FG scraps UTME, NECO, NAPEP, others



Indications emerged last night that the Federal Government may have resolved to scrap some of its agencies in line with the recommendations of the Steve Oronsaye-led Presidential Committee on the Rationalization and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies following the completion of study of its White Paper Committee report. Among those scrapped are Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UMTE), National Examination Council (NECO), Public Complaints Commission, National Poverty Eradication Programme (NAPEP) and the Fiscal Mobilization and Allocation Commission among others.

The Oronsaye committee had recommended the abolition of 38 agencies, the merger of 52 and the reversion of 14 to departments in the ministries from which they were carved out, a move the committee argued would save the government more than N862 billion between 2012 and 2015 should its proposal be adopted. A reliable government source confirmed that President Goodluck Jonathan, Vice President Namadi Sambo and selected senior aides of the president met twice and eventually took decisions, which included the scrapping of some agencies and merging of others.

Another source revealed that the with the scrapping of the UTME, individual universities in the country would conduct their own admission examinations and admit students while the Joint Matriculation and Examination Board will set and ensure compliance to standards as it acts as the clearing house. The source said JAMB would be modeled along the line of Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS), the central organization through which applications are processed for entry to higher education in the United Kingdom.

According to the source, “individual university will do their own examination and admission. If you want to apply to a university, you do so but in order not to have a situation where one person gets multiple admission, JAMB acts as a clearing house to free up spaces. All the universities are free now to admit students.” Even though details were still being worked out, it was learnt that government’s decision, was informed by the need to promote merit in admission into the nation’s universities because “the idea is to ensure that the best students go to the best universities.”

The source further disclosed that the president had also approved that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) is now expected to take over the functions and vast infrastructure of NECO, which now ceases to exist. The sources confirmed that WAEC would now conduct two external examinations in a year, January and November. The Public Complaints Commission is to be merged with the Human Rights Commission, just as NAPEP would also be scrapped and replaced National Agency for Job Creation and Empowerment.

The Oronsaye-led Presidential Committee on the Rationalisation made far-reaching recommendations, which, it explained, were aimed at helping the government to effect a drastic reduction in the size of its bloated bureaucracy, eliminating duplication of functions and bringing down the cost of governance. The committee submitted its report to the president in April last year.

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  1. Every year comes with diverse experiments in Nigeria, especially in the critical areas of the nations development sector.

  2. Bello Yahaya on

    Transformation at work. Instead of reducing unemployment they are increasing it. God will help us Nigeria


  3. Disadvg of incasteration#Unemploymnt increase by 5/. #Surplus in budget as a result of mergeíng/cancelation of some commissions leading to increas in rate looting.# either try nd fail or try nd continue living in error. ###

  4. I doubt if these latest developments will effect better results in these sectors, but, well, let’s watch and see.

  5. goodluck jonathan i wonder wht kind of president u are any idea that weather good or bad u accept it. I am disappointed in you. But the truth remain u are the worst nigerian president because you failed in all ramification

    • You have nothing to say. Whoever comes in as next president will also be seen through your blind and warped eye.The truth is that we see ourselves as being hopeless b’cos we do not think outside the box we rather stay quiet and keep on criticizing the President without making any moves to correct things. until we learn to take our destiny in our own hands. Government has on its own decided to reduce wastage in governance yet you cannot see this because you are blind to see realities on ground.

  6. This measure will allow them more money to loot. Nigeria is a failed state. As for Badluck Jonathan, he is the worst thing that has ever happened to Nigeria.

  7. Good move dear president,those that are saying you are a disappointment go contest election and win so that u will do things in own way.some people don’t rationalize an issue before they will begin to open mouth because of bad impression you had about the person before.i am sure that southeners did not join mamu of hausa kingdom to condemn our dear president.u people don’t know that if he has the heart do this it will go a long way to do others better.and besides, you people have forgotten that we were to in line with all those nations of common wealth,and that of britain.sometimes i begin to wonder some of you are educated at all,not even secondary school so that u will know how to advertise your illiteracy in public.all u will see in forum is verbal attack and counter attack, how i wish he will has the heart to do without look up to some like u in government.

  8. This is a welcome development probably the best decision taken by this administration. I pray the authorities would have the courage to implement this report. The only way government can achieve meaningful result is to reduce recurrent expenditure and increase capital vault. Scraping some of these ministries or bring them into one will reduce cost, eliminate ghost workers and meaninfuly engage wokers. It is not proper to have minister of agericulture and minister of state for agriculture, or minister of finance and minister of state for finance. These are duplication of duties. These four monistries can be compressed into two. The next line of action must be downward review of allowances and salaries of both the executives and the legistlatures. These will drastically reduce the cost of governance and then give room for enough funds for development.

