How I narrowly missed flying with Yakowa –Gowon


From NOAH EBIJE, Kaduna

Former military head of state, General Yakubu Gowon (retd) yesterday revealed how he narrowly missed flying in the same helicopter that killed Governor Patrick Yakowa and five others last Saturday in Bayelsa State. Gowon made this known to newsmen in Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna during a special service session to mark the 50th birthday of Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure of Throneroom Ministry, Kafanchan.

Gowon said: “As we were with the aide of the president to pay our condolence, they were arranging a Navy helicopter to take us to Yenogoa (with Yakowa). But another helicopter was arranged for me, and five others. And that was it. “So when I heard about this accident, it really pained me. And I want to say, well, you can never tell with some of these things. It was an accident. Don’t impugn any meaning to it. Don’t say that it is plan to get rid of some people or something like that.

“It is an accident, yes it was an accident. There was this young pilot of the helicopter, who came to me after another helicopter was found for us, and he said to me, ‘sir, but I was ready to take you to Yenagoa, as part of my duty today’. And I said to him, ‘don’t worry there will be another time. I really hope I will have the pleasure of flying with you again’. “These were nice innocent people. Something, probably mechanical, went wrong to have caused the accident. So it was not a plan to get rid of the governor for whatever reason people want to guess.

“When, last Sunday, I saw the Governor (Ramalan Yero), who was newly sworn in, I said ‘I hope you will continue with the good work that your late governor was doing. It was the two of you that were doing the work. You were working to bring peace to Kaduna State. I hope you will do something about this madness alluded to Boko Haram, which, unfortunately is being alluded to Muslims. “If Boko Haram are Muslims, then they are not the Muslims that I have worked with over the years. So don’t just blame Muslims for the violence, but that particular group that none of us understand.

So, may the soul of our brother rest with our Lord. Thank you.” Meanwhile, the people wailed as the remains of Yakowa arrived the Sir Kashim Ibrahim House for the wake keep yesterday. At about 5.00pm, the Hiace ambulance with registration number MKA 581AE arrived for the wake keep which had in attendance Vice President Namadi Sambo, new Governor of Kaduna, Mukhtar Yero, Governor of Bayelsa State, Seriake Dickson, former governor of old Rivers, Alfred Diete-Spiff, former governor of Bayelsa State, Dieprieye Alamieyeseigha.

As soon as the pallbearers removed the casket from the ambulance, the entire congregation started wailing. The Chaplain of the Government House, Rev. Elias Kabu narrated his last day with the late governor. He said a couple of weeks before the helicopter crash which claimed the late governor, “the governor called me saying that he wanted me to organise the annual Christmas Carol at the Government House on December 19, but here we are today instead of the Christmas Carol, we are organising a wake keep for the governor.”

In his homily, the Archbishop of Kaduna Catholic Diocese, Archbishop Mathew Ndagoso Man Oso said when the news of the air mishap filtered into his ears, “we are hoping against hope that it was all rumour after all.” He said in life, there was a purpose for everything and noted that Yakowa had died because he had accomplished his purpose on earth. “God called him (Yakowa) because he has achieved the purpose for which he was made the governor,” he said.

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  1. Oh Gowon, how i wish you are the one that toke over Yakowa and Azazi’s seat in that ill fated crash. This kind of faith are mainly designed for wicked people like you. I do not know why you are carrying a big fake Bible along with you. You re only deceiving yourself and not God.

  2. If he is carrying a fake Bible, possibly it must b Igbo version of it bcos anything fake as Nigerians all are aware, originates from Igbo land. You are just being mischievous to the General, he commands respect more than any Igbo leaders for u guys info. Stop this misbehaviour u are exhibiting in this forum and b decent in ur comments.

    • Plain Truth may God twist that your useless,dirty,stinking mouth you use in uttering rubbish against my beloved Igbo tribe.How dare you even comment in this forum Plain Truth in the first place and any tribes in Nigeria that doesnt want good things for Igbo tribe may good thing elude the tribe and may the tribe suffer worser than wat Igbos suffered during the Biafra/Nigeria civil war and may genocide be their portion,Amen

    • plain truth you are (utu, ewu ,malu,erokugidi.)
      if not the IGBO can get any cheap in this country or open ur dirty eye at all

    • Somebody said he command respect morethan… yakubo who’s village has turned to arid land without inhabitant because of few cows that passes by wit knife. These cows won’t respect yakubo nor obey his command because yakubo have non. They never loved him they used him, dumped him now killin his brothers & children

  3. Who is Gowon by the way????? An Igbo man or from where???,Yoruba’s must always be PIGs, Tribalism,even Racist in all their lives ,they can never change….TUFIAKWA

    • I knw u Ibos hate Gowon bcos of Bıafran war bt wat u dont knw ıs dat u r not God so ur hatred towards hım cannot do anytın 2 hım, ıt was ur greed dat lead u 2 dat war. U stıll want 2 contınue wıt d war abı? Dıs tıme all Ibos must b wıped away frm Nıgerıa, fools!!!!

