We’ll nail corrupt govs – Jonathan


•President laments fraud in petroleum subsidy scheme


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday  hinted that his administration was ready to  go after corrupt governors who commit various economic crimes with impunity. The President gave this indication in Abuja during the launch of a book: “Reforming the unreformable,” written by the Co-ordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.

Jonathan, who spoke through Vice President Namadi Sambo, noted that his administration is taking  legal measures against those who defrauded the government in the petroleum subsidy scheme, saying that they must be  made to pay back the stolen money and also ensure that they  are severely punished. “On the governors’ fronts, we are going after those who commit various economic crimes and corrupt practices with impunity.

As you may be aware, government is taking every legal measure to ensure that those who defraud the government in the petroleum subsidy scheme are made to pay back the stolen fund and also are severely punished.” He reiterated the administration’s commitment to diversifying the economy with emphasis in agro-business and value addition in the exploitation of other resources, all aimed at generating  employment and creating wealth.

The President did not lose sight of the fact that a book as comprehensive as that will not be without controversy and is likely to affect some interests. “A book as comprehensive as this, will not be without controversy and will definitely touch some low nerves” he said..  According to him, the book   gave insights on the challenges of creating jobs, fighting corruption and completing various structural reforms which, he said,  are important things needing urgent attention.

“I am glad to reiterate that these concerns are already being tackled in the current Transformation Agenda of this administration. Let me assure you that my administration is not only committed to reform,  we are indeed building on some of the reform measures  initiated by my predecessors. Specifically, we are consolidating the micro-economic reforms introduced in recent years.

We are going further to focus on various sectoral reforms which will create jobs in our economy,” he assured. In her remarks, Dr. Okonjo-Iweala told  Nigerians to depoliticize the  $75 oil price benchmark in the 2013 budget, saying that  her book is likely to throw up some controversial issues.

The minister said though she expects some controversy arising from the book, she was equal to the task “I am aware that the book will generate some controversies because of some chapters. Anywhere,  I will not want  to shy away from controversies otherwise, I wouldn’t be here. May be,  there might be 500 or 600 people in this hall, some people will want to rewrite this book.

There are opinion-makers who will talk about the book, saying something it did not say. We have 600 witnesses here. When you twist the words of the book, there are 600 people who will send you e-mails through social media to stop you. “And you know that when you talk about corruption and you fight corruption as Nuhu Ribadu would say….. when you fight corruption, corruption fights back.

So, don’t expect to go away from here and not see all kinds of opinion pieces. They have already started. Some people trying  to rewrite history because corruption is fighting back. But  you know what, corruption will not win,” she insisted. Okonjo-Iweala noted that the objective of the book is anchored on two lessons which are to discourage  Nigerians from the spirit of pessimism and to make them avoid the mistakes of the past.

“This is a country that is so able to change. It is able to transform. We have said it can be done. In this administration, we are still doing it. Don’t let people infuse a sense of hopelessness into you.  Don’t let them feel you have to work away. I have a job to do here and it is doable. So, that is the message I want to share for our young people because I find so many people with the spirit of pessimism who think that Nigeria will not change and cannot go anywhere. It is not true.

Nigeria can, will, and needs changes. “The second reason is lesson. I feel that in Nigeria, we do not learn lessons of the past. We repeat the same mistakes over and over again and we expect to get a different answer. “So, it is important to capture the lessons of what we have done so, we can learn them and see where we were  successful and  where we were not.

What do we need to improve upon so that we can move forward in this country. “You find that in certain issues, we still need a social consensus. People talk about technical issues leading to the oil benchmark price. We are still arguing about it today,” Okonjo-Iweala said.

Other speakers include former Secretary-General, Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Anambra State Governor Peter Obi and Ide Ahaba of Asaba, Chief Sonny Iwedike Odogwu.

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  1. Mr President you talk too much. You talk up a good game and walking the walk leaves less to be desired. Certain things in the running of government require clandestine execution. My advice is for you to stop preaching to the choir. Its not funny anymore.

