FG votes N2bn for Sambo’s house


•Residences of Mark, Tambuwal, 2 others to gulp N300m


The Federal Government has earmarked another N2.3 billion in the 2013 budget for the designing and construction of residences for Vice President Mohammed Namadi Sambo and the four presiding officers in the National Assembly.

The Vice President’s residence alone will gulp N2 billion while the balance will be spent on residences for the four presiding officers, the Senate President, Speaker of the House of Representatives and their deputies. These expenses were included in the FCT 2013 National Priority Budget presented by the FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed to the Senate FCT Committee yesterday.

The projects are located in the Abuja Municipal Council (AMAC). In the capital expenditure details submitted to the committee, apart from designing and constructing the houses, guest houses would also be built for the four presiding officers of the National Assembly. Meanwhile, the minister has said that the demolition of 31 housing estates in the FCT will continue regardless of any court order. “Which law? Which law are you asking? We have the responsibility to enforce the Master Plan.

The FCDA has a law and the Abuja Master Plan is not compromising,” when asked by the committee. Committee Chairman, Senator Smart Adeyemi, asked if alternative arrangements had been provided for those who would be affected, against the backdrop that some civil servants were found to be complicit in the demolished Minanuel Estate. Mohammed replied: “I have a law on demolishing.

The law I said I don’t have is the one the chairman asked on the issue of parking. But for demolition, I have the law and I don’t even have to interfere with Development Control Law under the Land Use Act.” Although Adeyemi urged Mohammed to temper justice with mercy, the minister stood his ground, saying that the demolition will go on.

“You see, two wrongs don’t make a right and for us to allow an exclusion of an exercise of impunity or lawlessness, we are not going to condone this for any reason. “They have given a lot of sentiments as a politician; I am a civil servant. We have to go through the process,” Mohammed said.

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  1. tell me how building a house with N 2 billion for individual helps Nigeria and growth of economy… This is to tell you that Nigeria politicians and top government officials did not want progress and development in Nigeria. Be informed that N 2 billion will build a company whereby many Nigeria will be opportune to work in that same Company nor matter how small or whatever be the product of the Company…. but look at how federal Government chose to wast the money just to build a house for individual all in the name of Vice President.

  2. @Sir Nwabufor, Islam has got nothing to do with the stupidity of the FCT Minister who thinks he will remain in that position for life, our real problem in Nigeria is that we the masses have not decided to take our destiny in our hands and fight these corrupt leaders to a stand still like it happened in North Africa and other Arab countries, Nigerian politicians across Nigeria are DEVILS we must join forces with likes of Pastor Tunde Bakare and Co to confront and take our country back from them.
    However, some of our comments i read in this forum show that there is big dichotomy among us all because some people attack and abuse one and another on ethnic or tribal lines, so how can we fight these MONSTERS who have been ruling us on divide and rule basis that keeps them to continue with high level corruption without being checked.
    How can sane person present such a huge budget to build new houses for VP and others when millions of youths have no jobs? Nigeria is indeed in trouble in the hands of PDP.


  3. Udam Ochiaghandigbo on

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I can’t believe that the government is spending 2 billion Naira to build a house for somebody who makes, I mean, steals billions of Naira from the commonwealth’s purse. Besides, Vice-President Sambo IS A KNOWN MEMBER OF BOKO (remember, Senator Ndume implicated him when he, the Senator was caught). Nigeria is ripe for breaking up.


  4. Mr Minister your not a politician i hear you, your fooling your self. where was the FCDA when those building were constructed? compensate them adequately my friend. anywhere have always known that Nigeria is a lawless country, So you don’t need to say what your saying, But by tomorrow you will seek for justice threw the court.

