Gov Wamakko’s shameful display


Governor Aliyu Magatarkada Wamakko of Sokoto State has unarguably joined the rank of the infamous by his recent flogging of an official of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in his personal residence.

Report has it that Wamakko did the unthinkable on October 20, 2012 when he whipped silly the PHCN Business Manager in charge of Giwa Business Unit, Sokoto State, Mr. Moses Osigwe, with horsewhip (koboko) on account of not supplying power to his village, Wamakko.

Besides flogging Osigwe like a school pupil, the governor ordered his two security details to beat up the victim until he became unconscious. The governor’s grouse, according to his media aide, Mallam Sani Umar, was that despite doling out N17 million to PHCN to install a new transformer in order to restore power to his village, there was nothing to show for it.

He accused PHCN staff of deliberate ploy to deny his community electricity. Not even an explanation by Osigwe could placate the incensed governor. No matter what transpired between Wamakko, Osigwe and PHCN, the governor has no right whatsoever to take the law into his hands or resort to jungle justice and primitive display.

Wamakko should have followed the path of sanity and civility to settle whatever grievances he has with PHCN instead of resorting to abusive self-help. By throwing caution to the wind, Wamakko has desecrated the hallowed office of the governor and abused it with impunity. Following the misdemeanour, the Sokoto State branch of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has threatened industrial action. We condemn this shameful attitude of the Governor.

We cannot understand why a governor should descend so low to inflict physical pains and injury on a senior official of PHCN as if the latter is his houseboy. It is quite disgusting that a governor should go to this extent to settle scores with a public servant.

Where has the dignity of the office of the governor gone to? For whatever reasons, Wamakko’s action is embarrassing, uncouth, and ungubernatorial. The governor overreacted by letting his emotion control him in this extant matter. Somebody occupying the office of a governor should not be irascible. He should be somebody that should react to issues with great sense of maturity. Unfortunately, these traits are in short supply among our political elites.

This is not the first time a state chief executive has been involved in this type of executive lawlessness. What marks that of Wamakko out is the magnitude of the humiliation of the victim and the reason given by the governor’s aide for the unruly action. It is therefore little wonder that the Governor’s action has received widespread condemnation.

We urge the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) to call Wamakko to order. Let his colleagues tutor him on how to behave as a governor. They should tell him what he should not do as a governor. Those in government should be able to control their temperament. Beating up a citizen for no just cause is definitely one of those things a governor should not do.

He should render an unreserved apology to Osigwe and the PHCN. The governor should also pay the medical expenses Osigwe incurred as a result of the assault. Governors should see their office as a call to service and not one to be above the law.

The governor and the governed are joint stakeholders in the affairs of Nigeria. None should treat the other as a junior partner. The master-servant relationship exhibited by Wamakko in this case is untenable and should be condemned.

We had thought that the era of governors manhandling public servants has gone with military rule. It is, therefore, unthinkable that such jungle mentality still persists in 21st Century Nigeria. We call on the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to order the trial of the two policemen that beat Osigwe to stupor. They should be punished for their ignoble role in the Osigwe saga.

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  2. Mr Osigwe should should take a legal action against the policemen for now, while that of the governor will wait till his immunity expires. May be he does not realize that his stay at the government house is temporary.

  3. This kind of barbaric act shows that Nigeria still has a long way to go democratically. And i am using this medium to plead on NLC not to think of embarking on any unnecessary protestation because it will all amount to a waste of time but should encourage Mr. Osigwe the PHCN staff to use this avenue to test the judiciary arm of government by suing the person of the governor and the state he represent. In a holistic democratic setting such governor would be made to resign in the face of such barbaric character.

  4. Orji Stanley Authority on

    Because Mr. Osigwe is an Igbo man, dat was why d unqualified gov. who called himself Wamakko has d impetus 2 floged him.. How many times has he floged his fellow Hausas. Shud Igbos live ds country 4 Hausas? Nawao! Infact, not only dat he violated Human rights law, Wamakko also descrated d office of Nigeria governors! So, justics shud be done.

  5. Orji Stanley Authority on

    Because Mr. Osigwe is an Igbo man, dat was why d unqualified gov. who called himself Wamakko has d impetus 2 floged him.. How many times has he floged his fellow Hausas. Nawao! Infact, not only dat he violated Human rights law, Wamakko also descrated d office of Nigeria governors! So, justics shud be done.

  6. This is y i advocate the scrabing of the immunity clause in our cönstitution.the govnor knos he is under immunity so he acted wit impunity.such men should be shown way out of govt

  7. Alamajiri Governor Wamako, thank God he did not asked his fellow alamajeri boys sorry police to chop off his head, yes, chop off Osigwe!s head because sharia law allows that. In fact this Governor is a primitive man who does not in any way qualified to be a teacher in an alamajeri school in one of the villages in Sokoto. Send him to the bush to go and look after cows and goats.

