I’ll battle power sector mafia –Minister-designate



Senate yesterday confirmed President Goodluck Jonathan’s nomination of Prof Chinedu Nebo and Kabiru Tanimu Turaki as ministers representing Enugu and Kebbi states respectively in the Federal Executive Council (FEC). During the grilling which lasted more than two hours, Nebo pledged to tackle any mafia in the power sector headlong. He also promised to battle purported witches and demons that have worked against the efficient working of the power sector if given the power ministry.

Nebo, former Vice Chancellor of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), said he hopes to dislodge the demonic powers through the power of God. “Some highly placed people still believe that witches are responsible for the problem in the power sector. I believe that God will give me the power to chase out the demons in the sector.” Speaking on the fate which befell his kinsman in the cabinet, Nebo said he’s aware of banana peels and would do everything possible to escape a similar fate.

“Prof Barth Nnaji is a professional to the core. He tried his best but it was unfortunate that something happened. I have also seen that in political setting, there are lots of banana peels; I am not going to change that but I believe in federal character principle, in each state, one need to take the best and not just anybody.” Nebo wondered why the Ajaokuta Steel Complex has never been allowed by past leaders to come on stream despite the enormous resources committed to it. “Ajaokuta Steel Complex, today, remains a giant that is comatose.

If it is a conspiracy problem, why do we allow ourselves to be used to short-change our children, yet unborn? We must be committed to reviving the company,” he said. On his part, Turaki called for capacity-building programmes which would enable soldiers and the police meet modern security challenges. He also attributed the problem with the police not only to poor funding, but decadence occasioned by corrupt tendencies. “The aim of the military is to curb insurgency and defend the nation from external aggression.

The advice I will give is that time has changed, in addition to training for the mundane jobs; we need to train them specifically to tackle the challenges of insurgency. There should be training and training to make them understand this serious task and also to harmonise working relationship between the military and police force. “I was a member of the Ministerial Implementation Committee on Police Reform and I will say that the problems with force are many. It is not only about funding but also, the problem of decay; there has been a lot of decay in the force.”

He spoke in support of government’s deployment of troops to Mali as well as the principle of plea bargain often adopted to recover monies from public office holders, who are accused of embezzlement. In his comments, Senate President David Mark urged the two ministers to match their words with actions when they get into the FEC. “The Senate has no problem confirming the two nominees.

They were fair and frank in answering questions posed to them and if by the time they are appointed, they are able to match their actions with words, they will perform very well,” he said. Recall that the two ministerial positions became vacant last year when Prof Nnaji (Power) and Dr. Haliru Mohammed (Defence) quit the federal cabinet.

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  1. “Demonic powers” cannot be objectivized, dear Professor, and please do not commence your work based on our typical bias. It has nothing to do with the demon or with God, rather with generating and transmitting electric power (Basic need) to consumers in Nigeria.
    These tipps have always proven successful:
    Plan your project, create a map and milestones you intend to achieve within a time-line, supervise the implementation of your plan regularly,give feedbacks on hinderances in attaining your goals, report and tackle non-compliance from any quarter. Do not take bribes or try to get rich on your supply (avoid your dreaded banana).
    We look foward to celebrating you and light in Nigeria.
    Best of lucks as you go to work, sir!

  2. Pls Prof, battle Sambo first, he is the one that stood behind the power project, since he removed a performing minister Prof Nnaji has Sambo and his conscripted team added any 1% increase in the mega watts? Sambo was emulating the deadly OBJ style of approach on Nigeria,s power sector, the two are interwoven in character as long as our electricity upheaval is concerned. Sambo and his cohorts are the new witches and demons frustrating the power sector in this banana country called Nigeria.

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  4. Mr.President should use his good office to make sure that whoever he appoints must work.He has the power or dont he?I believe that if he insist nobody can stop him.He should be a military man if need arrives.

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  6. No Demon in anywhere. The storekeeper and the end-user are the problems of the organization.
    The storekeeper always makes their money through the suppliers/contractors. They will secretly moved some consumable goods from their stores to the suppliers house and later made a requisition to the purchasing Dept. that those items were out of stock and they are/were urgently needed.
    The store-keeper always recommends the suppliers of their choice to the organization or influenced the contractors
    After LPO (LOCAL PURCHASE ORDER) is been issued the same goods that were stolen or taken out from the organization store will resurface again for supply.
    Corruption or stealing is everywhere not in the government alone and nothing like cabal. IT is all lust for money and greediness.

  7. Nebo. Don’t humiliate us. I strongly believe that wit you there, Nnaji is still useful to you. Beware that you have no backing in govt just do that thing that is ought to be done. Mind you that they have started planning your down fall this particular moment. You are our proud son. There are many “ndi oshi” in govt. Wish you success as i have started smelling steady power supply. I have cancelled my plan to buy ” i pass my neighbour” immediately i heard your name mentioned.

  8. A prof talking on how to tackle the problem in the power sector like an uneducted person. Which demos? Talk intellectually pls. What are ur programs and how do u intent to achieve it?

