Gunmen kill Ali Sheriff’s associate, 2 others in Borno


From TIMOTHY OLA, Maiduguri

An associate of the former governor of Borno State, Ali Sheriff and renowned businessman, Alhaji Mustapha Flawama was yesterday shot dead in Maiduguri by gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram. Daily Sun gathered that Alhaji Flawama, a renowned flour merchant in Borno was gunned down yesterday in front of his house at Polo Ward at about 10.16am by two gunmen believed to be of Boko Haram.

Residents said the gunmen came in an unmarked car and waited in front of the house for their target. “The man was in a car with two of his friends and they were driving out of the house when the gunmen opened fired,” a resident hinted. A middle-aged man who preferred anonymity ‘for security reason’ claimed the two other men who were with Alhaji Flawama were also killed. Flawama, about 60, was a close associate of Sen Ali Sheriff when he held sway as the governor of Borno State Meanwhile, Chibok, a serene community,

South of Borno witnessed coordinated attacks by suspected Boko Haram men as the Divisional Police Station in the town, a Bible College and a primary school as well as a telephone mast were set ablaze on Tuesday night. The attackers, according to residents came in two unmarked Golf Volkswagen cars with petrol and explosive devices. “The policemen on duty were caught unaware and everybody ran helter skelter. But youths in the town mobilised themselves and came out en mass.

The attackers would have succeeded in causing more havoc had the youths not come out in hundreds to chase them away,” a source said. JTF spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa in a statement, confirmed the killing of Alhaji Flamawa. “Suspected Boko Haram shot at and killed Alhaji Mustafa Flamawa, a close political associate of the former Governor of Borno State, Alhaji Ali Modu Sherrif at Polo area of Maiduguri at about 8:00 am yesterday. They also made away with an undisclosed amount of money.

The JTF troops arrived the scene and cordoned off the area. Search is ongoing to arrest the terrorists responsible,” the statement. JTF also said a cordon and search operations was conducted at Budum, Gangimari, Kofa Biyu and Shehuri South on Monday. Seven cartons of recorded cassettes containing preaching of the late Boko Haram sect leader, Mohammed Yusuf and also “some other exhibits and photographs that are currently being analysed by the JTF operatives” were recovered.

Also confirming the Chibok incident, Lt Col Musa disclosed that a student was killed during the attack, though he did not give further detail about how the victim was killed. “Suspected Boko Haram attacked Chibok Village at about 8:00 pm on Tuesday 30 October, 2012. The attackers burnt a police station and killed one student of a Chibok School. The intervention of troops prevented the terrorists from doing much damage in the town,” he said even as he disclosed that normal activities have been restored in the area.

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  1. i will kill again on

    Keep going mallams.You are working very hard to actualize Biafra.What Ikemba could not achieve in his live,you mallams will do it for him.Kill more of your people,in fact,wipe out your people abokis.Good show.

    • @ ‘i will kill again’ Shame on you to celebrate killing of innocent people. You prove yourself to be heartless like boko haram. a true Biafran condemn killings no matter who is being killed because we respect the dignity of life. nonsense!


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  5. Chukwunonso Nwafor on

    Kudos to the youth, if only you(youths)of northers will be acting like this with JTF you can restore peace in the states, kudos ones again.

  6. A religion that supports bloodletting does not worth the name. A god that approves murder of humans as a condition to grant eternal recompense is not god at all. The God Christians worship abhor bloodshed. So, Moslems, have a rethink.

  7. I don’t see why jtf should be wasting their precious time chasing these aboki islamic despicables,i believe by the time these mad islamic illiterates destroy d whole of d north which i pray they do,then may be d silent & toothless arewa will wake up,i pray they don’t.

  8. u youth hv try weldone may d lord give u d grace to over power dos evils in jesus name my fellow friend in d south is not all hausa u see in d north ar muslim even in maiduri yobe adamawa bauchi an rest of d states is almost 50 50 u see like me i bear umaru but i am not a muslim my fellow christain brodas in d south ask ur brodas in d north to enligth u more we christian in d north we tired of all dis mad ppl cal boko haram we need u ppl prayer an support if d time of need come thanks

  9. ohikhuare omogbai on

    I now believe what Prof. John Campbell said about Nigeria some years back. Nigeria is truly on the brink. It seems our security operatives are fast asleep. GEJ wake up and do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. They are animal therefore kip killing them. What make person an animal is his behavior. They believe to kill us is heaven on for them. They dont have human feelings. As such they are animal. God will deal with them 1 by 1

  11. senator ali modu sheriff caused the phenomenon known as the boko harem crisis. unfortunately the nigerian govt has not deemed it fit to arrest and prosecute him for the extra judicial killing of the boko harem leader mohammed yusuf. now the boko haram has been hijacked by all sorts of forces to destabilize the north in particular and the nation in general. the hausa fulani hegemony would be so happy that the kanem borno empire is finally destroyed by the irredentists boko haramists. one driving force behind all these nonsense perpetuated by the boko haram is the free access to illicit psychotropic drugs by youths in the state and northern Nigeria generally. the menace of almanjiri and lack of care for the male child is another factor. my soul weeps daily for borno state which in all sincerity is the state that gave me the quality of education that has made me the person I am today, inspite of tthe fact that I am from ogun state. but I believe one day borno shall return to the glorious days that made people refer to it as home of peace. wither boko haram, wither politicians like ali modu sheriff

  12. I LOVE U ALL, we ar praying 4 all u christian northen brothers and all well meaning moslems. God will see u pple through in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Why still killing ppl? I thought they hv mentioned thr sponsors and venue of nogotiation….buhari and ur team of mediators,ibb,atiku,abdusalam,gasau,ciroma,keita etc time is running against u ppl..but for you babangida,press tv of iran boldly mentioned u as a sole financier of boko haram,can u deny it? Time will tel

  14. Why still killing ppl? I thought they hv mentioned thr sponsors(buhari and co) and venue(saudi arabia) of nogotiation….buhari and ur team of mediators,ibb,atiku,abdusalam,gasau,ciroma,keita etc time is running against u ppl..but for you babangida,press tv of iran boldly mentioned u as a sole financier of boko haram,cant u deny it? Time will tel

  15. Wat’s d content of d preaching by the late sect leader dt was even up to 7 cartons?… These guys must hav a deadly belief!

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