  2. Iam waiting to see how things are going to work aright in this country without doing it in Jerry Rolling of Ghana way.I strongy trust this administration with the likes of madam Ngozi and mallam Rubadu they sincerely needs our prayers.What is Dr DOYIN doing in the government that is talking of fighting corruption; it is contradiction please mr president.And not to stop this senseless killing in the name of boko haram is corruption in highest order; you can not be spending such billions and the killing is not abated;

  3. Mr President knows the past and present corrupt Governors, Ministers, some PDP big wigs, DGs, NASS Leaders, Judges etc, so he should go after them through special security task force not EFCC, ICPC special tribunals that will consist of civil rights activists, incorruptible retired Judges\Justices and non super rich retired high ranking armed forces men and University Dons without blemishes.
    The Special Tribunal will be mandated to try those corrupt persons and companies for a period of not more than three months after the Special Security Task Force must have concluded their investigations that should not last more three months too.
    The Thieves are known but they easily corrupt those who investigate them and the courts who hear their cases, hence, we need the President to veto some actions to rid Nigeria of this greatest canker worms called corruption that is threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria otherwise, we should all pray for Prime suggestion that God brings our own J.J. Rawlins to met out the Ghana experience to the past and present official THIEVES of our common wealth..

  4. mr gej u alway sing wtout melody how can u figth corruption u dont take any action on all wat is hpn stop lieying u ar not strong enough to deal wt ur occult members we nigerian masse let b praying to GOD for better leader dat hv d fear of GOD not dos thiefs if u check all our police jhgs sss efcc icpc since ther introduction whom hv u see sent to jail dey only dcv us wt head line in d new ppr dat all d wost boko hrm hv u see even one dat hv been dealt wt ponishmt mr gej we tired of u if cant do anyting in dis country better get out let a capabel person who wil try like baba aremu may d gd LORD dlvr us dlvr our country frm d hand of d wicked amen

  5. Can you Mr President?We seemed to be going no where in this country with administration,how funny of you to say that?Do you really what is happening?I believe you don‘t because those to be nailed are right there with you,may I give some names?….Vice presido,Senate presido,Labaran Maku,Allison Madueke and many more of them,just start from there and also listen to people like Senator Ike Ekweremmadu.

    • For God sake remove Ngozi name; will started talking fighting corruption at her arrival to the government right from Obansanjo erra; Nigerias trust her sincerity; what she is doing no man ever imagin it except the like of Rubado;

  6. See these few governors re the only performing administrators ie FASHOLA , OKOROCHA ,P. OBI, A.OSHIMOLE,MIMIKO,CHIME,R.AMAECHI. Others re born criminals, PLS GEJ start the good project earlier enough on Theo Orji, the remaining 4 states controlled by ACN governors, all the northern governors re not performing generally. Kick start their probe and eventual imprisonment at earnest, thank u GEJ.

  7. May the good GOD that you serve who knows the heart of every person continue to guide and protect you and to give a wisdom to lead our contry truely MR President.

  8. I decided to write my comment without reading beyond where it was stated that V.P Sambo represented Jonathan, l believe Sambo was speaking his own mind not that of Jonathan because the duo of Jonathan and Ngozi are epitome of corruption


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  12. Mr president we nid action not talkin, U’ve been doin d talkin ever since U’ve been elected, we nid 2 c U in action, d masses are reali suferin, d country now is on d verge of d rich get more richer wel d poor gettin worse in there condition, GEJ WE NID 2 C U IN D REAL PRATICAL NOT BUSY TALKIN.

  13. mr.presido we have heard enough from u jst d sameway d past leader alway say word without action 9ja were beliving on u but urs is a dif.case we jst pray da god shld save us o



  15. Mr president,we are lossing confidence in u. I hope u knew dat we installed u and we can equally remove u ? U dont seems to knw y u are there anymore. U are there and too many things is going wrong in ur country,all u do is to talk like women without action. Let me ask u,are u confused,do u want us to vote u vote of no confidence ? Pls,go back and learn frm obasanjo. Naija has passed d level of mere talk and sending of representative. We are tired of ur talking,push them to action. Dats my advice to mr president, goodluck jonathan.

  16. Commentators on this page are very pessimistic. Why can’t they believe that Mr President can wake up tomorrow and become the “mad man” with a sharpened cutlass, going after corrupt Nigerians? May be, some of those who believe it is not possible would have benefited from corruption directly or indirectly, and so will vow that fighting it is impossible since they are culprits and are still there, enjoying their booties.

