Dangote Cement shuts down Gboko plant…Alleges dumping of imported products


Management of Dangote Cement Plc has finalized arrangements to temporarily close down its four million metric tons per annum’s Gboko plant, blaming glut in the cement market for the action. The Group Head, Corporate Communication, Dangote Group, Anthony Chiejina who confirmed this in Lagos said the move was necessitated by the glut in the market arising from the success presently being recorded with the exponential increase in local production of cement and further compounded by continued importation of subsidized cement into the country.

He disclosed that the production figure for the first eleven months of the year showed increased local production level with supply now surpassing demand. Total supply of cement to the market at the end of November, according to him, when compared to the same period last year, has shown a record increase of 11.4 per cent, the highest ever.

He said it was, therefore, disheartening to note that despite the glut in the local cement market, some cement importation, though reduced, have continued, thus calling to question the rigorous implementation of the backward integration policy, introduced to encourage local production. Giving the reason for the choice of BCC for a temporary shutdown, the Dangote Group image maker noted that “with the dumping of subsidized imported cement in the South Eastern market, there is no way our Gboko Cement plant can survive.

In fact, staff have been put on forced leave pending when the situation improves.” “Inventory of finished products is beginning to build up at our plants. Don’t forget that projects from our investments of about N280 billion in additional capacity are already on stream, with lines 3 and 4 at Ibese and line 4 at Obajana, coming on stream early this year. Chiejina said other manufacturers are also experiencing the same problem of low sale and high inventory and called for urgent solutions to the ugly development.

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  2. then sale below #800 per bag so that the poor in the society can erect houses thereby reducing accomodation insufficiencies.

  3. This guy has been enjoying monopoly of virtually every business he is into with direct connivance of the Nigeria government under Obasanjo. Now that the cement business has been further liberalized, he is crying foul of dumping simply because he cannot compete in a fair and balanced open business without protection of a government sanctioned monopoly. Icheoku says capitalism is about competition not protectionism; so Dangote, if indeed you are truly a savvy businessman, accept the mantle of challenge thrown by these other cement dealers and out bid them for customers dollars. Just drop the damn prices or increase your quantity and quality of cement and see the other’s market tank.

  4. Ndigbo, onye ugwu siri na o ga emechi ebe o na-emeputa cementi na Gboko k’agu gbue unu. Cementi e ji azu Ndigbo nri. Aboki na-ebe akwa na Ndigbo tubatara cementi nke si na mbe ofesi wee wetue onu-ahia ya. O di mma Ndigbo unu ahugonu n’aboki choro ka ona achi unu. O kpachapuru anya bulie onu-ahia cementi a enu ka onye obula n’ata ahuhu. Ya choo imechi ya mechie ka anyi nu ihe, ndi o ga-emechuta bu ndi ugwu be ya. Ndigbo, unu jisie ike gbawa nbo maka afor puku abou na iri na ise. Ka Chukwu nonyere anyi!

    I g’enweta m na: zero asato zero ato itolu ano zero asato otu itolu abuo

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  6. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Dangote ! please have a re-think over your decision shut down Gboko plant. Your allegation over the dumping of imported products is not enough reason for you to take such indecisive action. You should be happy that the importation of cements into this country will reduce the price, thereby allowing the poor masses to own house/s in nearby future. Know that the gap between the poor and the rich is too wide, instead of bridging the gap, NO, they prefer the rich to become richer and poor to become poorer, “GOD DEY” 9ja go better one day.

  7. If not igbo traders the gap btwn d rich and poor could ve become so wide..i think Dangote is a smart business guy,he shld competite it with the igbo importers naa..he shld flat his own cement to 700 naira and drive them out of business but he cant’ unless govt help him..igbos re business and business re igbos.

  8. Actually, Dangote has been enjoying the monopoly of his business in Nigeria. He (Dangote) has succeeded in frustrating every businessman that ventures into cement business. He want every cement company operating in Nigeria to register under his name. Why is he crying now that the heat is on? Perhaps he want to be buried with naira when he dies.

