e-JAMB: Exams to hold in 17 days


•Candidates to write exams on computer, results to come instantly


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) yesterday formally launched the Computer Based Test (CBT) for 2013 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME), in the country. With the development, the body makes it mandatory that all exams must be written on computers.

And because of the inadequacy of computers, JAMB had decided to stagger the exams that used to hold in one day to 17 straight days. Another great innovation coming with the e-JAMB is that every candidate gets his or her score immediately exam is concluded, while the final result comes later.

Flagging off the ceremony in Abuja, the Minister of Education, Professor Ruqqayatu Ahmed Rufa’i said the CBT would eliminate all forms of examination malpractices, ensure prompt delivery of raw scores, eliminate all cases of incomplete result and reduce result blackout.

The minister said the CBT: “Will be to the best interest of our students in the country because it is a system whereby a student will press a button and see his or her score after examination and we are targeting at transforming the education sector between now and 2015 and part of the effort is to look into the quality and access to education.”

The minister also highlighted two other options a student might choose to use if he or she is not computer literate, saying: “If one cannot see on a computer based he may be able to opt for paper pencil test or dual (computer and paper) based test and we are going to allow that between now and 2015 and it is our hope that by 2015 every students must have seen the advantage of using a computer.”

On whether candidates would comply with the mode of the examination, the Executive Secretary of JAMB, Professor Dibu Ojerinde, Said: “If we continue to drag on like this, we will be left behind by the whole world, other countries have started using it, why is Nigeria not doing it, it means there must be a problem and we have to start from the grass root, they must comply because we have tested about 600 students in CHAMS, and they indicated their interest in using it.”

The JAMB boss, while allaying fears of Nigerians over a possible increase in the fee as a result of the new development and how candidates in the rural areas would benefit from the scheme, given the epileptic power supply in the country, as well as the fear that the scheme could be hijacked by contractors, told journalists in an interview that: “For now, the price remains as it used to be, we are not increasing the price. “Secondly, on the issue of infrastructures, we don’t want to be monopolistic in our attitude.

We want to give it to private partners who are ready to work with us. “For example, we have identified a number of tertiary institutions and the minister of education just commissioned the computer based testing of the University of Agriculture, Markudi.

“That place, we have 500 terminals and 500students can sit and take exams at the same time.” He also said “we have some other private establishment like the CHAMS, where they have about one thousand systems and Electronic Testing Company, ETC, which has eight centres with a minimum of 2,000, computers per centres. “But we are not going to do these examination on the same day for everybody.

We start on a day and end up after about 17 days, so that as you do your exams, you get out. You get something telling you how much you have performed. But the final result will come out later.” He said while the board would depend solely on private partnership for the time being, it is making arrangement to build its own computer centres, which was already in progress.

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  1. My advice goes to the jamb boss and the education minister to ensure the adequate provision of fast browsing computers, that can make the innovation a meaningful impact among Nigerian students and not just to remorse the background in education so far.

  2. What a good innovation! However, do we have the internet system that is more reliable, efficient and well protected? Further more, how many secondary schools that teach computer appreciation as a subject especially public schools? Do we really have the needed facilities and the power supply to undertake the this project? For now the answer is NO.
    I am with the opinion the JAMB should first of all ensure that she establishes at least one sufficient IT centre in each senatorial district, create a reliable and well secured software, installed a faster and reliable internet before we can start. The fact that other Countries have started should not be a reason for us to equally start because our technology is no like their own please.

  3. Thats quite innovative,however such innovations dont come without tasking challenges which if not surmounted can have grave negative effects on the applicants. Therefore,the minister and all those in charge shld ensure dat their words are carried out to the letter.

  4. It is a welcome idea by jamb but my advise to jamb is for them to provide a very active internet service for the test.


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  6. Buchi Nwanguma on

    This is indeed a welcome development but wil d plights dis country are into allow such development 2 exit? (in terms of security)…..

  7. It will be a great Improvement in Education if adopted that system of COMPUTER BASED TEST, But let the Ministry of information and communication work in collaboration with Education ministry in the area of High speed internet connectivity, The Agency should caution Network Internet Service Providers (ISP) to increase the the speed of their Band-wits, To enable the Band-wits penetration in some of our rural areas across Nigerian,

  8. The idea is a wonderful one. I wish it is implemented to the letter becauese it will go a long way in sanitizing the ever dwindling qaulity of education in Nigeria.

  9. It is a welcome development.but much work needs to be done in enlightening the student on how go about it,especially,the rural populace.

  10. Nigeria is not yet ripe 4 dis madness, it’s not enof 2 spend over two weeks (17 days) in conducting JAMB. What measures hv they put in place dat will ensure a hitch free exercise? U don’t just wake up a tk a decision, they shld stop frustrating ppl unnecessarily, by d way did JAMB chief executive or even d education minister go thru dis in their time? Is d best way they know 2 tackle corruption? Afterall dis days u can stil pass ur JAMB & even APTITUDE TEST with flying colours & admission stil denied except u cut corners, like in UNIUYO.