  4. If the Ibo people think that Gowon is their problem, God will have the last say about him. He is a man, that is loved by many Nigerians. So your hatred for this man, will never changed anything. It is just as it is in moral theology that: “no circumstances will ever make an evil right” ask your brothers and sisters Ibo people and they will tell you the truth.

  5. @ Plain Truth, if Gowon commands respect than all Igbo leaders, why is he running from one state to another, pretending to be leading prayer groups across the country? The truth of the matter is that his home state of Plateau is no longer safe for him; the fear of Boko Haram torments him daily. If Pain Truth is actually a human being with hard balls underneath his thighs, why use pseudo names? Since non-Igbo Nigerians have failed to see the truth or apologize for the atrocities committed against Ndi Igbo, during the war and after, the woes, injustice and calamities that befell NdiIgbo, shall be the portion unto their children and generations to come. Our God is alive.

    • Which god? Amadioha or which one. You take mass in the morning and go to Ihiala shrine in the afternoon. Those who were killed died because Biafra ran out of food. Ojukwu wanted to use the Yorubas by asking Awo to declare Oduduwa state so Gowon would need to put out the fire under his roof first and by the time he is done he would have stabilised, but we read between the lines and not shallow like your leaders. Gowon is welcome any time any day, so keep to your idols. They didnt save you during Biafra they are unlikely to save you now and not later. Shame on you. Grow out of Biafra and leave Nigeria for all I care. failures, if God is punishing Nigeria why is crime worse in Igboland as compared to others. Your criminal brothers even rape widows, old women for rituals. maybe you dont deserve to live afterall. Stupid imbecilles. Idiots, so you Azubuike believe in God and you are selling fakes.

      • Okechukwu nwosu on

        Sola go to hell for that folish coment we are beta than the yorubas who dnt have a religion is it islam or xtianity or ifa which one where do u belong i knw a yoruba man in nnewi anambra who is a muslim in oyo state but he is going to winners chapel here in anambra sabotours pple who woship gods as thier religion igbo kwenu

      • Please Guys stop these madness. Totally wrong to be nasty and inhuman to this level. Why not allow God to be the judge and leave Gowan alone. Do not wish death on anyone. War time was war time. We are all brothers and sisters. There have been a lot of bad things going on in Nigeria that make peace loving Nigerian ashame, but always believe “Light will overcome darkness”.
        Let’s give respect to whom respect is due. Be civil!

        Imeh Ottong

    • Azubuike, you are such a fool that is pitiful. You are lucky that Gowon was not a tyrant like Ojukwu. Otherwise, he would have allowed OBJ of the third Marine Commando or the “black scorpion” (Adekunle Benjamin) to finish you off. You want the Yorubas to declare Oduduwa Republic when we didn’t even have army of our own. A tactical move by Ojukwu as Sola mentioned. Gowon would have been busy trying to extinguish us, given Ojukwu the time to conclude his plan. The stupid Ojukwu, rather than contain himself within Easter Region (we all know that the minority their did not want to secede anyway), he decided to go to Mid-West and turning to Lagos, instead of him facing Kaduna! Anyway, your Gburugburu Ojukwu got his ass kicked. The rest is history.

      • Gideon where are you from? People like you become scapegoats uselessly. If you don’t know what to say, you keep quiet. Wise people allow angry people to vent their feelings. It is scientifically proven that speaking out ones mind is the best way to cure the ill feeling. The more you talk so carelessly against reawakened, informed and sensitized Ndigbo, who not only control the commerce of the land, but are hot upstairs, you ignite unquenchable passion. This forum is igniting the fire that could reshape the entire Naija project.

  6. Gowan again. It is possible that somebody whispered to him not to enter that helicopter. His comment is useful to the panel that investigates this crash. As for wishing him dead, Gowan will live to see the evil he sowed in this fake country called Nigeria.

    • Say you, Say me on

      @Ahiara John. My sentiments exactly. There is more to the sudden arrangements for another chopper for Gowon, the change of mind of the VP’s special adviser not to be on that chopper, and Labaran Maku’s sudden ‘involuntary action’ to wait. On the other hand, we might all be wrong. We will know if the true result of the investigation will be made public.