  9. Please Govt.should not allow this man( Dangote) to manipulate the price of cement again in this country, let the price of cement fall..so the poor can also own a house.

  10. Igbo Jews has shown to Nigerians what they are capable of. Should the Igbos had kept quiet, Dangote would have being detecting the cost of living to us.
    God Bless you all

  11. Uyomi,Igbo Jews huh?So surprising,isn‘t it?Just what‘s good about being a jew?Well,well,well,read their history very well if you can and distance yourself from them,cos one day you‘ll regret everybid of it,make no mistake about it.

  12. Dangote is a criminal. QED. He want to create scarcity by shutting down the plant, so that he can force prices up again. Just as he messed up the price of rice. HE NEED TO BE JAILED.

  13. @ibraheem..jews re blessing..the richest young guy in the world Mark zukerberg is a jewish guy..he is 28yrs..with all the monopoly and so call intimidating wealth of Dangote,that small boy worths more than Dangote..maybe he is the one dangote wants to double cross in Forbes rich list by hijaking d price of Cement to be on top in forbes list but IGBO Business guys must outsmart him..

  14. You better close the factory down completely, to enable people who want good for the country to import higher quality-cheaper cement into the country and let all able Nigerians build their own houses as you did years ago.
    Easterners will not come to you to beg for “kobos” as your “blind-folded” Muslim brothers do. People thought that by now you would have helped the country force the cost of cement down to N500/bag – only to hold us to ransom.
    If men were god.

  15. But never in this history of humanity , man can be God. glory be to his name God i thank you for that. Just soon all this will be stop.

  16. ifeanyi victor on

    Forget this dangote man,it,s only in nigeria dt such pple can come up business tops.
    Lool! Obasanjo was giving this man more than 70% of all total yearly cement import allocation into nigeria,with about 30% shared among lafarge,burham etc while deliberately banning ibeto even yl he more than met conditions for his license,obasanjo revoked his import license and refused to allow him bring in already imported multi-billion naira ship loads of cement on the high sea,mind u,the ships were already on the high sea.
    This same dangote had been enjoying preferencial presidential import waiver for many yrs and president,especially obasanjo.
    Obasanjo transfered govt of nigeria share in a benin republic cement. Plant to dangote.
    All of u know the history of savanah sugar industry numan adamawa where obasanjo,in addition to giving dangote the plant for next to nothing,he spent millions of dollars of govt money to rehabilitate the plants.
    There was oshogbo machine tool industry,same thing.
    Mean while,same obasanjo had ealiear closed savana bank for politiical cum ethnic reasons,which supreme court had to restore after years of legal fire works.
    Enter, orji uzo kalu’s slok airline,which wasthe best then,Obasanjo banned the airline with the attendant loss of jobs,just to get to Orji Kalu.
    Slok left and became national carrier of gambia,but you know gambia is not nigeria,I can give examples many of them and when we say there is gang-up against some pple in this country pple start behaving funny.
    Dangote was made by govt simple.
    At #1400 per bag of cement dangote still makes significant profits,jst that they don’t want cement price to come down so that he will be making obscene profits.
    In business,the higher the risk the more the profits,cement production is not high risk business for the kind of profits he has been getting thru manipulations of govts in nigeria to maintain monopoly and abnormal profit margins.
    He can try oil exploration big time,if he wants to maintain that kind of profits.

  17. Dangote and co that have been bosting all over the place’s as the most richest man in Nigeria and Africa are all enjoying Nigerian government money looters in their various account!
    Let’s face the fact, the Igbo’s are the one’s suppose to regards as the most richest in all honesty bcos of their industriousness, hardworking and doggedness in terms of business, cretivity, etc but corrupt Nigerian government have try every possible area’s to stop Igbo’s but cannot really succeed cos men are not God!

  18. Bloody exploiter. Dangote can go to hell. He will prefer cement keeps selling at over 2000 Naira as before. He is uncomfortable that cement now sell aroung N1600. When he was campaigning to ban cement importation he said the price of cement will go under 1000 Naira with his factories but as soon as he had the monopoly, cement started selling at N2500.

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