them and dump. When a Christian is given appointment from from, Taraba, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Niger, Benue, Kogi, Yobe, Adamawa or Plateu, the cows from Kano and so on will be shouting their voices coarse that the north is being marginalized and one begins to wonder who indeed is a northerner. Political expediency of the moment makes these people to talk about one united north whereas in reality there is no MONOLITIC NORTH. To your tents oh AREWA

  4. Rankdede srs ,pls u people should set up a comitee that will be chair by Alimude sherif who was the governor of Bornu state when the boko started and also those 2 senator that boko has mentioned Ndume nd the other one must come , then if there are any volunteer like that abia former gov, that volunteered.who knows how many people that they will kill on or before Jan 1 . NO TIME

  5. A good reminder there salami dat the socio-economy of d North is detoriating and that it will take them 20yrs to bounce bak. But dat is if at all they will bounce bak becos d innocent blood waisted on d soil of d North already are crying for vegence just as d blood of Abel cried when cain his brother killed him. D sheep dat shits on its body thinks he is suffering d owner. Even if houses and jobs are free in d north it will not attract d attension of d southerners cos u people lacks knowlege and dats why u are perishing. As for my brothers and in-laws from Benue and Kogi better choose whom yeh will serve cos a core northerner doesn’t see u as a brother or colleque making u to chair a session in there meeting is not a yardstick. Beware



  7. I laughed! U said it will take North only 20yrs to recover.That is an understatement.I don’t think he North i know very well would meet up even in the next 50yrs.Take a look at the magnitude of damages so far done to the North in the name of boko haram. No investors would ever come to North for investment.The Igbos who contributed up to 90 percent of Northern economic development and improvement have all relocated and gone to other safer parts of the country to live.Time shall come when people should be begged to live in the North.And know one would like to live there. I appreciate someone like Abussalami Abubakar for hitting the nail on the head. My worries is that the Northern politicians are deceiving them self.Can u tell me that u don’t know whom the Boko haram Boys are? People whom both their photos,location and names are being posted in the net and everywhere by the FG. Take for instant;If an armed robber’s picture who is from Enugu is known,it would not take a day for the person to be captured nomatter how his people hide him.That is to tell u that southerns don’t support evil.Be aware that u all know whom the boko boys are and u even eat along with them.The Northeners should stop fooling themself.Be assured that if North continues like this, iam afraid that one day the Boko boys can just decided to clear the entire North.To be fore warned is to be fore armed.U have ur right to choose ur destiny

    • yep….the rivers of innocent blood they have spilled will ensure that they remain backward not for 20yrs but 20 generations…that is about 500yrs. Their children to come will continue to remain beggars and every kind of disease will afflict them for generations to come. That is the curse of people who spill innocent blood. It is biblical…

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  9. It should take North up to a hundred years of spiritual, physical, religious, political, economic and social re-branding should they desire to make sense to any reasonable person.

    North has been living the lie, believing in military and religious imposed false unity. Federal might was used to brand Igbo the only disunited tribe in Nigeria. Nigerians bought into the scheming. But like all falsehood, it effectively worked against Nigeria, especially the North. Disunity cries from the North is a consequence of few years the North has been out of power. Igbo suffered years of servile follower-ship with all the sever discriminatory practices attendant upon it . The North should shot up, stay away from power and support foresighted people to help Nigeria out of her numerous problems

  10. The north should stop talking and embrace liberalism,they should open their minds and see that religion as a divisive element in our midst,they should teach their people that Nigeria is a secular state and that salvation is personal,teach them that life is sacrosanct and that God gave us brain so that we can reason,teach them that Allah himself is capable of killing anyone he does not want and that people should not assume this responsibility on behalf of Allah,tell them to love their neighbors as they love their Koran and the peace of the lord will descend on that part of Nigeria which is quickly turning into Hades.

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  12. The northern leaders are too selfish and like cameleons. Pls, my brothers/sisters from the middle belt beware of them as their game plan to me is just to lure you into supporting hausa/fulani come 2015. A word is enough for the wise.

  13. Referring to Benue people as north is sometimes surprising to me because the hausa/fulani oligarchy never see them as such. While we were in the north they refer to all of as “yemiri ” no matter how hard they tried to convince them.

