Farouk Lawan: Reps storm Kuje Prisons


From FRED ITUA, Abuja

Following the decision of an Abuja Federal High Court last Friday to order the remand in prison custody, of a member of the House of Representatives, Farouk Lawan, the Kuje Prison where he was taken to has become a Mecca of sorts with different political groups, especially some members of the House of Representatives, flocking the jail house in solidarity with their colleague.

Although it was reported that 24 members of the House from Kano State had visited the prison the previous day, lawmakers from other states and some politicians of northern extraction were seen queuing around the Kuje Prison yesterday. Justice Mudashiru Oniyangi had last Friday remanded the former chairman of the House of Representatives’ Ad-hoc Committee on Fuel Subsidy Regime, Farouk Lawan and the Secretary of the committee, Boniface Emenalo in prison custody till Friday, February 8, when their bail application is expected to be determined by the court.

The duo is being tried for contravening the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission (ICPC) Act by allegedly receiving a bribe of $620,000 from Lagos business mogul, Femi Otedola, to delete his company’s name, Zenon Petroleum and Gas, from the list of companies indicted in the 2011 fuel subsidy scam. Otedola had also filed a suit against Lawan and Speaker of the House, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, in a N250 billion case of harassment and intimidation.

When Daily Sun visited the prison yesterday at about 12noon that the House was still in plenary, some federal lawmakers were seen sitting under a tent waiting for their turn to go into the facility to see their colleague. The tent, manned by men of the intelligence unit of the Nigeria Prisons Service, is a screening point for relations and friends who want to see inmates. Although the officers on duty refused to grant access to the correspondent nor allow him to peruse the visitors’ register, Daily Sun reliably gathered that the register contained names of some lawmakers who had visited Lawan in custody.

One of the lawmakers, Zakari Mohammed, who declined to make comments said he was at the prison to see Mr. Lawan. Asked if he was representing the House leadership, he said, “no, I am here in my private capacity. I am here on behalf of my family and myself. I am not representing the leadership of the House.” Although the leadership of the House of Representatives has not made any official statement regarding the incarceration of Farouk, Daily Sun gathered that some principal officers of the House might pay a secret solidarity visit to Kuje Prison in support of Farouk Lawan.

Daily Sun further gathered that the leadership of the House is treading carefully in order to avoid bashing from Nigerians who might accuse them of supporting a corrupt colleague. They’re also wary of an eventual revolt of some members of northern extraction who are likely to accuse them of abandoning their colleague in the face of trial.

It was also gathered that efforts are in top gear by the House leadership to strike a deal with the executive arm who many believe are paying the House back for the many troubles they’ve caused President Goodluck Jonathan’s government since the leadership of the House came on board in 2011 under some controversial circumstances.

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    • Ashiwaju-D-Ole on

      Upen the prison gate for all of them to enter and lock it they are all criminals.

      See these useless bastards lock them up as they have come freely.

  1. Such a pity that our law makers can cringe at the sight of an executive onslaught. To me,this is the best of times to seek the advise of Ghali Naaba. Millions of Nigerians still nurse reservations about the one sided prosecution of Lawan. What about the giver of the bribe?

    • My friend , you are bias and blinded with sentiments. You probably came from the same state with Lawan. If u are not in sane, u should have known that Otedola has no case to answer. He is a principal witness in this case.

      Lawan and his officials demanded bribe and he set them up by giving them marked dollar. Otedola has his own case to answer, but as far as this bribery case are concern, he is free and free indeed.

      It is most likely that Lawan and others will regain their freedom because we are in a Banana Republic where people do anything and get out of it. If it were in advanced world, Lawan would have resigned from the House of Reps and bury his head in shame. If this is happening in the first world, these lawmakers who have lost their credibility would have got closer the prison gate to meet with Lawan. How can such unguided elements make law for the country. Lawless people making laws for lawful people. The credibility of those who visited him in prison and gving their support are in question.

