Woman boils two-year-old stepdaughter’s hands


• ‘No, she mistakenly put her own hands in hot water’


Residents of Langbasa, a community in Ajah area of Lagos, are accusing a woman in the neighbourhood of causing a grievous harm on her two-year-old stepdaughter. Kehinde, as she’s known, is in trouble for allegedly dipping the two hands of her little stepdaughter, Esther, into oven-hot water.

The girl’s hands were boiled terribly, and many are raising concern that one of them might have become utterly useless. Esther, it was gathered, has lost her own mum about a year ago a few days after her first birthday. The poor little girl has since been living with her father, known among residents of the area as Baba Eleja. Baba Eleja, Esther’s dad, later brought in Kehinde, a mother of three, as his wife. He put Esther in the care of his new wife, Kehinde.

Trouble started for the woman on Wednesday, October 31. She wasn’t feeling good and invited a nurse to prescribe drugs for her. It was the nurse that noticed Esther’s boiled hands. The nurse also realised that the little girl was very unhealthy. She sought to know what was responsible for the little girl’s condition and Kehinde allegedly explained that the girl mistakenly put her hands inside a bucket of hot water in the room. Obviously not satisfied with that explanation, the nurse went to inform Kehinde’s neighbours about the strange development.

Many of the neighbours, who had all along suspected that all was not well with little Esther as Kehinde was always beating her, rushed to the room to see the girl. One of the neighbours, who described himself as her father’s kinsman, spoke to the reporter. His words: “When we saw Esther, lying on the floor with her boiled hands, we were moved to tears. We feared that the poor girl might die any moment from then.

We quickly made efforts to rush her to the hospital for treatment. I don’t think Esther was the one that dipped her own hands in the hot water. In fact, if you see that damage done on those hands, you would know that somebody must have dipped those hands in some boiling water. The hands were boiled to the wrist. Even that poor girl wouldn’t be able to use one of the hands again.” Another resident of the area, a woman, said Kehinde never spared the cane on the little girl.

“She is always beating the girl with canes. You can even see scars of the wounds that her canes inflicted on the girl’s body. Since we noticed what happened to Esther, we have moved her away from the woman. Earlier today, when the girl saw her stepmother, she was so terrified that she cried and ran away. That shows she (Kehinde) has been wicked to her. I advise the relatives of the girl’s mother to take her away from her father so that something more terrible than this doesn’t happen to her,” she told the reporter.

When Daily Sun sought to speak with Kehinde in her husband’s one room apartment in Olugbe compound in the community, her husband as well as some of her relatives wanted to prevent the encounter, saying they didn’t want the family’s dirty linen washed in public. Explanations by the reporter that since the matter had gone to the police, it had already gone beyond their private domain, did little to persuade the angry relatives. In fact, at a point, Baba Eleja got angry and rushed to the nearby Langbasa police post where he reported the “intruding” journalist.

Meanwhile, other relatives as well as the landlord of the apartment granted audience to the reporter and urged Kehinde to grant an interview. In the course of the interview, Baba Eleja suddenly materialised with a policeman in tow, apparently to get the ‘busybody’ arrested. But as soon as the police officer discovered the reporter’s identity, he asked the journalist to continue his job. He advised the enraged husband to cooperate with him. Amidst verbal invectives being hurled at her by neighbours and some relatives, who believed she did dip Esther’s hands into a pot of steaming water, Kehinde told the reporter her story: “It happened a few weeks ago.

That morning, I noticed that Esther was looking very dull. So, I asked her to come to me and I gave her a potty for her to urinate into. I discovered that the urine was black, which showed that she was sick. So, I didn’t allow her to go to school. That day, I was also bleeding because I just had a miscarriage. After a while, I kept a bowl of very hot water that I wanted to use on myself beside our bed and rushed out to the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard Esther’s piercing cry and I rushed back into the room only to see her struggling with the bowl of hot water.

By the time I could rescue her, she already boiled her two hands. I thought she wanted to drink water because she was eating the rice that I cooked for her and my own children before I left the room. I quickly went to borrow N100 from a neighbour with which I bought some balm that I applied on the hands. I also gave her some drugs for her fever and she soon slept off. “When her father returned from work in the night and noticed what happened to her, he beat the hell out of me, in spite of my condition. It took the intervention of our landlord before he left me.

