I’m frustrated, says EFCC chair, Lamorde


•Anti-graft boss explains how accused, lawyers stall trial


The Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, yesterday gave reasons the agency could not secure conviction of treasury looters. He told the Senate Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes in Abuja that the judiciary is the main culprit hindering the EFCC from prosecuting the big thieves.

Lamorde, who appeared before the committee to defend the commission’s budget, said that the agency recorded no lees than 200 convictions, mainly advanced fee fraud (aka 419) and yahoo-yahoo suspects this year alone Lamorde told the Victor Lar-led committee that criminals use a convoluted judicial system to frustrate trial, adding that the commission has established an Assets Forfeiture Department.

According to him, “the truth is no case had been concluded. I don’t think it is correct to say that whether the charges were not properly prepared or the prosecution is not putting the case properly. Of course, the fact on ground is that no case had been concluded… “We have an example of a case we charged to court in 2006; for this very case, we have gone to the Supreme Court twice on just interlocutory applications.

They will file this, the judge will overrule them, they will go to the Court of Appeal and lose there, but they will still go to the Supreme Court. At the Supreme Court when they lost, they will be asked to go to the trial judge for the case to continue. “

They will come with another application and certainly, for lawyers among us, we know how long it takes for a trial to go to Court of Appeal and get listed, then go to the Supreme Court get it listed and decided upon. This is the fate of most of the cases we have in court “This year alone, we recorded over 200 convictions in various courts across the country, but they are mostly advance fee fraud, we have the yahoo, yahoo, we have the commercial cases, we have the executives of financial institutions that are involved in currency trafficking.

The cases that most people are interested in its conclusion are those before the Supreme Court. “Unfortunately, these are people who have the resources to drag these cases indefinitely and perpetually. That is why we have established a very strong Assets Forfeiture Unit. The first thing we do now is that we try to recover and confiscate the assets of individuals that we are investigating because it is only when you deprive them of their resources that you will be able to force them to stand trial. Once they have access to their resources and assets, they will use it to continue to delay and drag some of these trials.”

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Naval Committee, Senator Chris Anyanwu, has said that crude oil theft in Niger Delta is a hemorrhage on the economy. Anyanwu stated this when the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba led Naval top brass to defend the 2013 budget. “On the issue of oil theft, Nigeria has never had it this bad. It’s unprecedented. There’s a hemorrhage on the country’s projected revenue and I believe the Navy can do very well if they are supported.”

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    • We all agree that unless Nigeria kills corruption now, corruption will eventually kill Nigeria. But here is a suggestion that will turn Nigeria around. If Lamorde is frustrated, he should resign and Mr Jonathan should appoint Gen. Buhari the chairman of EFCC. He had the best track record so far in the resolve to fight corruption & indiscipline as he clearly proved during his regime. If Gen Buhari is desirous of serving Nigeria again, he should accept to rescue Nigeria from the festering sore of corruption menace by accepting to chair of the anti corruption agency.

      • How do you think that a former President of this country and a Military Gen will condescend to the level of EFCC and become answerable to Attorney Gen and Minister of Justice. Ribadu will feel to big to go back having tested being a Presidential candidate of a party , how much more a head of State. There are people that can do this job well.search very well and younwill see them.

  1. My brother just try to do the best you can and leave the rest for Allah because trying to do the work you are called for perfected is as same as loosing ur appointment. Think of Iyabo Bello Obasamjo and Nuhu Ribado

  2. you people cannot and not able to jail the real criminal, but only going after little boys known as yahoo yahoo boys that is looking for what they will eat and you EFCC forget that Government put those yahoo yahoo boys into what they are doing today because many of them are graduates without job and they use their educational level and experience to cheat. please i advise the EFCC to free those yahoo yahoo boys and go after people like OBJ, T.A. Orji, formal imo state Government Ohakim, and others


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  6. This lamordi is not serious and should be fired.How can you call yahoo fraud when civil servants keep 2billion at home??yahoo is scam and if those are the people you are dealing with then you are a total failure.where is farouk lawan today with 500kusd bribe,where is otedola,where is obj and the ipp monumental fraud,where is lucky,where is ohakim,where is ibori if not for a uk court.Stop insulting our collective intelligence in nigeria where higly corrupt govt officials are above the law.If you can’t touch the real fraudsters,leave the scammers alone.If you deal with fraud scam will be a thing of the past cos everyone is a race of survival due to inhuman policies made by the untouchables in government…police pension fraud is there,pension fraud is there,subsidy fraud is there so don’t be silly.Only ubah is the lousy scapegoat from subsidy the rest are enjoying their loot.who is decieving who???

  7. yahoo yahoo boys are not the only criminals in Nigeria. How much do they even make from it? But compare it with what our politicians steal. I can now see that the judiciary (lawyers) are our biggest problem. some times I ask if they’re normal at all. How can they go to all lengths to defend kidnappers, rapists, the heartless monsters we call politicians in Nigeria. God is watching!

  8. Lamorde, please if you can not do this job just resign and leave the place. Maybe we will be lucky one day to get the person we need their. Your statement have shown that you are scared of touching these high profile criminals in government.