    • Yes, I agree – Prof. Nebo’s comments are unprofessional and under-educated. With attitudes like that, how does one really face the challenges? If Prof. Nebo fails, he’ll blame it on the demons and witches. What a country! Even those who are expected to know better are behaving like ignoramuses. What do you expect iron to do if gold rusts?

  9. Prince Adu/Tokyo on

    Its the same Long Speech at Senate,Imoke–Agagu–Naiji e.t.c all dazzled the Stupid Criminals at Senate,the Senate has never rejected anybody sent to them……Nigeria is a failed State……We said the OLD Generation of IBB–OBJ–BUHARI have failed us and clamored for NEW Generation but got in reply the likes of Bamkole–Orji Kalu–Elumelu–Ibori–Odili–Igbenedon–Udenwan–Slyva–Genga Daniel–Saraki–Akala–Ubong—-and all the BOKO Haram Governors……..The Hope of Nigerian had been dashed by the so call Mr President,nobody expected this poor performance from him…..We spent time and money mobilizing People at home to vote for him as a Progressive,but today,the OLD SKOOLS were even better than him…….Fuck the New Generation….Hilary Clinton is today explaining to the American what she knew about the attack on US Embassy in Benghazi Libya and taking responsibility but no Nigeria Minister Of Power has taken responsibility for power failure since Independence……Senate can fool you reading this Mail but can not fool me and thats the FACT.

  10. I’ve known Venerable prof Chinedu Nebo from my days in Esut when he was the deputy vice chancellor academics, that man you see is the last man standing when it comes to intergrity, nothing moves him, an ex soldier, sound academic above all a diehard, unmoveable Man of GOD that is a born again Christian, this man could not influence any of his children’s admission into the university not even with a point cut off with his position as deputy vice chancellor ESUT then, in short I discovered that most Nigerians don’t know this man called Chinedu Nebo because he is not a politician at all,a man of His words, let me tell Nigerians that even Goodluck Jonathan can not even push him around instead the Chinedu I know will quit, let me sound it as a forewarning to all corrupt and idle ones with phcn that their days are numbered because heads will roll, I know quite well that the power mafias will attempt his life but they will fail because that man is never alone as for banana peels, they can’t get him, he talked about demon some are saying what does he mean by demon, let’s watch and see as event unfold, I believe a lot Nigerians will eventually turn to GOD as a result of what GOD is going to do through Chinedu Nebo, go to UNN and the new university in Ekiti state and see what it means to be a proven Man of GOD, He returned UNN’s lost glory, that man you see is more dearing than the late Idiagbon when it comes to discilpine, let us continue to pray for him because if Chinedu I know could not fix power in Nigeria that means we are doomed in that sector but I believe GOD he won’t fail. All the best Prof

  11. Jonathan thank you, thank you, and thank you so much, keep on recycling men of up class, men of insatiable belly. Nebo academic like him who has hold different position in Nigerian educational sector(formal unn vc , immediate if he not still university of edoekiti vc) is still eyeing ministerial job. Woe to you , no room for middle and lower class in political calculous in Nigeria. On thing that is undeniable is , both rich and poor own nigeria.

  12. The problem of the Power sector does not rest on appointment of a good minister. In fact, there is nothing any minister can do if the federal government don’t build more power stations to increase the meggar watt from the present 4,000 MW. There was nothing really Barth Nnaji could have done with the meager 4000mw. This is too small to go round a country as big as Nigeria and the power ministry and the presidency know this. It is just politics the are playing. South Africa generates to their populace 45,000mw of electricity with a population not up to half of ours. The main source of their electric power is nuclear energy while Nigeria rely more on hydro and gas energy which has less potentials as compared to nuclear energy. For instant, the new gas power station in Geregu, Ajaokuta has a full capacity at a meager 300mw, and this amount is not enough for a city like Abuja. We only have 4000mw presently from all our gas, hydro and steam turbines in the country. Lagos alone can take about 2000mw, leaving the remaining 2000mw for the rest of the 36 states with heavy, unavoidable load sheddings. Therefore, to face this challenge of insufficient electricity, government should start giving a thought to nuclear energy developement. That is the only way to our industralisation. And that is the secret. To do this we have to call the bluff of the so called super powers to achieve our aim. Presently, there is nothing any performing minister can do except he would have to liter all the states with all gas and hydro power stations to get up to 10,000mw, which is not even possible in the next 3 years.

  13. My amiable prof Nebo i pray 4 God’s widom,directn and protection as u r looking to transform power sector,i ve known u as a man wit gud reputations,integrity and oda wise .May God strengthen u Amen.

  14. This is another attempt to kick the perennial power problem can down the proverbial road. Why did the power professional quit, Nnaji, I mean? What bit of energy/power matters does Nebo know anything about? Why is he not tapped for the education ministry where he has some proven expertise? Since he’s such a Man of God, there are more demons in our colleges and universities than there are in the power sector. After all, he helped to create the monsters roaming freely in that sector or at least, he never did much to fight them off while he held sway in his management stints within the sector. How can you fight the demons of the power sector on their own turf when you know nothing of the terrain? Isn’t laughable that Nnaji, a tested power professional, was outwitted by the power cabal, those demons Nebo is talking about, and was chased out with such precision? What skills does Nebo possess to match these corrupt artists? It’s yet to be seen? Is this not also the handiwork of the same demons that a novice be tapped for the power job so they can continue business as usual? What a joke! Here we go with more stories about why Nigerians will continue to grope in darkness for a bit longer. Nebo is not, by any long shot, the power messiah every one of us is wishing and praying for. Nice try GEJ! But the cabal has won again!