Since then, Esther has been staying with me at home. She has not been going to school and I’ve been doing my best to treat her. “But a few days ago, I invited a nurse, who is also a neighbour to attend to me. As a result of the miscarriage, I have been feeling very weak and I have lost a lot of blood. The nurse came and I was lying on the bed. Esther was resting on a mattress close to the bed.

The nurse came to attend to me but when she saw Esther, she looked worried and asked what happened to her. When I explained, she asked why we didn’t take her to hospital yet and I said I didn’t have the money and that I was expecting that Esther’s father would do that. “The nurse promptly attended to me and hurriedly left after examining Esther’s boiled hands for two or three times. It wasn’t long after she left that a crowd of neighbours broke into our room to see Esther.

They soon pounced on me and started beating me. It took the intervention of policemen, who were invited by some of them, to rescue me from the mob. I would have been lynched. They thought that I deliberately dipped her hands into boiling water. I didn’t do that at all. I have always been taking care of Esther as if I were her mother. Even people call me Mama Esther because of the way I treat her. I couldn’t have done such a terrible thing to her.”

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  1. The mother of this little girl died and left her behind. it could have been Kehinde’s turn to die the way that woman did. What if somebody else treated her own children the way she did to this poor innocent Esther how would she feel even in her grave? I believe that Kehinde deliberately did it to her what a wickedness to a baby who is just 2 years old and she has disfigured her for life. May God have mercy on her.

  2. Dipping hands in hot water or stepping on something hot are reflex actions which equally prompts an immediate withdrawal. So, for that degree of burn and damage to Esther’s hand, she couldn’t have mistakenly dipped her hand in the water as the step-mother claimed. I’m very sure Esther’s mother would have moved in the grave seeing this. I think this woman is naturally wicked and must face the music.

    • Mberede my brother, please remove tribe out of this, who told you that an Igbo Woman can not do such, wickedness knows no tribe, rather it is an individual thing. It ill behooves me when I see people commenting the way you have just done

    • u are a tribal bigot. even some one from ur village can do same…….if she/he i wicked.My dear this is only an act of wickedness and wickedness has no color or tribe.

    • Obinna Amaechina on

      Mberede, your comment on this matter is so insensitive that I almost couldn’t help myself but call you names. Listen! Wickedness, corruption, robbery, occultism and other social vices has no tribe, colour, region or religion, its an individual thing. My take on this matter is that even if Esther dipped her hand into the hot water herself, her step-mother takes the blame ‘cos after 3 kids, the adventurous nature of children should have been clear to her, you don’t keep hot, piercy or sharp things close to children. In all, I don’t believe a little child will burn her hand that much, someone else did and in this case, her step-mother, let’s not pretend about it, if she did not do it directly, then she set the stage for it. Once you find yourself in the welfare of a step father/mother, only God is your welfare, though some step parents are exceptionally good, I know a good number of them who will insist on the welfare of their step children even before some family bills are paid. Our desired change must start from within.

    • @Mberede this is not about tribe. Am Igbo by tribe but we went through such horrendous things by our step mother who is equally of the same tribe. Our mother died while giving birth and she came in as a second wife to our dad . The rest of what happened to is like a story out of Nollywood series.

    • @GCE:No I think Devil is a man. I don’t think it has anything to do with gender. Men have committed worst crime. The heart of man is just wicked. Pray that GOD will heal Esther and she won’t suffer any deformity in Jesus Name!

  3. Lord save our little children in the hands of the evil once. This is the disadvantage of a second wife they can never show love 2 their stepdaugher or son.

  4. I believe that the boiled hands of the litle girl was caused by her stepmother(kehinde) because if all this her statement were true, the two hands must not be involved, even though if the two hands must be involved, is not surposed to reach at the wrist level to the estent of causing the litle girl dip pains. That woman must say the truth.

    • @ John my brother, do you know that some people are so stupid that when they lie, they believe that others are rather stupid. even my 10 months old son knows the different between light and cold. how can Esther dip her hands in a cup of boiled water and could not remove it until it burnt the both arms to that extent, does it mean that she was not feeling the pains, does it mean that the both hands were trapped in the bowl, does it mean that she was washing her hands rather than trying to drink water as Kehide claimes, how come the arms got burnt instead of the mouth, when did people start dipping hands inside water before drinking them ? Brothers and sister, if i am giving an opportunity, i will make sure that that wicked woman face the full weight of the law because she is evil.

