INEC deregisters 28 political parties


Months after deregistering some political parties for not meeting up with the requirements of the electoral law, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) last night wielded its axe on 28 political parties it deemed as non-performing.

The parties were in effect deregistered by INEC. The deregistration was in culmination of INEC in the past 10 years to delist parties they deem unfit to operate in the political environment. By INEC standards, a party’s competent to remain relevant when it wins electoral positions at different levels of national elections. A previous attempt by INEC at deregistration of parties was frustrated by a supreme court judgement in about 2002 when late Gani Fawhinmi challenged the conditions for acceptance at the deregistration of parties. The development yesterday did not come as a surprise as the amended electoral act had re-defined the conditions for the validity of a politicial party.

Before the last onslaught, INEC had severally sounded the alarm that they will invoke the clauses of the electoral act to revoke the validity of unperforming political parties. Therefore, yesterday INEC ruled out the parities as not fit to continue to act as valid political platforms for aspiring politicians to public offices INEC Secretary, Abdulahi Kaugama, said in a statement that the action conforms with the powers conferred on it by the I999 Constitution as amended, and the Electoral Act 2010 as amended.

The statement reads: “In the exercise of the powers conferred on it by the 1999 Constitution (as amended) and the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended), the Independent National Electoral Commission has today, Thursday, December 6, 2012, de-registered the following political parties: 1. African Liberation Party (ALP) 2. Action Party of Nigeria (APN) 3. African Political System (APS) 4. Better Nigeria Progressive Party (BNPP) 5. Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) 6.Community Party of Nigeria (CPN) 7.Democratic Peoples Alliance (DPA) 8. Freedom Party of Nigeria (FPN) 9.Fresh Democratic Party (FDP) 10. Hope Democratic Party (HDP) 11. Justice Party (JP) 12. Liberal Democratic Party of Nigeria (LDPN) 13.Movement for Democracy and Justice (MDJ) 14. Movement for the Restoration and Defence of Democracy (MRDD) 15. Nigeria Advanced Party (NAP) 16. New Democrats (ND) 17.National Majority Democratic Party (NMDP) 18.National Movement of Progressive Party (NMPP) 19.National Reformation Party (NRP) 20.National Solidarity Democratic Party (NSDP) 21.Progressive Action Congress (PAC) 22.Peoples Mandate Party (PMP) 23.Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) 24.Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) 25.People’s Salvation Party (PSP) 26.Republican Party of Nigeria (RPN) 27. United National Party for Development (UNPD) 28.

United Nigeria Peoples Party (UNPP) “The commission hereby reiterates its commitment to relating with political parties in accordance with extant laws and for the benefit of our electoral democracy.” It was not immediately possible to get the reaction of some of the parties last night.

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  1. Most of dis party makes me laugh and ask what are we doin practicin what I don’t know y call it freedom of what I still don’t know.Kudos INEC for dat action.

  2. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Registration of more 2 political parties is not the best for this country, it allow rigging, polical tugs, use of money to buy voters. The best thing for this country is registration of only 2 party which would allow competition. Prof Jega I am advising you to take dressing from US and other developed countries so that, we can also develop like them.

  3. This is an action by INEC that should be commended. The parties are still too many. INEC, please, continue to bring the number down.

  4. seyi oluwaseyin on


  5. Some so called political parties were mere associations that operates as pressure groups and lack the criterias and requirements of a democratic political party. Most of these parties, their constitution was undemocratic in formation and operation. I.N.E.C should know that the process of registration of a political party was questionable, not transparent to many Nigerians. P.D.P should also be deregistered because its constitution was undemocratic, the zoning crisis in the party that resulted to post election destruction of life and property that negatively affected the unity of Nigeria so P.D.P should also be deregistered.

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  7. That is a commendable step for a brighter future. But we need to know how many parties we have at the moment. Hopefully no new political parties were secretly registered and are yet to be disclosed. But considering the man in charge, this sounds impossible, however.

  8. Two political parties will do better for us. at least you have just 2 options to choose from instead of this multiple parties without effects

  9. Prof Jega has done well. His action to deregister none performing parties is commendable but i suggest more political parties should be axed to make way for at most or 12 political parties in Nigeria. Presently, i recommend these 7 political parties namely PDP,ACN,ANPP,APGA,LP,CPC,AP and any other 5 that are viable. It is not right for Nigeria to have as many as 67 political parties with just 160 million population all in the name of freedom of association when America with over 400 million people have just 2 known political parties.

  10. You’re right Sab Chuks, kudos to INEC for this welcome exercise by scraping all the mushroom political parties without any mandate.

  11. I am happy that this decision was not thwarted by the presidency and its cartel. Because for institution like INEC which is under the dictates and watch-god of the cartel to have successfully carried out this action she must have been directed to do so by them. However, this is a welcome development.

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