  8. What do you expect from an Hausa man if not violence, None of them are exempted but de elite, cow brother in the office of a governor. Thank God he did not kill him

  9. Like Wamakko like Ohakim bird of the same feather. But joke apart oo This Wamakko is a bastard to flog a man like him simply because he rigged himself into the government house. Chei Igbo man don suffer for this country. Imagine Aboki flogging an offspring of Israel.

  10. MaryJane Samuel on

    Death is just cruel…Oh Gani Fawehinmi! What an irreparable loss especially to the masses.If it were possible to commence a legal battle against this barbaric and shambolic outdated Wammako from your grave, I know you would have done that.Wammako has desecrated the exalted office of the governor of Sokoto state by condescending so low to display his predilection for beastly pugnacity.

  11. Meh,imagine govenor flogging an official,ah mean sit and imagine,tah tah tah primitivity at its peak.tell this to a white man and he will be laughing till tears fall…mr.osiwa,sorry sir leave namma and come back home and enjoy egusi

  12. Can Nigerians now see why the Hausa Fulani are the most violent group in Nigeria .Ever killing,maiming ,burning ,raping caning and wamakoin other Nigerians .

  13. I will advise Mr. Osigwe to take the governor to court, immunity or no immunity. This bizzare display immaturity by the governor, and many others by governors like him, is a very strong reason why immunity from prosecution should be expunged from the Nigerian constitution. I must add that the governor behaved the way he did because the man is Igbo. He could not live with the idea that an Igbo man is occupying that office in his state. It is his primordial hatred for non-indegens that aroused the brute in him. But he should not forget that executive protection thrown aside, the man will beat the pulp out of him. His action is childish in that he is taking advantage of the office he occupies to harrass somebody who would roll him inside a gutter. Shameful and disgraceful governor.


  15. All these comments no body mention the 17m PHCN collected from the governor, if they know that money doesn’t change hand they should take a legal action, why only on newspaper and asking him to apologize. Nigeria!

  16. I don’t believe this happened. A gov, flogging a phcn staff because he does not have electricity in his village in spite of contributing N17M to procure transformers for phcn? Let the gov deny or agree it happened. Who is a boko haram by the way? I have said it that every northern muslim is a boko haram. The urge to kill or maim is very high. Mr. Osigwe, sorry abouit this. Thank God you survived the ordeal.

  17. phcn also didnt act well, they refused the whole state light for five days, and shamelessly brought their bill for the whole month. every body have grudge with phcn and the day that this incidence happen, i prayed for the gov. throughout the day and if i hav them opportunity i will do more than so. all phcn staffs are rotten maggots

  18. Have PHCN denied collecting N17M from the governor to fix his community with light? Osigwe or Igbo is not important here. We should look at the power-drunk flogging, the money exchange, whose responsibility it is to provide the transformer and why the understanding failed (was the money misused?).
    Our president should come out with a clear-cut order to phcn to “clean” their body of all forms of dubious ways they are using to extort money from the helpless public in the name of giving us their invincible power.

  19. I think he hz used d flogging to trade d transformer 4 hs village. No more transformer 4 him nd hs village. Ds shws how corrupt d so called leaders r nd hw dey govern. D high placed in d society continue to oppress d common man. There is no respect 4 human rights nd priviledges in ds nation. Thank God he didnt kill him nd notin ll b done abt it. Its high tym all d pple shd unite nd fight bad leadership. Enuf is enuf.

  20. what do you expect from a governor that has no record of qualified school teacher in his state, he is just an illiterate a governor who cannot provide portable water for it’s citizens, a governor that supplies chemicals to it’s water board, cant you see that he is a disgrace to humanity And finally what do you expect from a muslim i have said it in different fora that muslims are the trouble of the world. osigwe forget the bastard and head straight to court immunity my ass.

  21. Reggie, Diaspora on

    I sincerely suggest that all governors in Nigeria should go for a leadership training elswhere because virtually none of the so called governors in Nigeria were qualify to occupy their respective positions. How could a governor in his right frame of mind behave like this shameless illiterate governor from the north? His action(s) demeaned and tainted the office he’s holding. In a civilized society, this idotic governor would have resigned as soon as his infamouse action was made public but in nigeria anything goes. What a country? Mr. Osigwe should sue the state government os Sokoto and the untrained, irresponsible police force who joined in the dance of shame.

  22. onyeka frm enugu on

    dis shows how jungle justice mindedness that our politicians can dis man wammako tolerate an opposition ?.he can only go for assasination if any strong opposition comes arround bc he doesnt know d 21st century innovativeness ways of handling issues.its a pity for dis country.

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