  5. Moreover the mother that litle girl will never be happy where ever she may be if justice is not allowed to rule over this matter. I insist let her say the truth

  6. Typical Yoruba style of inhumanity to man. When i mentioned it to them, they pretend to be holier than thou. There so called educated illiterate will soon vomit their venoms now. A wise decision indeed not to wash their dirty lining in public while a baby of 2 yrs only will continue to languish in perpetual pains and deformity simply because she lost her mum. The step mother now becomes her alpha and omega without any trial, God is watching.

    • Owweri,Which other tribe can be more wicked than ibos?can you compare this incident to the murder of Cyntha done by ibos? I don’t like to be tribalistic but I can never stand this ibos guys insulting the Yoruba race.

      • Owerri, you read about this little wickedness and refer to the yorubas as wicked or devils incarnate, if you had read about the 2yoruba boys who killed their immediate junior brother, cut his body in pieces and kept in sack in their room in festac, what will you say about them, or the leadership of yoruba race who went to Aso Rock to take break fast with the killer of the akakamfo of yoruba land, MKO Abiola.

    • You shouldn’t have brought tribe into this issue in the first place, every sensible people should condemn this act of wickedness in its totality. Take a look at the little girls hand you will agree with me that wickedness is not attribuated to any tribe, nation or color. Kehinde is just a wicked soul if this allegation is correct. I want you to tender unreserved apology to all Yorubas NOW

  7. Dont be quick in your conclusion. Anything could have happen to a child of that age who does not know his/her right from left. The nurse should have waited for the husband to return to get more facts before organising an angry mob to lynch an “innocent” woman has not been found guilty by any court of the land.

    • No Shaking, No Wahala on

      @Chitoo. There is nothing ‘innocent’ about that Kehinde woman. Please read the story over again. She’s been known to manifest her wickedness toward the poor child. That is what drove the neighbors to react angrily. If she’s been known to treat that child fairly, there wouldn’t have been such a reaction from them. A two years old is a toddler for Christ’s sake, why would anyone be so wicked as to hurt them?. That child MUST be removed from that home pronto while the satanic Kehinde should be held accountable for her undeniable wickedness toward the child.

    • @Chitoo: Let us assume for one second that Kehinde is truly innocent of the accident, but I would have thought any sane person and a mother at that would have taken the little girl to the hospital no matter what. She called the nurse in for her own care, she could have at least sort help for the little one.

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  9. You can fool and lie to many people in other to be free but you cant lie and fool God himself. The little girl should be taken to hospital before she lose that hands of hers. As for the step mother only you and you alone knows if you are telling the truth. But remember there is a day called THE JUDGEMENT DAY!!!



  11. That little girl should be move out of that house, before they use her for money rituals. Infact who knows if boiling the two hands was the begining of a ritual, as you have all read they are in one room aprtment, poor and desperate to make money by all means. Thanks to aunty nurse.

  12. People should be reasonable here does it take somebody to be a particular tribe to be wicked? what of the money rituals and robbery that is particular to Igbos is that not wickedness?they even go as far as using their mothers for rituals e.g Ezeego

  13. Yesterday an housa man plunk seven yrs old boy two eye,Today it is yoruba that boil two yrs old girl’s hand,if this things were done by igbo this forum wud av filled with coment insulting the whole igbo race,today they wil not hav eyes to read or have hand to post coment. Wickednes everywhere. UMU MKPI.

  14. there is nothing suprise about this many nigerian women are like this Igbo, yoruba hausa, fulani ijaw , rivers i mean all tribes of nigeria many women are like this , that is why many nigerian men now that is in abroad are getting married aside nigeria , but you will see them every time praying for husband but if you marry them ur in troble this is shocking

  15. What does tribe have to do with this?many of you ibo guys talking rubbish here knows that this kind of incident is not comparable to crimes been committed by ibos all over Nigera and the whole world.
    I prefer to be a poor and dirty Yoruba man than to be a very rich ibos man that can do anything for money.RUBBISH.