    • why tomorrow? we want action todaynot tomorrow;for tomorrow should have its own business. morover he is expected to act within his 1st tenure whice will determind

  17. Those of you who are asking for an immediate action from the president should not forget the due process of the law which must be followed. He is not a dictator or military man to arrest and jail persons over night. The nation is yet to recover from the ALUU 4 massacre where the community took laws into their hands. Let us let the law courts do their jobs for which they were created. Ours is to provide the necessary evidence(s) to nail these chaps; thereby assisting the president to achieve his visions for the nation.

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  19. I believe Nigeria is not a lost nation. When We have the right Leaders with fear of God and who are practically ready to serve with purposeful and guided direction,Nigerians hope can be assured. But with patience and prayers,I believe We will get there. I doff my cap for Okonjo reforming agenda, and I ll try to obtain the book for more insights.

  20. omotayo oyeyipo on

    Is anybody investigating how Taraba gov. acquired a private plane? I cannot see any seriousness in JEG except talk, talk and talk.

  21. @ Izubiafra, under GEJ nose Otedola n Faruk bribe deal came open, what did GEJ did about it? Andy Uba a serving senator lay claim to $15m Ibori bribe to Ribadu for which Ribadu rejected, what has GEJ done about it? In fact Delta State and GEJ government are in the court to battle out who to have custody of the bribe money.

    @ Oluremi, can one claim to serve his/her father land when he/she is paid in $ when his/her other minister colleagues were paid in Naira. It happened to her under OBJ and she hadn’t seen anything wrong with that.
    Only pray can help us out. I believe there are still honest Nigerians across the geopolitical land scape that can move this country to greater heights but the corrupt political system will not allow them get there. So help us God. Amin!!! Long live Nigeria!

  22. omotayo oyeyipo on

    Nigeria may not be a lost nation but is being ruled by LOST LEADERS who are being followed by LOST FOLLOWERS. The word reform’ became popular during the Obasanjo regime and since then our leaders have been reforming every aspect of our life yet things, including corruption and even the economy, are going from bad to worse. Is it not time to begin reforming the reformers and the reform itself?

  23. Am so sure that he will succeed, but only, with Nigerians support. If we have been given him supporting right from inception of his govt., we would have been some steps ahead of where we are today. Pls, let us be more patriotic toward helping him and we shall not regret any bit of it.

  24. omotayo oyeyipo on

    @ Plain Truth, this is not about Jonathan as a person but the Jonathan Government. Are our leaders more patriotic than the led? They are definitely less.
    @Usman A. There are definitely honest Nigerians and they are many. The unfortunate thing is that the same people who are claiming to be reforming the unreformables are the same godfathers who would not allow the honest Nigerians to get there or win any election because of self preservation. Okonjo said corruption will not win, I say amen if that was a prayer but I can not see JEG and his crop winning corruption in Nigeria of today.

  25. The siphoning and embezzlement of public fund has been existing in Nigeria for a long while. People who stole the nations fund are moving about the nation as VIPs. Some corrupt politicians are still stealing the nation’s money today. Many will still steal tomorrow. GEJ, most faithful citizens voted you into that seat because they thought that you will bring change. All your government has been doing since you entered that seat is condolence to bomb victims and empty promises of fighting this corrupt leaders. How many have you brought to book? Nigeria is decaying. Save this country entrusted to you by trust. Be courageous and bring out the evil godfathers who are our problem. Even if it requires shedding your blood for the nation, do it. We all shall die one day. This is wonderful opportunity God gave you to save the nation. do not misuse it. Do it now and not tomorrow. Fight the injustice that is eating Nigeria up. I remember the OPUTA PANEL that abruptly was stopped. Save Nigeria GEJ. Shed your blood for the nation and remain a Hero for eternity. Do like other past presidents and ur name will be associated with other bad leaders for eternity. May God bless you GEJ and help you to bring sanity to our Nation. May God bless Nigeria through you.

