Group applies for Biafra’s UN membership


From PETRUS OBI, Enugu

A pro-Biafran group, Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM), has formally applied that Biafra be accorded the status of an observer member of the United Nations.

Briefing newsmen in Enugu yesterday, President of the group, Mr. Benjamin Onwuka, said the application was submitted to the UN Security Council on August 6.

Onwuka who said his group was working towards projecting Biafra to the economic community, noted that the move was the first of its kind since the struggle for an Independent State of Biafra.

He disclosed that his group had also, through the African Union (AU) Secretariat in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, requested for a meeting of all AU heads of state and governments to be convened in Kampala on October 22.

Onwuka explained that with the application, the UN membership would give Biafra the recognition and support it had lacked since the republic was born on May 30, 1967. “The UN would now have the mandate and power to intervene, investigate and issue arrest against anyone who uses violence or force to kill Biafrans in their quest for self-determination.

“It would now be against international law for the Nigerian State, through its president, governors or security forces to use force to kill Biafrans either as individuals or groups.” The BZM leader disclosed that the application was based on the grounds that, “the security of life and property of the Biafran people were no longer guaranteed in the entity called Nigeria. “It is also clear that the right of the Biafran people to practice their religion and freedom of association is no longer safe and guaranteed in Nigeria.

“Therefore the people of Biafra have resolved that on November 5, 2012 we shall be re-declaring our independence and opt out of Nigeria in order that we Biafran people can guarantee and protect the Biafran peoples’ right to practice their religion without being bombed.” On the recent statement where MASSOB leader, Ralph Uwazuruike, dissociated himself from the declaration in November, Onwuka described him as one who had lost faith in the struggle. “We have information about him and his preference for Nigeria and her politics, so we are not interested in him or what he thinks. The struggle for Biafra is on and advancing; we are determined and we shall realise the dreams of our people with or without Uwazuruike.”

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  1. A well come development. At least this ll send a signal to d northern leaders who has being keeping deaf ears on d issue of Boko haram. This time, d likes of IBB, Buhari and Gowon, etc who ordered d killing of Igbos in millions will ve their fingers to bite…bcos it’s no more d igbos of 1966-1970. This time, we ll use diplomacy. U think we will continue watching your foot soldiers( Boko haram ) kill our beloved ones in d north without being queried. By November 5, Nigeria ll disintegrate into Six Nations…..Periods. We ve taken enough of what u pple would not ve taken if it were in d east that ur brothers are killed like that. So enough is enough

  2. i can see a new dawn. If u are with us bring out ur quota, if u are against us, prepare to leave 4 ur
    northen boko haram people. Thank u mr Ben onwuka. Any how u want it, we are ready for backup.

  3. Yeah is a good plan,as them be mumu zombie thinking they will use force and power to turn they’re cattles and rams to become musliem in northern region.I think by now Gen.gowon will come to his normal sensess know that the christians in the middle belt are no longer save with the boko haram when the time come.

  4. I love this guy Onwuka, this Uwazuruike is a fool and he can never be like OJUKWU he’s too dull. I’m a YORUBA but i’m %100 in support of BIAFRA since our so called AFENIFERE are cowards

    • Akin please, bowo fun agba. Afenifere is not weak they are only being smart and very intelligent too. The igbos are now taking the right steps “diplomacy” not war. “giragira” will not get you anywhere. I support our igbo people but Onwuka should sit down with nwazuruke. I also want to suggest that this time around, it will be better for all southerners to fight these parasites together and at the end of the day, we peacefully go our difference ways.

  5. Its a commendable step,pls the principles of state recognition must b followed,regional b4 global recognition.don’t b deterred in dis struggle,cos all dis inhuman treatment,maiming,killing and deprivation meted on Igbo nationals is enormous,deplorable and most condemnnab le.

  6. pls let us speed up this process before what happened to Aguiyi Ironsi, will happened to Jonathan so that the north will have no country to rule. Long live a disintegrated nigeria Long live federal republic of biafra

  7. Infact i am full joy how i will wish the dream of all those igbos that survive the genocide against our people and the discrimination against us since 1966 will come to an end. God promises and always deliver, only this news puts me in extasy.

  8. Akin,You know what happend to Uwazuruike,The nothern Leaders has bribed him,and he has be promised a possition in the Aso Rock soon,that is why he is weak

  9. Judgement is for sure on

    The North is aggrieved, the East spitting Fire……..and the West???? I hope the Western States will leave partisan politics behind and come together in unity to determine the faith of the Yoruba nation when this country later collapse this year. Already the South South has a Prime Minister in Waiting, her excellency, Mrs Jonathan (OBE, GCFRN)

  10. I enjoy things like this and i pray for the BIAFRA dream to come and stay since the North things they are the head of the country . I’m not an Igbo man , Im a Edo man but i support the BIAFRA struggle n i believe God will see them through enough is enough

  11. The best is owuka and uwazuruike to come as one body the the biafra we are seeing far will be at our door step. GOD bless biafra.

  12. I love this movement, if igbo’s will arise in unity 2 act fast 2wards d freedom of biafra and d galant 4 any rubish move.nigeria’s are tired of insecurity, dividing d country is d best ideal b/c nigeria is a group of ppl dat ans d same name 9ja,yet they did’t satisfied d axions of a group others may be there bt uniqueness and identity isnt tell me wht make us a group.we are difft human bieng altogether.

  13. Well done BZM, very thoughtful and pragmatic, but do not speak evil of any Igbo, on the news while the struggle lasts, learn from past mistakes. God bless and reward Igbo.


  15. The usual bla bla bla. The Igbos must put their act together. The quest for Biafra is welcome but for greed and sycophancy. My fingers are crossed.

  16. Albania Onyeike on

    Oh G.od of all creation, grant this our one request That any force raised against Biafra will perish. May the soul of the great prophet, Dim Ojukwu, the people,sGeneral rest in perfect peace.

  17. Great and warmly welcomed. I am for it. Enough is enough. The nonsensical killing and wasting of Ibos is too much. Like the children of Israel in the oppressive land of Egypt, the Biafrans had been superlatively oppressed and I think it is high time God of Heaven heard the cries of the Biafrans. Oh God of Heaven and Earth, please grant us freedom from Nigeria in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen!

  18. Way to go my people. We cannot afford to loose 6 million people like the Jews in Germany before frantic and concrete efforts are made to free Igbo people from the ravages of the Hausa/Fulani vandals. Enough is Enough! Biafra is the way to go for good….and then the dead can go ahead and bury the dead!

