Customs arrests forgers of govt certificates, seals


Bank tellers found in their hideout

Operatives of the Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone A Ikeja, Lagos of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) have arrested members of a syndicate that specialises in the forgery of various government import documents including the seal of the Comptroller General of the NCS.At a raid of the syndicate’s ‘office’ at 5a Railway, Apapa on Wednesday, seven members of the gang were arrested.

Commenting on the development, the Customs Controller, FOU, Nuhu Isa Mahmud while briefing the media in Lagos on Friday, said fake bank tellers and other restricted documents were found in their possession.

Mahmud noted that the  syndicate literally ran a parallel service which has robbed the country of colossal amount of money.

He also said that the raid was carried out by operatives of the unit who acted on a tip-off. “The team arrived the location at exactly 1600hrs and recovered the following exhibits:

1)   Two (2) Fake Seals For Serial Numbering2)   Two (2) Fake Seals Of The Comptroller-General Of Customs3)   Blank Original Copies Of Auction Sale/Allocation Of Overtime/Abandoned Goods.4)   Fake Seal Of The Customs Area Controller Tin Can Island Port5)   Assorted Coloured Biros6)   Various Companies Stamps7)   Fake Exit Permit Stamp For Customs8)   Assorted Stakeholders And Port Operations Stamps9)   Fake Stamp Of Oc Valuation Seat Kirikiri Lighter Terminal10) Olodi-Apapa Secondary School Stamp11)Wema Bank Stamp – Idiroko Branch12)Fake Stamp Oc Vehicle Seat Idiroko(A Total Of Eighteen (18) Stamps.)

13) Nine (9) GSM phones/one (1) UPS. 14)Photocopies Of Original Documents. 15)Various Blank Bank Tellers Of Different Banks. 16)Shipping Tags With Inscription (Lagos).17)Large Quantity Of Sgd File Jacket.18) Blank Customs Vehicles Duty Certificates.19)Valuation Assessment Forms For Various Custom Formations. 20)A Register For Documentation Of Prepared Document. 21)Change Of Ownership Forms. 22)Certificates Of Incorporation Belonging To Various Companies. 23)Blank Booklet For Payment Schedule (Form Sale 156). 24)Blank Booklet For Certificate Of Entry (Form Sale 157). 25)Sworn Affidavit By One Alhaji Sani Mohammed.








26)Copies Of Issued Allocation Auction Sale27)And Various Other Forged Documents Which The Fraudsters Use To Perpetrate Their Criminal Activities.”

The suspects arrested in connection with the exhibit include:   Mrs. Ngozi Ibeh; Sunday Nweke, Uche Mike and Charles .I. Ali. Others include; Emmanuel Ihedioha, Biodun Ojo and Emmanuel Abutu.

“Our preliminary investigation revealed that three (3) suspects out of this number specialize in issuing fake Customs documents, and they are: Charles .T. Ali, Emmanuel Abutu and Biodun Ojo.The suspects also occupied an office at the said location where they carry out their criminal activities and the occupiers are: Ngozi Ibeh, who is the typist, Sunday Nweke, the Job perfecter. (a terminology in their local parlance signifying expertise in documents perfection), Ugochukwu surname unknown – who jumped from a high-rise building to escape arrest. Then a guy popularly known as Dollars – who specializes in the fabrication of official seals and forging of Customs papers and one  Mr. Okwudili Ogbore – who specializes in the sales of fake Customs papers. Both Okwudili Ogbore and Dollars are currently at large but efforts are being made to apprehend them” Mahmud stated.

“We have been having various complaints from stakeholders and the public. The Comptroller-General of Customs who has viewed with utmost concern the nefarious activities of web scammers and internet fraudsters as well as people who are experts in forging Customs documents with a view to perpetrating all forms of criminalities and illegalities, which ultimately impact very negatively on the activities of the Service. Aside giving directives for the raid, he created the ‘forensic’ Unit, which is directly under his office and is charged with the responsibility of investigating and tracking all persons that are associated with all forms of cyber crimes and related activities”, he said.

He said the culprits will be charged to court once investigations are completed.


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