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  10. Mr chairman, you are fooling us by making this statement, what do you mean judiciary is killing your effort, what effort have you? you think we are not following u guys. Listen that job meant for people like Ribado not ur kind of person. If you are sure you want to work then jail this criminals. We need results not complaining. U are not even ashamed of mentioning yahoo yahoo boys that just got $100usd from their canterpart, if am to say that is not even offence to deal with while we have people who are ready to pull this nation down by frauding our treasuring. What are we saying? pls dont get us pissed.


    hw can he be beating his chest bcos he caught yahoo yahoo boys, while the main BIG FISHES are walking freely on our street and taking diffrent chieftancy titles and buying doctorates degrees from all over 9ija nad world, shame unto u 9ija. AS BOND BOY said too, what them ???


    these our selected, Oh sorry , sorry , elected rep members doesnt hve good policies tht will put food on our tables,give us security ,electricity,gd roads and hospitals to delibrates on it and put tht into law, but its how the presido addreses his fellow country men & women, that is their headache oh, my good God, wonders shall never end in this entity, abeg , this man can address us 4rm any where, even inside aso rock toilet, e no matter but the main thing na to give us the necessary things we need, simple, let them stop shasing shadows,b4 u no it now, they will set up committe to look unto it, sumthing unnecessary and carry our tax payee money to be paying them on each sitting. haba, WONDER SHALL NEVER END in this entity ooooo.

  13. Mr chairman i nver knew u ar such a fool, if i were among d panel dt screened u i wl sact u 4rm ur stand point. U ar proud 2 tell nigerians dt all d money budgeted for ur org is ment 2 catch yahoo yahoo boyz, u shld as well go aftr pocket pickers. Ppl dt stole billions cruise arnd d world wt their family y u sit on our budget doing nothing. Dn’t insult us, if dn’t hv wt 2 say shut-up.

  14. Lamorde is obviously toeing the same line his predecessor toed, the problem with most Nigerians in position is that they don’t have the honor to resign even when they know they can’t perform.

  15. Mr. Lamorde, i shared your feeling, it’s very pathetic of the nation like Nigeria where corruption rule supreme. The leisures and the commoners vehemently looted our treasury, established themselve as gods or lords over the serviles. Come what may, they will not changed neither second to anything that will be benefited by populate. Judiciary hmmm! The number one headquarters of corruption! Until we youth wake up from our slumber into revolution or else this country will continue trading in the downward trend. Mr. Chairman na de country wey u found yourself o! Jibity, wayoo, wuluwulu, magomago, mumulity, chop chop, bigy belle, wawa, follo chop all na Nigeria for you. Do your best and leave the rest for God, nemesis will catch up with them someday.

  16. Iyke, whatever be your annoyance with the efcc should not be voiced out in public forum like this, by calling somebody a fool, please, learn to be civil, okay?

  17. In advanced climes, the honourable thing is to resign. Fighting corruption is not all about brandishing muscular men in red. If you don’t have the brain to outwit the crooks, just resign for it is not a tea party.

  18. live yahoo boys alone and go for dose that is our problem yahoo yahoo boys make there money from white men not Nigerians and and even use the money to invest in Nigeria while so called politicians thief the money and went to ,UK<DUBAI USA to invest, so my advice live the yahoo yahoo boys they are helping the economy of the country one way or the other

  19. Lamorde can just sit comfortably and take home his salaries. Just like the Senate president and others who are doing nothing. The problem is not 419er ; the youths must survive. Halve a word is enough for the wise.

  20. Mr Lamorde is ” tied to a stake a Bear like” but he is fighting the course despite this power frustration in the higher places. EFCC was formed as a political vendetta by OBJ and there is less good to except from it unless it is allowed by the power at the centre to be run independently. Lamorde is mere political appointee and so has no power what soever to prosecute a politician be it a memeber of an opposition or of the ruling party. That is why his hands are tied and he is stating the obvious for who cares to hear him. The judiciary needs a complete overhauling and the third arm of Government must be up and doing especially on “Checks and Balances” , for the executive power absolute.

  21. Mr Chairman, you would have known from the beginning that you will be dealing with serious opposition -HAWKS. Unfortunately, GEJ as the President and Leader of PDP cannot provide you the protection Obj gave to Ribadu but we expect you to do your best. God is with you.

  22. Emmanuel Oludare on

    The best thing u can do, Lamorde, to justify your positn against the rotten & stinking JUDIARY is to resign honourably. Any way i wonder what u will stil be doing when u are not allowed to carry out yr civic duties,if only u mean what u’ve said

  23. Jonathan doesn’t have the liver to fight corruption.what will it take to set-up a special court to trial these theives? Look at ohakim going to court to chalenge Rochas after stolen billions of imo fund.yet we ve efcc.

  24. I am not impressed by this.There must be a way to nail at least one high profile offender.Just think of a way that wouldnt make you get authorisation from PRESIDENCY or GEJ.NAIL SOMEBOBY BIG EVEN IF IT HAS TO CAUSE YOU YOUR JOB MY OGA

  25. Nothing last forever,One day the poor mass that are suffering the injustice will truely be tired of all these wicked Ahabs and Jezebeels that are running the affairs of our great nation. I vow by the power of almighty who hate wickedness there generations will never survive the coming punishment .Because they have suck the blood of poor nigerians too much and the sword of Most powerful has riseing up and so shall it start from the shepards to the politicians.Once upon a time in the land of the living people,The elders conieved themselives to sell all that belong to the youths of that nation and they did nobody stoped them,untill one day the angry youths decieded to go on rampage and cleanse the land brought back there right with a jungle justice mind .I am telling you now Nigeria will one day see the same thing that happen in Tunisia,Eygpt and others.

  26. Go after Rochas okorocha of Imo state who is using Free. Education to defraud state tresuary…and live the unemployed youths,I beg u Mr chairman…

  27. Mr Larmode wath are you waiting for. U are supposed to reseign by now since you only know how to catch small yahoo yahoo boys shame to you these are the boys that are improving the economy and technology of nigeria instead of using your time to catch big criminals.

  28. Mr Larmode wath are you waiting for. U are supposed to reseign by now since you only know how to catch small yahoo yahoo boys shame to you these are the boys that are improving the economy and technology of nigeria instead of you using your time to catch big criminals.

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