  26. All I know is that a kingdom cannot be divided against itself,a demon can’t remove demons from another,except he is a greater demon….so at that instance,the status quo would still be maintained……

  27. omotayo oyeyipo on

    @ Usman A, Yes there is no doubt there are honest Nigerians honest Nigerians but the unfortunate thing is that the same people who are claiming to be reforming the unreformables are the same god fathers who would not allow these honest


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  29. Eboigbe Stephen on

    Most comments here depicts the low level of intelligence possessed by some critics… I will only shake my head, however, I doubt if any government will be appreciated in this country because Nigerians have become irredeemable in the line of criticisms.

  30. When are you going to start the action Mr president? Please start with Theodore Orji of Abia State. He is the most corrupt Governor in Nigeria.

  31. Re:Reforming the unreformable
    A very apt title. So our dear sister Ngozi knows after all… that Nigeria is unreformable! Yet she is trying, believing that it is ‘doable’ to use her own word.
    I sometimes wonder why this lady, this technocrat par excellence would chose to serve in an unreformable environment.
    Her first advent as Nigeria Finance Minister enabled her to manage and cleared our foreign debt. No sooner had she done this than she was kicked out of government with near ignominy. A lawyer, almost an upstart was her replacement. And the reckless spending and looting spree was reenacted. Today our foreign debt is steadily climbing.
    Now they have recalled her and gave her the job she knows best how to do – managing finances. A superfulous appendage of Coordinating Minister was added either to boost her ego or to provide a platform for scapegoating her if things go wrong in the end. And things would surely go wrong. Things are going wrong already.
    Today, Nigeria has sunk further in the list of poorest countries of the world. It is not unkind to say that our Ngozi is coordinating poverty and hardship among Nigerians. With the removal of the Ponzi Scheme called petroluem subsidy ochestrated by government, NNPC and petroluem importers and marketers, cost of living has tripled. Unemployment is at its hightest level since our independence as a nation.
    What is being coordinated, when for example, an upstart governor used $100 million to purchase a private jet today only to crash it tomorrow. And this amidst abject poverty in his state?
    Talking of corruption, it comes in various shades. There is financial corruption and there is moral corruption, among others. Which does greater harm to an individual and society is debateable. But they have symbiotic partnership.
    The book Reforming the unreformable will likely major on financial corruption. This is understandable given the bias of the writer. However, a wholistic effort is required in any attempt to begin fighting corruption in Nigeria. For example, the democratic process? Is it equitable, fair, inclusive and transparent, providng a level playing ground for all? The means through which a government comes to governance, will be a factor in the deliverability ability of that government. If the process that brought any government to power was assocciated with moral corruption or moral difficiency, then that government is ab initio corrupt.This is precisely the albatross of the the Jonathan government. President Jonathan may be a good, nice fellow, but his government is morally corrupt, having come to power by rewritting whatever was in the PDP book and in so doing short changed and aggrieved certain section of the country. Boko Haram (though unjustifiable) is a direct fallout of the corruption of the PDP arrangement, which has dove-tailed to haunt Jonathan and his government. Reality today is that Jonathan has spent more time and energy condolencing with victims of Boko Haram bombing than focusing on quality governance. This government is handicapped to fight corruption
    The atmosphere for fighting corruption is simply not there. This is the reality. One is not being pessimistic.
    If however, inspite of all odds, our dear Ngozi wants to try, then she needs all the goodluck available.

    • You are very wrong in you assesment i would have called a boko haram; when have there be better election than the last one;if he did not win then who?Buhari? i dont know when we are going to move away from sentimentality.Zone or no zone; democacy is all about majority.from north to south Jonathan won handsomely and he should be allowed to rule; introducing criminality in the name boko haram is a bad precidence .

  32. Our leaders and people in different positions should know that those they are governing are not happy anymore. President. GEJ is doing his past, but because the Country itself has decade made it look like he is not doing anything. I am happy we have people like Ribado, Ngozi and other reasonable once among them, I believe they will not allow the evil once to win them. With prayers and commitment Nigeria will one day be happy again.

  33. jonathan is full of gas.let him start with his senior brothers,alams,dickson and his roving wife.the possession of phd is not a qualification for performance

  34. The most pitiable person n in this government is Labaran Maku,because of his quest to contest Nasarawa Governorship in 2015 he has become very restless, corrupt and cant control his mouth any more. well. time shall tell Maku.