  19. Nnamdi Ogbuze on

    Hmmm,Will i tag it……………..The Nigerian State in the eye Of the Storm.Ogoni have declared their Independence Of Nigeria, The People Of Bakassi has follow Suit with flags and radio Station,Biafra is Will redeclare the biafran republic Come November,Boko-Haram Is Pounding the North with their Sophiscated Weapons far better than Our Security Operatives.Will Nigeria Survive all these with reference to US Predictions ?Your guess is as good as Mine.

  20. please, Onwuka and Chief Uwazuruke must come together to fast track Biafra actualization. I do not agreed with anyone commenting on Uwazuruke as a fool or taken bribe. NO…I was a member for 6yrs before I left the country. what is involved is beyond what anyone outside can see. There is a lot of demand by world powers who shall strongly stay behind to avoid 1967 mistake.

    The fight is more of external bodies and its recognition. not within. as we all know that tendency of winning war in the world of today is fully depend on who and who is behind you among the security council members in UN. I hereby seeking the assistance of all Lovers of BIAFRA to re-unite Onwuka and Chief Uwazuruike more especially, Diaspora’s. We will get the real fact from both parties and make the work more easier for our collective interest. God bless Biafra.

  21. Ogbonna prince on

    Onwuka nna Jisike am nazikwe Anya ,makana Anya n’nunu na echekwa akwa ya.i don’t know uwazuluike too well but i know he is de Massob leader and abakeleke boys just mess everything up in onitsha.they nearly killed me dis feb 4th for no cus.just because they cover them selfs with Massob of a thing,I even ask my self is it how we re going to say bye bye to Nigeria by killing our brothers just because of I said nesikwe anya.people around u should be examine proper.tke care.

  22. Niaja is falling apart. Bt lt m tel u. Goin our various ways cant b easy match 2 paradise. Replacn D moda naija wt banana republics lk biafra is a task as hard as makn naija hang on.

  23. my people, please we should be reasonable, where is owuka when uwazuruike started the agitation that leads to killing of so many, even him Uwazuruike sent to detention for more than a year, i hope owuka is not the SABO or like IFEAJUNA during the war, or came from part of Igbo that do not have much respect for Ojukwu, i mean those that feel money can do everything.

    With respect to you owuka, please make peace with Uwazuruike and be loyal to him, if you are working for the interest of the Igbos, he has suffered so much on this, that you to look down on him. Yes i agree with you that with or with him that we must one day be free from this evil nation called Nigeria, country where people are killed every day, even when praying to God.owuka, you can only get it done when we are in unity, and not looking down on the leader or even the poor. Please correction yourself and mind the words you use, if you must be one of the good leaders.

  24. Let uwazulike forget about the tittle,gburugburu and join hands to fight for our rights,all igbo are tired of intimidations.we want to go.Biafra we stand.

  25. I hope d agitations of d different Nigerian regions politically or otherwise is 4 good.I like us 2 remain as Nigerians but if we r 2 survive by being different states,so b it.


    O buru na Jehova echeghi obodo n`efu ka onye uche na-amu anya……….Ndi be anyi o ruola ka anyi ga-ama na Obodo Naijiria abughi be anyi——ka anyi kwado Biafra Republic.Pls this post is exclusively for Igbos who are patriotic…do not read it if you do not understand.

  27. Let yorubas and middle belt use this opportunity to declare their own independence from hausa/fulani sorry Nigeria republic.

  28. I am sick and tired to stay in the same country with north. They are the most foolish and ignorant people on earth.

  29. If God will allow Biafra’s to stand as a country of it’s own,it will be the reachest country of world because Nigerian, oil was there.

  30. Onwuka, until u prove ur love 4 igbos as uwazurike did several times in jail, strike first 4rm ur fruit we shall know u.

  31. In God we hope! Am in the north right now, but when the time draws closer i will go down to east and join the Biafran sodiers….BIAFRA MMA-MMA NUOOOO!

    • Ifynwa mama,abeg no waist time,come quick becos recruitment is goin now,i will fight for my biafra with the last drop of my blood.GOD BLESS BIAFRA!

  32. Tank God everybody get A.k 47 for house,now i go find way get atomic bomb,hahahaha make we fight dis fight ones and forever

  33. God hv blessed biafrans but we must not hv division among our self, we must b unite as one body with determination and seriousness. Let reason 2geda and stand up 4 our right and biafra will no longer b a dream, it hv b reality now or never. We hv 2 strike now there is no peace in nigeria bcos if dis boko haram stop disturbing and biafra rise 2 protest or 2 declare independence it will b bloody, as d northerns are striking now by kill and bombing, destroying d property of citizens of biafra, d eastern strike too by declaring Republic of BIAFRA. God bless BIAFRA.

  34. owuka i tank u and i wt u and uwazuruike to rizeen together wtever is the proble pls solt it wten u bcs the man hv died 4 biafra once so i bless u people if ur is reel and cover u biafrans with blood of jesus no ham will tuch us god has come to selve his people.

    • That’s interesting i ‘ve ever heard, the killings of d igbos is obvious it is beta 2 let d igbos go on their own. So God help d biafrans 2 actualise their dream com november 2012.

    • This is d most interesting news i ‘ve ever heard bc d killing of d igbos is obvious in d northern nigeria which did not start from 2day. Lord pls hear d cries of d defenceless igbo ppls so that com november 2012 they will bcom their own republic.

  35. wisdom ndubuisi on

    we re all behind u cheif onwuka but i want to appeal dat there shouldnt be rancour and acrimony between u and cheif uwazuruike.we undastand he approach to biafran strugle has been so slow and feeble bt pls stil see him as partner in progres and work wit him to avoid division.move on my gud peple,we re behind u.long live federal republic of biafra


    • You’re just beating around the bush, because your negative perception won’t work. And if it will, then declare Biafran State and let’s see whether it will really actualized.

  37. Uwazuruike, is better than nothing, he is purely a deceiver. he was the one who carried the biafran issues when Ojukwu was alive, now some igbos declared him eze-igbo he’s going back probably he has gained his aim of making a lot of noise. Now he is needed to make more noise on the issue he disassociated himself from the declaration of biafra come Novermber. The government is not the solution to our problem but the government is the problem. Uwazuruike is another disappointment to us.

  38. biafra are like isreal in the land of eigypt,so i believe the time for God to redeem his people has come,welcome biafra.

