Okonjo-Iweala’s mum kidnapped


•Abducted in front of husband’s palace

From PAUL OSUYI, Asaba

Undeterred by the 45-year-jail term each slammed on four kidnappers by a Delta High Court last Friday, dare-devil gunmen yesterday struck in Ogwashi-Uku, also in the state, where they abducted Prof. Kanene Okonjo, mother of Finance Minister, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

The 82-year-old professor was kidnapped from the palace of her husband and the Obi of Ogwashi-Uku in Aniocha South Local Government Area, Obi (Prof.) Chukwuka Okonjo. Checks by Daily Sun revealed that the octogenarian queen was seized by the gunmen, numbering about 10 at the gate of the palace at about 1.40pm. Her husband, Obi Okonjo, was said to have travelled out of town at the time.

The hoodlums were lurking around the palace until the woman and her maid came down to serve workers at the gate soft drinks. According to an eye witness, “as soon as the woman came down from the main building, towards the gate, the criminals also moved in from the gate to grab and push her into a waiting Golf Volkswagen car. “The abductors walked into the compound, heavily armed. They were about 10.

They seized the men fixing the interlocking tiles and asked them to lay face down. Immediately they saw her (the queen) coming towards the gate with her maid to serve the workers soft drinks, they bundled her into their waiting Golf car while another car was parked outside.” The witness noted that one of the kidnappers was so brave that he went upstairs to collect the victim’s handbag, adding that another maid who caught a glimpse of the wielding kidnapper, hid herself in the kitchen.

The brave abductor was said to return from upstairs and informed his colleagues that there was no one else in the house before they zoomed off with the car where the woman was sandwiched, to unknown destination. Meanwhile, the police have arrested a man who allegedly left the compound a few minutes before the kidnapping.

The man was said to have informed the housemaid that he was in the palace to take the queen to somewhere in the town. Queen Okonjo’s abduction came two days after the state High Court sitting in Owa-Oyibo sentenced four persons to 180 years for kidnapping the father of Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, who is representing Delta North, Chief Arthur Okowa in July 2008.

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  1. This is a pity to this old woman. Pls my quest is this “how ar dey sure of dis man hand in kidnapping of dis woman. pls u should wok with evdidence be4 u arriv at a conclusion in any matter. u should’t kill d man cuz he is nt rich. God will fight his battle 4 him

  2. experience police should go after those people and i wish our police will be working together with the Telephone network provider to track down those bastard through their phone calls as the western world police use to work here… police should get the contact number of the kidnappers whenever they called and track them down by locating their hideout via the assistant of the telecome network provider

  3. Olaseni Sobande on

    Maybe now the Federal Government will take the issue of security more serious. I sincerely hope the poor woman is returned safely. More importantly, I hope the Finance Minister, her colleagues and the President will come to the realisation that a rich man in the midst of a thousand poor is just as poor. Neeeexxxxt,,,,,,,,,,,,,Goodluck Jonathan’s Mum.

  4. First, the accused committed heinous and punishable crime under the law provided that the concrete and sufficient evidence proved beyond the reasonable doubt. Second, I really pity the abducted Professor being and well educated fellow and octogenarian old woman at that age. Third, I am strongly believe that Nigerian police will fish out the abducted victim unharmed due to her status and her daughter’s status globally. Finally, this is a lesson to those whom are in power to find everlasting solution into the issue of insecurity in the country. If the accused can mange to enter the palace easily and achieve their evil aims and objective bloodlessly, it means ordinary citizen is in danger. Now, they are now smelling the odor of their corruption, embezzlement, mismanagement, stealing public resources and spending extravagantly in their family.

  5. Autos! I agree with you 100%.corruption is the real enemy of Nig.if this enemy is subdue,every other vices will be simple for Nigeria to handle.But remember:it is not for govt.alone,what are you and I doing about it?time to start the fight is now! May God help us.

  6. It’s ok, since d govmt left nigerians in poverty they will reap what they sow, a child that say her mother will not sleep, he will also have a sleepless night, boko haram in the north, kidnapers in the south, if the govmt fail to do something abt poverty & joblessness and abound in their corruption and looting, very soon they will not have a safe place to live in this country even with their soldiers, may be they will live inside their private jets this time. NB, those in aso rock, is not ur fathers house.