      • Which investigation? Which result other result other than what you and I know already? Technical fault or the fault of the poor pilot who cannot say otherwise from beyon. It’s really unfortunate! Naija is an interesting place!

  7. Yorubas u guys are sabotuas right frm upset so it not funny u guys insulted d igbos as far as am in concern u guys hav no say in nigeria, instead of saying sumtin meaning u guys are busying insulting urselfs,yoruba are muslims,yoruba are christians, yorubas u guys are busy fooling ur selfs. May d gentle soul of late governor patrick yakowa and d soul of all d faithful departed rest in peace AMEN.

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  9. Gowon go n thank ur stars for saving you, by now the whole of lgbo land would have been celebrating xmas with thx to God n beta heart. Yakowa rest in peace cos u r at a wrong place at a right time. The NSA man knows alot abt BH GUYS and they eliminated him 2 avoid future damage. This is really a Collateral Damage.

  10. I have a problem with these stupid set of people who called themselves men of God. The verse in d Bible “God give & God take” does not originate from God, rather from d Devil. Just listen to d general words, “that he was supose to have travel with Yakowa in one helicopter but later an arrangement was made for him to travel in another”. Do we still need a suit-sayer to interprete the message to us? Yakowa’s death was well planed by Boko-Haran in d highest authority.

  11. I have a problem with these stupid set of people who called themselves men of God. The verse in d Bible “God give & God take” does not originate from God, rather from d Devil. Just listen to d general words, “that he was suposed to have travel with Yakowa in one helicopter, but later an arrangement was made for him to travel in another”. Do we still need a suit-sayer to interprete the message to us? Yakowa’s death was well planed by Boko-Haran in d highest authority.

  12. Gen. Azazi killed himself after he knew what was going on about boko haram and yet he was sack what else is he looking for again n the government, after my little boy of 12 years read Gen. Gowon statement he knew that it’s plan game, so I will advice Gowon to say the truth one day every one of us will die.

  13. I have counted no less than three persons who claim that they missed death by a hair’s breath, whiskers or other dramatic word as regards this particular helicopter crash. They claim they are fotunate or lucky to be alive. Maybe those that died are unfortunate I don’t understand. Even Gowon who claims to be a Christian and should understand what death is, is dramatizing the whole thing. Are they saying that virtually the whole Apostle who suffered terrible deaths by world standards, who are now in heaven are unfortunate? Some of these people should keep their mouth shut if they don’t know what to say.

    • I totally agree with you. We all must die sooner or later. What of hundreds of people who die every day on Nigerian roads? I am pained by they deaths of these men. Good men for that matter, but the fact is that people die every day. All die na die, what is special about them. For all I know they may be in heaven enjoying themselves and even wondering what they were doing here before.

  14. Oh humans we should fear God either is planed or not we should leave judgement for God. This is his destiny and that is how God deign him. RIPP my dear

  15. Nda Remi Obijur on

    Thank God Gowon was nt in that ill fated helicopter, nd for the souls of the departed friends, may God grant them eternal rest.

  16. Gowan u r tryin 2 tell us more about wht u call accident which u plant. Why all of a sudden they arange another helicopter 4 u after a good arangement dat u r goin with de governor. I believe de wicked will never go unplinish ur evil deed in this country will come after u

  17. Azazi has forgotten that he attack those bad mens during one south south ECONOMIC INTEGRATION in ASABA DELTA STATE..hope you remember?that crash has an orchestrating undertune i must tell you..Gowons’ statement is pregnant with meaning and as am seeing things more CRASH is sorry to say this.

  18. Gowon hold on with ur truth untill when the truth about Dele Giwa, Bola Ige, M K O Abiola, Claude Ake, Sen Obi Wali, A K Dikibo etc will be told, then we can hear all the truth if it will be possible because i doubt if any truth ever existed in Nigeria.

  19. this is just the beginning just wait and see you stupid northerners….we will use the God given brain to wipe you all in Nigeria…you are killing Igbos and you think that we will remain with all of you in this country is never…you will see more than this very soon idiots!!!


    • Why did the sun not save your fathers, mothers and sibblings who perished in a foolish war waged by a juvenille delliquent of a 29yr old boy. When you are in school were you ever first in your class? if not who were those better than you and your brothers? Go to UNN, the first ever first class recorded there was from a Yoruba woman. Go and check record, imbecille. How could you expect Yorubas to follow Igbos? you ever saw a Yorubaman taking instruction from Igboman before? Water na the husband of fire any time any day, if you dont know go and your father.