  39. Onyenche Uwanile on

    This is a good development, I support those that called for Chief Ralph Uwazuruike and Mr. Benjamin Onwuka to come together as one, Though recently i was shocked when i heard Uwazuruike calling for Igbo presidency in 2015, I have attended so many MASSOB meetings and heard this man vowing not participate in Nigerian politics, why this sudden change of mind?. Biafra should move from silent movement to this kind of approach of Mr. Benjamin Onwuka’s approach, God bless Biafra, God bless Chief Ralph Uwazuruike, God bless Mr. Benjamin Onwuka,God bless the Biafrans, MASSOB, Biafra Zionist Movement (BZM), This it appointed time.

  40. kudos to onwuka but i,ll still urge you to make peace with our brother uwazurike just to allow peace reign.he has suffered so much for biafra and should not be sidelined now that we are almost there.The motto of biafra is justice & equity,so if we jettison uwazurike after all his human resource investment in the project call biafra,do we still have the moral justification to acuse our common enemy (Nigeria)???


  42. Hmmm,i pray it will be 4 real that peace will reigne if trully 9ja should disintegrate. We all knw its not always juicy 4 most counties that take such path and by de way who said dat de corruption culture is not going to take over,de new said 6 mini 9ja,Lol. Our problem is corruption nd poverty,de very day we take care of dem am tellin u der will be no more boko haram and every one will be happy to be a nigerian. We should all do de right thing and stop pointin at the govt alone we are guilty as well.

  43. Yorubas are nót coward, its only we are too sophisticated to fight d war we definitely know we wont win… Though d entity call Nigeria is on d brink but God knows why we are still together, nothing pass prayers my brothers.

  44. Struggle to bring Biafra to limelight between 1966 to 1970 leads to my father’s death in 1969.I hope this time around our timing is in order before making another declaration, before the member state?

    May God be with us, and may we not shield another blood again comes November in Jesus Name Amen.
    God Bless Biafra.

  45. Nda Onwuka, commend uwazurike and go on if he is not ur mentor, If not u are like a fresh mad man who thinks madness(freedom) is easy,the treckin, flug, abuse, sun, rain and dirtiness by people. So ask dos dat are mad 4 over 12yrs how far, I’m encouraging u ooooo!!

  46. I wish this will be real as we have waited so long for this, our brothers in Bakassi have lost faith in us, we are the only people in world without proper identity, how long shall fear of death hold us back from declearing of our intentions, even though when we think there is peace Hausa people bring the death to our door steps. Mr Onwuka, do not mind Uwazurike,if he has changed step to what he preached before history will judge him. Go Onwuka,you owe it to your children,to your grand children and most of all you owe it to God and your people,if Nelson Mandela accepted the offer from the whites South Africans then today an avarage black will never be free in JHB of today. In every generation there will always be someone to chart the cause of his people,may it be you Onwuka to answer this call. Be our Mandela,our own moses to take us out of the bondage of Nigera. May God strenghten and keep you.

  47. izunna ojiaku on

    I cried dearly to my God when Odumegwu Ojukwu died, today my tears as simply that of joy. Welcome back BIAFRA my Africa heritage. I will live to see the Independent State of Biafra. God bless Biafram

  48. this is the best news i have heard in a very long time,bravo onwuka,GOD ll see you though in your strogle,but make sure you work hand in hand with uwazurike,imagine biafra frag hoisted in rio olympics games in very sure we ll be competing woth the world best,not coming home emty handed,when nigeria won olypices gold in ATALANTA 96,biafra sons and dorthers made it possible,in the football team biafrans make up of 80% of the entire team,dt forget chioma ajunwa,female national team is 90% biafra,nollywood is 90% biafra,hotels in abuja and shoping malls and bigest estate have 80% biafra ownership,nigeria musics industries is 45%biafra 55% yuruba,and zero% nourthen ABOKI.2FACE AND TERRY G are not hausa and the can never be.MI AND JEREMAH JANG ARE NOT HAUSAS AND THE CAN NEVER BE,literially world is domineted by biafrans and YORUBAS,THE CHUNA ACHEBES,NWABUEZES,,THE ELECHI AMADIS,AND EKWENSIS,LET LEAVE THE AREA OF BUSSINESS AND RELINON FOR ANOTHER DAY,BEACUSE CARDINAL ARINZE LL NOT LIKE TO BE DISTURBS

  49. even if UN does not grant it this time around i think we are ready to go to war again because Biafra is a task that must be done

  50. Welldone Mr Onuwka for dis struggle but u still hv to make peace with Uwazuruike who hv committed his life in de same struggle……we NdiIgbo hv suffered enough in hands of Nigerian Govt…..If southern Sundan can liberate themselves, I believe we can liberate ourselves from Nigeria……Long live Biafra. IGBO…kwe nu

  51. This is a good development for Biafrans. At least through diplomacy we can have our own country. But it is important that Uwazuruike and Onwuka’s groups join forces together to actualize this big dream. One thing that baffles me since the so-called boko haram menace is the silence that envelop all the groups in the South that have been clamouring for independence. There is no other time to do this except now. Since the north has made the country ungovernable for Jonathan through their boko haram, what then are the southerners waiting for. This is the time for Biafra to declare independence in the South East, OPC declare same in the South West, and MEND declare same for the south south. The same equally goes to the middle belt. It is only then that it will dawn on the international community Nigeria can no longer exist as an indivisible entity.

    This is a wake up call….a stitch in time save nine.

  52. Oooh my once beloved country Nigeria!!! In as much I luv being call a Nigerian but Being a BIAFRAN is a beta option. Our selected leaders has bastadized the entity call Nigeria from the prestigious Giant of Africa to a mere Paper Tiger

  53. Onye gbakata ghara nke ogbara agba alaa niighi..we dont need any slow motion in this strugle…what about our brothers in the south south..come what may they are our brother..(onye aghana nwanne ya) we should fight for them as well… I have longed toward this day. God bless jews all over the world.. God bless the zionist movement and God bless Biafra. The rising sun.

  54. Mohammed Damatru on

    Nigeria has failed in security issues, if Biafra will stand we will like it. Since this Movement started, I can say this is the best workable step you have taken. Please not all Hausas are Boko Haram, will Biafrans allow some of us who like the Movement to naturalize?



  56. it is a notorious fact that igbos are malhandled in nigeria, despite the fact that they are the brain box of nigeria. if the fact is to be faced, nigeria will be like the orphans if the igbos departs . nigeriand! igbos are blessed more than any other tribe in nigeria.just to face the fact.

