Glory Bosnjak: Why career women fail in marriage


She is based in Europe but making waves all over the place including Nigeria, her fatherland. Glory Bosnjak, who is married to a Swiss, spoke to Vivian Onyebukwa on her career, life, beauty business and other issues.

Could you give us an insight into your family background? 

I grew up in a family of six, three brothers and two sisters. I am the fifth child of my parents. My mother sang all the time and I loved her voice, but she couldn’t take on music professionally, because she had to provide for six children when our father left.

Music became my first priority dream to come true. I studied music in Milano, Italy and now, I am following my dreams as a musician full time. I am married to the man of my dream, the Swiss love of my life, Mr. Zvonimir Bosnjak and we have two beautiful girls. Annie is 10-years-old and Charlotte is three. I am forever grateful to Almighty God.


How did you get into your music?

Music has always been part of me. I fell in love with music at a very young age. While growing up, I was always listening to Whitney Houston. I knew I had a voice, and I had choice to make music or nothing. I have always wanted to become a sensational singer like Whitney. We only have one life to live. Some of us have the chance to turn things around, that is, if they are not happy with the choice of life.

In my case, if I have to do anything else, it will still be music. Maybe learning how to play one of the sexiest and most interesting instruments, the piano, while singing. That will be awesome. Maybe I will look into that now that I am still young. I‘ll look into that; I’m still young.


Of all professions, why did you choose music?

First, I thank God Almighty for blessing me with a voice. One cannot be blessed with such talent and not use it. If I don’t sing I feel empty. Music is a lifestyle to me. I love entertaining my audience.


What were your initial and present challenges?

One of my biggest challenges is breaking into the Nigerian market with my kind of music. My music is different; it is pop. I’ve always had people advice me into changing my style of music to fit the Nigerian market. But I know good music when I hear one. I sing from my heart, I feel what I sing. I’m an entertainer, even if I don’t speak any Nigerian language, which really makes it hard. I don’t have the lingua tongue like most people do, but I speak Pidgin, English and French. That’s my major challenge.


What are your experiences?

I started singing professionally 12 years ago. Since then I’ve performed at churches, bars, hotels, weddings, and private parties all around Europe and Africa, Then I stopped for six years so as to move to the next chapter of my life with family and kids. I later went back into music. I entered a TV shows in Switzerland called, Swiss Got Talent. I am now back here in Nigeria, because the music industry has grown so much and I’m glad to be part of it. I recently had the opportunity of sharing the stage with Rick Ross in August last year at the Summer Jam Fest. I have dropped my first  single called, Pop Champagne, and my first video, Hold My Own, which you can find on I would drop my album soon.


What inspires you?

My biggest inspiration comes from God, but the smallest act of kindness, the smallest thing in life counts. I’m all about love. My music is all about love.


Where do you aspire to get to as far as music is concerned?

Being an artiste is like being in politics. As an artiste you inspire so many young and old individuals, you become the voice for the voiceless. It’s a blessing and a responsibility, which I can handle. Now through music I can do so much. I see my self doing big things, and of course, having fun entertaining all around the world, and selling out concerts by the grace of God.


What extra things did you do to get to where you are now?

I’m a God fearing Christian, a loving mother, wife and businesswoman.

I have a day business I run when I’m not on stage. I own the prestigious Hair Diva Nigeria. We sell human hair, from Brazilian/Indian to all brands of human hair of your choice, the best of quality.


Did you ever fail at any time?

Oh yes, we all fail, at some point in our lives, but what’s important is how you pick up the pieces and finish the puzzle. Before getting to where I’m now, it was hard because I was afraid of the unknown, now that I know what I want and I’m out to get it, it gets easier everyday. Only through prayer though, hard work pays off. I get inspiration from within; the Lord is my strength. Life is not about who starts the race, you have to finish it no matter what.


Were you ever afraid of failure?

I think, in everything you set out to do as a professional, whether music, business or investments, its a human to be scared of the unknown, not knowing what the outcome may be. Even if at the beginning no one believes in you, if you believe yourself and work hard at it, sure you will succeed. Hard work pays. But I can’t allow fear to hold me back. During that break of six years, I had a lot of time to think about what I was getting into, and I’m very positive of my choice of profession, music. I’m born to sing and entertain.


What are your achievements?

So much, all thanks to Almighty God for blessing me with such a loving, supporting family. My greatest achievements are my two gorgeous kids, Annie and Charlotte. I feel so blessed. I am also grateful to God for blessing me with a loving husband, and also my music.


How do you cope in a world dominated by men?

Who says the world is dominated by men? I think men and women are running things these days. As you can see, women are doing great things. Back in the days when women where happy just being married, they had no care of doing anything else but just having kids, it was nice. But the tides are changing. Nowadays women are ready to take over, taking on responsibilities like running a whole country. For example, in Germany they have a woman president, Mrs. Angela Merkel.  I’m just playing my part through music. Music is like politics, if done right, you can win a lot of young music lovers. Still I’m not saying I’m going into politics, but one of these days a woman will be president in Nigeria. I’m sure of that.


How were you able to balance your career and the home front?

It’s by the grace of God. I have to keep my self-grounded. I never get carried away with all the craziness that comes with being an artiste. My families are very supportive of my music, its not easy because I travel a lot. But when we are together back home in Switzerland, I completely focus on my kids and husband, until I’m back to work again. I’m very lucky to have a man like my husband that loves me completely. When God has a purpose for you, he makes provisions towards it. I’m truly blessed to stress the fact.


Has your career ever come between you and your marriage?

Never… And it will never because I have a true love.


What do you think could be the reason why career women don’t keep their marriages?

First, if you love someone, keep him or her safe. And never let anything or anyone come between you and your love. Fight for the one you love. My advice is: don’t get carried away and always pray, because it’s almost like you against the world. Not everyone is happy for you when you are happy.

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