      • Say you, Say me on

        @efula, where did you study your own law? What does the law say about the giver and taker of bribe. Both are guilty. It is like ignorance of the law being no excuse. And where is the evidence Otedola has. No video to prove, no security agents to collaborate his story. Maybe, when he has his day in court, he’ll provide all the evidence. The man is guilty as sin. In a civilized country this is called ‘entrapment’. Cases have been know to have been thrown out, abroad. The govt. should not be in the business of setting people up. The De Loren case is one in mind. Brace yourselves up for Farouk Lawans acquital.

        • First of all there is an audio tape recording in place
          He contacted SSS. though SSS. Has refused to confirm
          Lawan lied about the case several times and he saw the evidence of recording before changing the story
          Till today, the money is yet to be found.

          I am not suprised. The north will alway surpport the north no matter what. Buhari, abacha, ibb. It is righr for a norther man to loot the econmy and it is persecution to try the case.

        • my bros even my ilitrate grandmother knows too well that as far as this case is concern Otedola has no case to answer, one of our corrupt law makers demanded for bribe the man gave him marked money wiired the house and the idiot cave in, Otedola informed the security agents the things went on air ,the thief still denied ever seeing money in all the interviewed granted him.. The thief has been exposed by Otedola we need more Otedola to expose more. Not to crucify

  2. adeyemi sandra on

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  3. A man I respected so much as turn himself in to a subject of caricature. . . When shall we learn to be contented with what we have . . . Which way Nigeria?.

  4. Is a shamfull things to lagislative not to comdem bad thing rather supporting a thief like faruoku pleace give him food to eat his least meil jor

  5. Are the reps storming the jail to show their support to the suspect whom has been proven almost guilty,with the strong evidence allready .Ppl should start to be ashame of themselves.

  6. I am neither a lawyer nor a law student, so don’t laugh at my question. Does the law governing our country exonerates the bribe giver??? If yes, so be it with Farouk Lawan who was not disciplined enough to resist this temptation(ploy). If the answer is NO, why is Femi Otedola exonerated ???? Lawyers help me out. Besides, my joy is that GOD who is the best (impartial) is watching and will reward everyone according to his deeds.

    • The so called bribe giver reported the request for the bribe. The money Farouk received was given by security agents and marked before it was given to Farouk. Has your question been answered?

      • Then, in that case, Farouk Lawan has a good case. Meaning he has been induced to receive the bribe without the slightest idea he was being programmed to fail in his duty. But, remember that Farouk also stated that he was given money not bribe in the real sense of the word as there was no condition attache to it. Did Farouk Lawan eventually delete Otedola’s name from the subsidy scams list? No. Look at it this way, if a rich man like Dangote ‘dash’ our president or any politician such a huge amount of money without any condition attached, won’t he collect? What of you, would you not collect ‘dashed’ from the richest man in Africa? The only person that has been saying the truth all the while has been Farouk Lawan; ‘yes, I was given money but not as a bribe’.

    • Prince Adeyoju on

      Are you an alien ? Are you in the country at all, even I that have never stepped into Nigeria since the case stated knew otedola never give bribe but play along with the instruction of security agent to butress his claim that faruok demanded for bribe, pls

  7. I am neither a lawyer nor a law student, so don’t laugh at my question. Does the law governing our country exonerates the bribe giver??? If yes, so be it with Farouk Lawan who was not disciplined enough to resist this temptation(ploy). If the answer is NO, why is Femi Otedola exonerated ???? Lawyers help me out. Besides, my joy is that GOD who is the best (impartial) judge is watching and will reward everyone according to his deeds.

  8. A celebration of corruption by our honourable members. In advanced societies, government officials dread fratanizing with “alledge” corrupt officials, here sympathy visits are made to close up corruption tracks and favours. God help Nigeria.

  9. Otedolar should not be charged because he played along with the instructions of d security agencies he reported the matter to ab initio in order to catch Farouk red handed hence the recorded transactions.so he isn’t an accomplice.well so far so good.we expect conviction & woe to d so called law makers displaying show of shame in the name of solidarity.