  21. ThankGod Ifeduba on

    i wish that Gowon was in that chopper. It would have been the best news i heard in 24 years. It would have been my best xmas. Rip YAKOWA ,i pray Gowon join you soon

  22. All these bastard Ibo people that praying for Gen. Gowon dead in this forum thunder will fire all of them and they die before Gen. gowon.useleess animals.

  23. Pls my peole, lets forget this tribal war. Gowon has said wot he knows abt d crash and dont deserve to be hanged. personally he is one of those northerners i respect. LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!. the crash looked like a planned one, but no one knows the real truth, so lets just pray for mercy on this nation. some elders say its only those that never witnessed the civil war that are calling for war. cos it was not easy. I love my igbo land, but i refuse to be controlled by bitterness. Azazi and Patrick may ur humble souls rest in the lord. amen.

    • Good boy. why can’t we live in peace? any small thing they bring Biafra war into it as if someone declared the war on their behalf. yet they knew biafra started bombing lagos first and killed women and children in a cinema. When table turned both sides decided to embrace each other but some of your folks will not let peace reign.

  24. Gowon and his fellow moslem brotherhood in the north has done it again. Gowon hav been pretending to be christian, hiding in the name christian and given them (christians) pains. He hav conived with moslem and killed yokowa and come out to tell us how he narrowly escape death that is gudnews for him. And telling southern Kaduna to stop insinuating that his fellow moslem killed him, Gowon pretending to be christians does’nt hav the interest of them at hand. Gowon wil not alow any chrtian to raise his head in north, Jona Jang becareful now bcos ur in the mixe of killer,telorist,bokoharam,jihadist ppl, dont ever trust gowon, he’s a hypocrits.

  25. Charity begins at home. So, what has gowon done to quel the endless senseless carnage in his plateau state. National champion indeed.

  26. Gen. Gowon said the ‘bombings were alluded to be by bokoharam, who were alluded to be muslims.’ Gowon has not said, or done anything to defend his northern christians, if trully he’s one. Today gowon is defending bokoharam. Go on pls. Someday u will learn your lesson.

  27. Wel gowon said he was suppose to be in dat ill fated chooper only 4 arrangement 4 hm made hm escaped else hs bone could hav pulverised alongside honourable yakowas n azazi’s. I kno goin by the madness n blood dat billowed the victory of the unespected southern kaduna xtian in the person of yakowa on april 26th 2011 pool, he wunt be allowed to finish hs tenure. The so called moslems immediatly the news of yakowa’s death filtered, most of them troupd to d street in wild infidel gov is dead. How i wish God wil permit a devout moslem to die see heaven n hell, interact wit christ n c the place of muhammed in after life, then come bk 2 life, then we can be sure of their seeing heaven. But right nw they beliv in issah as a profet but they dont belv dat issah is God n neither belv he died, i wonda hw they wil stand the face of issah in

  28. Gowon is an example of a true leader like Azik did he accept the war NO. The war is Ojukwu own war so you guys forget it Gowon a great Leader God is protecting him because he is an example to others. mind u no biafra story here otherwise South south is not part of this if Ibos want to go bye bye.

    • Trust me they do not want to go, unless you are willing to cede the rest of south-south to them. Igbo land is land-locked. If they are to go alone, Nigeria would not blink, in as much as they limit their ambition to the current SE zone. Their goal is to annex the whole of SS with SE. However, if they cannot extend beyond their current SE, Biafra is dead on arrival. Don’t worry too much about Igbo. They only try to unite outside of SE. Other than that, SE is a cursed land.


  30. I pray another civil war will not start from the pages of my Ipad oooo,I don’t know when peace will reign in Nigeria, we should forget the past and forge ahead for the future.

  31. @sola. U talk nice, these Igbo guys attribute every little thing to Biafra war, even they are offered employment they will still link it with Biafra. I know those that are shouting civil war, non of them witnessed it, that is why it pains me to hear them talk about it. The fight u guys were not sure of winning, went ahead only to regret starting it. Thank u lord for protecting the pple’s General.