    • Those should go ahead and kidnap her dad, husband and kids if possible. This is the only way to make those looters sit up. They and members of their families must be made to lie on the same beds they’ve created for Nigerians

  7. As long as no one cares a damned about the dismantling of this highly “unjust society of survival of the fittest”; where some have it all and others have next to nothing. A society where those who have it all rarely work for it; all the yelling and crying will fall unto deaf hears bcos it will mean sheer hypocrisy. No country on this earth survives with this type of discrepancy that exist in Nigeria b/t the poor and the rich in the presence of flagrant corruption.

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  9. Sorry Ngozi, it is the handwork of those you are blocking from oil subsidy money. Remember Madam NAFDAC. Your mum will be freed in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. That is good let har bring out the money,oil money let those kednapar taket even har. subsidy money is there they can use it and pay thoso hungry men even they demand one hundred million.

    • kidnapping is good? @john ifeanyi, you are such a disgusting idiot! an illiterate like you is not suppose to me making comments here. You should learn how to condemn evil because you may be the next victim. nonsense!

  11. I think the useless woman will come back to her sense with all her useless agenda since this woman had been appointed I personally didnt see anything good from her. The kidnapper should take care of the old woman so she can return home peacefully. And this is a lesson to all other Nigerian who occupied one post or the other.

  12. osisioma umunya on

    Its deeply regratable the omnious depth our society is sinking into and those in authority do not seem to be doing much to check the drift. Life in Nigeria has become so cheap. Corruption on such a massive & uncontrolled scale,has created mass unemployment and with it serious security problems. Boko Haram, Kidnapping of human beings, Armed robbery,ritual killings & several other Criminal activities that have combined to make life here very cheap & meaningless. I sincerely pity the decent old lady who should have bn enjoying her retirement after a meritorious &selfless service to her country. Rather than crucify the kidnappers Okonjo Iweala as d Coordinating Minister should direct her energy to fight corruption iin high places & create jobs for our growing army of unemployed youths

  13. Any way, i condemn d act of kidnapping in totality and d punishment shld b a capital one BUT that shld only b done when d issue of youths unemployment is drastically addressed. If not let these tauts face only d government officials so that they will know what they are supposed to do and not only paying a group of militant to lay down arms. Confused govt. Of Nigeria, it is only God that will help us.

  14. i am not supporting evil but these kidnappers will be taking people of this level ,there will be no problem because any were you see them taking big people of this nature,that means that the person is not helping the poor period…how can you be enjoying alone while the man next door don’t have even a square meal in his life then what do you expect?

  15. it is good,very good.Let them kidnap their families so they know the pain of a struggling man,shey na my own mama make dem kidnap?Nigerians make una wise up,revolution wey una dey fear must happen for a better nigeria.Very good work boys keep it up na gej mama be next.

  16. May be now the government of oga GEJ will realize that it has been a failure.A country where infrastructures is at near collapse,security can not be guaranteed anywhere in the country,education is in comatoise.Where are the billions nigeria make daily if the armed robbers and kidnappers are well armed than our unfortunate police men?.Both the haves and the have not shall continue to pay for the ineptitude of our leaders.

  17. They should not harm the old woman of her age pls then ngozi should check who he has offended because this evil properator may have been sponsored ok all the new policy in government is effecting some indiviual so they may go after her in another way so she will look back and check well the world is wicked now ok

  18. very sorry ngozi ur doing a very gud job at ur office which some nigerians dont want thats why in the other way round who knows if the came becos of ngozi is doing well in the office or his father have some thing with some people some where

  19. It is a pity for the old woman, but the bible says they will visit the offence of the people from one place to the other. Ngozi has stepped on so many people especially on the entire workers of this country. She has withhold so many pension arrears even despite the appropriation, in her hands. People are suffering.So pension money are hanging for long she refuse to release them.
    Please search your mind, its not too late to change. But we pray the old woman will not suffer in thier hands.


  21. I pity d old woman and pray for her safe return home.However this a food for thought. People should elect good leaders that will take care of them rather than voting base on sentiment along ethnic and religious devide.The govt of GEJ is a failure and it serve no body right except very few cultist which cut across all d religious and ethnic devides.I hear some foolish people always argue that Northerners are the problem of Nija? Have d southners that so far ruled solve d problem of all southerners and turn all of them rich?Poverty and insecurity knows no religion or ethnic difference.So vote the right person in 2015 and don’t allow any stupid religious leader to deceive u as it happened in 2011.

