Hajj: 21 Nigerians die


The death toll of Nigerian pilgrims in Saudi Arabia has risen to 21 from 14, a week before the Hajj rites. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted the National Hajj Commission’s weekly public health bulletin ‘No one’ dated October 29, which showed that the male pilgrims had the highest mortality rate of 13.

The bulletin showed that Katsina State had the highest figure of four; Sokoto three, Kano, Lagos, Zamfara and Ogun recorded two deaths each. Oyo, Gombe, Yobe and the Nigerian armed forces recorded one death each. It also stated that 53 patients had been referred to Saudi hospitals with 39 cases recorded in Medina, four in Jeddah and 10 in Mecca. The bulletin stated that 90 per cent of the patients had been discharged.

“So far, no single case of delivery has been reported, however, there are two cases of spontaneous abortion reported from Misfallah Clinic in Mecca by female pilgrims from Sokoto and Adamawa states, all mothers are in satisfactory conditions,’’ it added. The bulletin showed that 7, 496 Nigerian pilgrims had so far visited the six clinics being operated by the medical mission in Jeddah, Medina and Mecca, with common cold and hypertension topping the list of cases reported at the clinics.

It also highlighted the problems faced during the Arafat and Muna operations, blaming the Saudi authority’s poor response to distress calls and blocked road networks to evacuate sick pilgrims by security operatives.

“Late evacuation of refuse bins by Balidiya in state and VIP tents in some cases did not help improve our sanitation efforts,’’ it added.

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  1. Can u see it now. Because they regard u people as foreigners not by fellow religious faithfuls, nigeria should be wise enough on this so called hajj mission every yr in Saudi Arabia.

  2. It’s a pity. Condolence to those that lost their loved ones. They should be doing proper screening to ascertain the health conditions of intending pilgrims.


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  4. Please, I need education. How does visiting somewhere in the desert where there are permanent inhabitants takes someone to heaven or what is the significance of going to Saudi Arabia. The Arabs took more slaves (28million+) from Africa, castrated the male and married the female, while the Europeans took (11million+) and allowed them to marry one another and procreate. Slavery is evil but which is better between the two above

  5. I wonder why such a number will die in this circumstance , maybe they are not well fortified before throwing at the devil that is living on month Arafat



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  8. Is better 4dem to die there than their bh brodas kill them here, at least their corpses ll be seem than mingled in d dust

    • Hassan uwodi Ankpa on

      Splendgehamer or whatsoever, dnt say tins dat u do nt undrsnd. U dnt no wht hajj mean to muslims, y did u left such a coment? Is unfair. Pls watch ur tongue nxt tym.

    • Mr sledg manner or wetin u call ur name,if u dnt av beta tinz 2 comment u shud just shut up..ur name reflects in ur speech..shame on u

  9. Why should they die in that number.Before subsequent hajj,Medical tests should be conducted to ensure that only healthy go. May there souls rest in peace.

  10. Hassan uwodi Ankpa on

    Hajj is one of the pillars of islam. Every muslims is entiltle to excercise his or her rite there in holy land. 4 those lost their life there, may their R.I.P. May Allah grant their Ibadah. And, those returning bak to Nigeria, may Allah bring them bak safe. May the Lesson learnt ova there b useful to us. Masalam

  11. I guess all those that died are billed to ascend to heaven straight since they died in the holy land. I stand to be proved wrong.

  12. I am Not Scared on

    That is good, is the spirits of those christians kill by muslims boko haram in north take the life of those who travel to saudi arabia for sallah.

  13. 95,000 pilgrims performed this year’s pilgrimage. Out of this huge number, only 21 were recorded dead since 19th/Sep/ 2012 to 31/Oct/2012. About 95% of them, their causes of death was natural. In all believes, we know that every living creature has its specific time that he/she can not add a second to it. when it comes he/she must answer the call of his creator. If that is the case, why all these comments?! Out of 95,000 how many Nigerians die every blessing day? People should be matured enough in their comments.

  14. Mohammed is a killer demon why don’t the entire muslim accept Jesus today to enjoy earth & Heaven – John 10:10.

  15. To balance your report, as a professional, you need also to mention achievements made by the Nigerian authorities in making this year’s pilgrimage successful! Is not the Nigerian government who killed them, nor were they mishandled by the authorities.

  16. Mr. Scary: either u hate muslims or not; either u hate to see them or not; either u hate d religion or not, the relgion will continou to exist,muslims will continiou to increase in no. The earlier u get ds, d beta for u b4 u develop hypentension or go sychic bcos of this.

  17. How dia soul go take rest in peace wen dey no accept d gospel? Rubbish prayer wey una de pray. Accept Jesus Christ now o!

  18. I don’t see that place as a holy land.What are the qualities of a holy land 1.people don’t die in a holy land 2.There are no weapons in a holy land 3.There are no laws in a holy land 4.There is no devil or satan in a holy land.How come about satan that they throw stones at in the holy land?How come about laws and weapons held by soldiers at the entrance of the so call holy land.How come about the death of some foreigners in a holy land.The religious book in a holy land should be written in a language that can be easily read and understood by everyone.

  19. Tnx death has no potion according 2islamic right may their gentle souls rip.condolences to their families.Americans re facing war without terorist,east n south re facing their own without bkh, u 4get th@ igbos re among d plotters re they muslims?.if u re neutral listen n watch ALLAH SIGNS.

  20. From Him we come, definitely to Him we shall return. Those making derogatory remarks should just their family these: When they will die; where they will die; what will kill them and how they will die. May the Almighty touch their souls and open their eyes to know and see that death comes at its appointed time. If they believe not, let them wish for death if truly they ve faith.

  21. From Him we come, definitely to Him we shall return. Those making derogatory remarks should just tell their family these: When they will die; where they will die; what will kill them and how they will die. May the Almighty touch their souls and open their eyes to know and see that death comes at its appointed time. If they believe not, let them wish for death if truly they ve faith.

  22. Mallam mukaila on

    May their souls rest in peace but wahala dey ohhh our fellow Muslims cos some of u are using d opportunity to go and treat diseases and not for hajj

  23. Folorunsho and others, uv just shown ur level of ignorance on Islam. visiting the Holy Ka’aba is not a vacation but an act of worship. It is the fifth pillar of Islam, dying during hajj is truly an honour for one would have died in a holy land and in a state of purity from sins, what could be better than that?

  24. May their souls rest in peace. I pity the likes of Sleldgehammer. They are not Christians but free thinkers who don’t care about who created them and for what purpose. All they know is they are in this world to drink, smoke, fornicate, and cheat. To them, they are just enjoying life. Those who are spiritually sound whether Christians or Muslims will not engage themselves in a DRUNK talk. May Allah touch their hearts to know the truth.

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