Fuel subsidy bribe: Otedola sues Tambuwal, Farouk Lawan for N250bn


From GODWIN TSA, Abuja

The bribery saga that rocked the probe of the fuel subsidy payments to oil marketers has finally taken another dimension as Lagos-based multi-billionaire oil magnate, Femi Otedola, has sued the Speaker, House of Representatives, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, and former chairman of the House ad -hoc committee on the probe, Hon. Lawan Farouk, for N250 billion.

In the suit filed before an Abuja High Court by his counsel, Chief Babajide Koku [SAN], the business mogul is claiming the amount as compensation for business losses he suffered by the actions of the two defendants.

In the suit filed by Chief Koku, the Zenon Oil boss is claiming N100 billion as general damages for acts of intimidation, loss of good-will and patronage occasioned by the actions of the Speaker and Lawan. Otedoloa who filed the action with his Zenon Petroleum and Gas Company, is further claiming N150 billion against the defendants as exemplary damages for their alleged oppressive and arbitrary actions against him and his company.

He averred in his 28-point statement of claim that by resolution of January 8 this year, the House set up an ad-hoc committee to verify and determine the actual subsidy amount made to oil companies and to also monitor the implementation of the subsidy.

Besides, he claimed that Lawan later allegedly contacted and informed that his company was going to be indicted for purchasing foreign exchange from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) without importing fuel. The businessman said that in spite of his explanations, Lawan allegedly demanded $3million bribe to enable Zenon Oil get a clean bill of health.

He said that Lawan resorted to persistent phone calls threatening him that his company would be included in the list of indicted oil importers and that the image and reputations of Zenon Oil would be greatly affected unless he pays the $3million. Faced with the unrelenting barrage of intimidating phone calls, the plaintiff claimed that he became distressed and reported the unlawful demands to the security agencies.

He said that he was advised by security agents to play along by giving marked money to Lawan with a view to gather evidence for the nefarious activities. Otedola alleged that the situation got to the peak on April 18 when the fuel subsidy probe report was submitted indicting Zenon Oil.

The plaintiff said that in spite of the on-going police investigation, the Speaker and Hon. Lawan have allegedly conspired to re-list his firm among the indicted companies to embarrass him and his business corporate image. He claimed that the purpose of re-listing Zenon Oil was to force and intimidate him to drop his complaints against Lawan.

Otedola asked the court to award him N250billion for the grave injuries done to his reputation and business image resulting in the substantial loss of goodwill and patronage of the business built over the years. However, Hon Tambuwal and Lawan have filed an objection to hearing of the suit by an Abuja High Court, claiming that it is only the Federal High Court that can adjudicate over such a matter.

The objection was filed by Mr.Kehinde Ogunuwuniju from the chambers of Chief Afe Babalola (SAN). Justice Peter Kekemeke of the Abuja high Court has, however, adjourned the case till November 23.

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  2. Oga, otedola you should have rejected the bribery business from hon. lawan at earlier stage and you have known that him who give or take bribe in nigeria is all commiting crime.Is too late cry when has cut off.

  3. Oga, otedola you should have rejected the bribery business from hon. lawan and reported the matter to security agencies at earlier stage.you have agreed to playing the game and you have known that him who give or take bribe in nigeria is all commiting crime.Is too late cry when has cut off.

  4. Namadi Stephen on

    We can start to see how desperate they are. Intimidations have failed, use of the security agencies failed, now they are in court to create a parmenent delay in unfolding the matter. I can assure all that all these are creations of the FG in trying to protect those who fund the GEJ presidential campaign.

  5. Otedola or whatever u’r called, u’r already an accomplice having paid d bribe as demanded by lawan. U’r now crying coz u know d game is up. I mean with ur level of education & exposure u shldn’t hv gave in2 any intimidation. Besides, u said d police told u 2 play along, has d police authority now come out 2 defend u? Ur last minute cry is a barefaced lie & u know it. Nigerians r not fools.

  6. E be like say, the man dey look for money to settle all im bank loans. After being checkmated by sanusi (cbn govervor), little by little they will vomit (cough out) every pennies they garnnered illegaly! Shio!

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  8. Bros, Otedola sueing Big Bros Farouk is like DANCING
    NEKED at the market squre so I beg of you to allow the sleeping Dog to be

  9. That guy otedola is heavily in debt..i wonder how he sleep..go and refund the money you own bank and F.G..or calculate d election funding you gave Jonathan and minus it on the money you owe them..and pay the F.G the rest and be free.

  10. I think Otedola has been greatly wronged. This man alerted the security when the Fa-rougue was making his demanded and the security officers confirms it.
    What else do we expect the man to do under this circumstances . It is obvious that the Northerners are now looking for a way to run that man down of that only Dangote will control every business in Nigeria. I pray the court to award him the amount he asked for because this is a clear case of intimidation.


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  12. Otedola, Pls i don’t expect you to be running up and down crying, you are an accomplice having paid part of the bribe as demanded by Lawal. where are the police that ask you to play alone? Pls pay back the money to the FG and stop making noise.



  14. Otedola committed an offence for giving bribe, but, is farouk still a member of house of representatives? well, OBJ once called them thieves in the house

  15. Otedola has right to go to court. This country is a shameless nation, Farouk continued to be in the Chambers making laws, the police has dropped the case against him. Infact no one again can be trusted, with the high hope that nigerians bestowed in Fa-rougue, he is a rougue indeed. Otedola carry go

  16. Otedola, who is paying you for this?. They still want to unseat Tambuwal and Faruk has to carry the weight. When they eventually succeed in removing Tambuwal, Faruk will be reliefed. The game is on!, gudluck guys & see u at the other side of the tunnel.

  17. Sin is a reproach to a nation, righteousness exalts a nation. I m surprised when even the so called men o God tell us to pray for the leaders (Pharaoh,s) of this country who have stopped this country from reaching the promised land. All of them are agents of destructions, including these evil business men. There wealth is money stolen from this country, even those we claimed that are controlling cement, salt, sugar, oil, etc. My prayer is that the evil they have caused this nation will go on from their generation to their generation. We voted one man out of love and sympathy, but this is the worse leadership I have experienced. I hope next election will be made free and fare, and let’s see.

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