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  10. It baffles me how people react to issues atimes. Why this name calling ? Cant you people reason before making comments ?. This is a clear issue of duplication of duties and government just realized it and in order to cut cost decided to scrap them and people in this forum re busy criticising the president. Why re you people so desperate to pull this man down ?

    • @ Law i love your comment, people just make say things without thinking, as if they were there, they would do better.

    • @law,tanks man,God bles u.Mainly pple frm d north and some in d west hav made up their minds 2 tarnish dis man(GEJ) and as such,any tin he does is bad.

    • The North will resist it Nuhu,u know this. The structural imbalance created by IBB and expanded by Abacha favours the North. Nuhu imagine Kano with 44 local govt areas and the number of House of Reps members they have .while most states have 5 or 6 members, Kano has more than 20. How do u start reducing and kwakwanso who likes cheating other people will not shout as if there is pepper in his anus?

  11. i agree with this development 100%, but they should have also merged EFCC and ICPC because i can’t see any difference between these two agencies.

    • @Silas—There we go again- sentiments n not facts. Wat is ur biznes wit d affected heads? Was anyone born d head of any dept? Self employment is a very nice option. They ve always preached it. now let them act it. SHALOM

  12. A bold move,enough of these duplications.This is about the first positive move in the transformation agender.We should congratulate Mr. president on this instead of spitting venom that is uncalledd for.Next should be EFCC and ICPC as @emilistic rightly suggested.

  13. chuka ikpeazu on

    We are returning to the good old days. Prior to 1978, each university in the country was conducting its own entrance examination. It gave opportunity for institutions to select candidates of their choice. Similarly, it helped candidates to select universities of their choices. Then, candidates sat for entrance examinations for many universities as they wanted. At the end they select their best from the universities that offered them admission.
    While JAMB might have solved some problems at inception, it has outlive its usefulness.

    • Silent mejority on

      It may not work because the universities had already turned the Post UME exams into a money making scheme for their institutions. but now they can actually go ahead and sell admissions to the highest bidders. Children of the rich will not need to sit for any axams

  14. nice talk @ Emilistic. EFCC n ICPC should be merged and many others. The heads of the defunct parastatals should be fixed up in a good position in order to create balane and prevent witch-hunting. @ Silent Mejority: we need God to help us. I know dis is bumber harvest for greedy VC’s and rectors.

  15. Prince ojokolobo on

    I think I agree with Freedom and emilistics comments. EFCC and ICPC be merged, NAFDAC and SON be merged, NDLEA and NAPTIP be merged, NSCD,ROAD SAFTY and NIGERIA POLICE FORCE(NPF) be merged. NICOMSAT,NASDRA be merged. These will make them effective and less frictions among these paramilitary organizations and also cost effective .

  16. Many have said my mind,president Jonathan is just being vilified for nothing,whatever he does is being criticized ,but all these naive criticisms amounts to nought.Here we are people cry that government spending is bloated,now they want to harmonies gencies doing same job and people are posting rubbish here.

  17. well,having read all ur comments…i think merging is good,@list to reduce d cost of governance…then other ministeries nd agencies should also be merged irrespective of whom it might affect…the Fed Govt shuold also set up a non corrupt committee to look @ d activities of these merged agencies,especially on d education sector…

  18. Good move by joe………apart frm stability in power this days i tink this d second good step by his govmnt …….next is scrapin of d senate to alow for only reps reducing 36 states to only 6 regions ……total removal of subsidy even though very painful but it will alow ibo busines men an oportunity to make importations other than pple stealin our money to refine fuel for us in d name of subsidy…..the only lazy tribe in nig d yorubas will not like this bold move as it will increase dia unemployment bcos dia half baked graduates litered in every ofice wil b disengaged nd d worst to dem is dat d ibos have dominated comerce nd industry hence d fear of unemployment

    • Thank GOD,Yorubas have baked graduates but Ibos have a lot of drop-outs selling oranges on the street of Lagos due to their being unfortunate to be produced by irresponsible fathers

  19. More grease to elbow of Fg. This scrap of some agencies wil bring down costs. But my quest is, what will happen to existing workes of such agencies? Fg should look into that b/f final conclusion.

  20. The problem with Nigeria is not good policies but implementation and serious monitoring to check abuse. Now consider this scenario: some universities collect bribe of up to 300k (more for some professional courses) to give admission to students with UTME in place. Now that they have been given a blank cheque on admission one cringes at what will be the prospect of jambites from poor families who certainly cannot afford to bribe their way. Our problem has always been proper regulation and monitoring to check abuse. As for the intention of govt, it’s superb.

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