  16. prince God bless you, you just say this truth, even me my self i want to get married soonest in the country where i live now indonesia, we are tried of nija woman with there evil

  17. hammerhouseofhorror on



  18. Which Way Nigeria on

    It is pity, for a woman to do such a thing, punishment awaits every such behaviour. GOD judges all mankinds.

  19. @ prudent, ur comment here shows that every evil committed by yoruba tribe is highly accepted in faith, but u have deviated to buttress what this devilish woman of yours had committed in its entirety. God will evenly reply u for abhorring evil in ur life just for the sake of hatred for nothing syndrome u have on igbo tribe that has been widely adjudged to be more enterprising than ur holier than thou tribe in Nigeria.

    • Owerri why are you blabbing,you started it all,I just want you to feel how painful it could for a tribe to be condemn and insulted just because of one person.
      If you are accusing me of abhorring evil,then I wonder if you actually know what you are talking about,can you go back
      and read your first comment about the news article.
      Stop displaying your ignorance here,you sound educated but i doubt your intelliigence.

  20. I believe Kehinde. Children can be adventurous. Kehinde should have been more careful knowing that a little kid like Esther is at home and shouldn’t keep a dangerous thing like hot water alone with her.


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  22. What about this little girls father? What action has he taken to help his own and only child. Why is that woman not in JAIL? Please the authorities should make sure that this little innocent girl is not sent back to that house.

  23. Why do some elements in this forum instead of commenting constructively on the subject matter will stoop so low showcasing their little sense in Public by condemning other tribes. What has tribe got to do with this discussion of a step-mother who dips her step-daughter’s hand in oven hot water? please don’t comment if you don’t know what to write.

  24. Stepmothers,i hv a bileve dat d girls hand was deep in d hot water bcos if is deeped by d girl der is no way it wil get to d girls wrist.my quote is”DO UNTO ORDAS WAT U WIL LIKE ORDAS TO DO UNTO U”.

    • You are on point Mkpurumma. And there is even a nurse in the hood, yet she left her uninformed.

      Even a fellow with a switched off Brains can see this truth.
      This is a misdeamnor offence… Very wicked… I rest my case.

  25. There will be tribulation and distress for every soul of man who does evil, of the Jew first and also of the Greek, but glory and honor and peace to everyone who does good

  26. Is a pity 4 Esther not even her so called father could take her to hospital. May God ave mercy on us evil deed re increasing evryday… and we re all church and mosque goer. Lord who shall dwell in thy tabanacle.

  27. Yoruba, stepmother is very wicked, see wht she done to little innocent child, can she done this to her own child. God have mercy on us.

  28. All liers will go to hell if they did not repent. All covered sins are open scandals in the court of heaven. Repent and accept JESUS as ur Lord and Personal Saviour now!

  29. Wickedness at home by a house wife , who may have caused the death of the first wife, she feel it was time to take fully the husband and the family totally hence the little girl cannot defend herself, how can this wicked woman tell us that the little girl Touched the hot water at first and also decided to push her hands in deeply how can that be the woman is not telling the truth at all, i myself suffered this type of wickedness when my mother died I was say three years old my senior brother’s wife tried in vain to make me die slowly but today as God may have it am fear ahead of her children because nobody can change what has put in place no Mather who. I know that God has great things for the little girl that was why he GOD allowed the woman to lose her pregnancy as a way draw her closer yet she did not, now God is using other people to bring her to order, may God’s mercy be for the little girl in the name of our lord Jesus Christ Amen.

  30. lord you are the creator of the whole universe you even see both the hidden and unhidden, you are the only one to judge this matter if the woman is the one judge her wrong because for me i can not judge in this matter only you can judge this case if the woman is wrong but have mercy upon this little poor Girl.

  31. It is horrible who knows the true story only God almighty knows. may he save us in dis inhumanity country. dat is my prayer.

  32. little Esther God will heal you miraculously that when you become an adult you won’t. know that such happened to you in jesus name amen

  33. I don’t believe that this little girl dipped her two hand inside hot water by herself .My prayer is that God will see her through the journey of she is just starting and provide a good replacement for her mother for her in Jesus name.

  34. what a terriable thing.why was is not her owe children?why esther?may God have mercy on us.may God give us life so we can train our owe.second wives are evil & should not be allowed if possible.we alwys reap what we sow.