  5. Instead of minister to deal with those civil servants who compromised the master plan, this moron is barking at ‘innocent’ cum culprit house owners. As for mouth infected diarrhea Nwabufo, I don’t know how long it will take you to mature enough in order to express opinions on public domain like this. Learn from Mr Dele Odugbemi, he has always been factual and realistic when addressing issues. What does Boko Haram has to do with this? I think is high time to bury your thoughtless pen and declare yourself unfit to represent the intellectuals that synonymous to Nigerian. If VP is involved in Boko Haram let us rise up against him though things will get snowballing in the Presidency, Owoye Azazi can tell you detail, they names you never expected will keep popping out against your imagination

  6. is there no longer any “BUHARI ,IDIAGBON or ORKAH in the MIlitary? God! is this what our lives have become? he! we don die for this country! one MAN to get 2b naira worth of house because he worked in Govt for 4yrs? GOD do something.The saying that the worst civilian Govt is better than the best Military Govt is completely FALSE in NIGERIA.BUHARI govt was far more better than all civilian Govt put together and IBB and ABACHA GOVT are as Bad As this CIvilian Govt. Nigerians will never oppose anybody in power be it military or civilian as long as the basic needs are met and they will praise any man who will revolutionize this country and destroy the criminals call politicians and recover our stolen money.All buildings acquired by any public officer since 1999 in abuja and other places must be recovered.every building in nigeria must be investigated as to who the owner is and the source of his income.All vessels in the High see must be investigated as to who is the owner and his source of income.who will deliver us?

  7. What of the capital vote of the presidency. Does’nt it amount to double budgeting for FCT to continue building banquet hall and residences for Aso Rock occupants.


  9. Where is the VP presently staying ? Why do we have to build another house for him? Is he the first VP we ve had in this country? Didnt Atiku Abubakar lived in a VP residence? What is wrong with these PDP government? Do they think this oil money will flow forever. Dont they see how other oil producing countries are investing their oil money for the future? I do not think we are ripe for democracy to be honest. These democratic leaders have nothing in their head than wasting money. What a country. After the 2 billion house they will buy the VP a 4 billion jet by next budget. What is wrong with these set of leaders? Cant Jonathan just make a difference ?

    • Mr. Capt., read the story well well oo! They are not building a house for the VP. This one is Sambo House! Hahahaha!!!

  10. Abu sadiq, kebbi on

    The question is who is the F.G.The nigerian gov’t must have run out ofideas or totally out of their mind. 2billion 4 v.p residence and principal members of NASS, 1.3billion not enough 4 refreshments in the statehouse, 5.5billion for ex head of state, privatization of nigerian prisons e.t.c wt this amount of moni only God kws how many industries, roads, hospitals, small scale businesses, among other basic elements needed 2 improve d standard of living of the populace

  11. Obviously,Jonathan won the presidential election but he is not really in control.How can the president vote N12bn for the construction of second Niger bridge which over 50 million people will use and vote N2.3bn for the building of one man’s house.
    I tell you N2.3bn can provide over 1,000 houses.Nigeria leaders are evil.

  12. When will our savior come?these people are shameless.to vote such a huge amount of money for houses for govt officials as if they were living in mud houses befor now shows gross indiscipline & misplacement of priority.the evil men do must live with & even after them.millions of nigerian are hungry,jobless & sick yet these ppl have d guts to tell us how much they want to use to buid their houses which in turn has nothing to add to our economy.I just don’t want to insult any body here but they should please spare us this agony.am very upset hearing news like this.

  13. Where did our former vice presidents Atiku and GEJ live as VP? what about these national assembly functionaries,does it mean that no residence has been reserved for such offices? what is the meaning of this?

  14. My own is dat wen all dese politians die. Isnt it dirt dey go to and face thier maker. I can die wit a clear conscience today.but can dey?….

  15. Can Nigerians tell me what Hon. Patricia Ette did before she was impeached? Is it different from what is happening now? If yes may God bless Jonathan & Co. But if no, then what are we waiting for.