  57. Uwazuruike is playing a fatherly role. This is necessary sine Dim is no more. It is important to have a reinforcement in any battle. Let it not be understood that Uwazuruike is shying away from re-declaring Biafran state. Even when Dim was alive he did not withdraw from Nigerian affairs rather he made himself relevant to really understand the dimension events were moving to so as to re-strategize

  58. Callistus Chidiebere Nwoye on

    This is one of my most pleasant news in my life. May you live long Mr Onwuka for taking the bull by the horn. I used to wonder why we had not expressed officially our intentions and plights to the UN, but this time around I am delighted that it has happened. This is a right step in a right direction. Onwuka may you and the whole group who came up with this intelligent thought live for us and may the Good Lord bless you all. It is a pride to be an Igbo. The strenght and vigour of our igboness speak eloquently around the globe. Long live Biafra! Long live Ojukwu´s family and long live the citizens of Biafra.
    May God bless our great Nation.


  60. I could remember vividly in my undergraduate days at UNN, when Ojukwu Nnaa!!!! (that is name we use to call him then), visited the campus, some of us went and meet him in his hotel place and we ask him about the Biafra, he told us that Biafra is in the mind of every Igbo man and that one day it will come to pass. He further said he may or may not be alive to waitness it. He said one word that really touched me so much, that biafra will be the land of “Onye ahana nwanneya”, were justice and equity will rule supreme. One of us said that Ojukwu may be like moses who will not see the promise land. Oh!, ur guise may be as good as mind. Long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! live Biafian republic in Jesus Mighty name we prayed, Amen!, and Amen!! and Amen!!!.

  61. Form: Living Biafrans!


    Despite all odds, obstructions, delays, betrayals, frustrations, disagreements, misunderstandings, oppositions, attacks, confusions, forgetfulness, loss of passion, loss of directions, disintegrations, mistakes, kidnappings, embezzlements, tortures, killings, imprisonments, etc, we are happy to announce to you today that ALL THINGS WORKETH TOGETHER FOR OUR GOOD AND FOR THE GOOD OF THE ACTUALIZATION OF THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA!


  62. This is the greatest news of the year, I hope the middle belt and the West can follow suit, the Niger Delta republic is also in the pipeline. God bless the Jews of Africa.

  63. with one voice we will get still crying for those who lost their life for Biafran independency may their soul rest in peace. But i want you onwuka and uwazurika to make peace to avoid bleaching agreement on that november because am well loaded for that day. God bless onwuka God bless uwazurike and God bless Biafran people..


    Lets put aside personal interest, Uwazuruike has tried so much, suffered so much and promoted a pronounced awareness. Do not castigate him. First hear from him why he has refused to work with the new group for actualizing sovereign state of Biafra. This division is not giving the Biafrans all over the world joy. I am personally disappointed hearing that Uwazuruike has diverted to a direction of political agitation. Hope BZM has not come or motivated to stabilize aims drafted by Massob to actualize biafra. Please, work together with every Igbo to secure the aim of Igbos which is biafra.

  65. Okoye A. Okoye on

    My people,I’m telling you Uwazuirike or not, Biafra is matching on.we don’t care who is with us and who is against us, our GOD is still alive. my people, I’m telling you.

  66. Ndi igbo kwenu yaaa!!!! Ndi igbo kwenu yaaaaaa!!!!!!! Ndi igbo kwezuenooooo yoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Am in love wit u guyz, more of d awearness pls wawu!! Am so empress this is a welcome development atlist let d bokoharam nws that we ar ever ready 4 them. Ndi igbo let us join hands together so that we can asualise our asualisation.

  67. You have made my day. you have acted according to my fathers advice and wish (Ikemba). you have spoken the mind of the ndigbo and the wishes of our south-south people. carry on the ogoni way! God bless the republic of Biafra.

  68. This is highly welcome development for the coming up of declaration of BIAFRA, Ogoni did it, What is OMO ODUDUWA waiting for? AFENIFERE and OPC, OMO ODUDUWA are waiting for you guys to declare REPUBLIC OF ODUDUWA.

    Once again, I support Ndigbo for this long over due new development, up REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA. This marriage that hold Nigeria can no longer hold divorce is the best bet. UP, UP, UP, BIAFRA.

  69. My dear broda Onwuka, u’re brave indeed. I’m frm R/s but my mum is an Igbo. I want t assure u dat u’l get support n help frm non igbos above ur expectation. I’m around n wil b there, at least wit my education n physical appearance i can do something. Long live d great Federal Republic Of Biafra, long live d great Onwuka. Kudos t our Eze Igbo buruburu, Chukwuemeka Ojukwu.

  70. good thinking – good product. I have just one suggestion. ALL SOUTHERNERS MUST COME TOGETHER NOW AND FIGHT DIPLOMATICALLY NOT WAR FOR A COMMON GO AND AT THE END OF THE DAY WE CAN GO OUR DIFFERENT WAYS. This is very important in order to fight this parasites who would do anything to false us living together because of their laziness. All southern governors, traditional leaders, political leaders, elders, youth/students, women and all other stakeholders must come together for a southern conference to work things out. This is the only way to achieve our aim. As a yoruba man, I am eagerly waiting for this day (November 5th) to see what my people would do in the south-west. The northerners already have their army “boko haram” and they have told us without mincing words that we should go away.

  71. Kenny onyekachi on

    Please let us be strong and speak with one voice, yes we can run & get biafra without Uwazunrike but will muse aspect him with love & peace & see him as one of us in the progress, & work with him to avoid disaster from our enemy or division, but we muse stand by our word. Mr.Onwuka God bless you and your group. May God redeem biafra from all their sufferness, now we can tell north enough is enough.

  72. chief Onwuka may the lord give you the wisdom,power,and grace carry on with ur vision in a way that everything should be don on the text U N charter for self determination where there will be no sheding bloods

  73. This is a good news for Biafrans and a giant step by chief Onwuka there is nothing impossible before God Biafrans are are children of the most high God with fear of God and respect for the sanctity of life, we will not go to war again and we will not kill but with wisdom and diplomatic process we shall be free like children of Isreal from the hand of Pharaoh. Please sir, whatever the case carry Uwauruike along he has invested in the struggle, by the grace of God Biafra will rise again. God bless The Republic of Biafra


    Toothless bull dogs no body is afraid of that threat,but let me remind u all that succession is not discuss on a round table rather in the battle field pls be guided

  75. If seperation wil bring peace and development,so be it.we dont give a damn.i think every part of dis country can stand on it own.