  35. It is only God that sees in d secrete and in d open, It’s Him alone dat knows what really happened and why cos little Esther may not b able 2 explain how it happened so my prayer is dat God should punish Kehinde (her step-mother) beyond measures if she has a hand in this, but if she doesn’t, may God vindicate her & for my little friend (Ester) pls God, heal her…

  36. It is bcos of her wickedness tha she got that miscariage, now both of them are in pains bt God will deliver Esther from that boundage,thank God Esther is alive today and God in his infinite mercy will bless her more than the children of that witch.

  37. i dont like when things happend people will be talking about tribe , i am an igbo man and even igbo women can do that , but one thing i want to let all so called nigerian women to know is that most of us that is in abroad i mean 80% of us has made up our mind to marry abroad bcos we can no longer take all this rubish anymore ,

  38. Thank u my sister Julie. Only God knows what actually happened. My joy is that everybody’s work must be rewarded (good or bad) and also be made bare on the last day. Kehinde and Esther’s father will surely reap their reward.

  39. Making all these comments and insulting every race will not solve this problem. I plead that Godly people around Lagos should hurry to give that little poor girl all the medical attention and requirement the hand may desire before it becomes late. As for the father who went to invite police so that his dirty linen will not be washed outside, God will judge him. But for the Kehinde of a woman, Esther is but one her 3 will go through the fate of Esther in Jesus name.

  40. It is not possible Esther did this to her self. Efforts should be made to take this poor girl to a good hospital for adequate treatment. The reporter should not stop here but go ahead and initiate a fund for a save Esther. She should not be allowed to die simply because her mother is no more. Let her mother’s relative take her away since the gullible father will want to cover such a hineous crime. We should be sensible in posting comments here. It should be such that will help heal the wound and not to aggrevate it . Tribal sentiment should totally be out of it.

  41. It’s unfortunate that even amidst boko haram’s insurgency a step mother could heartlessly inflict such heinous fury on a little child. This woman must be made to face the fury of the law. I blame the man who kept her in his house in the name of wife


  43. Only God know true story,govts individuals n ngos should give little girl medical attention cos father and step will not take care of girl or take her to motherless home for proper care

  44. Only God know d true story,govts, individuals n ngos should give d little girl medical attention cos father and stepmother will not take care of girl or take her to d motherless home for proper care

  45. Please the small child should be handed over to the motherless pple’s home to be taken care of there. the nxt thing will be that she is a witch. Alot of women are like that though n they claim to be “mothers” when indeed they are ritualists

  46. Hezekiah Ating on

    What a life? why would people be so heartless? the woman should be jailed for this,its because its her step daughter thats why she wants to destroy the physics of that poor little girl, how would a human being expecially a small girl like that boil her hands/what happens to stimuli in human system,look she should be punished for her wicked act,may God forgive her for lieng about what she intentionally did,the law should make her an escape goat for her type all over the country

  47. Why didn’t she take her to hospital, she was waiting for her husband to come back b/c Esther is not her biological daughter. Wicked woman.

  48. Wicked step mother there is no possible of esther doing that to herself the step mother is responsible. May God reward the woman accordinly and heal the girl.

  49. Wicked step mother there is no possible of esther doing that to herself the step mother is responsible. May God reward the woman accordinly and heal the girl.

  50. Oh! God have mercy, what a wicked world for this little baby to start suffering at this early stage of life. thank God on the other hand for the nurse that came in and allarted the neighbours, this is an involuntory action, that girl cannot put two of her hands so deep into that water that coursed such her a horrible damage without touching any other part of her body. that woman should allart the neighbours, if she has no hand in the art, that woman should be held responsible and pay with her own blood.


  52. The God of little children,the fatherless and the motherless will surely judge wicked men and women maltreating children and orphans in this country,its because the little girl is not her daughter, God forgive her for lieng on the poor child,please goverment should intervain and help the poor little girl….chai what a world

  53. Almighty God heal and Deliver this little poor Girl from this Pain and give a chance that she can also stand to Testify when she is grown up.Amen

  54. it is quite unfortunate that things of this natutre happened and the woman is not cooling off now in the prison custody.

  55. Human inhumanity to human. I still find it a bit difficult to believe d woman that she wanted to use d water (d water so hot that it boiled the kid’s hand?) There’s something the woman is not telling us……

  56. Another form of ritual, this man and his new wife want to relocate to a better appartment and dcided to use Esther for money ritual


    God will judge Kehinde and her children too, no matter what you have done to your fellow human being one way or the other they will do the same to you and your entire family. Kehinde you have your own children you protected them and you are doing evil with a poor little girl. Your judgement has come you will not last at all.