  22. My people we are talking about kidnapping, armed rubbering and car scatching everyday, more especially in the South East and nothing has been done about it. Time will come when the federal government will be calling for these kidnappers and co for negociations, like as they are doing now for boko harrams. Things are not taking serious in Nigeria until that thing turn out to be killer disease. I pity most families for this christmas. God help us.

  23. May God help us and our collapsed system of government.Jonathan is a complete failure as far as am concern looking naive and cannot achieve a single thing.
    He is the worst President Nigeria has ever produced,Still wonder which school gave him PHD maybe toronto university as usual.

  24. My greatest concern is to not let any harm come to Prof Mrs Okonjo and her family, who must be undergoing serious mental torture. I’m equally concerned how this will destablize our Finance minister, who is supposed to be bussy tinkering and managing out economy.
    May it be said, Mrs Okonjo-Iwuala though a technician now informal politician is metted with this kidnapping, a very wicked act meant more or less for our good-for-nothing political leaders who have failed dismally to give us good governance. Be rest assured no body is safe!
    Our collective security is rest assured when there is good governance emanating from credible elections in which voters voice are heard and respected. Spirited evidence in the fight of endemic corruption and national treasury looters and serious tackling of unemployment through unparralled job creation for our teaming youths.

  25. This shows d level of poverty and unemployment nigerians ar undergoing do 2 bad management of economy and some wicked govt officials ar there planing how 2 compound problem 4 d poor masses by removing fuel subsidy,how i wish similar thing wil happens GEJ.

  26. This shows d level of poverty and unemployment nigerians ar undergoing,do 2 bad management of economy and some wicked govt officials ar there planing how 2 compound problem 4 d poor masses by removing fuel subsidy,how i wish similar thing wil happen GEJ.

  27. This Professor Lady did not deserve what these evil people have done. Firstly she would’ve left this country to live abroad . She is not wasting the state money for security. She is a hard working woman and she is 82. No one can accuse her of stealing any money from Nigeria, but on the contrary has contributed a lot. Let this woman go quickly before the wrath of God comes upon you.
    This crime cannot be justified. If this is the handwork enemies, may they fail woefully in the Name of Jesus amen.

  28. Not until de govt can provide jobs for de able people who are ready to work we will never know any peace in this. Country. Imagine a young guy who used two third of his or her life to get certificate, n after that he could not get any meaningful job to do. How would he survive? . Our problem in this country is our so call leaders. U know how many people this. Useless leaders had already destroyed. Am not in support of de kiddnapper but my fellow country men n women, we have to find a way out of this mess we are in. We must try n take our country back from these minows calling themselves ourt leaders.

  29. An injustice any where is a threat to justice everywhere brother. 180 yrs for 4 kidnappers and the following week 10 men abducted the finance minister mother in the same state 4 kidnappers were sentenced 180yrs — It simply means that something is fundamentally wrong so let us deal with the fundamental issues which is quest for QUICK MONEY .
    The question is why are they after those in govt and money bags (The CABALS)? It’s unfortunate that the innocent old woman is a victim but that is the point. This is just the beginning unless the govt decides to fight corruption so that the wealth of this nation impacts the lives of the common man in the street. My sincere pray is that God touch the kidnappers and our leaders to have a change of heart cos after this life comes judgement .

  30. unjoerated onwukeme on

    Subsidy re-investment at work. Merry xmas 2 the queen!
    Ngozi Okonja Iweala is a dissapointment to Nigerian youth as a finance minister!
    She thinks Nigerians re dump!
    Please ask her how much did she use in running the subsidy re investment programme Sure P in 2011 fiscal year?

  31. I pray your abductors meet a brick wall in Jesus name. My sympathy to the Finance Minister and wishing that your mother be rescued by divine intervention. Amen!

