FG to conduct census of unemployed Nigerians



The Special Assistant to the President on Job Creation Initiatives, Josephine Washma, has said that the Federal Government intends to carry out a census of all unemployed persons in the country early next year. Washma, who spoke to Daily Sun at the end of year dinner party organized by the management of Premier Petroleum Company Limited in Abuja, said the new survey, which will be carried out nationwide, will form the basis for the implementation of job creation initiatives of government. She said President Goodluck Jonathan has approved the setting up of a standing Committee on Job Creation, to be headed by the Minister of Labour, Chief Emeka Wogu, to fast-track employment generation in the country.

“We are embarking on a new unemployment survey, in conjunction with the National Bureau of Statistics, to update the existing data base. We believe that NBS already has the structures to ensure successful survey,” she said. According to the special assistant, the issue of unemployment cannot be properly assessed without a reliable data base. He added that proper job planning cannot be done without the knowledge of the number of the unemployed.

“So until we know how persons are unemployed, how many are skilled, the number that unskilled and how many of them can be given training upgrade. What has been done before was a general survey but we want to segment that do as to enable us to direct efforts at those areas that are of critical importance. Speaking on the renewed effort by the government to tackle unemployment crisis, Washma said President Jonathan has set-up a standing Committee on Job Creation, chaired by the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Nwogu.

She said the committee which is to be inaugurated soon will drive the President’s intervention initiatives aimed at addressing joblessness among the youths in country . She said there will be a job creation musical show coming up early next year in conjunction with local and foreign entrepreneurs. “It is something we should all look up to and give a chance to see how it tries to solve the unemployment problem in the country and by extension the issue of insecurity,” she said.

The Presidential aide said the committee will try in the interim to build on the unemployment data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and to move on to conduct unemployment surveys. She said NBS is also a member of the committee. “There are various employment generation programmes being ran by government agencies but what we we need to do is to reassess such initiatives and to see if they actually adding value or need to be restructured in certain ways to fit into the present expectations. “Let me say that the issue of unemployment has also to do with unemployable, that is the fact that a lot of our school leavers do not possess the require skills to attract employers of labour.

Their were CVs that I could not present even to traders in the market. So we are engaging on consultants that will help train these school leavers on how to prepare a resume because resume is the first step to securing a job. It is your marketing/selling point because the applicant might not be physically present when his application is being discussed, “ she said. Washma said she had cause to take a look at some of the curriculum vitae submitted by employment seekers recently, only to marvel at the poor presentation put up by our graduates.

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  1. It’s good to know the number that are not employed, but it will amaze you to know the figure.
    I am afraid you don’t need those committees or whatever you call them to create employment. The insecurity in the country is a very militating condition. What about regular power supply? Poor and epileptic power supply created closed and runner away industries. The almighty corruption is another impediment. No body will ever come to invest in a place reeking with corruption; you can’t get anything within government establishment without being fustrated with their corruption and inneptitude. Your bussiness can only survive if you’re equally corrupt and tow the same line.
    Nigeria is completely down. If we are serious let us stop beating about the bush. let the whole country stand up against corruption and so-called quota-system (an element of corruption in our constitution; exempted with only elective office), improve our power generation and everything will be set in place. Even insecurity will be a thing of the past.

  2. Hmmm..the figure will be shocking to behold. I would already say about 90% of Nigerians are unemployed when you take out all the temporary self employed whose business cannot withstand the test of time more than a year or two.

  3. Hey friends, the federal Government is not carrying out the census to know how many numbers of unemployed Nigerian,but to creat an appointment for their robber colleagues who are not in a better position to loot.
    Watch and see who will head the committee, it must be one condenm political criminal. GOD PLEASE OPEN THE EYES OF NIGERIAN YOUTHS FOR THEY ARE BEING FOOLED BY THE OLD FOOLS.

  4. You do not need any committee to get to the bottom of these. Just ask the unemployed Nigerians to go and register at their local government offices and tabulate the number at end of the exercise.
    Also hire some of the unemployed to help with the censor, because thats what government do; they create employment out of nothing.
    NO need of committee, another way of passing money to your clique.

  5. Heinz Nwabuzor on

    Think Federal government is not serious at all… Lolz! U means that FG have no such figures? He knows how many graduate that pass through NYSC every year? How many school that produces graduate… Go to civil service Commission where they collect cv every now then with no interview. I think the government to create post to some people in the name of committee!
    Nigeria is completely down. If we are serious let us stop beating about the bush. let the whole country stand up against corruption and so-called quota-system (an element of corruption in our constitution; exempted with only elective office), improve our power generation and everything will be set in place. Even insecurity will be a thing of the past

  6. Ohakim style, do people recall what happened in Imo State just a little while ago? Toward the end of his first term and having achieved nothing and still wanting to hold on to power, Ikedi Ohakim created the the 10, 000 jobs (scam) scheme in order to fool the people just to have their votes. Jonathan is at it this time. 2014 next is 2015; election time; fool the masses, give them high hopes that the system means well for them as a kangaroo employement program is under way, and the fable minded will sheepishly take side with that looser who is so scared of the Hausa/Fulani crapy crap. That is all what this is about. You can fool the people some times but you can’t fool the people all the time. The wise man hears and becomes wiser! Every body is feeling the heat but just complaing and doing nothing about it. Nigeria youths wake up from your slumber, disregard your tribal affiliation, decide your own destiny, take to the streets everywhere any corner, fish them out, pay them in their own coins. Egypt is moving on without Mubarak, Libya is onward without Ghadafi, Syria is on the verge to forge ahead without Asad. He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day! Rise up you down troden heroes of Nigeria, rise and take your stands again, now that they have pushed us all to the wall. freedom is not free! there is a price for freedom! This is our nation under the sun, aint no where else to call home but here in Nigeria. These animals now want to give us human rights when you and i know that human rights rightfully belongs to us. Do you feel me? If you do come with me!

  7. Soronnadi,iam ready anytime any where iam called for revolution… Do u know how frustrating it is to spend years in d university only to come out and face unavailability of job.look at how immigration recruited secretly for those who have connections.we that have no body are left to our fate.a man is truly poor not when he has nothing but when he does nothing.iam tired of this country…pls contact me.07060788827

  8. Revolution! Revolution!! Revolution!!! This year is a year of revolution in Nigeria. I call on Boko-Haram to please retarget their fight. This time to corrupt politicians only. Not churches, mosques, school or markets. Gadafi’s class must go this year.

  9. Power supply is d neuclus of job generation,if FG can be able 2 fix our power supply, tat means more job created and empowerment 2 our skilled force cos we wil be meant 2 work 24hrs.

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