I was attracted to my wife first time I met her –Chigozie Atuanya



Actor, Chigozie Atuanya, recently tied the knot with his heart throb, Jennifer Oranika, in a wedding that attracted movers and shakers of society in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

And Nollywood was well represented at the event as thespians and musicians turned out in their numbers to celebrate with the new couple.

Chigozie who is currently in the US with his newly wedded wife for their honey moon spoke to The Entertainer exclusively before their trip.



How did you meet your wife?

I met her at her elder sister’s wedding two years ago in Abuja. I was attracted to her the moment I set eyes on her. I admired the way she carried herself. I walked up to her and introduced myself and demanded for friendship which she accepted. Gradually we started courting and now we are happily married and we give the glory to God for this union.


What actually attracted you to her?

Her simplicity and general disposition. She’s extremely nice and has good moral upbringing. I saw in her someone I wanted to identify with.


How are your parents warming up to her?

Basically, my parents are very liberal. They realise that she makes me happy and that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. They gladly gave their consent. The only question they asked was ‘where is she from?’ And I answered Abatete. They were glad that her roots are close to my family’s though they didn’t have any idea about her family but their joy is that I was happy. After the usual enquiries about both families were made, we discovered we are made to be together forever.


How did you propose to her?

I proposed to her the normal way people do. However, I’d like to keep that to myself because even right now she still hasn’t gotten over it.


While courting, at what point did the thought of getting married cross your mind?

So many things happened during our courtship which we handled maturely. When you’re dating a girl, you have the opportunity of getting close to her and studying her attitude. Courtship is quite different from marriage. So, at a point in our relationship her attitude prompted me to propose to her. As an entertainer I meet a lot of women and with the kind of exposure I have, I have met all kinds of women but I decided to get married to her because I found the qualities I desired in a woman in her and besides, I’m not growing any younger. I am delighted to be married to the woman of my dreams.


So, what was her parent’s reaction when you asked for their daughter’s hand in marriage, considering the fact that you’re a celebrity?   

The family didn’t bother whether I was a celebrity or not. All they were interested in was their daughter’s happiness. Without mincing words I can boast that I will make her happy as long as I have breath in me because I love her so much and I adore and cherish her undying love for me. My parent’s in-laws had no problem with her choice of husband unlike some parents who wouldn’t want their daughters to touch an actor with a 10-foot pole.


Weren’t they bothered by the high rate at which celebrity marriages crash?

All celebrities were born by women. Her parents understand that celebrities are normal human beings just like everybody out there. I asked my wife this same question and she told me her parents didn’t stress her much about my profession.

In fact she told me that they watch and love my movies. They told her that from my look on screen, I must be a very quiet and nice person.


What are those memories you will always cherish about today?

That was the moment we exchanged marital vows; I will cherish it forever.


As a man used to having many women around him, what are the things you’ll miss about bachelorhood?

Life comes in stages and once you pass a stage, you move ahead by leaving your past behind and remain focused by doing what is right. I will miss nothing about bachelorhood.


So, how many kids are you planning to have?

If God decides to gives us three or four I will be very grateful. However, it is the woman who takes that decision.

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