    • “Where there is the necessary technical skill to move mountains, there is no need for the faith that moves mountains.”
      -Eric Hoffer

  15. Aniaga Joseph onyebuchi on

    Prof. Nebo i knw is a gifted Hand. He will carryout a surgical operation in d power sector. Know that u cannot do it alone, u need a team of professional surgeon to execute dis task. It is a risk worth taken prof. Always examine ur approach and strategy. Development is always at cost. I wish u gud luck as u lead d team.

  16. In the words of the ugly (Tuko) in the good the bad and the ugly “when you have to shoot, shoot don’t talk”
    The gravity of the issue of power in Nigeria can not be overemphasized, the condition has become a national security risk effecting the economy and well being of it’s citizens.
    OBJ failed horribly to do a thing about it in his 8yrs, though there was every possibility for a change. GEJ should see with his team of ministers new or old that they erradicate the menace of epileptic power and the use of alternate power in the country.
    The benefits to the people and the economy will be to numerous to mention.
    Touch the lives of your people, make the difference, Nigerians are literaly dying for a leader who will touch there lives collectively and positively.

  17. Thank you so much Emmanuel Omeh for your comment and i respect people like who stand in truth,some of us who talks rubbish in this forum by condeming Venerable Prof Chinedu Nebo i bait you they havent heard about his name before not untill now Mr GEJ made him minister of power especially people like Anonymouse,Otaru,Kings Chuk that opened their stinking dirty mouth to castigate a well reputable Venerable in Anglican Comm,Ven Prof Chinedu Nebo.Some of knows his acheivement in almost collapse Uni of Nigeria(UNN)he came and revived it and thesame thing applicable to Uni of Ekiti.Anonymouse you thought because Ven Prof Chinedu Nebo is an Academicia that will not qaulify him as a Minister of Power then i tell you that you know nothing because wen Mrs Stella Adaeze Odua was appointed Minister of Aviation some Nigerians and even yorubas kicked against it that she doesnt have experience all because she is an Igbo woman but today she is buildin,modernising over Eleven Airports in Nigeria something pass Aviation Ministers that calls themselves professionals never acheived,so its not being professionalism in the field of a prticular portfolio your appointed to mattets but determination to work and sacrifice yourself in the job your appointed to do that matters.So Anonymouse,Otaru,Kings Chuk and co dont criticise Ven Prof Chinedu Nebo yet

  18. Wish you well. But let us hope that demons and witches operate in the dark. So give us light and they will disappear.

  19. Prof Nebo is always a sincere man. He has sincerely told Nigerians what he intends to do if appointed Minister of Power. He is not boasting. I believe his appointment is Divine and that being the case, faithful is He who called him to this position and He will also help him to accomplish the task for which he was appointed because without God on his side experience, skill or professionalism will come to naught. Nigeria is not irredeemable. We are jinxed in every angle to the extent we have refused to embrace God in our National life. Let us give this man of God on a mission in the power sector a chance to turn things around. He will succeed.

  20. The Prof needs unbroken prayers from now to succeed in his new calling as minister of power because whatever good intentions he wants to apply to make power becomes staple in Nigeria would still need approvals of the power that be in government and that was the reason the former Minister Berth faced before he was sacked unceremoniously by the government.
    What i think Nigeria should do is to allow each state or states within the same region or zone generates, transmits and distributes electricity to all consumers within their states while the federal government through power ministry assists them with funds on the basis of the implementation of the programs.
    Nigeria is too big to be run like a unitary state instead we should boldly adopt full federalism that will allow each state provides certain essential social amenities for their local citizens as against this new system that Abuja must provide all our needs.
    I wish the Prof and the new Defense man successes in their new national postings.

  21. The most corrupt beings are witches and wizards.So if power sector is the most corrupt,then it has been plagued by demonic witches and only a man of God can outwit them……Prof the only downfall i envisage is his subordinates not doing their duties and the “Oga “ always takes the blame.So dear prof,please make sure you have a stable way and means of monitoring your workers so that they will not undermine your efforts and squander every resource you put up in the power sector….kudos my prof

  22. Anozie J. Kanu on

    Prof. I did not know much about you save that you were a former vice chancellor of the UNN. Interestingly, the testimonies I have read about you have not only gladdened but strengthened me also. The accounts of how you have used your previous exalted positions to show that ‘you are the light of the world’ gives me more confidence in your abilities. Prof. listen, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you! Go now! Do even better than you did at the UNN, Ekiti, ESUT etc. God will see you through!

  23. I will mention 5 key ways to help him , one is prayer , 2 wash ur back. 3 appoint men from each zone like u to assit U . 4 don’t join issue with anybody 5. State what u entend to achieve within period the u hv. And final communicate to us in every set u take sir don’t hid or cover anybody (God bless as move on .

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