Gunmen attack Emir of Kano


•Son shot •Driver, two aides killed

From Desmond Mgboh, Kano

The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero, Saturday, escaped death by the whiskers after unidentified gunmen rained bullets on his convoy, killing three of his aides in the surprise attack. The tragic incident occurred at about 10.35 am as the highly revered traditional ruler of Kano was returning from an Islamic graduation ceremony (Saukan Karatu) which took place at Murtala Mohammed mosque (Masallaci Murtala) in Hausawa Quarters of the state capital.

Three of the Emir’s aides were shot dead in the attack. However, there were suggestions by witnesses that in addition to the three confirmed dead victims, at least one person, unrelated to the Emir also died as a result of the attack. The Emir’s official limousine was sprayed with bullets by the gunmen who allegedly “came on motorcycles and some came in a car.” The gunmen escaped in the confusion that trailed their attack as the whole residential area of Hausawa Quarters by Zoo Road was thrown into pandemonium following the attack.

Sunday Sun gathered that among those injured in the attack was the son of the Emir, Alhaji Nasiru Ado Bayero (Turakin Kano). He, it was, who moved the Emir of Kano away from the troubled scene back to the safety of the palace. Dressed in a yellow kaftan, Alhaji Nasiru was spotted at the palace of his father with blood stains on his leg, shortly after the attack. Also injured was a police officer formerly attached to the intelligence unit of the Command, Inspector Datti Ahmed was shot on his leg by the gunmen and was undergoing treatment in an unnamed hospital in the state. Palace sources said that the Emir’s official driver, Alhaji Barde Sarkin Ruwa, was killed in the ambush.

An aide (dogari) in charge of the Emir’s official convoy, Alhaji Ahmadu Mohammed was also confirmed killed in the attack. A third aide, who is also believed to have died, was simply identified as Kone Bala Dan Muri. Kano State governor, Dr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has since paid an official visit to the Emir, who received him at the palace. Speaking to reporters at the palace, he assured the people of the state that the Emir was hale and hearty, but regretted the death of the three aides.

He prayed for the repose of the souls of the departed and reiterated his administration’s commitment to check the security challenges in the state. As at press time, the spokesman of the Joint Security Task Force (JTF), Captain Ikediche Iweha equally confirmed the that the Emir was well just as he declared that the situation had been brought under control, but declined further comments on the attack on the Emir.

The same went for the Kano State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris who told Sunday Sun by phone that they were still collating the details of the incident. Meanwhile, security in the state capital was evidently unsettled by the development as residents hastened their daily transactions and businesses so as to get back home on time. Traffic in some parts of the capital was heavier than usual, especially towards the evening hours and traders at the Sabon-gari market were seen taking steps to close early.

Members of the Joint Security Task Force were equally noticed at various locations in the state capital, running checks on cars and tricycles while passengers on motorbikes were made to disembark from their cycles before crossing the checkpoints. It could be recalled that in the last one week, there were two separate attacks on police officers at Zaria Road Area and Kawo Area, and another attack on soldiers at a checkpoint in Mariri general area.

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  1. This ugly situation is getting out of hand and if nothing is done it might spread to other parts of the country for Emir of Kano to be attacked who is next

  2. African juju at work, boko haram will soon become history, some of dis islamic preachers should preach peace not war as we are witnessing all over d world today

  3. Nothing we do except we turn back to our Lord we should maintain His lows, all what is happening we been worn since are some sign of the judgement day Solution we are to be faithful to the Lord of the universe.

  4. Now the chickens start to eat each other’s intestines. The Muslim leaders have not been outspoken or support the government in the fight against these terrorists.

  5. why is it dis man always. Dis d third time he is being under attack. Wat has he done. Pls government should call 4 serious security around him.

  6. Chickens have come to roost; what goes round comes round. The innocent blood spilled years back is crying for revenge. More evil minds will be downed by the same way those defenceless people were massacred; there is no peace, they say, for the wicked.

  7. Celeco, stop this type of propaganda Emir did not escape anywhere please read the whole story. His body guards formed a cover around him with their bodies there by protecting him from being killed. The body guards gave their own lives by protecting the Emir and that’s the job of a body guard.
    So please don’t come here with this juju mentality.

  8. kola amodu&aboki where are u or have not read this?Tribalistic fools&religious fanatics that use this medium to pour venom on others.I will never u.May God give the dead aids peace&the emir fortitude to bear the loss.Matured minds must always condemn the death of innocent lives wherever it happens.

  9. Gradually the northern tradoreligious leaders who used to be regarded as mini gods are been dimistyfied, politics has infilltrated their throne. what a world of suprises.

  10. Ooooooh Gosh! Why did he escaped? Anyway sha that is good for him. He (Emir) clamoured for the removal of Soldiers from Kano street sometimes ago. That served him better. I blamed the idiotic bodyguards who sacrificed their lives for an uncircumsiced egyptian of Ado Bayero.

    • If pastor Adeboye and co plus our big men move about without bodyguards,what do you think can happen to them from these bastards moving about,God help also to be a big man very soon oooooooo

  11. The story stands unbelievable but it is real. If Emir that is highly revered can be attacked in his domain with a lot of security apparatus around him. What is the fate of common men in this country? Our government should see to our security by actually spending the security vote on the safety of lives and property. Anyway, all these events are the signals to end time. We need to draw closer to our creator.

  12. Bonny thanks for that comment nd i wonder where those yoruba and housa fools,imbecile,dirty pigs,uncircumcised and cows that call themselves ode,kolanut,aboki are now,why not you fools come and rear your ugly face now.


  14. Neither hope nor rely on human security. Wit reference to this, the name of the Lord is Strong tower wen yu run into it ur safe. So if the Emir is attacked or not we are still safe without government security. Nevertheless i’m not undermining human security , but it shud not be our utmost priority in terms of security. Forsake ur evil way and accept the Lord Jesus today cos yu may be the next. God forbid anyway!

  15. Its time for the North to take the Bull by the Horn. If the person of the Emir of Kano can these Mad Boys of Death make such attempt on, who again will they not try to eliminate. I hope the Real Northerners will learn to Rise to what would have been the Biggest disaster of the Year. The attempts made on the Emirs should be tagged a national one as Ado-Bayero is not a second hand but a First class Emir. We must protect him very well as his people are too clear-less about his security.

  16. at a tme lk dis dey ar felg bad 4wat is hpn at mali my felow mslm prcher dis d result of wat u tech about jihad now wat wll u say agin wat u sow now is d rping tm a whle emir of kno who sppt mslm 100%as islm was frm by war is endg by war rpnd of ur s

  17. I am very sorry to hear this but the bitter truth is that the ruling elite are now targets because they neglected the basic needs of the masses, including the need for security, healthcare, education, electricity, infrastructure and jobs. The foolish senators are happy to earn 8 times what the US senators earn for virtually serving themselves instead of Nigeria. Our politicians never learn the good things about oyibo rulers; have they never heard of social security services in the UK? How do they expect people who never benefit from Nigeria to identify with her? I hope the legislators will now start to legislate for a fair and better Nigeria instead of looting the treasury and planning to perpetuate themselves. For a start, they should remove the immunity clause from our constitution and grant financial autonomy to the local governments. I hope it is not too late for them to save our country from impending anarchy.

  18. I think Nigeria is now polarised! madness everywhere,guns everywhere,bad boys everywhere yet Government nowhere! Only God everywhere watching silently till some peoples cup to get FULL and OVERFLOWN!!!

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