  16. This is stupidity and you Nigerians are watching these rogues!!! 2bn naira for just a single man’s house? Even here in US Joe Biden was not built a house with public fund, even my able and excellent President (Obama) uses White House that has been built for all US Presidents and no personal house was built with public funds for him. Can you Nigerians do what is needed of you before these stupid people, and their head called GEJ sold you guys and cripple all your economy? This showed GEJ is a bastard, retard, and doesnt have the knowledge on how to rule, or to make life more memorable and sweet for poor masses. They do not have the mercy of the poor in their heart. 2bn naira if managed well for the poor have a long way to go in their lives.

  17. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    The #2.3 bn for VP Namadi Sambo house is a public fund, it is uncalled for and should be unacceptable for all Nigerians. Fellow citizen, wake up from your sleep now and fight it out.

  18. The truth is that, if there is any coup in Nigeria now, the rate Nigerians will welcome the plotters will surprise the whole world.
    These politicians do they think through there anus ???

  19. What a shock news, after reading in the newspeppers that our PHD’s are seeking for a trailler drivers job in Dangote Company, our Government is given a total of 2.3 billion Naira for a building for VP. If vp house goes for 2b then GEJ house will go for 200Billion. I doubted this. What will that house be made of, Gold or Diamond? 2015 will disgrace many.

  20. Its unfortunate that our so called president messiah in d person goodluck of all people signed such stupid demand into law via presidential approval. This man told us about oil subsidy benefits and Sambo house is now the prime beneficiary for the so called removing of the only thing an average nigerian is benefing from. Today people can no longer afford fuel and the presidency is planing to remove the balance. well, no condition is permanent……………

  21. Abeg 9ja pple u guys dont need 2 wory or cry for dis is just de start.#2.3 b ahy is not much,more should be add,oil still flows nor d world bank money,let them go ask 4 extra loan at least 2 make it up 4.4b.stupid pple.make i go take one bottle of beer joooöor

  22. The only solution is for an aggrieved person to blow the Minister’s head with grenade. The Boko Harams, the Niger Delta militants and other groups should wake up and send this minister to his early grave. Dialogue does not work in Nigeria. Reasoning does not exist. Compassion has been eviserated. Feelings for fellow humans has been expunged. The only solution is elimination. Why did the Senator ask him why he is unable to use this money to build low cost estates for the poor whose shanties were recently demolished? Once you kill this idiot, others will sit tight.

  23. Goodwill Oleka on

    Why are we complaining when 2015 election comes around now, we will stupidly vote PDP again, I am not disappointed in the present Ruler ship, why should they spend #2 Billion to construct a house for VP, this is unacceptable. Govt is not interested in the welfare of the masses, but God will deal with them one after another. All these signifies the end time,

  24. …why should we be surprise.All these is a deja vu.Nigerians have been shocked beyound shockability said Dele Giwa.

  25. When will our savior come?these people are shameless.to vote such a huge amount of money for houses for govt officials as if they were living in mud houses befor now shows gross indiscipline & misplacement of priority.the evil men do must live with them & even after them.millions of nigerians are hungry,jobless & sick yet these ppl have d guts to tell us how much they want to use to buid their houses which in turn has nothing to add to our economy.I just don’t want to insult any body here but they should please spare us this agony.am very upset hearing news like this.

  26. It is now obvious that Booko Haram is the creation of Aso Rock. We are talking of security challenges whereby N1,000,000,000,000. Had been shared among the gang of robbers ruling this country in disguise of security votes for year 2012 budget and yet BK terrorists could still penetrate Military formations to bomb people in the places of worship.
    I think we need a revolution to pack away all this heartless robbers in disguise. Nigerians should stop the tribal and religious sentiment and come together and sack this self styled politicians. The Nigerian Military is not a better alternative either because the leadership are political appointees, there are better qualified professionals who were compromised for the less competent officers. I assure you Nigeria would not break but we shall join forces to remove bad leadership. Jonathan appears to be a prisoner in the hands of those who are manipulating him for their selves interest only.

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