  76. We pray God to grant it, every body need freedom and wants to be independent in peace. we support and we are behind you our brothers welcome Biafras in Africa{For God and my country}

  77. I am overjoyed.. hearing this.. ooh Children of Jacob.. cry no more.. oh the house of Joseph be filled with joy for the time of the gentiles are almost over..Oh daughters of Zion, your songs of praise shall be heard again . For the Lord God of your fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob has heard thine tears from above.. “and in those days never again shall you go astray for he shall be your God and we shall be your children and you will be known and called The Lord our Righteousness” Yahweh Sidkenu.. Shalom

  78. How many times will an unforturnate incident happens to you before you’ll learn your lesson? If truely that uwazurike has done like his ancestors: Ifeajuna, Col Njoku, Black Scorpion, Banjor, Zik of his home town(not Africa) and all other Biafra sabotours, by collecting ”BRIBE”, then for sure, he can never enter the promise land(Moses). And as for you Onwuka, the Bible says that the expectations of the rightious shall never be aborted, carry on!!! The mantle of ”Joshua” is already upon you. Am in full support. BRAVOOOO!!!

  79. Yes, Republic of Biafra is guarantee a future that is bright, imagine a without miscriant,Islamist fanatics, Boko Haram, i wonder wonder how the north will survive without revenue from oil proceed let alone establishing Islamic Banking COW in the form human being.

  80. even other tribe know that allowing Biafran to go is the best option but some selfish individual is still holding on b/cos of selish reason let wait 4 Gods time i blve it most surely come

  81. Yes, Republic of Biafra guarantee a future that is bright, imagine a nation without miscriant,Islamist fanatics, Boko Haram, alnamajiris, i wonder how the north who depend on govt for everything will survive without revenue from oil proceed let alone establishing Islamic Banking COWs in the form human being. Shall a mediocre continue to lead in the midst of best hands…NEVER! Born to rule mentality my foot.

  82. We are long over due for this liberation. Dear onwuka, fight on we are with you and God will give the courage to contiune from where Great Ojukwu stopped.

  83. Biafra here we come…..@ahmad or what ever is ur name u must be an insolent fool to say that which came out of ur mouth and u are even a biGGer idiot for putting it to written in a forum like this….

    Note: The sun rise & sets in the east…..

  84. To be in Nigeria means to be in bondage of hausa/fulani and to be in corruption, unending killings,failure and atrocity.let us manage this opportunity before it may be too late again.Yoruba stand out middle belt stand out let everyone go and declare their own and let me see what fulanis will do.

  85. Ofordile chinedu {Jp} on

    Thank God we stil hav smbody like Onwuka who is determined 2 replace nd continu frm wer Great Ikemba Ojukwu stops, Ndi-IGBO is solidly nd gaseosly behind u chief Onwuka [MAN OF COURAGE] Biafra must b actualise wit or witout dat so cald MASSOB Leader Uwazuruike..

  86. gud optimism I see 4rm and operess people. It sound gud in the ear of the suffering biafra. We should note that we r not in anyway united, if our gr8 ikemba couldnt achieve it when he is controlling all the eastern region, so hw now dat we are disintergrate into state? Ojukwu gave all for those heluv, d same people betrayd him, now dia is cold war btw Uwazurike and Onwuka, how can they actualize their drm? It is vital to state here that most of the powerful biafrains are been tied to nig govt wia they helping the north to loot our economy, they are nt ready to loose their paradise to join the poor majority biafra. Even if we gain independent, their is no luv, unity, the fight for capital will arise, hu will rule. Our biafrain politicians are all after their pocket. May God help us in these strugl.

    • Ofordile Chinedu {Jp} on

      U re completly rite himan my bro, bt i knw dat wt God Biafra must b actualised wt or witout doz so cald prominent politicians. D isue of capital nd who wl rule,i tink Ndi- Igbo is mature enof 2 comport nd arange dat 4 demsefs.

    • Himan, you are a man of little faith.
      the bible says that all thing are possible to them that believe.
      The heart of every Igbo person is crying for the state of biafra and time has come for it to be actualised.
      greetings to great onwuka .

  87. some people are very delusional up to the end of their lifespan. How it will ever occur clearly to some people that this biafran of a thing, is long time death and that the death always stay death only wishful thinking, akin to a day dreamer.

  88. Ofordile Chinedu {Jp} on

    Thank God Biafra stil hav Brave nd courageous people lyk Chief Onwuka dat can continu frm wer D Great Ikemba Ojukwu stops. Ndi-IGBO is solidly behind u… Biafra must b actualised wit or witout dat so cald MASSOB leader Uwazuruike

  89. Biafra nationalistic movement is everlasting strugle for Indpendent Political State of Federal Republic of Biafra. In no distance time it will be a dream come true. Nigeria is a PseudoNation. Hausa and Fulani under the disguise of Islamic religion are grave yard where Nigeria political and socio-economic opportunities are buried year in and year out.

  90. I am very happy for everybody that commented in one way or the other and more particularly happy on ‘tellthem’ comment. Tellthem my Kudos to you. There is something very unique in our contributions here: No more tribalism, no more critisizing. everybody is seriouse, both the Ibos and none Ibos. but why? because the country called Nigeria is DEAD. It is obviouse that things(governance) can NEVER improve in Nigeria rather it will continue to be getting worse and worst. Listen, the next administration after Jonathan will be more worst than Jonathern’s administration. it must continue like that. it is time to take our destiny in our hands

    But my People, let us use our tongue to count our teeth before anything. First of all, is this big project achievable from the way things are going?
    No matter whoever come and said he is now at the forefront of the struggle.

    Let us(all southerners: whether south east, southwest, southsouth etc) come together and as suggested by tellthem. Then after actualisation we can go our separate ways.
    Lets start orientation on this.
    God bless you all.

  91. Guys u pple shld try to kw what is happning bw d Uwazurik’s group*massob* and Onwuka’s groud which is Zionist it’s long story. It happens to be that both agree that it shuld be annouce on 5th Nov and the zionist says that pple hav nt hear frm them then go ahead to announce the declaration so that they wil be hear. Massob is what evribdy kw.

  92. Ndigbo kwenu…ya…ndigbo kwenu…ya…ndigbo kwezuenu…yooooo!!! Biafra is d promise land we are talking about and is ours…. 9ja is our formal country.goodbye 9ja.wellcome our biafra

  93. 98 years ago, (1914 -2012), heterogeneous entities were erroneously amalgamated together and Called NIGERIA not for development but for easy exploitation sorry Governance by then British Government. 45 Years latter (1967- 2012) after an attempt to correct the error was foisted by NIGERIA and her cohorts the consequence of the error is still ravaging NIGERIA. Fighting to keep NIGERIA together for over 52 years (1960 -2012) is selfishness. AU,UN, UK,USA, let BIAFRA go Peacefully, we are tired of being NIGERIA. We have been maltreated for more than 4 decades, we are suffering but smiling.