  58. May Allah continue to punish the wicked, heartless bitch of a step mother. I cannot pray to Allah to reform the step mother, but to continue to punish her all her live. This bis because the poor little innocent girl has been forcefully transformed into a disabled child by the bitch. ALLAH will sure revenge for the poor child.

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  60. Wel u see when aluu isue came up we where saying al kinds of things.now dont u know that most of d comment being made regarding esther isue is almost like what hapen in aluu vilage.how.now commentetors hav started condeming the woman without tangable evidence.luk the force that that child uses to put her hand inside the water determind the degree of burn she is having now.&not likly that her stepmother did to her what for?lets ponder over it please.

  61. Ik Nwawelugo Anonye on

    The evil that men do lives with them.sometime ago such stories like pounding of 2 weeks old baby for rituals.God where areyou.

  62. Prudent point of correction. I believe what happen to Cynthia should be a deterrent to other ladies out there because how could some people you do not know from anywhere lure you into coming to meet them in Lagos and you agreed? What does she want? That question remains unanswered. Irrespective of the tribe, evil men hide under the umbrella of social network to get their victims. She could have fallen for Yoruba or Hausa or even a gang without tribe.

  63. The worst that can happen to a man is to have a selfish and wicked woman in your house. They can do and undo without caring whose ox is gored. She has maltreated the little girl ever since her mum died, a leopard can never change its spots. Let’s call a spade a spade. She is proud of herself.

  64. de husband is stupid,how re am sure he not de father of dose 3 children of dat wicked lady?its very possible dat he was cheating on his late wife wit dat lady.

  65. Chitoo Mbah, let me make it clear to you that the nurse is that little girl’s savior if you do not know. Have you forgotten that there are people living in the same compound with them who are witness to the ill treatment she has been giving to the poor little girl? If that girl mistakingly dipped her two hands inside hot water as the step mother claimed, the degree of damage done to her will not be this bad. Have you ever mistakingly touched a hot object? I f you have you will immediately remove your hand that is a reflex action for you and I believe the little girl should have done so herself. If you think that Kehinde is innocent in anyway, I am telling you that she is not no matter her claims. And I believe that if she does not repent from her wickedness, somebody else will treat her own children worse than she treated this girl. Law of cama.

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  68. I don’t think is the little girl call by name esther dip her in the hot water because even if she try to touch the water and notice the water is hot she wil remove the hand immediately.so the stepmother should stop all this her brabra and bear the consequences of what she does to that innocent little girl one way or the other because the woman is wicked for doing such a thing to a little girl that didn’t know anything.

  69. this is beyond tribalism or gender, people can be very mean for whatever reason. i think Nigerians should be more cautious of this kind of situation. those neighbors could have avoided more damage on this girl if they had acted earlier when they noticed keinde treated her badly. it is true that we do not have concrete laws about beating up or maltreating children. Nigerians think it is normal to instill discipline on children by flogging which is not totally wrong, but we should know when to draw the line. kids r supposed to be naughty, it is their nature, they are still gifts from God, they r not our slaves or punching bags either


    Pls, no body shlh put any ethnic-colorization on this issue as women 4rm any tribe can do it,its not only yoruba women ok, Let call spade a spade and put away any sentiment of TRIBE on this matter. Just pray that the authority will unreveal d truth & lies and if the woman found wanting, she shld face the MAKOSA music dance, simple. as 4 little Esther God will take kia of u.

  71. Firstly, all manifestation of wickedness cuts across tribes, nations and countries. Secondly, its a blantant lie that the little girl hurt herself…if she had mistakenly dip her hands herself, the sharp hotness would have proned her to instantly withdraw the hands. Hence would have resulted in slight burn which would have heal. It’s clear, that heartless and wicked Kehinde did that to the motherless, little girl knowing that she cant talk to dispute her. Why are many women so heartless towards innocent children. How potent is the law of Nigeria on child abuse? Kehinde must be punish and the little girl taken to a better hand where she will be catered for. To me, kehinde’s husband ought to be an active and more responsible to see to his household. It’s bad.

