Emeka Ike is a nuisance –Ejike Asiegbu


He’s a frustrated loser –Emeka Ike

One would have thought that with time Ejike Asiegbu, one time president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) and celebrated actor, Emeka Ike would sheath their swords and forget hurts of the past. However, recent encounters with the two indicate that they still bear grudges and have unsavory impressions of one another.

It was Ejike who fired the first salvo, describing the continuous legal battle Emeka is waging against the guild’s leadership over the position of presidency as ‘unnecessary’ and labeling him (Emeka) a‘nuisance’. In an exclusive interview, Ejike further stated: “I hate to discuss him because he has no case as far as I’m concerned. He’s just seeking attention. The Bible says, ‘You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free’. As far as I’m concerned, he is a non-issue. What he says he is fighting for, we already did during my administration. You cannot seek power illegally anywhere.

On several occasions, Emeka has tried to scuttle the administration. No one is bigger than the association. He has shown through his action that he is bigger than everybody in Nollywood. To that I say, he is not, he cannot. My talking about Emeka Ike is giving him some weight. He is a non-starter. He should follow due process. Emeka Ike is not important. He is a nuisance.” On his part, Emeka Ike who has been involved in power tussles with the guild since Ejike’s tenure as president described the latter as a ‘frustrated loser and an Igbo man with unforgiving spirit’.

Hear him: “I don’t want to join issues with Ejike. He is frustrated, sore and a loser. At this level, I cannot be discussing Ejike. I am into bigger things. My school, Making Youth Academy West Africa in Ghana recently graduated over 40 ex-militants. We are on the verge of going to Hollywood to shoot a movie with them and 50 Cent. Aside working as a consultant with the Federal Government, I am also working with them on re-integration. So, Ejike is not worth my attention.”

Emeka went on to say that everyone in Ejike’s camp had seen the light and turned around to support his quest to wrestle power from the hands of the Board of Trustee (BOT) of the guild. “Ejike has an unforgiving spirit; he is an Igbo man seeking to bring his brother down. Others have turned around. Emeka Rising and Uchendu are with us in this fight; only Ejike is going about attacking us on the pages of newspapers. I have met with Ibinabo Fiberesima (president of the guild) to make it clear that this is not a battle against her.

We need to safeguard the future of our children from the old men who parade themselves as members of the Board of Trustees.” In 2009/2010, Emeka Ike, Kanayo O. Kanayo and Segun Arinze teamed up with the BOT to oust Ejike Asiegbu from office. Emeka fell out with the team after what he described as a ‘kangaroo election’ produced Segun Arinze as the Guild’s president.

He has since then filed several lawsuits against the association, saying that the BOT had no right to conduct the election. According to Emeka Ike, his fight is not about being the president of the association, but against the BOT, which he claimed registered the guild as a private company and has manipulated the constitution to keep its members perpetually in power.

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  1. This is not issue of Igbos or Ibos. The fact remains that Actors and Musicans make a lot of money but sometimes behaves unreasonably. They smoke a lot, drink alot and act foolishly. Everything they end in deadlock or break down. Successful marriage exclude them.

    Their life and times are sometimes terrible.

  2. @efula..stop that remark pls..there re RASCALS in all works of life..life is all about Disagreeing to Agree..it makes life interesting..they will settle and learn their mistakes.

  3. From what Emeka Ike said, he is the one fighting from the wrong angle. Even those that teamed up with him in 2009/2010 deserted him and one of them made the guild’s President in the person of Segun Arinze. So what is he still fighting for and why have those with him earlier deserted if he is on the right track? Nollywood was made thick first with the likes of Asiegbu, Orji, KOK, Edochie and co, Emeka wasn’t in the picture then so he must not come to scuttle the efforts those founding members have laboured for. Since he is now a consultant with FG, and even now train our Niger Delta criminals (so-called ex-militants), i ask him to concentrate in that as he has his hands full in that assignment. I also invite the SSS to investigate if that school in Ghana really has the capacity and capability to train our Niger Delta criminals.

  4. Judging from the point of view of Emeka Ike, his listing of achievements etc, you can see an arrogant brat qwho is so full of himself. Such men as Emeka do not last long in the arena he is playing on. He must learn to be humble otherwise, before he knows it, it would be too late.

  5. Emeka Ike is a brat. His so-called ‘consultancy’ shd be investigated. The little money he’s made is affecting his reasoning. Respect ur elders so that at ur own time u’ll be respected.

  6. Am a novice here. But , both of them shouldn’t spread their dirty linens outside. Their integrity and reputations are respected by both men and spirits. Both the living and the dead respect them a lot for the active roles they have played so far in movie industry, Please, both of you should give peace a chance.

  7. All of you who made nasty comments against Emeka, seems to be all actors, you people are the fools, abeg leave Emeka Ike alone. Let Ejike go and rot in hell, he is too old to be fighting for position, he has made his money at his own time, he should go and sit in hell, including all of you that made those nasty comments about emeka ike

  8. everybody needs power in this country…hahahahaha..what are you going to do with all these titles?how many of you are hungry to know God?

  9. Dem don make small Naira dey make noise. which one of them dey use mint cars? na tokunbo all of dem dey use. When dey make money nko? Abeg lets face important issues and leave this pple alone. How much can each one of them boast of?

  10. Ejike Ashiegbu is an honorable and gentle man who has done such for Nollywood and the youths of this country. He may not have all the money, but his name is GOLDEN to those who truly know him. I also appreciate Emeka Ike who is also doing his best In his chosen carrier. These two men have given to this Nation and all we have to do is to appeal to those who know them to try and reconcile both of them, as they are both good Ambassadors of Igboland.

  11. Why is Emeka Ike making full of himself by parading his credentials.? What has been a consultant to the federal govt and owning school in Ghana got to do with the issue at stake here? It shows that Emeka Ike himself is an arrogant fighting a lost battle. He has no respect to his elders and i wonder what type of training he would impact on the ex-militants he was contracted to train. He should retrace his steps before its too late. Dont be proud because you won a federal govt contract today.

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