    • But, how can you now prove who initiated the move to give or to collect the bribed money before securities were invited in? This case is similar to the Diya phanton coup in Aso villa, where the Chief planner and masterminder became the accuser and aquitted. There can’t be a bribery case where only the taker is guilty. What of the giver(s)?

      • Didnt you listen to the tape ? Lawal was too anxious to get the money. Even when Otedola siad if Lawan was too busy then they should suspend the deal until he returned back from his (Otedola) intended travel Lawan said no he will create time to make sure he collects the money. Those supporting Lawan are only doing so on ethnic sentiments. Otedola has no case to answer because he reported the case to security agents well in advance.

        • Which tape? If you could believe that, you will believe anything. Today’s technology has provided us with abilty to manipulate the human voice to suit our purpose in many ways.

  10. Fellow Nigerians let us not be suprise @ a d solidarity of house members 2 Farouk, A thief will always do every thing possible 2 save a collique so dat He/ she will not be exposed. D next thing will be d house caring play card 4 street demonstration. Nigeria is maching forward and no evil doers can stand against it. Cudos 2 GEJ and d judiciary.

  11. @Sanga; @Apostle Chris, the giver was not criminally liable cos he did the right thing by reporting the matter to the security agency. He was instructed by the SSS to play along to catch the thief ‘Mr Farouk Lawan’, which he did. Now put yourself in Otedola’s shoe; a lawmaker pestering you for bribe, as a responsible citizen will you succumb by giving the bribe? Does it make sense that you that reported the matter to the security agency be prosecuted for helping the authority to catch a criminal be prosecuted? U don’t have to be a lawyer, it’s just simple logic.

  12. God bless you (lawyers) for your sincere answers. Now, let Farouk face the music for his misconduct. I guess he is a ” honourable” member of the house ?

  13. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Both the 24 members of house from kano and members of house of representatives are all thieves, that is why they went to kuje prison to see colleague in detention. Tell me, what is Nigeria turning to ? why should the prison authorities allow such visit ? corruption from head to toes, that is our slogan. somebody

  14. It is unfortunate that the House of Representatives now find themselves under pressure because of Farouk Lawan. Do I hear that they intend to strike a deal with the Presidency? What type of deal? A deal for the Executive to prevail on the Judiciary to release Farouk Lawan? Come on, Nigerian Lawmakers. What are you taking Nigerians for? So, when a top politician commits a criminal offence, he gets reprieve, but when an ordinary Nigerian steals even N10, he is dealt with. Why? Is there a separate law for the rich and another for the down-trodden?

    If we continue in this way, then what example are we setting or legacy are we leaving for our leaders of tomorrow? A corrupt system?

    Shame on you, law makers!

  15. I still dey laugh, Very soon the president and his cabinets will soon pay their own solidarity visit to lawan to the prison.
    and thereafter, David Mark and his colleagues will follow .
    Nigeria, who is fooling who?

  16. Here in the United Kingdom a boy disowned his MP father for not admitting that he lied about his driving offence. Lawmakers should be showing good examples to the citizenry not the opposite!

  17. The giver and the taker are in thesame offence as long as it is called bribe, nomatter how, when, where, who or what condition the bribe was given. “The law is clear”

    • Aniagu you have no clue about the law and police investigation. Please do a proper research. A crime took place and someone reported the case to the law before the crime took place and that person was not Farouk. The “giver”in this case did what the police asked of him to make sure the criminal was caught. Otedola has no case in any law court in any planet as long as this case is concerned.

  18. If found guilty he shld be made to face life imprisonment. We shld lead by example, the law is not a respecter of anybody irrespective of positions, religiou, culture etc.

