Gold diggers are driving me crazy with marriage proposals


Ms Ebube Essien-Garrick is in trouble! Ever since she became the MTN aircraft promo winner of a whopping N64 million, her life has not been the same. Trust Nigerian men, most especially the jobless ones, they are all over her.

In a bid to partake of the largesse, they have bombarded Ebube with phone calls, SMS and emails demanding friendship, love, and wait for this, instant marriage! Right now, the student of Rivers State College of Health Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, who is yet to come to terms with her new status as a millionaire, has been crying to close friends and relatives about the pressure on her.

Hear Ebube: “The pressure is driving me crazy. I keep getting crazy messages from guys who declare their love for me. Some say they want to marry me, others declare their undying love. Since I won this money, my life has not been the same.

Some people are even calling my parents and telling them not to worry that they already have a special husband for me. “When I am ready for marriage, I would not go for anyone who is interested in my money. I know what love is. If anyone is coming because of my money, I promise the person that he will not get a dime because I will make sure he doesn’t.”

Meanwhile, Ebube has decided to switch off her phone if this will safe her from the deluge of romantic calls and texts messages coming from gold diggers.

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    • So you have been brainwashed into believing that MTN actually gave someone 64 million Naira? IFor your information, that girl in the photo is not a Nigerian and her name is a joke. This is what we call marketing strategy.

  1. Is it by force that u must answer the calls,or are u inderectly telling the world that u need a husband?64 millions make we hear word abegi.

  2. now that a woman has won free money, men are called gold diggers, if for instance it was a guy that won the cash, chicks or babes will be hovering him for cash, pls what will they call these babes; wait a minute this girl been no get boy friend? where is the guy?, the guy get to chop the money with her becos wen the girl never win the money na the guy dey buy cream,soap,money 4 hair, pant the guy the buy, okay let say a guy won the money, women will say the guy is wicked, he has abandon the girl that suffered with him when he had nothing.


    • Nawa o,envy & jealousy fit kill some ppl here o! John, how u take know say she dey do shakara? Bcos I bet if na u, u go do d shakara pass am sef. So take am jeje, make u know dey jealous other ppl’s blessings, so dat blessing fit reach u also.

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  5. Her name makes me wonder which part of Nigeria is she from bcos its a combination of Ebube(Igbo) Essien(Calabar/Akwa-ibom)-Garrick(English) and she is still single.
    Is this real from MTN?
    This is a country where ANYTHING can happen, it WILL happen and NOTHING will happen.

  6. The money if real is not for marriage issues. Make judicious use of the money before it fly away, know you that it does not stay with a careless user. If u need a man to be yours, there is a man who have being there for u before now, so continue with him, for his prayers for u may v contributed to ur new status

  7. Dis girl should pls let nigerians hear word for her at the end is only one man dat wil stil marry her so since ur nt ready 2 give any man ur moni den eat the moni alone and allow us 2 hear somtin for u na u be d only girl we don win moni for naija before,ur just insultin nigerian guys cos of ur moni ,pls make we hear somtin jor,why are u interested in d dose pple dat are calling u nw dnt u have a boyfriend before u won d moni why nt continue wt ur former boy friend pls go wt ur moni joor

    • Prince you don ask am for love before? Na jealuosy go dabaru you well well. For all of you wey dey wish am bad and rubish am, all of you don already fail. Mind your approco mouth!

  8. are u sure this is not one of the mtn stunts? i fear there promos and i do not believe in them. efcc should investigate this claim bcos mtn have been taken nigerians for a ride. but if it is true then congrats girl.

  9. U don’t have 2 call them name’s just bcos u now have money. So pls, don’t b rude. I’ll bett u’ve not heard dat kind of money bl4.

  10. Jealousy and inferiority complex will kill some men cos of this. They cannot face reality. It is normal for a men to look for her, tell me who don’t want to associate with good things . O girl enjoy ur money and remain focus if the story is true. .

  11. Thanks to mtn ng 4 their wonderful contributions in d lives of many nigerians. when God blessed others u need 2 appreciate so that God can bless u too. Ebube congratulations.just be wise.

  12. @ Canicus your comment is worthy to be given an indept analysis if these bloggers here are deep thinkers. A clever guy coined these names together to keep the masses floating without asking reasonable question of the true identity of the winner in question . Absolutely funny indeed about the whole set-up. If you and I are doubting Thomases, why is our Legislative Arm of Government in recent time planning to ban Telephone Adverts and like wise.? I can smell a rat but time shall tell . In a computer Age anything is possible folks, such as imposing a Ghanian girl with Igbo, Efik, and Ijaw names coined . Open your eyes .

  13. I dont see anything wrong if some men what to marry u because of the money after all most women go after men who have money. Why do you think we have corruption in Nigeria? Part of it is because of the demand of women on men. They want the men to buy them jeeps, mansion, fly them shopping in London. New York, Dubai etc. Is there a Nigeria and indeed an African woman you take out who wants to pay for herself like obtained in the West? No not even if they have more money than the man. They mostly want the man to pay.