  32. Gowon must be a great man ,look at many responding as if the esue is gowon.this must be ordinary sentiment from ibo peoplefrom the east in the name of war .look many of you that are talking dont even know what exatly hapen you just discover that you are born an ibo therfore you must join anything that they say about ibo. Gowon is a christian leader and you ibos claim to be christians i refer you to your Bible so that you dont use your hand and bring curse to yourseil in the name of fighting for your tribe.we must learn to comment our leaders no matter our pains

  33. Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

    In all of this, all i want to say, is that i belive in the almighty GOD. it is GOD who decides how any body will die. Igbos have been the leading tribe in nigeria, in the area of production, but out of hatred and triabalism, other nigerians have branded their products “IGBO MADE” instead of calling it “NIGERIAN MADE”. This behaviour in itself is an act of division being perpetrated by other tribes against ndi igbo. But i know igbos will persevere, for they are hardworking and industrious. In the long run nigeria will learn to accept her products, just like they did China products, even after all the criticism Chinese goods got from nigerians. I have no prejudice against anybody, cos i know that at the end of everything, GODS-will will be done.

  34. Dangana Daniel on

    Well the end has come for Yakowa but life continue try to accomplise ur purpose here on eath before it will be too late.

  35. @ Sola, u are blabbing as if u really know everything about the Ibo race. U talked about shrine, Yoruba race has the highest shrine compared to any tribe in Africa according to research. In terms of education, Ibos have the highest number of first class in UNN, Unilag, Uniben, Unijos to mention a few (according to research). Let me make a point clear to u, we are not in any competition in any way cause we are talented, more knowledgeable and blessed than any tribe in Nigeria. u know nothing about Biafra so keep quiet. did u fight the war? u are talking based on what u read in the papers. meet an elderly Ibo man that fought the war let him explain to u the evil that was perpetuated on the Ibos during the civil war.
    My stand is that Jonathan should not allow this gruesome murder of a Christian Governor from Kaduna state to go under the carpet otherwise the same fate will happen to him.
    @ pastor Michael, I have the same feeling u are expressing here. Jonathan should not trust these muslim notherners that think that they were born to rule Nigeria.

    • Which research? quote the authors of the research, year of publication and publishers. Go to UNN the record is there and it was first page of your eastern newspapers of the mid sixties. The woman was late prof Mrs Olatunji. Achebe wrote many things including your false sense of supremacy, you didnt read that it is Awolowo did this and that which caught the fancy of Ndigbo. Even ojukwu advised you all of this victim mentality telling you to move on, the war is ended. Yet you dont stop. check this post and notice we Yorubas only responded to the gutter comments of your kinsmen we didn’t start it so if you are reasonable as you want us believe common sense is you call you kinsmen to order like someone here did, telling all of you “War is War” it is no game of ludo, people die, they always do and on both side but you never realised the rest of us wanted to move on with our brothers of eastern states which was why we said there should be to victor no vanquished. But any small issue your kinsmen brings Biafra war into it.

  36. Hear him if not bcos another helicopter was arranged 4 me i would have being involved.few ????? involved for what reason?when has it become a norm for ex head of state must attend a burial of a father of an aid to Mr.President ?all the dignitaries,about 90% corrupt are attending burial.who financed cost of the helicopters? a one time serving minister in Canada refunded money back to govt simple because he used govt funds in paying a ticket for his cousin.last year a defense minister in Canada was asked to refund money spent on flights simple bcos he wasn’t on official duty.Nigeria minister wife goes shopping with helicopter if not chattered flight.must public funds be wasted for a burial of an aid to the president? this aid to the president is he a civil servant or not?what is his salary? what influence do he comm- and?what is his great contribution to the society?that will make all this people rushing to the remote village in Bayasa?how many times have Gowon visited families of the northerners who lost their beloved ones during the war to commiserate with them?how many times have the governors and other big names that went for the burial have visited families of thousands of Nigerians who lost their lives eighter through Bokoharam,armed robbery ,kidnappers ,communal conflicts,Jos crises and those who died as a result of port holes on our roads?
    How many times have they visited those burnt as a result of scooping petrol due to non availability of jobs?
    How many times have they openly advice against looting of public funds or repented and returned the ones they stole?why should govt institutions be made available to the president aid?is it not bcos of Nigeria leaders/ rulers doll brain which did not allow them think positive on how to solve pyramid of problems affecting the country that made almost all of them to be heading to a remote village for a burial?how many NYSC that died on active services to their mother land did this leaders/rulers sent only sympathy message to their families?imagine a governor with many problems confronting his state flying to attend burial in a remote village simple to get president attention through his people are saying all sorts of things,claiming it was planned.this i don’t believe unless if proved with verifiable facts.we should not wish any one to die since God is the owner is the owner of life.we should understand that God can allow some thing to happen 4 one reason or the other .Pharaoh died when he refused Israel to go.Ahab and his false prophets died when he lead Israel to commit. our leaders/rulers are killing,stealing and destroying this country for no other reasons than greed & wickedness not knowing that God is hearing and seeing millions of Nigerians crying and dieing on a daily basis due to the fact that money meant for this masses have being stolen.who knows whether the money meant for the maintenance of that helicopter may have being stolen.
    a former minister of works died on a road which he suppose to fix when he was a minister.did any body planted any bomb in his car or on the road?today we have kidnappers,BHaram,militant,higher number of armed robbers.why?politicians recruited them,use them 4 election and dumped both the politicians and the innocent ones are suffering together.because some sins committed its punishment extends to the innocent ones who didn’t partake in it.only in Nigeria people will answer that their profession is ‘I AM A POLITICIAN’ No wonder they never retire because all their lives they depend on govt for their survival. if have any of this leaders/rulers who are killing this country pls advice him or her to repent and return all he or she have stole and have peace.if not mark it from now to 2015 many of them will go to the other side of the world.