  14. I appreciate sincerity. I like honest pple. It makes you stand out. Abubaka hit the nail on the head.
    That is why i said that Gowon(Mass killer) is a brainless fool. He is busy chasing after rat when his hous is on fire, canvassing support from his politically criminal brodas to block d idea of the creation of more state(s) in d south and they are busy planning on hw to displace Gej com 2015. It is a pity.
    A time shal com when Northerners wl need to beg in vain the Southerners and Foreigners to com and invest in their land.
    As for Patrick Yakowa(a christian), may b he needs to b told dt Boko boys are targeting him bcos they dnt see him as 1 of their brodas. I ve alwz tot he is more reasonable dan Gowon n odas.
    Pls North, know dt what is gonna be is gonna be as far as this con3 is concerned & nobdy wl stop it except God irrespctive d length of time.

    Northern Leaders say Boko haram insurgents are faceless. But they live in their states, not in the hiding, bcos they use flashy and costly cars, vans and buses all wt their(Northern) states reg plate numbers. Ok ooo God is watching.

  15. They are not only selfish, but very myopic and ignoramus and bombastic human beings. A fool will always think that he is wise in his conceit, but the wise laughs at his foolishness. Here are set of idiots that human value does not make sense to them, yet are clamoring for control of power after 20 years when the enabling environment has not been put in place. How can I cohabit in an environment that does not welcome me? It will amount to arrant nonsense if after per-calculated attempt by the moslim folks in the north to exterminate the entire Christian fateful s in the north, yet somebody so stupid is talking of uniting the north when Abubakar and Idris do not want to see Paul and George dwell and live peacefully in the so called north. It is not going to be possible. The whole idea is to Islamize everybody irrespective of your right. These so called elders from the north are same set that have refused to allow one hopeless almajari child in the street to go to school for future development..Only their own children are sent to school and the best for that matter; How wicked could these folks be?

  16. North will always remember their divisions when election year is in sight, after elections are won by the Hausa/Fulani’s it’ll suddenly occur to them that Middle Beltans & others are not core north therefore should be schemed out of sharing post/positions. Your wits are captured. You incited boko haram through your comments, body languages, actions & inaction’s to start killing spree of Christians&none Muslims in the north just to grab power by making GEJ look weak & incompetent by 2015 election year.
    From my few weeks assessment of the north, having traveled to about eleven states of the “core north” & seen the damages done, in fairness to you 80-100 years cannot repair what boko haram madness caused in 3 years of northern-mad quest for power (born to rule mentality) collectively championed through boko-haramism. The dog you fed fat to bite strangers to submition has grown to feast on the owner. The monster you pampered has turned against you.

    Please lets stop calling on the same GEJ we wanted to stop his election through the monster to help us tame/kill the evil we created. What a sorry sai-north!
    You dont have any moral right to call on federal govt. rather you should stop what you started because other northerners are wiser.

    Its northern problem lets not make it look like Nigerian issue.
    RIP one north!!!

  17. If u are offered a job in any of d following state of the North (gombe,maiduguri,sokoto,kebbi,yobe,bauchi,kano,katsina,kaduna niger) will U go?

  18. The issue is has they repent,there has to be repentance before you even begin to talk how long it will take them to regain lost glory.A situation where the destruction of life properties has not even stop,their genuine repentance will determine how long it will them to regain their glory.

  19. Thank u, Prof. 4 ur coment. I pray their eyes would open. Though their main purpose for calling such meeting is to strategise for 2015 presidency,which dey would not succeed until they apologise 4 inocent blood & their sponsors brot to book.

  20. if only God will give instant pay-back to cheats,abdulsalami would not be talkin rubbish.even akume,the imbecile is even talkin.d north have not even started yet cos they stil have a long way to go.God help them

  21. THE NORTH NEEDS AT LEAST TWO HUNDRED YEARS TO REPAIR THE DAMAGE THEY HAVE DONE TO THEMSELVES. The reality on the ground is that the north can never catch up with the south again in this life. I was listening to this discussion on Ghana on Al Jazeera tv. this morning. Ghana’s GDP was said to have been growing at 8%. The same with southern Nigeria. They pointed out that, the same cannot be said about the Islamic Ghanaian north, which is said to be so backward despite the fact that, the incumbent President is from the north. THE POINT THAT I WANT TO MAKE IS THAT, THE BACKWARDNESS OF EITHER NORTHERN GHANA OR NORTHERN NIGERIA CAN BE TRACED TO ONE HUGE FACTOR – THE WAY THEY PRACTISE ISLAM. The way Islam is practised in the north, has given rise to Almajirin cult, marginalisation of women, under-age marriage, violence, educational backwardness, discouragement of foreign investors etc all essential recipes for monumental backwardness. Out of about 50 years of independence, the nortrh has ruled for more than 38 years. The north has embezzeled more than 85% of our national resources. The north has created all the states and local govts – taking not just what they needed, but what they wanted. Anambra State, for instance, has 21 LGAs while Kano alone has 44. WHO SAYS THE NORTH IS NOT MARGINALISED?

