Eagles need Moses, Emenike for final – Keshi



An excited Super Eagles’ Coach, Stephen Keshi, is fervently praying for the quick recovery of his injured strikers, Emmanuel Emenike and Victor Moses, insisting that both players are key to the final on Sunday. Keshi, who dedicated the victory against Mali to God said he was hopeful that both players would be cleared by the team doctors and certified fit to be ready for the final game.

“I’m hoping that the both Moses and Emenike are going to be okay after proper scans and examinations. We need everyone for the final game because every player is important to our preparation for the final.” Keshi, speaking on the team’s improved form, said he knew that the first three games were going to be difficult, but that after that, things were going to be better. “I want to thank God that we’re in the final despite leaving out key players from the squad for the Nigerian domestic league.

Not only skillful players could do the job for you in a tournament, but any player that could work for the team was what we need hence the decision to take six players along with us.” On the Mali side that he had once coached, Keshi gave credit to the team for its fighting spirit and singled out Barcelona’s former star, Keita, for his efforts in carrying his team.

“Having coached Mali before, I know that they are a slow side and knew what to do. But I must commend them for their play and especially Keita.” On if he felt fulfilled that he defeated Mali’s foreign coach in the tournament, the big boss noted that he is not in any way against foreign coaches working in Africa, but insists that only qualified foreign coaches should be given jobs.

He observed that many foreigners who come to Africa to coach only start their careers here and as such carpenters should not be hired as coaches, he said.

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  1. very good talk my dear brother. Those that believed on foreign coaches and foreign players can continue with their inferiority complex, Almighty God will bless you for shunning pride and ego in your team they latter termed tribal team instead of having competent and future football team that can stand the taste of time. Nigeria can not go anywhere in the world with that obnoxious system called federal character or quarter system.

  2. In mean time, we must start working on the psychology of the team mates for final match, please find tactics for their physical strength of Burkina boys, we must not divulge our game plan out please, Nigeria technical depth would be known now keshi begin earnest preparation, no excuse for not catching the trophy, begin to dream it now, u must do it, uccan, yes u can

  3. chukwudile ogbonnaya on

    i thank God for His mercy. Super eagles for life. Keshi na you get this hand. Mosses & Emenike Quck recovery in Jesus name Amen.

  4. i pray to almighty God for emenike and moses for quick recovery lord,keshi keep it on,very soon iam would soon go in nigeria and people will stand by the truth one day.

  5. Aniaga Joseph onyebuchi on

    The stone dat builders reject becomes a chief corner stone. God u make things out of nothing. Glory!!!.

  6. I pray that the duo of Emenike and Victor Moses get well fast for the game on Sunday. May the healing power in the blood of Jesus Christ that I plead on them right away ,flow through their veins ,effect healing and restoration to every part of their bodies that have injuries, in Jesus mighty name I pray.

  7. I prophecies on they healing in jesus name amen. Bt Nigeria dis time wil play to miss any chance bcs bokinafaso look like animals and can dangerous in attacking.. Maybe they ar specimen of Charles Darwin theory

  8. Big Boss,Keshi Niga peple joins u to pray dat Emenike and Victor Moses will recoverfully to play in d finals in Jesus Name.Big Boss,tanx fo hiting d Nail on the authorities in d Glass pinchant fo hiring foreign Coaches,Not hire Carpenters as Coaches the National teams.Fellow Nigerian s,it has bn d practice of Corrupt Africans, especially in this Country where Indian street hawkers,Okada Repairers and other menial jobbers are hired as Engineers or Managers,with fat salaries,Cars,provided wt Good accomodatio ns and made Manager s over more qualified and experience Nigerians,who are often treated like slaves by this Corrupt and lazy gossipers,and all these wt the active collabration of Nigeria ns,especially our Yoruba Brothers who are always ready tools in the hands of this crooks in collusion wt d Niga Immigration services to illegally extend the number of the years approved on their entry in Nigeria from two years to any No. of years requested by the international Crooks.Or what about d Number of that ve bn ruined by low quality of China made Vehicles,which were purchased for Transp ortation wt loans from the Banks,but did nt last up to 6 months b4 they got boken down,the substandard products that is presently all over with out monitoring by the agencies,responsible for such enforcements .It is a National traged y of the highest order .Nigerians are sufferin g/preshing for lack of committment by its leaders and Citizenry.

  9. Please i urge CAF and IT’S BOARD to provide us a good referee to officiate the final match, If not i will personally VEX and enter the field to slap any yeye Arab man this time around, bcos i dey vex…I pitied Burkina faso on their match with Ghana but GOD get power pass Boko haram brodas….I will not tolerate it….Let them be warned in time nowooooooo, bcos………

  10. The Omni science is aware and has stretched his medical healing hands on them, i speak strong health upon Emenike and Moses right now IJN

  11. Pls let us not take the Burkinabess for granted.Have always believed in local coaches and players.Brazil best export are footballers from Local league and it is a big exchange earner.We can build a bigger industry of players by investing in the local leagues in our nation.Best football clubs emanate from cities and not the usual private names.Mohammed,Abiola or Iwuanyanwu etc that is the case.City oriented teams eg Lagos city,or ikeja city etc. Good luck Nigeria.

  12. As we are praying for the Nigerian Super Eagles to lift the Nations Cup, lets also remember to pray for an injury free match for our players at the final, cause the Bukina Faso team don’t recognizes fair play in their approach when they play.

  13. Our players must make themselves ready for Sunday’s battle. They shouldn’t underrate the Burkinabes as the unexpected could occur in any battle/competition of this nature. I wish the Super eagles the best of luck.

  14. baba God na our defender so i get hope over bokinabes, bt for Emenike my boy nd victor my super chelsea man dey r healed by d blood of d lamb y nt say amen

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