  37. All of you Igbos should let Gowon be. Your demented Achebe did try to paint anyone as bad in Nigeria unless the person is an Ndigbo. And by the tirade coming from Igbos, Achebe has accomplished that aim. That said, if Gowon were a partner in crime to the ill-fated chopper, he would not have issued any statement! How do you know that GEJ (or any of his associates in government) did not order the crash (i.e. bomb planted in the aircraft)? Anyway, let us wait for the outcome of the probe (if any), then, you can cast aspersion on anyone. Even then, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

  38. It is unfortunate that this forum has been infiltrated by in-urbane simpleton and uncivilized fools who cannot make positive contributions, yet we call ourselves future leaders of Nigeria. It is a clear indication that there is no future for Nigeria. @ Sola, and Plaintruth, if you have not learnt not to contest against any man’s opinion at your age, then your education is absolutely unprofitable. Please grow up and shake off absurdity from your blood line. May God grant you wisdom.

    • Look at this errant nonsense talking. Warped minds calling his foolishness wisdom. If you want me to take you seriously, common sense is; you call your Igbo brothers to order first. they started it, read it over and over again you with profitably warped education and see that first five to ten comments were from Igbos that drew Yorubas into it and we have the right to reply or your profitable education didn’t teach you that much? Learn from one of your own above who realised that Igbos started first and called them to order, but for foolish folks like you whatever Igbo did is right including stupid things. But just know that Yorubas dont take shit from anyone. you want bygones to be bygones YES we will play that game with you but you want to start, we are warmed up already to give you a go! We dont contest opinions here we reply to opinions when they are careless talks otherwise you will say tomorrow that it is truth because it was not contested yesterday.

      • Sola, what are you replying. Go and learn from your leaders, called Afenifere. They only join issues when they know it is to their benefit If Youruba had not taken shot at the command headquaters of Great Nigeria and Sons unlimited with headquarters at Aso Rock, all the National dailies and Magazines, massively controlled by the West wouludbe spitting fire in a highly orchestrated, media mafia. God bless The Sun and team. If OBJ were to have been an Igbo, people like you would say he was an ex-convict. You think OBJ won the 1999 presidential election by your votes? NO! It was the actions of NADECO, Afenifere, OPC, clandestine politicking, mafia-style media dominance of the so-called National dailies controlled by the West that installed OBJ. Remember he didn’t even win his own ward! But what happened in2003? AD, Yorubas did not field any presidential candidate. They did not believe in PDP but they believe that party is not the issue but to hold the key to Aso Rock. Naija eqquation has changed. Ndigbo MUST be given their due honour and respect in Naija. Umunna keep talikng. Talk from everywhere – even the pulpit. Igbo kwenu! I learnt from Pa Adesanya who said he was an Ijebu man first before being a Nigerian! Is that not the mentality of an average Yoruba and Hausa man. Is not only Ndigbo who believed in Nigeria? Naija must wake up to reality. Do you think that Lagos could be anything without Ndigbo? Naija should think. Successive leaders of this bedevilled nation know that if Ndigbo can come together and speak one thing, the landscape would change. Sola, read between lines and know that there is a new Ndigbo Naija does not know. This is what this Forum is unveiling. God bless The Sun; God bless Ndigbo. Igbo Kwenu!