  11. Guys! I still maintain dis is a ploy by JAMB & d ministry of education 2 continue frustrating ppl, dis is not d only way of fighting corruption in d system. They should first start by checking d excesses of corrupt VICE CHANCELLORS in our nation’s universities as being d case in UNIUYO. How can one explain a situation where a candidate scores 205 in JAMB & 244 in APTITUDE TEST & is being denied admission 2 study sociology, yet someone scored less than these & is admitted 2 study law. I think I only blame those corrupt, useless ppl @ d National Assembly, coz d shld hv scrapped that nonsense called APTITUDE TEST, thereby taking admission control 4rm university authorities.

  12. A welcome development! Bt jamb shuld nt thwart d future of some les-priveledge in naija cos many students hv not touch computer let alone of powering it in order 2 acces the internet. Plz let jamb be careful not 2 frustrate these students

  13. good thing. but let me ask, why is JAMB necessary if one will still face the university aptitude test? the candidate must paid so much to learn the computer, paid for JAMB exams and even after getting more than the cut-off point, the uni-aptitude test may frustrate the candidate. what an economic waste! or why JAMB not having the authority place students in schools?

  14. A welcome idea but Nigerian technology isn’t competent and reliable compared with other countries. On the side of contractors and partners, they will see this as an avenue to enrich themselves.

    Nationwide, Computer literacy is rated 25%, power supply 12.5%, sincerity 9%, security 0.1% corruption 0%.

    Jamb! think twice to avoid massive failure. lunch and test this project b4 executing it.

  15. my response is that when one leaves an assignment there must be a reason. The truth is for this innovation to come to light is to ensure that the following is in place
    1. 10% literacy (at least)
    2. Internet facility
    3. Reliable Power (electricity) supply during exam
    4. Closeness to applicants
    5. Time constant.
    Can these measures be put in place first before introducing a frustrating methodology of writing exams.

  16. The innovation is good, but if the exam is to be taken in 17 days, is JAMB going to give the same set of questions all through? If not, will that not amount to unequal assesment of the candidates who will be made to answer different sets of questions? By this, some candidates would be more favoured than others. So, JAMB must think about this and the plight of candidates in the rural areas with little or no access to Computers. The CBT being adopted by Universities for Post-UME tests at the moment have come up with challenges ranging from hanging systems to complete malfunctioning in some instances. JAMB must put its house in order before embarking on this fanciful idea please.

  17. It is a good development, at least it will minimize exam malpractice. But jamb should make sure they are fully ready for this before it back fires on them.

  18. E-Jamb is a nice development.But Jamb should ensure that the necesary facilities will be available and enough.Computers,Power supply & speed internet server.Again,since the students will get the result immedately,I am of the opinion that the final result is no more necessary because it will be influenced.Thanks.Ugochi.

  19. Wel, dis is a welcom devt 4rm jamb, in eliminating exam malpratices, but dis new innovation should not cause many anoda frustrating 365 days @ home. Dis is hinged on d fact dat, a click on a wrong button may clean off all what a student might have written so far as what was witnessed in FUTMINNA Post – UTME 2012 resulting to no RESULT and dis is frustrating knowing how difficult admision race to Nigeria Universities is. I am appealing to jamb to please make sure dat dis good innovation never caused heart ache and news of sucides comitted by students who never followed d rule. Jamb should make sure all hands are on deck and d right things are done and put in place not to warrant d above mentioned awkward happenings to prospectus students life, career and future. And above all, let Jamb provide enough jamb owned computers and dont rely on private owners or organizations, provide early and good enlightment campaigns to all nook and crannies of Nigeria by not using only the communication medias alone, but engage in sharing of fliers, town hall meetings and secondary schools and university wide campaigns. Jamb should also make sure dat the secondary schools dey once used for their exams are upgraded with the new p.c. Facilities for both the public and private schools and ensure enough security, good and fast internet access to questions and prompt response

  20. With dis dvlopmnt, is it nt possible fr smebdy to sit fr anthr person bcs acording to jamb head, with this system there is no provision fr invigilator. Beside, using 17 dys fr d exam dt has same questions though with diffrent arrangement. Dnt u think dt most of this stdnt would hve knwn the likely areas where d question wil cme out, especially those dt wil sit fr d exam towards d end. Pls i ned mre explanation on this.

  21. There is nothing wrong here JAMB only need to partner with testing body afterall in Nigeria people are writting all the microsoft/cisco exams online.

  22. Dis is failure project cos som previledge child get d dis messge clear.i tink jamb vigilators shud swear an oath wt ur various book of faith n let d vigilators or supervisor administer d oath to d security officers,simple n let dem leave God to do justice over d oath.dat it is.

  23. Fine, but in some rural areas there are network problem.or do they use only the urban areas where there are even unavailability of adequate internet facilities.JAMB it wouldn’t work

  24. it is a good idea. But JAMB should make practice section available months in advance on their website. And also advice the student to go and pratice through radio, television, JAMB bronchure and stcrach card advert

  25. shei dis one na bad luck to magic center and lazy students dat want to reap where dey do not sow.kudos to jamb great work but remember dis is nigeria no mata wat u do there is still a way.anyway shaa de story has just begin

  26. Comrade Chiemekam Anglican on

    This is a welcom development but i must warned that the enssence should not be abused 4any material gain.

  27. Am still of the opinion that Jamb should test this first b4 implementation to avoid massive failure. Its an advantage on their side but disadvantage on the side of the masses.

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