  35. jonathan is full of gas.what has he done with the cases of a king in his bayelsa,alams,dickson and his roving wife.charity must begin at home.possession if phd is not a prequalification for performance.jonathan is wet

  36. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    The President Goodluck Jonathan as i know him before his appointment by OBJ as VP to the fine gentleman in person of President Umaro Musa Yaradua of the blessed memory seems to me as a gentleman, and that was why he won my vote including other million Nigerians with the same assumption.GEJ, as he is been refered to in the recent time is talking about nailing the corrupt governors and didn’t mentioned corrupt politicians within his cabinet. I will not use abusive words to address our President, no matter but that is not to hide facts. when he was elected as a President May 2011, i was one of those jubilating that God has finally answered us, to my greatest suprise, he joined them to sing the same old song of the past corrupt bad leaders of this country in many ways, especially in the areas of tribalism. The president is no doubt the father of a nation and should be able to put the wrong evil did by his predicessors right rather than to pretend not to know. If he want to nail, he should make sure that he start from his Aso Rock and not to nail the innocent and honest ones simply because they are speaking the truth of what is happening in the country and not praising him or not being a member of the ruling party.Finally, if the President meant what he said, he should immidiately start with the oil theives whose names has been published publicly for the past six months and get back the money involved and purnish them.just like when he told the whole world that some of his cabinets are Boko Haram members and up till date,he has done anything while the killing is going on daily. Two serving Senators has been implicated as the chief sponsors of the boko haram, only to be interrogated and let go unhalt when it is clearly by the words of their confession that they are sponsors and so many others escaped from the police custody involving police commissioner and nothing happened,where willthe president start to nail corruption?