  22. Calling on the north to unity, which unity? Unity that value blood baths and inflicting injuries to neighbourhood, unity that considered other religious and tribes as an unbelievers as long as you are not a Muslim or Hausa/ Foolani. We middle belt have wise up now, gone are the days of oneness, oneness in politics but not in socio cultural ideology so it can’t work. Unity ‘ll never come to the north until they so called Hausa / foolani learn how to live with other tribes and religion other than theirs.

  23. We need a leader that is upright,corrupt free and has the will to confront our problems-CORRUPTION.
    It does not matter where the leader comes from,if he likes let him come from Ghana or be a moslem or christian.
    Shehu Shagari administartion was better than Obasanjo administration.
    i can remember Abubakar Rimi,Jim Nwobodo,Lateef Jakande,Bola Ige,Melford Okilo,Aper Aku,Ambrose Ali,Sam Mbakwe etc
    Can you compare them with any of our present gevernors????
    These are the Governors that worked for their people
    Let us leave GEJ administration till 2014.
    Please let us look beyond our tribe and religion because anything that affects the North will defineitely get to all of us because Northern Nigeria is a big chunk of the pie(Nigeria).

  24. For quick and rapid recovery, they should agitate for a country of their own and leave us alone, so that those who are happy that they are in disunity, will have nothing like their being disunited to be happy .

  25. Are the northerners clamouring for power so that they’ll use the country’s resources to repair their ruins and messups? It’ll not work like that. Let them finish packing their shit before they talk of power

  26. wise men speaks because they are wise but fools talk because they want to talk….just look at the people that you called Nigerians…..those northerners are not Nigerians rather they are intruders from sahara desert which invaded our lands so we need to send them back from were they entered our country Nigeria.

  27. Abubarker made a conservative estimate of 20 years. Me thinks it will take them forever. They created bokoharam to disturb GEj’s administration but the dog no longer recognize its owner. This middlebelt leaders make me laugh when they talk about one north. Do they believe themselves? the answer is no.

  28. Pakistani president was collecting Osama Bin Ladin Hunt grants from U.S.A., yet he knew that Osama was tucked away somewhere behind his yard. A man raised a Muslin should not be joked with when it comes to keeping nonsense solidarity with fellow Muslin in the name of religion. The North wants to use Buhari to flush non Muslim Nigerians further down the drain. For once Buhari seats on the seat, the the Caliphate will dictate how the North and the South should be governed.

  29. All these challenges we are facing today were caused by former Leaders of Nigeria-IBB, Abdulsalami, Buhari and the rest. The north ruled for over 40yrs there was no BOKO HARAM.The only time south southerner becomes the President majority from the North wants to die. It is only God that gives POWER, NORTHERN LEADER is not the solution to Nigeria’s problems. Let us join hands with the govt of the day to take Nigeria to the next level


  31. Nigeria will not change as long all this ppl dat rules us before is still alive. even Rochas Okorocha can not change the situation. all this ppl dat have test dat sit need to be killed. all of them b4 Nigeria will Stand again.

  32. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    i am always feel ashamed and unhappy when i watch all these past criminal military head of states in Nigeria discussing and determining the future of this nation unchallenged. These are big fools that subjected us to the abject poverty, all manners of crimes and corruptions the country is withnessing to date.Imagine some body like Gowon that terminated the short living government of Muritola mohammed who came to rule with unbiased mind still going up and down to organise the northerners on the strateges to win back the presidency by 2015.Do they think that Nigerians are still in darkness

  33. unjoerated onwukeme on

    Truth is bitter but I think the former military
    president has said the salient truth!
    He has hit the nail on the head and its high
    Time northern leaders starts telling each other the truth
    This ill enable them come together and solve their
    Problem and push for development economically
    And socially! But another issue is that Abdulsalami
    Abubakar had the opportunity of transforming the
    North when he was president, what did he do?
    Your answer is as good as mine!

  34. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    personally, i will test the level of Nigerians intelligency by 2015 every idiot is glamouring about to if Nigerians are stiil sleeping in political reasoning. We i am sure we have tested all of them as the past presidents of this Nation and they have giving us their best, let us pay attention to another side of the Nation. Nobody is born to rule others,it is either by chance, or crook as it is the case in Nigeria.The only elction that Nigerians elected their choice leader was the june 93 warned by MKO under the pro. Hunfrey Nwosu as inec chairman which was annuled by IBB, one the must corrupt past head of state, others was on appointment and by coup. The only thing i urgy Nigerians to do is to pray hard, ask God to give us a good servant leader the will clean up this Nation, where the person may come from doesn”t matter, provided he will be upright in goverance.If you pray seriously, God will give us a leader who will not bring sorrow to us like the past ones and even the present one, while all the past ones will be on their wheel chair to watch the messiah on his throne.

