Imo: Court sacks Monarch


…After 10yrs on throne


There was drama at Nkalu Ifakala Autonomous Community in Mbaitoli Local Government Area of Imo State yesterday, following the ruling of the High Court sitting at Owerri on the protracted ezeship tussle between the incumbent traditional ruler of the community, Eze Cyril Ahaneku and a retired Director in the Federal Ministry of Defence, Mr Nathaniel Onyenanu. Delivering the judgment, Justice Ngozi Opara said since the constitution of the community has it that the Eze should come from the eldest village, Umuanu, Ahaneku who hails from Aka Owere village, has no legal justification to become Eze of the community.

He therefore nullified the election of Ahaneku and ordered that Onyenanu should be crowned the authentic Eze of the community. Onyenanu took Ahaneku to court about 10 years ago challenging his confirmation by former Governor Achike Udenwa and his onward coronation, claiming that Ahaneku was not supposed to be given a staff of office by the government because he did not qualify for the post and was not elected by the community.

The matter, therefore, tore the newly created community apart and the centre could not hold. Having been crowned, Ahaneku took over the rulership of the community amidst serious opposition that led to division. Hatred and enmity pervaded the well-known peaceful community and many used the opportunity to feed fat on the innocent people. It was so tensed that blood relations who were in different camps refused to see eye to eye.

As a result, development became very difficult to achieve. Some members of the community said the judgment became necessary for the purpose of peace and unity. Reacting, Mr Stanley Chinonye Bassey expressed happiness over the judgment, as that would restore the peace that existed in the community in the past.

The Political Science lecturer called on both parties to embrace peace for the interest of the people. “While I am appealing to both parties to accept the judgment in good faith, members of the community should also rally round the winner of the case, so that the community could move forward, he pleaded.”

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  3. This judgement ranks the best of it’s kind in Imo State. I still wonder why a reasonable person should aspire to be Eze when he is aware of what the community constitution and Imo State Government (community chieftancy) gazzet stated.

    It all amount to selfishness.

    Justice Ngozi Opara is the best and should be commended for delivering such honest judgement that will serve as warning to other self-serving people.

  4. These traditional institutions that have the capacity to disrupt in anyway the peaceful co existence of Nigerians and foreigners residing in Nigeria peacefully should be permanently submerged,these retarded institutions serve as instruments that prevent us from building a true federation therefore I will suggest that the councilor should be the most important position in any autonomous community while elders and Nze’s should revert back to their traditional roles as custodians of the culture of a people,these colonial vestiges is not part of our culture therefore,Ezeship is a relic of colonialism and cannot be justifiably said to our culture.

  5. Please Gov, okorocha that exactly what is happening in my town Abajah the Eze ship is not in the right place the people of Abajah abandon the oldest village for years and gave the Eze to the village that is suppose to be the Eze that is why the community is the poorest in Imo state. So please Governor help us the future of the youths has been buried in that Abajah/ Isu( not Abajah Mbano)

  6. There is nothing like traditional ruler in Igbo land. “Eze” was actually a creation of our colonia master. They were called warrant officer, but eventually metamorphosed into Eze as traditional chief so that they can collect money from federal government like any other traditional rules in the West and in the North. Another corruption on the part of Igbo. I wonder why they wanted to create a kingdom when they never knew anything about traditional ruling. They need to strengthen their republican attitude and perfect it, rather than trying to emulate other real kindgoms

  7. Kizito Osimnobi Ibe on

    From the point of view of the reporter, he failed the address the candidates properly. it is common adage in igbo saying that if you are not in talking terms with a title holder should not make you not to address him with his title.
    The reporter’s choice to address these illustrous sons of Nkalu as mere people is unacceptable and regrettable.
    it is very unfortunate that the reporter who lives just five miles away from these candidates could not give a well informed, accurate and detailed information and data. this suggests that he was only after the judgement of the case and not the character and reputation of those involved.
    For the record, Nze N. E Onyenanu (not Mr. as portrayed by the reporter) did not retire from the Federal Ministry of Defense, he retired as a Director of Parastatals in the Office of the Head of Civil Service of the Federation(OHCSF). In the same vein, Prince Cyril Ahaneku (Deposed Esumezu of Nkalu) is not from Aka- Owere, instead, he is from Umuoforngide, Umungide Owere Nkalu.
    Now that the protracted ezeship tussle has finally been decided by the court of the land, I enjoin the warring factions to close ranks for nkalu to move forward.
    For those claiming that traditional institution is the brain child of colonialism therefore should be abolished, for your infrmation it was not only this institution that colonial masters planted on our soil, therefore, since we are living with whatever was left for us, we have no choice than to maintain it with modernity and fear of God. God bless Nkalu Autonomous Community

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