I went into drug trafficking to get money for marriage- Suspect


By Christipher Oji

A  36-year-old man has been rearrested for the same offence of drug trafficking, a crime for which he is already standing trial in court. Nnaemeka Benjamin, who is  standing trial for cocaine smuggling at the Lagos High Court, Ikoyi, was re-arrested with 1.820kg of heroin by officials of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos.

Nnaemeka, who just completed the excretion of heroin he ingested, tested positive for narcotic ingestion during the inward screening of passengers on an Etihad flight from Pakistan last weekend.

The accused was first arrested in August 2009 with 1.796kg of cocaine on his way from Brazil. He was charged to court but later released on bail. He was re-arrested for importing 1.820kg of heroin on his way from Pakistan. According to NDLEA, preliminary investigation indicated that the suspect excreted some of the drugs in the flight. In 2009, Nnaemeka was caught with Nigerian international passport number A00052663 while in 2013 he was caught with another Nigerian passport number A02349133. It was also gathered that the suspect was recruited to smuggle the drug for a fee of N4 million.

The suspect, in his confessional statement, told NDLEA officials that he went back to drug trafficking because of unemployment.

“I am long overdue to marry but I have no wife. I know that what I did is bad but it is due to unemployment. I was first arrested in 2009 when I went to Brazil to smuggle Cocaine. When I came out on bail, there was no job for me to do. Although my case with the NDLEA is pending in court; I decided to try again hoping that I might be lucky.









This time around they promised to pay me four million naira. My intention was to settle down because I want to be working rather than staying idle. I am still single at my age. It is not that I do not want to be married but there is no money and no job”, he stated.

NDLEA Airport Commander, Hamza Umar said that the suspect was arrested after he tested positive to drug ingestion. “Nnaemeka Benjamin Anayo tested positive for drug ingestion during the inward screening of Etihad passengers. While searching his luggage, some wraps of drugs which he excreted on the flight were found on him. He excreted a total of 100 wraps weighing 1.820kg” Hamza stated.

Chairman/Chief Executive of the Agency, Ahmadu Giade in his reaction called for stiffer penalties for drug offenders. In his words, “the Agency will continue to press for stiffer penalties for drug trafficking. In criminal justice, unless punishment is certain and commensurate to the crime committed, offenders will always be attracted by the financial incentives”. Giade also urged members of the public to shun drug trafficking. The suspect would soon be charged to court soon.


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  1. Ndi Igbo mma mmanu
    O buru na-ichoro igota ala na buruburu Awka ma o bu n’obodo ndi ozo di ya gburugburu dika Mgbakwu, Urum, Isianiocha, Ebenebe, Amanuke na di ozo, biko pia akala ndia: efu, asato, efu, ato, iteyete, ano, ano, efu, asaa, ise, ato. Ma oburu na I weghi ego ugbu a, echefuna ikopita ya ma debe ya maka echi. Biko, ka ayi dozie ala Igbo. Ndi be anyi si emee ngwa, emeghara odachi, ka…..emesia.

  2. He wants to marry without having a good trade at hand. Ask him about his CV a man looking for employment . Tomorrow some idiots will be blaming GEJ.
    In fact , minimum of 40-50 years prison term should be adopted and the issue of bail bond should not be granted to any drug suspect until such case is disposed.

    • Owerri, I cannot help laughing at this hardened criminal. If he marries with proceeds from drug trafficking, I wonder the kind of family he hopes to raise. Lest I forget, GEJ is the only problem we have in Nigeria now. He is the problem of APC, Amaechi, Buhari, Tinubu, Kwankwanso, etc. Chase or harass him out of Aso Rock and all problems will go away. This criminal will get a job and marry “sharp sharp”. Over to you, “opposition” people!

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  4. What of our Big witts that use their private jets to carry drugs?how many of them ve been arrested?law for the rich and one for the down trodden..some animals re more equal than the other.

    • Are you supporting this hardened criminal? What evidence do you have of people using private jets to carry hard drugs? Let us be fair-minded in our comments. It is not every rich person that is a criminal. If your fortune changes today and you own a private jet tomorrow, would that make you a criminal? Please get serious!

  5. In de late ’80 in US when there was epidemic of drug carriers n de jails were full, then US experimented with ingenius system of curbing inflow of drugs into US. De ideal whenever a drugs pusher is arrested, de carrier will be ingeted with deadly virus n will be released to his or her home country. Within six months, de drugs carrier will die. This system brought in quick result in reducing de number of drug carriers into US. I think this is even better than death penalty cos of de suffering de carriers encounter before they die. When I made refference to this sysem, de likes of owerri bastard, hunchback Okon, Israel de Goat n Stine Chykee de Fatty were calling me unprintable names. Am sure if this ideal had being acted upon this idiot who was arrested in 2009 n was bailed n went back to de same business would’ve been history. Ejike New York my friend, how com Naija jews don’t believe that there must be moral in business? Why do they have to look for money at all cost. In life, only one thing is certain, we’re all going to die whether rich or not. De probability of all of us getting rich is nil. I think it’s time de leders in jewsland re educate de young ones about wealth.

  6. @Kola, the reason people call you Kolanut Amodu, is because you are a nut case. You will never make any statement without injecting tribe and ethnicity in it. Even the likes of Akins are moving away from your foolishness. Don’t let your hatred of Igbos send you to your early grave. Statistics show that we have more criminals in your tribe than any other tribe. Repent Kola before it is too late.

  7. Boney London,where did u get ur data from that says Yorubas have more criminals than de jews of Nigeria. Remember de indonsian case, 21 Nigerians on death row there, 19 out of that 21 are from where else south east, to be precise from Anambra state, u go to all de jails over Nigeria n de world, naija jews are like sea water in various prisons. Even u Boney London, I know what u do for a living which is drugs, don’t worry de hands of law will soon get u asshole.

  8. @kola illiteracy is disturbing you. Here in the United States the prisons are filled with your people who have committed credit card fraud. The same is applicable in the UK. You are nothing but a petty pick pocket thief and one of these days they will throw your ass out of the Molue and crush you to death.

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