  39. NOJ (Wake Up!) on

    Here r ma submisionz:
    a. Must evrytin n anytin in Nigeria b viewd 4rm tribal angle? Cant we b witout tribal sentiments? Lets lay sentimnt aside,mbök!
    b. Hav u read Gen Gowon’s statement b/w d lines? Wat cud u dcipher?
    c. Y were evry oda persons initialy scheduled 2 b aboard dat helicopter nt goin wit dese 2 again?
    d. rimemba Azazi acuzd d rulin party of sponsosin BH
    e. Yakowa is hated by muslim fanatikz in d north cos he’s a christian governor
    f. 4rm Gowon’s statemnt somtin is fishy somwher. Gowon is a military tactician …
    g. I weep 4 naija bt nt d sem way Buhari is crying
    h. May d souls d dparted b where their deedz on earth wil b riwaded acordingly
    i. Only God (n dos involv if at all humanz r involv)knowz d real 2rut soroundin dis in-c-denz
    j. D abov r only personal opinioms
    k. Its high time we gev our lives 2 Jesus by bein born again so dat weda in life or death we may hav hope
    l. Wake up nigeria n nigerianz!

  40. sola !!!!! How could you expect Yorubas to follow Igbos? you ever saw a Yorubaman taking instruction from Igboman before? Water na the husband of fire any time any day.

    Sola this is because you people are greedy, wicked dibolic and barberic. that is why your people kill anybody who is not a yoruba above in him in their orgnisational organogram.

    • your folks that are raping old widows, selling fake drugs and spare parts are not wicked. I am sure to your warped minds they are very good people. In Abia Igbo armed robers broke into a widow’s house with four boys and asked her sons to have sex with their own mother. The first son refused he was shot, the woman begged the other children to do as they instructed so she wouldn’t be left without children so all three boys had sex with their mother, what do you call that: civilization, Agbero, if I am barbaric and in my village boys are not gang rapping old women I think I am fine, get that into your skull, Igboman with fake superiority of inferiority complex.

      It is only Igboman that will argue about been best in class at the begining of semester only for him to become 10th at best after exams. We dont start first, check all comments above. We only replied when Igbos cast aspersions on us.

      • Lazy sola. If u hav gud work n u r doin beter tin, u wouldn’t b here replying every msg. Northerners kild Dele Giwa, Bola Ige etc. U ppl only talked abt it in music n on faces of newspapers. What a tribe that is full of fear?

      • Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

        Sola, the story you told about the widow is not true. You are only fabricating stories, to back up your hatred for igbos. And i pray this scenario befalls you and your family, so that we will all see what your mum would do. Their is no region in nigeria that is crime free. Was it not in festac lagos that two siblings, killed their junior brother, and were selling his body parts, bit-by-bit to prospective ritual buyers.

  41. sola !!! why don’t you keep quite for while and allow sound minded people to comment on vital issues note: no matter where and when you died, the issue is that you have been delited from the face of this earth period. to hell with your Nigeria.

  42. sola !!! why don’t you keep quite for while and allow sound minded people to comment on vital issues note: no matter where and when you died, the issue is that you have been deleated from the face of this earth period. to hell with your so called Nigeria where evil abound in the four cardinal points of the entity called nigeria. I have been to yourba land severally majority of your people are suffering if you go to bed filled and your brother is hungry how on this earth would sleep properlyy??????????????

  43. sola !!! why don’t you keep quite for a while and allow sound minded people to comment on vital issues note: no matter where and when you died, the issue is that you have been deleated from the face of this earth period. to hell with your so called Nigeria where evil abound in the four cardinal points of the entity called nigeria. I have been to yourba land severally majority of your people are suffering if you go to bed filled and your brother is hungry how on this earth would you sleep properly ??????????????
    you bay have a well paid job, what about others better shut up and stop commenting about the past cos some wise men in your tribe saw what Ojukwu saw then and more are still seeing it this later days. This is just the begining.

  44. may GOD help us in that country called nigeria, where ppl died like fouls, like is not saved, nothing good we can boost of, only bad news, tragedy we get everyday, if it could be possible, let this current generation be wiped out and let unborn generation take over, everybody is tired of heart breaking news everyday, when will i read from news , that there is 15hrs light, not 24hrs, there, good road? when that has been my question everyday, may GOD remember us one day

  45. Gowon knows that he is the Genesis of Nigerian problem. If not for his wickedness, he would have been the John Kenedy of Nigeria.He would have gained respect world wide like Nelson Mandela of South africa.Even up to his tenth generation after him will carry the course with them because the will never be respected in Nigeria nomater how white politice will paint them

  46. Do not george, that you will not be georged. Gowan is a great man in Nigeria and beyond. May the souls of the deperted rest in peace.