  72. Only God can tel wat actualy hapened but as rational humanz we r forced 2 think dat if Esther 2ruly ‘strugled’ as d stepmom claimed,if not anything, d hot water wud hav splashd n boil oda parts of d body e.g. d face

  73. Lets nt quarel abt dis issue of tribalism,wat happend has happend.d world is full of wickdnes..A precious babi of 2 been diped her hand in a bucket of water,wen i read dis,i asked myself a question.hw can a human being God created watch a yung poor gal screen 4 help yet she hardern her mind.Even a child of 8 mnths kwns dat hot water is nt what goin near 2,al i kwn is dat God sees everi tine,bt d hidin and unhidin,and her stepmum wil nt go scout free.even if d police later grant her bail,d repercussion awaits her…finaly igbo,hausa,yoruba pls,let d mind of brotherhood and luv wrk in us all..

  74. De yoroba’s are good in haven poligamous family, if the man didnt go 4 a second wife at dat early hour all this wouldnt hv happen

  75. if this woman were to come from igbo tribe all tongue of this sicken state of mentality yorubas will set loose venting crass nonesense about how heartless and mean igbos are..plesae you igbo comment posters in this domain solciting that we shouldnt bring tribe in this matter should desist from saying so..because this the game on ground now better wake up from your unending sleep.

  76. This woman is very wicked she even invited de nuse 4 her own medication instead of the little girl, dat means even though she is not the wan who dip the girls hand inside the hot water, she can’t even give her a treatment

  77. pls o let us nt over judge, dis woman might b innocent of al dis allegations. i urge us all 2 pray 4 dis little Esther dat God shld heal her fast n save her 4m evil hands. 4 her stepmother, God shld take control bcoz only him knws d hrt of a man.

  78. Hw unfair u cn b.u ar such a wicked mother.is it bcos she cnt defend herself dat mak u put dy blame on her n u wnt her 2 c u n dont wnt 2 run.ask u hav don 2 orda innocent child shall b don 2 ur own grand child.dont tink u wil nt die 1day n liv 4 anoda 2 tak care of.dos mob shuld hav burnt u self.pls step moda’s do gud 2 dy children unda u.u dont knw wat s of dem 2moro.

  79. mberede ,sad to see your assessment of this issues is buried in tribal sentiment,l expected sound minded people to be very objective,this comment debase you.To kehinde i may conclude that you boil this little girl hands out of share wickedness,highly unfortunate,GOD is watching and his judgement await you.To kehinde’s Father suffer not this little girl,it dosent please GOD.

  80. I cant blieve d woman, even my daughter @ 18 month dare not go near any liquid wit vapor talk mor of touchin it. It is a fault either tru ommision or comission. Den y didnt her hus or her tak d girl 2 hospital or even a chemist. I c dis as a conspiracy n threat 2 d girl’s life. May God heal her bot physical n emotional, amen.

  81. O God have mercy on us, from my own point of view, Kehinde intentional did that in order to live alone without distraction from Esther. Kehinde has thausand and one reason to defand herself and to shift the blame on this little girl of 2 years [Esther] because she is too small to defend herself. Kehinde deserved to be punished severely. May God have on us.

  82. John i supoted u, d woman must say d trut 4 wot hapen 2 esther. It z ha bad caring 2wards d gal made neigbohood 2 react 2 dat extent. I advic polic 2 investgate 2 dat mata.

  83. Lord God, we are in a very wicked society that every morning one wakes up to hear one form of wickedness or the other perpetrated by brothers/sisters against each other, if not this kind of it in South west, robbery n kidnapping in d south east, fulani killing of innocent children n d aged in Jos villages or arsenal n man-u boys bombarding innocent people in d north most especially in yobe n Borno stadium. Yet our govt. Cannot stem these tide of man inhumanity to man. Lord! Save us, our eyes are on u.



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  86. from the facts of this case, i find it difficult to believe that the little girl dipped her both hands in hot water steadily without feeling any stimulation until the stepmother came in. kehinde couldn’t have used hot water of such level on herself for treating her miscarriage. even the neighbours testified of her brutality to the girl. this girl should not be left without justice.

  87. This is matter of tribe. Wickedness are bound 2 be in any person devil chooses 2 use.such wickedness can come from any tribe. So dat woman deserve a drastic punishmen or measure from God almighty and humanity because dat little girl is innocent 2 bear such pains and deformity. God help his children in the hands of d evil ones.

