Gunmen kill 21 in Adamawa


•Set police headquarters, houses ablaze •Free prison inmates


Blood flowed in Maiha Local Government Area headquarters in Adamawa State, which shares a border with the Republic of Cameroun, yesterday when gunmen killed no fewer than 21 persons in an orgy of violence. In the attack, about 35 police prison inmates were set free.

Confirming the attack, Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Mohammed Ibrahim, said the invading gunmen burnt down the customs office and district head office located in the area.

Also a car belonging to the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) and many houses in the town were burnt. Eyewitnesses told Saturday Sun that the unknown gunmen came from the mountainous area of Maiha about 12.30am yesterday and operated till 3am. In the attack, they pounced on the prison in Maiha and set 35 inmates free. It was gathered that the attackers also stormed the divisional police headquarters, which they set ablaze.

It was at the police headquarters that no fewer than 20 persons were killed, while several persons sustained injuries. An impeccable source also told Saturday Sun that the Presidential lounge, located in Maiha was also set ablaze by the attackers, where a guest was killed. From there, they proceeded to the prison, where they set inmates free. The attackers also stormed the Local Government Education Authority complex, which they ransacked and set ablaze.

As at the time of filling this report, the police command had beefed up security in Mahia and other parts of the state. About two weeks ago, a similar attack was launched in Madagali, where a police station was invaded by gunmen. Madagali also shares border with the Camaroun Republic and Gwoza in Borno State.

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  1. Anthony I Efobi on

    What a broken country? A failed entity. Shame on Britain. Shame on Gowon, Awolowo, Buhari, OBJ and all one Nigerian projectionist.

    • Ujo n’atu m, Jisos biko nyere Ndigbo aka maka o buru na ndiri ihe a ebido n’ala Igbo (tufiakwa) nsogbu g’adi.
      Ndi ochichi (ndi no na Ala-Igbo na ndi no na mgbago), ihe oma unu ga-emere onwe unu bu iletu anya ala ugbu a mara ezigbo ihe unu ga ebido imere Ndigbo. Unu ga agba nbo meputawa ezigbo ihe na-ala Igbo nke ga eme ka umu aka anyi na enweta ezigbo ihe ha ga neme wee hapu itinyewa aka na ajo ihe. Ochichi unu n’achi Ndigbo mere ihe ojoo dika ori, ndi-nto, na igwo ogwu ego jiri buo ibu n’ala Igbo karisie ebe nile. Ewoo! Jisos onye obi ebele! Ndi ochichi anyi, a choro m ime ka unu mara na ochichi ojoo unu na achi anyi mere umu aka Igbo ji juputa na Ulo-Nga (nkporo) di iche iche na obodo di iche iche. Ulo-Nga (nkporo) Chaina, Jamani, Amirica, Malesia, Indonesia na nke di na obodo ndi ozo di iche iche ga agbara m aka ebe.

      E jim ohere a na-eme ka ndi nile bu ndi Ikorobia n’ala Igbo mara na oge erugo mgbe anyi g’ebilite n’ura. Ihe obuna ndi ochichi anyi ma obu ndi Naijiria choro Ugbu a k’ha ga-enweta, ha choo mma ha enweta mma, ha choo njo ha enweta njo. Ndigbo abughi ndi Naijiria, anyi bu ndi Biafra. Naijiria choo k’anyi buru otu, ha nye anyi Ochichi na afo puku abuo na iri na ise, ha ga-emezukwara anyi Steeti anyi ka ozue ezu di ka nke ndi ozo.

      I g’enweta m na: nkiti asato nkiti ato itolu ano nkiti asato otu itolu abuo

  2. Which Way Nigeria on

    Anytime I read about insecurity havocs in Nigeria, I feel so bad of GEJ. Nigeria is at the peak to be splited and here they’re busy looting and wasting their time. GOD will save the poor.

  3. @Efobi. But Awolowo never supported one Nigeria right from independence. He told Zik to allow southern Nigeria go as an independent country when Ahamadu Bello rejected independence initially but Zik refused. So we have to absolve him from any wrong doing as regard the unfortunate merger of two unidentical entities called Nigeria today.

    • Anthony I Efobi on

      U are talking about Awolowo of 1950s, but am talking about Awolowo of 1970 which is still controlling Yoruba national policies and idiologies till date. This is what we suffer today. This is what divided us widely in the south. SS and SE are sharing similar and the same political notion in the south, but SW is playing liberal Hausa/Fulani political game and idea. At least, u can see where we are today in Nigeria.

  4. @Chima, thank you for your comment, Awolowo said during Shagari regime that Nigeria was a mere geographical expression that’s to say the late progressive Politician realized Nigeria will definitely collapse due to the lopsidedness of the federal structure cum unitary system foisted on us.
    In a federal system of government where you say no to state police, no to resource control and no to things that can make the different components develop at their own pace will collapse and give ways to different Nations that share same dream and aspirations on sustainable governance that will reduce or eliminate corruption, and other anti socio economic vices..