    Therefore its time for men to go after you too and like somebody just said you can decide not to answer a call or read a text if you dont know from whom it has come. Full stop. And again are u sure you have not abandoned your long suffering boyfriend because you have become a rich girl? That is what most women will do anyway so I wont be surprised.

  14. Ndubuisi amakeze on

    I hv my doubts about d promo in d 1st place,MTN hs nt done a promo of ds magnitude 4b ,if plane is sold 4jus 64m then most of my kinsmen will own 1 bcos they drive cars dat goes 4 20-30m…MTN hs nt told us d whole truth.

  15. Common unilever buy knorr or royco spice is a 419 in Abuja, i wonder what this 1 will be. Have this ebere, ijow and hausa girl don cash the money? Abeg make una tell us ooooooooooooooo………

  16. this mtn story has a lot of flaws, now the sun news daily is collaborating it. which reporter interviewed this girl. abeg the sun. no take mtn own spoil una own o, abeg u…

  17. Dis is pure mtn scam, pls pals don’t believe all dis trash, all dis network providers has been taking us 4 a ride, govt should look into all dis, they are all fraudsters i don’t trust dem….08032087784

  18. See this STUPID girl.who are u caling GOLD DIGER??u to what are u??what did u do b4 u acidentaly won that money??i dnt blame u is Emptyhen i blame,4 making a youth like u not to strugle for achievement to make it,and make it look as if ROAD TO SUCES IS BY SHEER LUCK INSTEAD OF HARDWORD..MTCHEWWWW

  19. Mr u will kill again,wat concern muslims in dis issue of a girl and her millions u just lov insulting islam.congrat ebube pls make good use of d money and mary d guy who has been there for u bfor u won d money.i am so happy 4 u.

  20. There is no way u will spend the money alone. Get married to ur boyfriend asap and plan ahead or else u will surely fall victim.

  21. Some body must testify 2have seen the cash gift, i sense 2b fake gist. If confirmed to be real, then my congrats to the beneficiary.

  22. Maxnovo of UYO on

    To u all dat submitt to this falsehood,ua all fools! Mtn is the mother of all fraud in Nigeria.this thing was an arranged scam by mtn.I want u all to disregard this winning from today pls.even this gal is a conscienceless being having allowed herself to be used for this scam. Her name is fake,her winning is fake except her school i can’t prove

  23. Maxnovo of UYO on

    Pls can someone shown to me even a secondhand aeroplane dat sells at 64m? Guys its time u shine ur eyes!don’t be fooled again. Tanx to NCC shea…….

  24. Is it nt mtn nig dat even deduct money 4fm smone’s acct wen mk no calls dat gv u 64million,plz if u kn dat tin u did 2 get dat one kindly do it again so dat u b among d richest woman n nigeria.

  25. I beg look very well before you jump ooh,many of them are out to take your money and get out when they get what they want.That is how they were doing when news of Funke Akindele came out that she was looking for husband then,many of such gold diggers were making proposals just because she was making it.THOSE GUYS ARE TRUELY GOLD DIGGERS THAT WANT TO REAP WHERE THEY DID NOT PLANT.

  26. Am not in surport 4any man callin a woman just cus she has bcom rich, afteral tru marriage is not based on esses money,&gain even if d whole tin is tru: must she tel d world dat men’re callin her? Girls of nawadays wey deir eyes dey penetrate pucket wt a lot of tricks of gemtin money 4rm men. Just d oda dey 1of d nigerian footballers had his wedin by mid-nite cus of how gils has bn flockin at him 4marriage &now dis 1 want make mouth.

  27. i think what Ebube need now is good adviser on how to invest the money wisely so that her future will be well secured or else will become poor in the next 5 years because many people has made more than that amount in the past and they are nowhere today……. so ebube should know how to invest wisely and also help the federal government by creating some job opportunities to her friends and close ones through her investment….. i wish u good luck my dear……… 64million is a big money to those that did not have it neither have the hope of having it…… but is also a small money to those that have the cash or know how to make the money………. 64 million Naira is just for 9 bags of Brazilian Drug market prize in Nigeria and 2 bag market prize in America and 1 and half bag market prize in China……. therefore, the money is a small money and the girl should not insult guys because of the little money she got

  28. Ebube be more reasonable and stop telling public your storries, i think this should be personal , remember this can also push men away from you if ur still single , i thnk what you could have done is to ignor them since you knew that they are fake and go ahead with your life i wish you good luck

  29. Ebube, where is that aircraft and pilot? or are you one of them that trick us everyday as winners of 419 promos by service providers.

  30. Since i born i neva heard sumbody bearin “EBUBE” in my state bt as 4 ESSIEN i could say yes, so i wonda whr mtn get dis kind magic name 4rm 2 trick nigerians 2 dia 419. As 4 u y did u nt disclosed whr u r 4rm. Nonsense

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