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  95. Kenny From Ireland on

    Mr Onwuka Igbos Appreciate This Your Move And God Will Lead You Through In Jesus Name BUT Don,t Look Down On Uwazuruike No Matter What Because This Biafra Fight Is a Collective Fight Not What One Person(s) Or One Group Of People Will Fight Alone,Biafra Want All Hands On deck Because That Is The Only way We BIafrans Well Achieve This Our Dream quick,God Bless All Biafrans. With God All Things Are Possible

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  97. This is just the beggining,but i wnt to tell our brothers in rivers,bayalsa,akwa ibom,cross river,edo and delta state to join hands with the ibos to win ths war.u ppl wia against us during the last war wit nigeria ,unless u r ready to suffer in the hand of the north.

  98. I smelt rat here. Uwazurike disassociating himself from the declaration to be come this november,please let’s watch our back before Judas betrays Jesus here. Biafra is long overdue if only westners would see reasons it will go a long way in bringing peace to both nigeria & Biafran nation,if foundation be destroyed tell me what the rightoues will do. Since nigeria as a nation has failed we have no option than to go our seperate ways,if a child to be taking care of by a maid dies won’t she (maid) go?

  99. oliseh emeka ibekwe on

    The biafrans has fought for their right of self determination withholding mighty nigeria army for 3 years despite the fact that they lost the war due to food blocked and others things ,their names are in the history book as a warriors to be reckon with,as they are pusueing the part of diplomacy to achieve their objectives of self determination ,they should also work hard to bring their youth on board and uniformly work towards that goal ,then history will judge all that fell to put their hands on deck

  100. Igbo bu igbo mma mma nuoooo!!!, Dear Onwuka i rememba My GOD promise to ABRAHAM….. dat He wil bles dos who bles him & curse dos who curse him, Tru him He wil bles many Nations, In dsame way i restore d blesing 2 u 2day dat tru u REPUBLIC OF BIAFRA wil resorate 4eva nd eva………….AMEN!!!!!!!!!!.


  102. pls you people should not disintegrat nigeria, we are one nigeria, base on our investments in lagos and other part of nigeria, no Awusa dey buy house anywhere in this country, even yorubas, everything buy buy na igbo in lagos, how can we achieve biafra with this, go to trade fair badagry road and see what igbos are building, market upon market in the complete, buildingof news ones, there is this new one, they called mandilas association, everyday work is going there, how can biafra stand with this, cant we development some where in the east arrange our water ways for good to come in, what are we talking, people should stop deceiving abeg, one Nigeria we stand, Isa Mbano umunkwo

    • people are buying houses abroad so you don’t need to panic. but better for you if you use tongue to count your teeth anybody that stop the independent of biafra will never see god thing in his or her life if you like buy all the house in the north biafra will go. that is your own cup of tea.

    • Isa,For us to have all the investments in all parts of Nigeria while under Housa/Fulani opression is worse than death.
      So I think it is better we leave all the investment for them and break away.
      If we were able to survive ater the war abandon property, then we will survive better in the state of biafra.
      Greetings to great onwuka.

  103. To Mr. Present,
    Don’t use the govt machinery that day like the Boko Harams to kill your Eastern brothers,you hear ?
    Pregnant women delivers normal or through operation.And any human, witches or wizard that doesn’t want to see a child delivered,die in Jesus name,Amen.No matter how long it takes.Whats gonna be,2x,what goes up must come down,there’s nothing you can do about it.

  104. onwuka, go ahead ndigbo are solidly behind you .we need a persopn to fill in the vacancy created by the death of ikemba ojukwu.with this move am convinced you can take ndigbo to the promise land. rally on!!!!!

  105. This is getting interesting. Finally it seems the faith of the banana lawless country called Nigeria has been sealed.
    I’ll admonish a peaceful separation into Nations where each nation will fully be autonomous and control its resources.

  106. we are anxiously waiting for the appointed date when the republic of biafra will be re-energize. we pray that this time the sovereignty state of Biafra will be internationally recognize. I hereby call on all igbos to reinforce the spirit igboism to achieve this rigorous struggle.
    Long live East of the niger,
    Long live umu igbo.
    Long live republic of Biafra.

  107. Igbo kwenu!!! Biafran state will be an awesome development, it’s long overdue. Let IBB, and the rest keep their Boko Haram soldiers, start culvating and planting more groundnuts to support their economy. Ndigbo should try to unite, drop all interests that are deemed selfish due to love of money. Now my Afenifere/ Odu’a nation, we should try to unite, drop partisan politics, OBJ, Akande, Tinubu and co are not the messiah, we should rally round industrialist minds, and economical minded people like Fashola, Aregbesola, and vibrant youths both home and abroad to channel a way forward for the Yoruba nation. Ajisebi Oyo lan ri, Oyo o se be baba enikan. Unity in Yoruba land is what is necessary, Yoruba nation will be the greatest! We have the resources, both human, natural, and economic.

  108. Yes u biafrans are right cus our nothern elders has kill us walaaye . Every time bombing cus we were betried by OBJ and nija has fail yes is bete for us to go seprat we can stay our self says Kaita prof Angu if niger divide we north are not afread ,my nothern leaders are stupid . Almajere go come tooo much naaa ,my dear onwka pls dont live us

  109. I sincerely think northern Nigeria will be better of if we go our ways. That will make the region go back to the drawing board and reorganize and become a better country, because an ordinary northerner on the street is not benefiting anything what so ever from this dream called Nigeria.

  110. Sammy Nwachukwu on

    This is a welcome development.
    A good decision in a good direction. But my questions still remains this; will our able brothers who have taken differents oaths in differents Hausa Fulani caliphates allow this to work? or will the ones strugling to buy Mr. A oil well allow these project to scale through?

    It is only time that will tell.

    God bless Ndi Igbo

  111. To me, if Nigeria should divide, then let all the party involve call for national confrence. We have our Igbo leaders in the national assembly, infact all the southern leaders in the national assembly should solicist national confrence. It’s only this way Nigeria can divide peacefully. I’ll not pray for war to befall this country again, cos we are still feeling the pains. This country would have be one of the greatest of all, infact the greatest in Africa. I strongly condem anybody agitating or thinking of another war in this country. It is only the Igbo leaders that can actualise the soverign state of Biafra. God bless Nigeria. God help my Igbo people. One love(ofu obi).