  35. All these bastard people call Ibos making rubbish coments here I want them to tell nigerians level of economy development they have before opening their dirty mouths condeming other zone on development.The bad roads and most of gallon erosions we have this country is south East part of the country or they think that their criminal tendancy like Robbery, drugs trafficking, kidnapping and ritualist etc are development?
    The only people that can challenge north in economy develop. are south south, portHarcourt as commercial in biz boom and mineral resources.Also south west as lagos commercial centre that make biz boom and revenue that will make their economy growth.But for Ibo people they don’t have anything that will make their economy growth rather they are individually make money in fraudulent manner in this country and broad.
    Ibo people are shameless and fraudulent in any capacity they are also in backward even some other of the north better than them.

  36. Haruna you lack a sense of reasoning by making such an unfounding statement..what did the United Nation use to measure economic prosperity?its’ by per capital income.. all this GDP and GNP of a thing re fraud..igbos ve the highest young multi millionaires in Africa..they ve the lowest poverty rate in the world..Anambra indegeines re individually richer than NEW YORK and CALIFONIAN state combine together..continue waiting for economy..and let igbos continue amassing individual wealth.

  37. Haruna Sako Bokoharam or whatever U call yr reading what you wrote one can see that you really need education above primary school level.nevertheless i will let other few Igbo boys to reply you well as i can’t insult people on a social media.
    On the issue of the North regaining what they have lost by next still goes back to one’ level of education to appraise things right.the issue at moment is not regaining but to start.the internal war Bokoharam have not stopped so we shouldn’t talk of recovery when the war is still raging.till the physical war stop we wouldn’t talk of recovery.the spiritual aspect is still there.U can’t be killing innocent people and continue to shield blood all the time and think that God is sleeping. God must surely repay back.U are talking of physical development. who knows when the spiritual punishment of the blood shielded will come to the north.who knows the type of shape it will take.eighter by earth quake, multiple death,mass death, the same northern Muslims killing each other,flood,known and unknown disaster occurring in many parts of the north,including many untimely death of their prominent sons and daughters just like when all the 1st born/sons of the Egyptians died as a punishment from God for what they did to Israel. if it was not recorded in the Bible no one will beleive that it is from God.i don’t think that about 90% of the north really want development going by their Nigeria who
    have never started building a nation hood the same is applicable to the north.

  38. In practical terms, the north don’t have problem capturing the presidency come 2015, if they want to. Their age-old practice will still work.
    They put up advert for Igbos who will be paid to act as “puppet” presidential candidates and you will see all of them heading to Minna, Sokoto and Kano to “do business” Or how can any living Nigerian explain the fact that what Gowon said yesterday, was echoed some weeks ago from the senate by an Igbo man, possibly implying that they are not working on a state for the S/E.
    Those from West have permanent seats in Minna and Abuja. They wear Christian and islamic names on one body and drop any as the occasion demands.
    The South-South is too inexperienced in Nigerian politics that one is afraid that they will pre-maturely throw away the baby with the wash-basin on hearing that the “northerners are coming”.
    Mid-west and Middle belt are the most confused set of humans in the country. They do not have identity and or that they don’t want one. Can one be an “attachee” forever? Though they enjoy some dropouts from political promiscuity, they will plan some nice story to tell their children when night comes.
    Make no mistakes about the presidency going to the north come 2015 if the rest continues at the present level of over-confidence and lack of proactive action.

  39. They should wait til eternity 4 dem 2 bounce back let d wil of god be done on nigeria in jesus name who is d only sure way 2 heaven amem

  40. All these arm robbers call Ibos are confused and one can imagined what they are talking, they are refering to them. The north have have enough in leadership of this even though they won’t rule it,but Ibo ibos that have nerver rule the country and will nerver be given opportunity till the end of nigeria because ibos doesn’t have anything to this nigeria apart from their criminal tendencies.

  41. It’s quite unfortunate dat an hausa would b throwin insult on Igbos. Go sit & think. Let 2 me dis state called Nigeria would have cease existin. Mind u i was born & breed @ north. D famous seat of the caliphate.

  42. @ Haruna Sako, it seems u are the only nomadic scholar in this forum. How many cattles have u reared for the year 2012? Mr animal husbandry supply your beef to the south that is only thing you are good of, stop aligning yourself in politics. We don,t want you to take us back to Egypt ok! Your 38 years is sufficient enough for you to go into cooler bye.

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