‘I want bigger boobs to make me look sexier’


By Biodun Dada


Currently creating huge buzz and making waves in the music industry is a sexy and highly talented Femcee, CocoIce. Born Mojisola Sarah Sowole, CocoIce is getting loads of attention with just two official singles and a music video released into the market (her second video, It’s Me will drop in few days) and these have promptly shot up her profile.

In this exclusive interview with TS Weekend, the Ogun State-born rap star spoke passionately about her music, person and her immediate and future dreams.

There’s so much hype and publicity going on about your forth-coming music video, It’s Me. Can you give an insight into what to expect?

You are so right. My first video, If U Don’t Know was really an upscale for a fresh artiste and got rave review from many music critics. It was really lauded and this I believed put my management and me in a very tight corner. We just really want to surpass the success of the first video and make a lasting impression. Mattmax came up with the concept after my management gave him the song to listen to, and he decided to shoot with the state-of-the-art RED One Mysterium X which has higher resolution and cinematic effect than the regular Canon cameras most artistes currently use to shoot their musical videos. So, expect to see fresh and crispy clear pictures, and tight concepts.

How has the journey been so far?

Well, it’s not a new terrain, just that things are kinda moving so fast now. I have a strong team and management I’m working with and this is making me to enjoy every bit of it as I now have enough time to concentrate on my music and the creativity part. So, it’s been a sort of roller-coaster ride for me.

You also have a single out, Rock me. What inspires the song?

I decided to do something for the guys out there and flip the script because it is the guys that sing most times for we ladies. You know your song needs to be topical and have direction. I just thought it won’t be bad singing for the dudes and this brought about Rock Me (Bad Guy). Though, nothing too explicit or sensual, just a dedication to all the ‘bad guys’ out there.

Before Rock Me (Bad Guy), what other songs did you have?

I dropped It’s Me some few months ago, which is more like my debut official single. It is more of an intro into what CocoIce is. You know I do rap, skank and I sing. I am very versatile in all genres of music.

What prompted your foray into music?

I started out by writing poetry, and this greatly helped me into turning into a lyricist though I started out miming to hit rap songs. I started professionally in 2005 when I recorded my first single, Get Nutty, which featured May D. The song had massive airplay at the time. That really ignites the fire in me and encouraged me to pursue music as a career.

How did you come up with the name, CocoIce?

Many people have asked me this, and let me use this medium to clarify that it has nothing to do with the American couple, Ice and Coco (smiles). Though, the name seems ‘controversial’ as in people linking it to the couple, and this is surely getting me attention, which I truly like. To answer your question, I pick up the name from the two words, Coco and Ice. Coco is gotten from Coconut which we all know is hard and rough on the outside but clean and pure original on the outside which is quite similar to who I am today. I’ve gone through hard and rough times and still able to deliver good music! Ice, as in breaking the ice, you hitting the right spot and breaking new grounds in your endeavour and that’s me in total. It hasn’t been easy. But for the Ice, it simply means, breaking new ground. I was formerly known as Mo’Black but I later found out that there are like two other Mo’Blacks. And there so many artistes using the ‘Mo’ thing, I just wanted a fresh and unique identity that will stand me out and that’s how CocoIce came about. The name also sounds chic or is it not?

Who are you feeling now?

Can’t really get enough of Lil’ Wayne. The dude is so sick and talented.

Who’s your musical influence?

I’m greatly influenced by the likes of King Sunny Ade, 2face Idibia, D’banj, Mode 9, Ruggedman, Weird MC, Sasha, Wyclef Jean, Ercik Sermon, Lil’ Wayne, and Nicki Minaj amongst others

What inspires your lyrics and music?

My environment. My moods. My lyrics are highly influenced by things around me, and sometimes stories that I heard or personal experiences, and God Himself is my greatest source of inspiration.

Obviously, the music industry has been male-dominated; do you think this is changing?

Things are gradually and steadily changing. We are having female artistes coming out to do their thing and as you can see that they are getting recognition by being called to feature in male songs, as in collaborations.

Currently in the Nigerian music scene, which Femcee do you consider your greatest competitor?

The truth is, I have no competitor. I’m just doing my thing and trying to carve a unique niche for myself.

Who is CocoIce?