  32. our lidas must not fail 2 rmber dat dere can not be peace unless dere is justice, we can not say we a lukn 4 peace wen dere are injustice, inequality n unfairness, 1 is not an advocate of crime but dis is a contri whr injustice rules, inequality dictates n unfairness reigns i mean how many kidnapas have bin prscuted yet deir “colleaques” a not detered? dey can’t be detered since dey know dere’s nothin 2 fall back on wen dey repent 4rm deir crimes, don’t let us deceive ourselves most of dis criminals a graduates of higher institutns, nig is just breedn graduates without any provisn 4 employment, it’s a pity, unless d issue of corruptn is adresd dese artificial, man-made criminals will not stop, our lidas should, just as a mata of urgency, wake up 4rm deir slumber especially as dis poor woman has been kidnapped dis is a national/international embarassment, it’s our lidas dat should be detered not dese criminals

  33. Today Nigerians on this this medium seem to be unanimous in condenming evil and d seeming failure of the present govt on leadership.Tomorrow, the same foolish illiterates will still jump in defence of this same confused govt simply bcos of ethnicity and religious bigotry. Yet d problems continue all over d nation,in d South and the North.I’ve never seen a stupid people like Nigerians where all you need to excell is merely whip up sentiments and even the most educated and most enlightened will fall victim. Perhaps that’s why we have the largest concentration of religious organisations and still remain the most exploited and poor.The poor are manipulated in churches to vote for wrong people who d same church can not convince to have mercy on d poor by giving them good leadership.

  34. u’ve said it all victor, how many years did bode george, tafa balogun, alamisiegha, 2 mentn but a few, spend bhind bars? n dese a d meanest of d criminals bcos dey actually stole n with impunity, mean witout remorse, 1001 of dem a roamn about d streets as free men, even intimidatn us with our own money, kai, dis is an injustice of d highest order, now a man who takes 2 crime as a result of deir embezzlement is d criminal while dey, saints, abi, i only pity d poor old woman n dose who have bin victimized wrongly cos dey,re mere victims of circumstances n i pray dat she rtrns home 2 her fmly safely

  35. The criminals want to have their own share of national cake so to say. The queen shouldn’t have been targetted as she is very innocent of the sufferings of the masses. Kidnappers please don’t hurt or starve the queen, stop doing evil, you know, the evil that men do lives and pursue after them. Releaze the old woman quickly for God’s wrath not to befall you. You may prove to be harddened, but hear me clearly, God is keeping records of everything done under this earth that we all find ourselves in. Allow God to do justice to everybody and not trying to do it yourselves.

  36. It is worrisome that many people here think it is good business to kidnap Okonjo Iweala’s mum. The ruling elite have messed up the country and gross poverty has deadened Nigerians to nothing else but survival. But we cannot go on blaming just the leaders. How did they get there? How did we as a people sink so low? Does it mean the very definition of being a Nigerian is having warped mindset that sees wrong as right? If so I renounce membership of such a society. Believe it or not, the race for materialism will tear us to shreds. Those kidnappers will fail, not because of Iweala-who has f..ked up in many aspects of her job, but because what they did is evil and God cannot back it. Let us get our priorities right. To our leaders: the revolution will come sooner than expected if they go on the way they are, and history teaches that revolutions tend to be hijacked by people who are worse than the proponents of the ancient regime. Remember France from 1789-1850. Let us learn. And as for those commentators praising crime here, beware! You may fall target just because you are fortunate to afford a car or buy a plot of land. Does a change in one’s economic standard translate to being an oppressor of the masses?

  37. @henry you have spoken well, just that that uncle of urs who knew somebody that knows another body got u that ilfated job too soon perhaps after 2 months of ur NYSC. U would have sound better if after 6 years you r stil applying at NCSC.

  38. pls u pple should nt abuse my sugar mummy. Any body who have foresight will c her impacts to the Nigeria economy i love her cuz she knows ha job more than Ur president so to sayi tell u dat doz pple dat kidnap ha mother will reliz ha as soon as posible .

  39. May the Almighty God bring her back safely.
    It is an order from God that we must honour our father and our mother …, and I advise that nobody will joke with that command. Amen.

  40. This is a professor who through hard work made it in life. Why didnt they go for Prof Okonjo Iweala, who is dinning with devils called leaders. Whoever eats with devil is also devil.They are opressors of the masses, chunning out policies that will make poor man poorer and rich man richer. The gap between the rich and poor in Nigeria has grown as wide as Atlantic Ocean. Surely i condemn kidnapping in toto but our leprosy leaders must change, cos the land is hot.???????????????????????

  41. The earlier the Government and the People in power do something to address some issues in this country the better bcos things are getting worse by the day.

  42. When will insecurity issue be resolved. Not only d man, those maids, and workmen outside d gate should also be investgated. If we have sessioned investigators in police force, let them prove themselves.

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