  112. i thank god for his wisdom upon you onwuka but please i will appreciate if you can still work with uwazurike despite his dullness. because he has tried in his own way.i pray and i believe that almight GOD will grant us our heart desire in jesus name GOD bless biafra.

  113. For what now? Somebody should stop these southerners. Where do they want to go leaving us behind? This Nigerian marriage has no divorce. Many inter-marriages exist.Where will those children go? Lets remain here and salvage it 2gether.

  114. I think is the elite and the political class that wouldn’t want any separation, cos they are the beneficiaries here.

  115. hummmm, i greetall concerned igbosssss, but my people with out beeing in unity we can achieve nothing so lets unity first before disentigration, biafran can never die,,,,,,, igbo kwenuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  116. This is d greatest news of the year, Biafra must be realized this time around. Onwuka pls reconcile with Uwazurike. All Biafran sons and daugters must come out en mass for Nov. 5th declaration lets us leave Nigeria for Nigerians. Long live federal republic of biafra!!!! Ndi Igbo kwezuo nu eeee! UGO eberela na mgbagbu!!!!

  117. Dele Olorogun on

    This submission including the acceptance of World Igbo Congress (WIC) into the United Nation’s UNECOSOC shows that Biafra will be used by God to restore the glory of Africa and the black race that is seemingly being written off by non-blacks. Above all, this guy’s move has made Uwazuruike a big DUMMY in a shithole.

  118. I know that is the time for us to go…our Moses have gone, BABA OJUKWU ,we are GOD’S MOST LOVING ONE….IGBO.. we ISRAEL…we have all you can think to have in this Wold bot HOLY once,we know God, we have it all in our Land………..We have try for 9JA,IN GOD WE HOPE…….AND BELIEVE………….GOD BLESS US ALL GOD,LONG LIVE BIAFRAN..

  119. Uzoh from lagos on


  120. Biafra rebirth has become imperative inview of the destructive tendencies of the Hausa-Fulani core North in the one Nigeria project. The Igbos can not continue to be massacred in the name of Nigeria unity. Lets have our seperate country where all will be free to excel. watching the just ended olympics and seeing small countries of less than 120,000 people winning medals while the behemoth of 200 Million population called Nigeria got nothing made me to be ashamed on being called a Nigerian. The land of the rising Sun we welcome you, the time to free the children of God from this hellhole called Nigeria has come. May the God of David destroy all the enemies that may stand in Biafra way in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  121. Kaycee Oji Abam on

    He who war war saw war and wars no more. Biafra is ideal, but we must learn our lessons and see our brothers in south west, the tactics they have been deploying since the first, after and now. They have been using an undisclosed diplomacy both at the centre called Federal government and how they have been following issues in this country that at the end of every struggle they gain more that any of the so called geo-political zones. My Bros. let us be so diplomatic this time that we may not loose . Welcome Biafra my country to be.

  122. Kingsley Enyinnaya on

    it is a good idea,since the right to live and go about ones legitimate business in any part of the federating states and freedom to practice the religion of ones choice without molestation cannot longer be gurranteed under one Nigeria,compounded by intrigues and silence of the Northern Oligarchy on the menance of the dreaded Boko Haram, since the president cannot and has chosen not to do anything decisive about putting to and end the Boko Haram issue,however, are you prepared for what you looking for,many of you so much love women and comforts, are you ready to sacrifice yr personal convinience to actualise this noble cause,because i ALSO BELIEVE ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  123. Onowu onwuka u ar d true son of d soil, by wakein dis 4guten agitation. U hv done wel especaly nw dt d norther leaders object every federal gift 2 d region: even 2 create a state which can help 2 jstify d doubt of maginalization. God strengthen nduka(as i cal u) God protect Biafra! U ar my dreamed country.

  124. Commendations to you Mr. Onwuka, this is a bold step in the right direction. However, we have to be very cautious. First of all search your conscience very well and if you are inspired to champion this cause b/c of helpless igbo people that have been suffering, I tell you with confidence to go ahead. However, if you have any ulterior motive gearing towards selfish interest, please just quit in good time as all will turn to wasted efforts. Agreed that Uwazuruike has erred by dissociating himself, you should not dismiss him with just a wave of hand. He has done a lot and gone through great sufferings for this cause. Your group (BZM) and (MASSOB) should team up and work together for this to be a success. Moreover, you needed to have done much ground work before coming out to take this bold step so that you won’t repeat the same mistake that Ojukwu made in 1967. Have you sought the support of some countries recognized as the world powers like Israel and America? If not, please go and seek their support first before going to UN to defend this project, otherwise the project will be a failure. I advise you and Uwazuruike to throw away egoism and selfish interest and put the people of Biafra at heart. Unite together! and the spilled blood of innocent Biafrans will cry out to God to come to our aid and this project will be a success. Long live Biafra!

  125. How wonderful it is, to see the blessed poeple of BIAFRA matching into the promise land. I hail you chief ONWUKA, may you walk and never stumble. With GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. GOD BLESS ‘PPLE OF BIAFRA AND LONG LIVE THE SOVERING STATE OF BIAFRA

  126. On November 5, 2012.There should b no movement in d south-east until we get our heart desire:GOD is wit us. NDI IGBO lets move wit one mind.

  127. Goldspring2001 on

    I hope the organisers know what they are doing .
    Make no mistake about it for that statement by Yakubu Gowan that we Ibos are very important in Nigeria is very true.Ibos form the largest christian group in Nigeria and if a true census is taken you will
    find out that Ibos are more populous than any other group.Boko haram asked Jonathan to convert to islam
    it is the same thing they told Jacob Gowan and he changed to Yakubu Gowan yet they threw him out and replaced him with Muritala mohamed.Well I hope to God Biafra becomes real — I fought for that ideal from 7th July 1966 to 10th January 1970. May God grant us Biafra in my life time Amen.

  128. To declare Biafra is what is needed now not UN observer status.The ogonis,Bakassi have declared independence and the Ijaws are about to do so.Do not continue to be cowardly call a spade a spade and declare Biafra nothing had happened to the other declarants.