  19. You are all westing your energy for no cause. Like my fellow comentator said,am not a lawyer but I bet, this case is dead and burried for wants of evidence to prove.where is monetary bribe given to Faruk and who are the witnesses when the money was given.The acclaimed confession will be regarded as under dures, so also about the recoded conversation can be manupulated. In sumary of all, no evidence to prove the prosecution.Therefore the suspect is discharge and aquited

  20. Could it be true that reps are visiting Kuje prison in solidarity with their bribe taker member. It is a pity. Shame on you Africans. In advanced countries, Lawan would have been handcuffed on the day of arrest, and he would have resigned his membership of the house , if it is an honorabl chamber.. Nigeria will never recover as long as we continue to treat thieves, and corrupt people with hand gloves. sacred cows

  21. @ appostle chris, look at it from this angle, if a lecturer demands for 20,000 Naira to credit you in his subject and you report him to the security of the institution who adviced you to comply with some marked currency, if the lecturer collects the money and was apprehended with with such currency, the student will not be charged for bribeing his lecturer. but if it is a student who requested his lecturer to collect 20,000 Naira inorder to favour him and the lecturer told him to bring it the following day at a particular time, before then, the lecturer had informed the security of the institution who came while the student was giving out the money,the student will be the one to face criminal charge.

  22. What a shamefully act, in a decent society do you think others law maker Would reduce themselves so low and go a head and pay solidarity visit to common thief, what is so special about Faruku, what are we saying, let us call a spade no other Name than is real name, this man call Faruku must go to jail.



  25. Ozobugha B.Udoka on

    Farouk Lawan looks gentle and reserved, but every body has seen the real person, who evidently is a chattered criminal just like his other colleagues in both houses of parliament, who do nothing but to continually sit down to plan how best to carry on their foremost function of looting.Am sorry for this country called Nigeria, for when will we put a stop to the celebration of criminality.

  26. Oh my goodness, Hon. Lawan, you are an intelligent man, educated politician i respected so much. I remember when i approached you in 1997 for an admission then you were the deputy registrar in Kano Poly, you promised and fulfilled it. well, i pray you will come out of this trial.

  27. Onye igbo from Qatar on

    What is rong with dis person called Tinkwel, cus he help u 2 secure ur admission dats why u join dose his teif freinds 2 offers such unrighteouss prayer. My gud news 2 u is dat, woe unto thee dat decree unrighteous decree. And a prayer of sinner is an abormination unto God.

  28. EFCC, keep it up if your boss and members should not turn around to flaw the law itself. Soonest, 9ja elected position will be like India known as pougartary can be better referred as (Bermuda Triangle). It is only in India that Amb. Kuku witch-hunt Mr. B Shaibu who died as a result of High BP coupled with his vegetative state caused by his Renal failure. Mr. Kuku forced him to account for all the monies collected for his treatment. Soon after his demise, Amb. Kuku fall sick that nearly take his life too. Those politicians who took all sorts of powers including ladies who took contraceptives to prevent pregnancy, Cosmetics to become beauty Queens now go to India to pay for IVF & cosmetic surgery from India are paying for it dearly. Nigerians are called to prayer for God have hard us.

  29. Farouk lawal needs to stand firm now and the law is no respectal of persons and in so doing I still have this believe that out judges have not been fair in dishing out judgement to this so called cabals,god fatherism e.t.c quote me when this judgement is finalised in favour of faroul lawal.

  30. The former president was very correct by saying that our legislators only pass laws when Ghana must go exchange hands. What a country. The truth is that corruption will bring an end to the so call banana republic. Watch and see the youths are watching. Our leaders should know that it is only six feet and only what you will be remember is what you have done. A good name is better than gold. All those who visited Mr. Integrity of doubles peaking should bury their faces in Shame.


  32. Pls let this issue be a wake up for every Nigerian.We have all been treated like fools in our dear country we love so much by senseless individuals presumed to be elected by us to govern us.pls my people for how long shall we endure this mayhem and banditry meted to us by just very few people in our mist.Since law and order has been bastardised by the so called law makers to the detriment of our collective interest ,must we then sit and watch this mockery endlessly ?Enough is Enough.let us take our destiny in our hands.People are becoming impertient with all farce taking place in Nigeria.Pls Dear Jonathan, Judiciary ,Electorates,Clergy,Students,Every elected member ………lets wake up from this slumber.Indeed our eyes have been opened.The last straw is this.We are no Goats to be led anymore !!!

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