CocoIce is a unique brand, a versatile Femcee, hip, trendy and highly ambitious.

Are you signed to any record label?

Not any at the moment but I have a management deal with MAGiKAL Entertainment.

If you have the opportunity to change a thing in your body, what would it be?

I will love to have a breast enlargement. I’ve been craving for it since I was a teenager.

And you think that will be cool?

Sure, it’s going to be very cool and sexy. Guys drool over chics with big boobs.

What’s your current size?


Why do you crave bigger boobs?

Just to enhance my look and make me sexier and chic. I love well-rounded boobs.

Who are the women with ‘heavy boobs’ that you admire?

Hmmmnn! Nicki Minaj, Jenifer Lopez and Mercy Johnson to mention a few.

Have you considered the health implications?

Sure, but it’s really no big deal as medicine is always advancing and techy.

What’s style to you?

It’s an expression of who you are.

So, what’s your style?

I feel relaxed in jeans and leather jackets.

What are your favourite fashion pieces and accessories?

I love wristwatches, jewelries and costume accessories. My most prized fashion item is the Hublot wristwatch.

What’s your family and educational background?

I’m from a family of four. I’m the first-born and the first daughter. My mum is late.

Aside music, are you engaged in any other thing?

Yes. I run an ushering/hostess’ company called, Ushers Impeccable. My company provides top-notch ushers and hostesses for events and ceremonies.

How do you unwind?

I chill with my friends or go on sightseeing to relax my brain.

What are you currently working on?

I’m preparing for the shoot of Rock Me video and also working on two new singles, a dancehall track and another dance/party song, which I will want my fans to look out for. I’m also starting my media tour and promotional shows.

Where do you see CocoIce in a couple of years?

CocoIce is going places and by places I mean the world, the zenith. I’m aiming for the highest top. CocoIce is a brand so, I’m dreaming to be the best.

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  1. Mojisola, love yourself the way you are. You don’t need big breasts to be a good singer. Tina Tuner, Whitney Houston, Erica Badu, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Kelly Roland have no big breasts. And they are on top of the world.

    • Mojisola, u dnt knw what is good for u. Are u an illiterate. Dnt u knw God knws what fit u dat is y he gave u small breast?

  2. mojisola, u mean to tell me tht God is mistaken by creating u the way u are, dn’t be a fool by going into breast enlargement, unless u want to invite breasts cancer.

  3. Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

    I as a person, i love big boobs, mojisola should go ahead and do what she desires. Big tits makes a lady look great.

    • omoesther Adegoke on

      Bigger boo or what? Go and get silicon with water from victoria island. You will never get a husband but, those that will useless you. Idiot.

  4. My dear,stay as God created u. Remember Michael Jackson. N one more tin, accept Jesus as ur Lord n Savior so u dont sing in hell. Stay blessed

  5. Moji please don’t offend God by tampering with what he has created God doesn’t make mistake we love you and appreciate you as you are you are beautiful so please leave your breast as they are.

  6. Micheal Jackson changed is facial look. He taught, perhaps that was the right thing to do. Of course, he had the means to do that. Fame was all over him. But how did he end at last? The Bible says that there is a way that seems right to a man, but the end there off is the way of destruction. Unfortunately, many people do not give heed to the guidance found in the holy scriptures. They only realise the authenticity and confirm its veracity when it is too late for them.

  7. Moji my advise to you, is that you keep your present looks exactly the Way God made it, if not what happened to those ‘ll also happened to Them that tryde his patience , pls we love you the Way you are, don’t fanger your live cos you still have a long Way to go, be blessed

  8. You have just told the public that you are ugly for saying that you want to go for breast enlargement so that you can look beautiful. Go ahead and join ILUMINATTI then. That’s one of the quikest way to fame right now for celebrities like you. The way you think is an attitude and that includes contentment.
    You should be contented with what you have or what you have will be taken away from you and be given to another.
    Remember Obasanjo’s wife that have virtually everything the world can offer. She didnt like her looks and she went for ”was it tummy tuck or what do they called it again”? Where is she today? A word is enough for the wise.

  9. Prostitutes!any woman who enlarges her breast is a whore.so we knw what u are u can go ahead with ur idea.u don’t even need any body’s permission to do ur wish.who cares.

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