  47. Inferiority complex that is what is worrying the yoruba people, the same inferiority complex that drove awolowo into a frenzy to hatch up some diabolical policies that reduced the numbers of his enemies significantly through starvation. The yorubas are struggling to compete with the igbos who are doing things naturally the way it comes to them, the stupid yorubas are always ready to lick the yash of bokoharam northerners as long as they allowed to lick their ofe mmanu. THis time their inferiority complex will drive them into another frenzy to drink poison and die off Umunkpi and ndigbo will continue to shine.

  48. This is my opinion: general Gowon is telling us, ”tongue-in-cheek” that the mishap was ”arranged”. Of course he cannot come out openly to say so. It is a
    Well known fact that Azazi has fallen out of favour with the leadership yakowa, could conveniently be done without. In their thinking, they just killed 2 birds with 1 stone. Jonathan, open your eyes! You’re surrounded by snakes and scorpions. Just my opinion.

  49. FAVOUR 30, I have just read your piece and couldn’t agree more. The average Nigerian has been brainwashed over the years and no longer thinks straight. The absurdity of the circumstances of the helicopter saga is clearly lost to many of the contributors to this forum, some of whom are turning an essentially Bayelsa matter into an Ibo-Yoruba war. Because patriotism, merit, competence and objectiveness no longer stand for anything in Nigeria, the take-away message of the tragedy is being lost: why did this nationally trivial event attract so many dignitaries and why were public funds, unavailable for sorting out so many public needs, lavished on it? The PDP/Jonathan federal government is corrupt, unpatriotic, incompetent and clearly unfit to rule Nigeria. Under their charge, Nigerians are witnessing an unprecedented level of corruption, violence, kidnapping, educational and healthcare decay and general infrastructural rot. In the middle of this, the so-called ruling class are swimming in billions of oil money, buying private jets with the people’s money and oblivious of the suffering of the masses. The fate awaiting these deceitful politicians is clear but they are too self-centred and selfish to see it, talk less of making amend.

    • Nwanna, hafukwala that kind of talk. Having wicked and useless governors is a different thing altogether. Naija is a complex place with only ONE important office – THE PRESIDENT. The Creek boys used kidnapping to force GEJ on Naija. They threatened the corporate existence and interest of the Yankees and their permanent allies. No person wins election in this country. It is always predetermined. The most important office is in Aso Rock. Naija gives the key to the tribe it feels threatens its corporate existence. That is what Arewa thought to achieve with Boko Haram but O bumarang! Election is just a coverup. Believe me! Nwana soro umunna and let’s tell Naija is 2015 of no more Naija. Yoruba support Umunna should or keep quiet. Naija is very complex! Eziokwu bu na, umuaka ga ekwugide otu osi di, Chineke ewere raise one man ndi Naija ga eme accept. Oburu na nwafor buru President, igwa gi eziokwu, Julius Berger ga ahu the viablilty of iru library in my village. Ndigbo na ekwu nu! Okwa all roads now leades to Bayelsa, even if going to die! Why? Because of GEJ. Umunna keep talking.

  50. adeyemi sandra on

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  51. Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

    Sola, should not be taken serious, his comments does not represent the position of the yorubas. The igbos hate gowon just like the yorubas hate ibrahim babangida. When yorubas show their hatred for ibb, igbos do not attack them. But i dont know why this sola of a person has chosen to delve into issues that does not concern the yoruba people. I think he is suffering from accute anti-igbo sentiment. And those who said igbo are not civilized, let them tell me if the oro festival, which yoruba use as an excuse to use people for sacrifices, is a sign of civilization.

  52. Gowon only did the right thing at the right tym, fightin aganist biafra secetion but the ibos see him as enemy till dai kingdom com i urge thm (igbos) to release that the life of gowon would nt pay the bitterness thy nuture in thm.

    • Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

      Alibaba, justifying the war that was waged on biafra, is like justifying the anullment of abiolas election. It is on record, that it was the refusal of gowon to implement the agreement he and ojukwu had in aburri Ghana, in the presence of the president of Ghana and some other nigerians to which he was a signatory to, that made ojukwu to declare the independence of the republic of biafra. Aburri accord agreement could have saved nigeria the war, but gowon jeopardized that great opportunity. I will never see him as a good person.

  53. According to Gowan’s comment, he was told not to board the aircraft because another one has been arranged for him but without a concret reason for the changes.
    He doesnot asked why the changes in his schedules. The special assistant to the VP was told such as well and that was why they were not in the illfated craft.
    Who wisppered to them not to go on with there schedules. and for what reason.
    I guess these questions could help the investigator to get to the truth.
    I am not here to jurge or to condemn or to wish anybody’s death but to illustrate on the facts portraied in the Gowan’s assertion

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