Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki is dead


A former Senate Majority Leader and Waziri of Ilorin, Dr. Abubakar Olusola Saraki, is dead.
Details of his death were still sketchy as at press time, but it was learnt Saraki died in his Lagos home on Wednesday morning.
Saraki, the Senate Majority Leader in the Second Republic, has been in and out of hospitals in the last few years owing to symptoms associated with old age.
He was born on May 17, 1933 and has had very active political life.
His son, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, was a governor of Kwara State between 2003 and 2011.
The younger Saraki is now in the Senate.

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  2. Patience Jonathan on

    Kwara state is free at last. The man who wants all his children to take turn in being governor one after the other is dead. To God be the glory.

  3. May the soul of our departed Elder statesman rest in peace and may his good deeds outweight his bad deeds in the sight of Allah. amin.

  4. Now kwara state can begin to look forward to a brighter future now that de man who had prevented de state to achieve greateness is no more. Long live people of kwara state and lond live kwara state.

  5. For every thing that has begining there most be an end. Life is for a short while. Mmm death you a thief. May his soul rest in peace.

  6. rest in perfect peace,,,,but remember that all is vanity upon vanity…let your children learn that everyone must die just but one day!!!

  7. What an irreparable loss!!! Surely, every soul must taste death one day. . May his gentle soul be guided to the choicest of Al-janat fridose. May the Kwara state & Nigeria @ large continue to experiencing drastic & positive changes after his death. Adieu papa…………Good bye Oloyeeeeeeeeee.Indeed., you came, you saw & you ……………..

  8. Anybody who prays for the soul of this man to rest in peace is an enemy of Nigeria,may God grant this man the hottest part of hell as his reward for enslavement of many people,may all his kinds be made to suffer for all the untold hardships that people have suffered as a result of the greed and wickedness of this individual.

  9. Greatest@ lost in kwara state,may his soul rest in perfect peace,in everytin dat human is doing in this life should remember death bcos it has been registered 4 everybody,so try to b doing gud tin bcos it can com at anytym,so wether u lyk it or not u will die one dat

  10. Greatest@ lost in kwara state,may his soul rest in perfect peace,in everytin dat human being is doing in this life should remember death bcos it has been registered 4 everybody,so try to b doing gud tin bcos it can com at anytym,so wether u lyk it or not u will die one dat

  11. @ Joseph Issac, who be elder statesman??? By making his son the governor and her spoil t daughter a senator and even try to fight his son because he refused him to make his daughter the governor.
    Kwara is now free.

  12. i use this medium to commiserate to my best friend Sen Bukola Saraki concerns his father death. kindly take heart bros. Ezenwa writes from Anambra state.

  13. Chief Akpaniko on

    Nobody dies. Flesh must die but souls transit. You face either decarnation, reincarnation and incarnation. Hope those with spiritual ignorance don’t take offence. May his soul reap what he sow.

  14. stanley okechukwu on

    Oh Dr Abubakar olusola saraki may ur soul rest in, according to what you did, either peace for your good deed or hell for your wickedness, greedness and for many lives you wasted when you are still alive, choose Dr…….

  15. After killing many. I tot he wil live 4 ever. IBB you are next. In the next 5year al the political power brokers will dead. Nigeria wil soon be free.

  16. @ Chief Akpaniko…It is better you repent now and accept Jesus Christ in your life. Stop deceiving urself with ur atheism. Heaven and hell is the two places of eternity; if u like accept or reject it@ ur own peril but bible says…
    As for Late Mr. saraki…may God be the judge. As for the family, may God give them the fortitude to bear the loss.

  17. May his soul rest in peace. I hope our corrupt leaders are now witnessing that death can come at any time to anyone and the word of God will surely prevail.

    Let me remind our corrupt leaders again that in just three months death has taken prominent statesmen Dr Lateef Adegbite, Alhaji Lam Adesina and now Dr Olusola Saraki. No one knows who is next, if the looters likes they should continue to make the people of Nigeria suffer in the midst of plenty but one thing that is certain is you cannot take this loots anywhere because they are worldly things and remains in the world.

    Finally you might be planning big for the coming Christmas by traveling all over the world to enjoy your loots but God might have other ideas.

    May the souls of the departed continue to rest in peace and may the almighty God give their families the strength to bear the loss.

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