  129. XtracareBiafra on

    Oooooh! I weep for my country Biafra…….i so much love my con3 biafra, so onwuka we d yourth of Aguleri are willing to fight for d cause of Biafra…..pls dont disapoint us, we are with u

  130. Children, Children Children!!!. I called all those who are shouting Biafra to sit and think very well about the project .. All those who are shouting were either born during the war or or after the war . They have not sat down to calculate what war is. War is hell. Nobody should pray to see war again. You are a lot better improving on the state in which we are than to clamor for something you are not ready for.
    Which of the States will make up Biafra? Will South South join? Who will finance the project? Will Federal troops watch you without resistance?
    Have you made wide consultations with serving or retired officers and men of Igbo extraction? What of your investments outside the East? Are you prepared to lose them?
    Due to youthful exuberance, and those in the diaspora who have nothing at stake in Nigeria are all shouting, “Let us go”.
    I laugh each time I read this in the news. When a child is in the dark, he requests for light and when light comes, things that child will see , will make him ask that the light be removed. Be warned. We must remain in one Nigeria . Let make our bed comfortable because that is how we shall lie on it.

  131. The positive resonance from Igbos and Nigerians as a whole to this “declaration” makes a huge impact. Consequently, we implore all Igbo organised communities in diaspora; USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Asia, Australia and african countries to direct formal applications respectively to UN, demanding the autonomy of Biafra.
    It will be granted! But we must be persistent and diplomatic. No blood will be shed; only just believe! The course is right, nothing stands against it. Write, write and write!
    Don´t be a maybe!

  132. Augusta Ihezuo on

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  133. I stand with Biafran actualization. Let all the groups team together bit Massob and others abeg….we are one and one language let no one bring crisis among us i dey beg una..


  135. The failure of Nigeria is too much for us “BIAFRANS to bear and we BIAFRANS must be in unity before we can archive our dreams. Uwazurike disassociating himself from the declaration is not the mean problem here, let unit together and move forward. with one heart, our dreams freedom is ours. Oga Benji Onwuka, we are behind you and we pray that our dreams comes true.

  136. it is good and welcome development but i will appreciate it more if onwuka and uwazulike speak with one voice. To put the people in one focus very neccessary, uwazulike is known by ojukwu and his life has gone into this struggle and i still believe in him but at the moment i cannot interpret his silence and it must not be taken as a cowardice but time will reveal. Onwuka must work with uwazulike to bring BIAFRA to pass

  137. iafra alive biafra alive biafra alive biafra is a dream that is realizable.Though it has been long overdue yet i know that one day and that one day is 5th Nov 2012 it must be realized. But pls my brother Onwuka try to mend fence with Uwazuruike to avoid i on

    iafra alive biafra alive biafra alive biafra is a dream that is realizable.Though it has been long overdue yet i know that one day and that one day is 5th Nov 2012 it must be realized. But pls my brother Onwuka try to mend fence with Uwazuruike to avoid internal wrangling which may spell doom to the dream. I luv Biafra land pls ciafra alive biafra alive biafra alive biafra is a dream that is realizable.Though it has been long overdue yet i know that one day and that one day is 5th Nov 2012 it must be realized. But pls my brother Onwuka try to mend fences with Uwazuruike to avoid internal wrangling which may spell doom to the dream. I luv Biafra land pls carry go.

  138. We understand the enthusiam by Ndigbo youths concerning this issue,and we advice that we tread with caution. The Supreme Council of Igbo Youths(SUCIYO)Worldwide has received reports concerning this issue and will respond adequately. No doubt we are been endangered in the present circumtances.Long live Ndigbo Youths. Long live SUCIYO!

  139. iafra alive biafra alive biafra alive. biafra is a dream that is realizable.Though it has been long overdue yet i know that one day and that one day is 5th Nov 2012 it must be realized. But pls my brother Onwuka try to mend fences with Uwazuruike to avoid internal wrangling which may spell doom to the dream. I luv Biafra land pls carry go.

  140. Thank God 4 d arriụal of biafra. I will be d happiest person on earth to see d coming of biafra , my advice to Onwuka is to seek for Uwazurike’s suppọrt so it can be easier, for united we stand and divided we fall. God bless republic of Biafara.

  141. Nnamani Ifeanyi on

    Igbo kwenu! Words cannot xpress how happy i am, what a welcome development we have there! But we need to come together as brothers we used to be and diplomatically agitate for Biafra once and for all bcos the hour has come. Destiny can only be delayed, it can never be denied, the blood of the Biafrans dat was shed by Gowon and co. trying to denied a destiny will never allow Nigeria to be ‘ONE’ anymore! We are the Biafrans, the rising sun, we should be shining! Dat is the destiny!! But Nigeria had being keeping us on the horizon for so many years. BIAFRANS ARISE AND SHINE, FOR THE GLORY OF GOD HAD RISEN UPON THEE!! ………Biafra till death!

  142. My fellow country men, let us kill the fear that hides the light of our dreams….. For in the heart of every BIAFRA is a light that shines like the sun, which makes us resourceful n strong, intelegent n smart… We are good people n we know it, we love peace and progress, equity n justice. Like the people of Israel we must get to the promise land.

    To Onwuka and Uwazuruike (Respect) both of you should work as one, however if my right hand would would cause me the fruite of the land, of what use is it?

    To Nigerians we will always be friends, n diplomatic associates.

    The sun must shine, no matter the weather.

  143. Yes a very gud start God bless Biafra zionist nd long live Biafra 4uck hausa/fulani fools hw sad it will b 4 dem when we go

  144. GOD bless Biafra my bothers Igbos pls all we need is love and unity to get our freedom, Biafra most stand and nothing will stop it, is for sure and its clear, but we need each other to make it happen a kindom that rises against it self never gonna stand pls Igbo bu Igbo people of wisdom let us apply this wisdom and take this chance by engaging all the freedom fighter with unity, pls brother Owuka u have tried very much we are happy for all u did we love u brother but u still need ur brother Uwazuruika along with u pls inwa Igbo u need him may GOD bless united state of Biafra

  145. Please I want to encourage the BZM and Massob and all the branch fighting for Biafran idenpendence to come to one understanding because divided we fall and united we stand. Let UWAZURIKE AND ONWUKA STOP accusing and threatning each other because the Nigerian government and the international community may not take the case serious if their problems should escalate beyond. They should please come under one umbrella and stand for Biafran Nation. The international community or the Nigerian do not know who to listen to whether BZM or Massob and other branches. Please let us work together if we really want to have this great nation Biafra. Thank you all.

  146. Chima nwa biafra on

    I love onwuka because it shows that the spirit of ikemba is alive in him, who never lose hope.wooooooh to uwazulike he is not a true son of the igboland.

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