    The biggest country in Africa that the United Kingdom
    colonised is Nigeria. The biggest country that the
    United Kingdom colonised in Asia is India (which
    then comprised the present Pakistan and
    Bangladesh). When the UK came into Nigeria and India, like all
    other countries they colonised, they brought along
    their technology, religion (Christianity), and culture:
    names, dressing, food, and language, among others.
    Try as hard as the British did, India rejected the
    British religion, names, dressing, food, and even language, but they did not reject the British
    technology. Today, 80.5 per cent of Indians are
    Hindus; 13.4 per cent Muslims; 2.3 per cent Christians;
    1.9 per cent Sikhs; 0.8 per cent Buddhists, among
    others. Hindi is the official language of the
    government of India, but English is used extensively in business and administration and has the status of
    a “subsidiary official language.” Interestingly, it is
    rare to find an Indian with an English name or
    dressed in suit. On the other hand, Nigeria embraced, to a large
    extent, the British religion, British culture – names,
    dressing, foods, and language – but, ironically,
    rejected the British technology. The difference
    between the Nigerian and the Indian experiences is
    that while India is proud of its heritage, Nigeria takes little pride in its own heritage, a situation that has
    affected the nationalism of Nigerians and our
    development as a nation. Before the advent of Christianity, the Arabs had
    brought Islam into Nigeria through the North. Islam
    also wiped away much of the culture of Northern
    Nigeria. Today, the North has only Sharia courts but
    no Customary courts. So from the North to the South
    of Nigeria, the Western World and the Eastern World have shaped our lives to be like theirs and we have
    lost much or all of our identity. Long after the Whites and Arabs left Nigeria, Nigeria
    has waxed strong in religion to the extent that
    Nigerians now set up branches of their home-grown
    churches in Europe, the Americas, Asia and other
    African countries. Just like the Whites brought the
    gospel to us, Nigerians now take the gospel back to the Whites. In Islam, we are also very vibrant to the
    extent that if there is a blasphemous comment
    against Islam in Denmark or the US, even if there is no
    violent reaction in Saudi Arabia, the Islamic
    headquarters of the world, there will be loss of lives
    and destruction of property in Nigeria. If the United Arab Emirates, a country with 75 per cent Muslims, is
    erecting the tallest building in the world and
    encouraging the world to come and invest in its
    territory by providing a friendly environment, Boko
    Haram ensures that the economy of the North (and
    by extension that of Nigeria) is crippled with bombs and bullets unless every Nigerian converts to Boko
    Haram’s brand of Islam. We are indeed a very
    religious people. Meanwhile, as we are building the biggest churches
    and mosques, the Indians, South Africans, Chinese,
    Europeans and Americans have taken over our key
    markets: telecoms, satellite TV, multinationals,
    banking, oil and gas, automobile, aviation, and
    hospitality industries among others. Ironically, despite our exploits in religion, we are a
    people with little godliness, a people without
    scruples. It is rare to do business with a Nigerian
    pastor, deacon, knight, elder, brother, sister, imam,
    mullah, mallam, alhaji or alhaja without the person
    laying landmines of bribes and deception on your path. We call it PR, facilitation fee, processing fee,
    transport money, financial engineering, deal, or
    whatever. But if it does not change hands, no show.
    And when it is amassed, we say it is “God’s
    blessings.” Some people assume that sleaze is a
    problem of public functionaries, but the private sector seems to be worse than the public sector these
    days. One would have assumed that the more churches
    and mosques that spring up in every nook and
    cranny of Nigeria, the higher the morals in our
    society. But it is not so. The situation is that the more
    religious we get, the baser we become. Our land
    never knew the type of bloodshed experienced from religious extremists, political desperadoes, ritual
    killers, armed robbers, kidnappers, internet
    scammers, university cultists, and lynch mobs. Life
    has become so cheap and brutish that everyday
    seems to be a bonanza. We import petrol even when we have crude oil in
    abundance. We also import rice and beans that our
    land can produce in abundance. We even import
    toothpicks that primary school children can produce
    with little or no effort. Yet, we drive the best of cars
    and live in the best of edifices, visit the best places in the world for holidays and use the most expensive
    electronic and telecoms gadgets. It is now a sign of
    poverty for a Nigerian to ride a saloon car. Four-
    wheel drive vehicles are the in thing. Even
    government officials, who were known to use only
    Peugeot products as official cars as a sign of modesty, have upgraded to Toyota Prado as official
    vehicle without any iota of shame, in a country where
    about 70 per cent live below poverty line. Private jets
    have become as common as cars. A nation that
    imports toothpicks and pins flaunts wealth and
    wallows in ostentation at a time its children are trooping to Ghana, South Africa and the UK for
    university education and its sick people are running
    to India for treatment. India produces automobile and exports it to the
    world. India’s medical care is second to none, with
    even Americans and Europeans travelling to the
    country for medical treatment. India has joined the
    nuclear powers nations. India has launched a
    successful mission to the moon. Yet bicycles and tricycles are common sights in India. But in Nigeria,
    only the wretched of the earth ride bicycles. I have intentionally chosen to compare Nigeria with
    India rather than China, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia,
    or Singapore, because of the similarities between
    India and Nigeria. But these countries were not as
    promising as Nigeria at the time of our
    independence. Some would say that our undoing is our size: the
    2012 United Nations estimate puts Nigeria’s
    population at 166,000 million, while India has a
    population of 1.2 billion. Some would blame it on the
    multiplicity of ethnic groups: we have 250 ethnic
    groups, India has more than 2,000. Some would hang it on the diversity in religion: we have two
    major religions — Christianity and Islam; but India
    has many. Some would say it is because we are
    young as an independent nation: we have 52 years
    of independence; India has 65 years. Apartheid
    ended in South Africa only in 1994. I am a Christian, and nothing can change me from
    Christianity. But I think that our country is daily
    sinking into religiosity to the detriment of godliness.
    Our land is sick and needs healing. “If my people
    who are called by my name will humble themselves,
    and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will
    forgive their sin and heal their land” is still a saying
    that is germane to our current situation. We need
    more godliness than religion; more work and less of
    hope; and more action and less of words. Let everyone tidy up his or her corner first and
    demand fervently that our leaders tidy their areas of
    governance. Our nation is degenerating at a fast pace
    and we need to save it now or it may be too late.

  38. How about the members of your cabinet and kitchen cabinet? No nailing for them? Their corruption stinks to high heaven!!!. Again, how about your excellency declaring your assets publicly?

