Gunmen kill four in Borno, burn LG secretariat


From TIMOTHY OLA, Maiduguri

Four people were killed on Friday evening in Damboa, a southern community in Borno State, in fresh attacks by suspected Boko Haram members.

Also, a local government secretariat and a fire service station in the community were burnt during the attacks.

The incident occurred barely four hours after the killing of 79-year-old civil war veteran, Gen. Mamman Shuwa, in Maiduguri.

Gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram members were said to have launched coordinated attacks on Damboa Local Government Area secretariat, a fire station and about 20 houses with improvised explosive devices at the weekend, leading to the death of four people.

Sources said a fire service officer identified as Hassan Maina was shot dead in his office while Mallam Ndajara Ndahi, a personnel of Borno State High Court in Maiduguri, who traveled to the town apparently to spend the weekend, was also caught up in the ensuing confusion and died.

Residents said that the attackers came in four unmarked cars shouting: “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before throwing explosives at the local government secretariat and the housing estate within the town.

Two of the security guards at the secretariat were said to have sustained injuries from gunshots.

One Usman, a resident, said: “We had to run for our lives as the shops and market stalls were hurriedly shut.

“We ran to our houses for safety before men of the military Joint Task Force (JTF) and policemen rushed to the scene of the incident.”

The Borno State Police Public Relations Officer, Gideon Jubrin, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said he would furnish journalists with the details of the incident “as soon as the police Area Commander of Damboa sends in his report to the police headquarters.”

Jubrin however said no arrests had been made.

Damboa, about 87 kilometres south of Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, had witnessed two attacks in April and August, this year.

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  3. Will dis killing ever stop, yesterday they say Boko Haram has seize fire 2day anoda killing i tin its abt time all de christian shd vacate North 4 d Boko Haram to kill demsef alone

  4. Which Way Nigeria on

    If I may ask, is these boko harams talking about peace and cease fire? I think this is blackmailing or tricks to roundup their evil plans.

  5. attackers came in four unmarked cars shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great) before throwing explosives at the local government Secretariat and the housing estate within the town.
    Was this how the prophet operated?

  6. Boniface sunday on

    All de none indigenes of borno state should vacate de state let bh contiinue to killed their peole nd destroy their properties when they tire they stop by themselves or else let them continue;

  7. Let them least nemesis exists. Thanks to God am back to my father land (BIAfRAN NATION)” State of the rising sun”. No part of the north is safe.

  8. Mike,u talk like fool element,since u ve been borned in Nigeria,u failed 2 kno d diff.btw Religio & Political crisis,if not so u cant talk like dt .Islam does not teach/encourage anybody 2 kill human being even Animals,Mr Mike watch ur mouth & think twice b4 u comment next time….

  9. Chukwunonso Nwafor on

    Are they opening fire or ceaseing it? The so called BH is confused, i will still say it again let northerns be man enough and tell us want they want not destroying their sates, let me tell them that after everything there will not be separate location for devoplement of what they have destroyed.

  10. BORNO state!!!!!!!! what is the problem with u pple? GEJ pls do smthing fast b4 it’s too late. Remember the case of MALI,

  11. [email protected] on

    Stop killiny people god will exposes u boko harma.glory to jesus

  12. [email protected] on

    Gum man, change ur way to god If not so god will exposes u to the secuity man out thier

  13. Jonathan should go about how obj sealed odi people so that he can deal with bh this matter is getting out of hand and they should deployed Muslim soldiers to the north

  14. I dont truely know what two say about this evil people colled bokoharam,my advice gos to the southerners that are stil leaving in the north,bear it in mind that one day it wil surely meet you if you do north relocate to your southern home,

  15. when this bh talk about talks, one thing that agitates my mind is how someone who has killed many will now recieve compensation, be free and live happy in the society when the pple he killed and maimed and destroyed from thier families will remain sorrowful, pauperised,heartbroken, homeless and psychologically trumatised. such does not appear to me like justice anywhere in the universe. even if govt accepts their talk proposal as a way of humanly finding an end to further destruction, I do not think God will fail in showing them what justice is. what could help all of them(bh) that have taken innocent blood is to come out, confess and submit themselves for prosecution; that way while in prison, God may show them mercy.

  16. HRM (Eze Anambra) on

    (GEJ)Do you forget the procedure to declare state of emmergency in this your administration.pls is needed in some of this northern state so that their stateman will feel part to help you adress this issue their brothers Boko Harram.kill innocent soul .

  17. it is a pity for boko haram’s evil work,with out knowing the end of their evil labour,soon God will intervein against on them in a hurrible situation.the best solution, let the country divide and hausas shall see what they have do for themselves.i am highly cast a bleme against igbos who continue living at Northners, they just like ascape goat.hausas will going to re-pay back hundred folds from those christians they were killed.

  18. What is happening in ds state is far enough to declare a state of emergency, what else is GEJ with his government waiting for, or his lilly liver will not alow him. After destroying that state, they will say they are development disasvanted state. They were in power for 39yrs plus without remembering education, building mansions for themselves only to come and tell the whole World they are educationally disadvantaged. There won’t be extra budget from the federation act. for rebuiding any thing.
    “THE CHILD THAT SAID HIS MOTHER WILL NOT SLEEP, HIMSELF WILL ALSO NOT SLEEP”. Continue to destroy/kill what u spent years to get, cows in human flesh and they are calling Allah

  19. those in damboa local govt and the fire service are they christains? these bokoharam insurgents are politically and parochially motivated. it is not a tribal or religious thing. we cant say they should be allowed to kill themselves while we southerners watch. as far as I know it is a national problem just like armed robbery and kidnapping are security challenges everywhere today. jonathan should just arrest ali modu sheriff, and the whole thing would be over

  20. Bonny i tink u’re rit, let me ask what is even so peaceful about islam religion?, even d traditional worshipers are more peaceful dan dem

  21. GEJ Should use maximum force on boko haram,they want to dialogue and they are still causing more pain.u pipple shud be strong to end wat u started fools.buhari is a blood thirsty man and an ally to boko haram.obj,Gowon,TY danjuma and Awolowo are evils briging disasters in naija.may God take away these pipple and boko haram 4rm naija.

  22. You can see the result of looking the other way when others are being killed by moslem jihadists. The saying goes that when goat eats up the grass on the edge of the road, , they would move into the bush to continue grazing . If no effort is made to defeat boko haram as soon as possible, their dastardly act would drive away non-indegenes in most northern states, and since senseless
    killing has become stock in trade of boko haram, they would turn their lethal weapon on their people. Killing of prominent person of General Shuwa’s stamp with all the security aids around him is a sign of things to come. \A stitch in time saves nine.

  23. What does a man gain from killing a fellow man? The whites even preserve widelife! but some people still kill their fellow humans over virtually nothing. What a world

  24. Why cant we be honest to ourselves ? God is watching all of us. What ever a man sowed that he will reap, even with gains ( positive or negative ). we must be mindful of our words & ……..

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