  5. what is the need of beeffing up security when the invaders has gone hiding, madicine after death, but i wonder how these people operated for almost 3 hours without any intervention of our so call security forces.what a fail stated, any way nemeses is in progress,that is the repacusion the 1914 fraud, 35 imates sets free, that is more BH members recruited, i rest my case.

  6. Nigeria is a carbon copy of Somalia and pakistan.Even if we disintegrate,i don’t think it will stop the killing in the north and the kidnapping in the south because north will always remain in the north and south in the south after disintegration. This insecurity issue in Nigeria is getting out of hand.To me,all these are signs of end time.Judgement day is fast approaching.May God save Nigerìa.I rest my case here.

    • I dont agree with u that disintegration will not solve d problem. It will. There is kidnapping in d south is because of economic hardship. If this country is disintegrated and good governance entrenched, I believe all these vices will be wiped away.

  7. when we are telling GEJ to call dis guys and talk to them sme useless element were telling jonathan not to dialogue wth them, dis is because since all dis madness started they hve not lost any of their relatives or they will tell us dat they are faceless group but they went ahead and declare sme of them wanted wth their names, who is fooling who? Never in dis nation we the youth will allow unprepared person to govern dis nation again, we are watching 2015 is coming, ” useless govmnt”

  8. This guys must be powerful enough to operate for complete 3good hours without counter attack from our forces . They wil be busy drinking and do non sense. A failed nation in deed . Go and find those inmates for people to rest or more Aboki Haram wil emerge.

  9. My fellow readers and contibutors!!!!. Why do you want to dialogue with these bastards, when some of the so called Senators and Governors were sponsoring them. Remember what Americans did with al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. they followed this son of a bitch for years with his followers until they got ris of them one by one.

    The issue here is that GEJ is dam too soft and slow with these Bokoarams!!!. they cannot do this with Baba Obasanjo….Nigerians, we need to find solutions to this sensless killing of inocent citizen of Nigeria. God will save us.

  10. How Britain destroyed NIGERIA. Visit Harold Smiths Libertas Homepage you will see how this Niger Area called Nigeria was organized to roast and roast forever. Harold Smith was a White Colonial Master who leaked everything Britain did against Nigeria. How Britain allocated 50% census votes to North. How they advised the North to always maintain the figure in future. How they preferred gullible Sarduana and Abubakar against the wisdom and ingenuity of Zik and Awolowo who they branded stubborn Nationalists. How they trained Nigerians officials the arts of Corruption. How Britain participated and still participate in perpetuating Northern domination of Nigerians in return to free access to an agreed number of oil wells in the South and political protection of the Core North. How Independence Elections were perfectly rigged in favour of Northern NPC. How Britain structured Nigeria politics to make sure that the entire South and Middle Belt will remain political slaves to the core North forever and ever. How Britain sowed permanent seeds of discord between Western and Eastern Regions to make sure they never come together.

  11. I t’s obvious that these groups of blood suckers get more information for their devilish mission than do the security operatives who are to protect the citizens. It’s ridiculous to have more presidential jets with none for border patrol!

  12. Nigeria i knw and believe is God’s own nation, but even when isreal erred he still punished dem, my frnds, when all d security efforts have failed, Prayers will neva fail, let all still continue in deir prayers

  13. It is very amazing hw Northern Nigeria is gradually degenerating into d Hobbian’s State of Nature or Primitive Society where life was spoor,solitary,nasty,brutish and short…well we are impatiently waiting when d Christian Republic of Biafra will b declared sovereign state.So that blood-Soaked land of d north shall b on their own with their problems

  14. This issue of aportioning blame on one another is not just the best instead let us press hard on the president with good ideas that will lead us to the promiseland, if well implemented.

  15. Complaining and xchange of abusive words 4rm readers, condoling 4rm d leaders and continous massacred of innocent pple.GOD pls interven ,4 hw lng wil d wckd triumph.

  16. AND WHERE WAS THE NIGERIAN SECURITY WHEN ALL THESE WERE HAPPENING? This is the time of the year when our security should have been more alert. There is something fundamentally wrong with Nigeria and the Nigerian security is part of that problem.


  18. When gowon was brading Eastern Nigeria and Ojukwu as ‘rebels’ he though that was smartness now the clock is moving opposite direction what goes around have surely come around.
    I dont pity for middle belt and south west infact lets fulani and boko haram continued the massacre over them.
    Good morning middle belt and south west

  19. Olofu john james on

    Our polticians hate truth and Nigerian citizens…may Boko Haram turn against them all @ leave the poor masses alone., may their stolen wealth fail dem 2 hell..idiot pple

  20. You all are blind to the truth! Where is IBB & Buhari? You’re all battling among yourselves while the master-minders are relaxing in their cushion ‘laughing at you all’. What do u have to say about the comments of these 2 people? …that he’ll make Nigeria ungovernable (Buhari).

  21. All hand must be on deck to wipe out this faceless Boko-Haram. The Killing melted to Nigeria is mostly Perpetrated on Ibo and not The Yoruba. Therfore the south east should go on 21 days prayer to supplicate for Nigeria.

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