  39. My Gov Peter Obi i still de weigh this your romance with GEJ. All the same carry on with ur Good works. Fighting corruption should start from the root, by that i mean setting standards and ensuring that things are done the way it should be. This will help curb corruption because if someone sees himself in a situation where it will be difficult for him to steal, the person wont have any other choice than to follow due process and work with clean hands. If you create lapses in an administration or process, people will still embezzle public funds. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!

  40. Is it only the govs,even the medical schools nd 2 be disciplined,medicine is not for any other purpose but to save lives,in so doing u gain respect.Any doctor that does not exhume superiority to people under him for whatever reasons contrary to the ethics is a big FOOL!!It is not abt money but about respect unless s’body just changed the logics

  41. Mr Gej, i sincerly think u shld talk less n do more! I bliv by God’s grace dat u may end up as,”d rejectd stone, wch bcame d cornerston”! not by ur power, but by d power of God who can do all tings. God bless naija!

  42. GEJ oga observers are hungry etc. During you time no petrol, no good road,no water, kidnapping,no nepa, talk no do.start now .some state governors own private jets,some are building private refinery in Ghana. PDP will kill this country ooo.

  43. This semon without action is becoming too much and is borring,please please,my president start working the work,and stop talking the talk,make use your executive powers to allivate our suffering there is too much poverty in this land,as for my formal idol and queen,i am one of those nigerians who sees u as a gift from God to humanity and a pratical solution to poor,thirdworld and least develop nation,but mma,with all due respect after the #5000note your sincerety to me is doubt.may God save nigeria!!


  44. ok lets assume there is no more hope 4 nigeria wat wil all u pessimists do?all d ills @ its peak today didnt start with jonathan yet somebody wants him to shed his blood wen u can’t even correct ur nxt neighbour over wrong doing.christ has already shed all d blood 4 our salvation & jonathans blood is nt wat will cleanse our country besides we ar nt blood suckers.jonathan was massively voted 4 & do u think dat those dat overthrew buhari’s govt would’ve given buhari a chance?u shld know dat d northern polititians mastered d art of corruption & they ar nt ready to face there past which was buhari’s song during campaign. besides where & where did he campaigne?its on record dat jonathan visited d whole states in d country campaigning 4 votes.its in joe’s tenure dat d evils in banks,oil sector were exposed,he gave us free elections & he had bn gradually & steadily sanitising our system.wen some nigerians most of whom claim to b graduates learnt only abuses 4 life & knows nothing of constructive arguements.its still majority of u dat went to demonstrate wen he wanted to sanitize d oil industry by removing subsidy now u ppl ar crying 4 prosecution of those guilty.it wasn’t jonathans govt dat introduced subsidy & corruption.he merely wants to make nigeria wk.now he wants to probe harliburtton’s bribery scandal former presidents ar after him,he needs all our voice & help to achieve anything in office.we shld imbibe patience & encouragemt him.we cannot even do otherwise if he doesn’t wk & if he fails we all fail.so lets look up ,give him our maxium support,prayers 4 him & believe God dat all will b well,we have no other country.God bless nigeria,God bless mr president & God bless everyone

  45. [email protected] on

    well,let’s wait and see them.

  46. Mr. President, it is a good idea to go after corrupt Governors. Let us begin with PDP governors first,then others, otherwise you will nerve win such a battle that will led us to 2015 election campaign.

  47. Goodwill Oleka on

    The problem we are having in this country is this tribal sentiments, if Jonathan failed tomorrow he will say that Boko Haram is the reason he failed to provide Nigerians with good lives, when OBJ was there as the president, the actions of Niger Delta Militants, threatened his Government, all the Niger deltans including there elders what did they do? Boko haram should not even be a problem to this country if Mr. president has the political goodwill to handle them. My only concern about this Boko haram is the killing of the innocent souls coupled that they do not have any genuine agitation be it as it may, violent is not the best way to go but the present administration is a failure in every aspect. We can only pray for God to change all the bad rulers we have and raise a complete new generation leaders no matter his or her tribe, only then we can be talking about having patience. I refused to be a part of this administration or anything that has to do with them, I generate work for myself, I generate my own electricity and provide myself my own water and medicals, what is Government for?


  49. Governor of abia state Thief T.A orji should be the first on the list o!!!!!! He’s the worst governor in the history of nigeria. We the people of Aba are suffering daily.

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