  88. This kind of act cannot happened in a civilised country without the wicked woman paying with her life.What are the law enforcement agencies doing?.The Police should moving in and ensure that the wicked woman face the law for the action on the poor little girl. How can the little girl dip both hands at the same time??seeing the Hot Vapour coming up from wherever the hot water was. The Media should help to ensure that the little girl get justice,they should go to the highest authority.

  89. Assuming this little girl put her hands into hot water and got burned, should she be left to with the burnt hands without treatmen? Assuming there is no money, would the stepmother have left her own biological daughter untreated from such a bad (accident), and hide the detoriating hand inside their cubicle for lack of money? Matthew 7 vs 12 says we should do unto others what we would want others do unto us.
    TRIBE issue should not arise. Let’s condemn evil and promote godliness in any case for the benefit of the public. Let us also look into our own life and drop any form of wickedness that we still do and hide. That will make us not be hypocritical. Isn’t?

  90. i want to tender that appology to all yurubas. Bible says in proverbs that is better live in a house top(in other words a very small room) than to share a massion with a contentiuos woman. Again it says that he find it more better than death the woman(ecclesiastics). So what i am try to say is that woman’s wickedness has nothing to do with tribe, religion, region, and age. Make the judge and she will rust in jail, bcos i need no than boiled hands.

  91. It is a pitty. Let all pray for the little girl to survive and by God’s grace she will survive and as her creator God is seeing her condition. Surely the wicked women (if it is true that she is responsible) will not go unpurnish by God.

  92. Ichie Achidike II on

    breathrens, wickedness is just wickedness no matter the tribe,religion or denomination. but we have human rights in our country Nigeria. they shoulddo their job.

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  94. Even if she did no feel the heat from the steam of the hot water, so Esther’s nerves are innactives such that she couldn’t withdraw here hands immediately she discovered it hurts…hmmmm? Ok. And from the story it seems your neighbours did not notice the incident and you never told them. I guess that’s because you don’t want them to know or offer a helping hand…. I understand na- you don’t want her to tell the story. you hoped to fulfil your dreams. And you couldn’t take her to hospital for almost a week, all you could afford was N100 balm… uh? but a nurse came to your house to offer service…hmmm.. if the services from the nurse were free, i think she would gladly offer here services also to the girl for free or are you the only person entitled to free services? ….. Apart from living in pain of not knowing her mother so much, you also want her to live in a world where her peers will always make jest of her disfigured hands(that’s if ever you wanted her alive)…. Kai… God pass you Kehinde…. Baba God pass you.
    Anyway I just hope the Judge who will handle this case will do a good job.

    • I noticed that you and Henry always give making sense comments and end it with God bless Nigerians. God will also bless you too. It seems you are a police officer. Good questions make she answer. As for this woman. Na only God go judge her. See how she want destroy the girl life. God pass her.

  95. We have read the story from both sides BUT with much disadvantage – Esther has not spoken and I doubt if she can given her age. Do not forget that we heard only the Journalist’s account! Kehinde stated hers right. Now can we Judge Kehinde and rightly by placing her story side by side with that of the Journalist? I think not!

    In most situations, our feelings run too fast for our reasoning. It is expected that evidence of the circumstances surrounding this Esther’s issue MUST be extremely compelling and points only to Kehinde before the Law would find her liable.

    Think about it! Boils! Is this Journalist not being extremely hyperbolic? Why will kehinde remain at home after such a cruel act knowing it must be discovered.

    Pls let us reason some of this things before commenting.

  96. We have read the story from both sides BUT with much disadvantage – Esther has not spoken and I doubt if she can given her age. Do not forget that we heard only the Journalist’s account! Kehinde stated hers right. Now can we Judge Kehinde and rightly by placing her story side by side with that of the Journalist? I think not!

    In most situations, our feelings run too fast for our reasoning. It is expected that evidence of the circumstances surrounding this Esther’s issue MUST be extremely compelling and points only to Kehinde before the Law would find her liable.

    Think about it! Boils! Is this Journalist not being extremely hyperbolic? Why will kehinde remain at home after such a cruel act knowing it must be discovered?

    Please let us reason some of these things before commenting.

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