Fire scare at Lagos Deputy Gov’s residence



A major fire was yesterday averted when power surge ignited fire that gutted a section of the Lagos State Deputy Governor, Princess Adejoke Orelope –Adefulire’s residence in highbrow Osborne Road, Ikoyi Our correspondent gathered that the source of the fire, which damaged some fittings was traced to a power surge.

It was gathered that the fire started at the boys’ quarters after an electrical spark . Although there was a conflicting report on the extent of the inferno, officials of the government said it was nothing to worry about. An eyewitness explained that the surge occurred after electricity supply from the public mains was restored with high voltage . “ The building was almost going up in flames.

We noticed smoke coming out of the corridor and the smell of burning wire was everywhere . We had to raise the alarm to put out the fire. The state fire service which is a stone’s throw to the Deputy Governor’s residence responded swiftly The Managing Director, Lagos Fire Service, Mr. Rasak Fadipe, said:” There is no cause for alarm . It was not fire . It was a spark from the fire in the electrical conjunction box which can easily be contained by any trained electrical personnel.”

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  1. Fashiola shud go and take over that place with imediat efect just the way he tooke over all burnt building in lagos state. Or is it bcos the building is deputy gvnor’s office there wil be no course for alarm, if it is odinary man on the street there wil be course for alarm,

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