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Controversy at Christmas

(Ripples over ‘Chopper crash: And God hid it from Adeboye’)

I had raised some posers in a piece I did last week on the helicopter crash that consumed six people on December 15, in Bayelsa State. Two very prominent Nigerians, Gov Ibrahim Yakowa of Kaduna State, and Gen Andrew Owoye Azazi, immediate past National Security Adviser, were among the dead. The other deceased were Dauda Tsoho, Mohammed Kamal, Murtala Muhammed Daba, and Adeyemi Sowole.

Titled ‘Chopper crash: And God hid it from Adeboye,’ I had wondered why God did not reveal the imminent crash to the highly respected General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, since President Goodluck Jonathan had been with him just hours before the tragedy, at the Redemption Camp.

Again, I said a pastor in Lagos had foreseen the crash, and had led his congregation to intercede at three different times, but the accident still occurred (The pastor I meant is not Prophet T. B. Joshua of The Synagogue, as most readers had interpreted. He may have given his own prediction, but he was not the one I referred to in my article. I still prefer to clam up about the identity of the particular pastor). I wondered if revelations were no longer enough to forestall doom, asking why God would reveal a thing if such tragedy would still occur despite prayers. In that piece published last week, there was no intention to denigrate Pastor Adeboye in any way. Not at all. How can? I wouldn’t dream of that, not even in my wildest imagination.

And can any man diminish somebody God has elevated? Never. Adeboye is a great Apostle, a blessing to both humanity and the kingdom of God. Those who accused me of trying to reduce his stature did not, therefore, understand what I was driving at. I simply raised some spiritual posers, and submitted that the foul spiritual atmosphere beclouding the country was not helping matters in terms of receiving revelations from God.

I didn’t say more. Many people responded to the posers I raised, and to do justice to the issue, I cede the column to readers today. The only ones I have not accommodated are those who used foul language. We can’t add to the foulness in the land by further publishing indecent language, can we? I wish you all a splendid 2013 ahead. Are you saying he’s not a prophet? Are you saying Pastor Adeboye does not have prophetic gift because the Lord did not reveal the crash to him?

If anything happens, the Lord knows why it happened. So stop this criticism about the man of God. Adedeji Taiwo, [email protected] If I were the other pastor That other pastor who prayed against a tragedy that God Himself had revealed to him, and the tragedy still occurred, is the one we should worry about. Not Pastor Adeboye. If I were that other pastor, I would think, “does it mean if my own death were revealed to me and I prayed against it, is that how I would still have died?”

As for those rejoicing over Yakowa’s death, let them imagine people rejoicing over their own death for a minute. If they feel good about it, they can continue rejoicing, for people will rejoice and celebrate their own death too. But if the thought discomfits them, then they should be ashamed of themselves. Ayo Oluwatunmobi, Ikorodu, [email protected] Curious and mysterious Truly, Nigeria needs cleansing or spiritual deliverance, but not the kind of showmanship that goes on along that Lagos-Ibadan Expressway in the name of prayer.

A true spiritual seer, not the one(s) propelled by pecuniary tendencies, would have seen the ominous sign about the chopper crash coming, and would have alerted the society. That Patrick Yakowa and Andrew Azazi died together in such a crash is a very curious and mysterious happening that leaves a lot of questions.

For instance, why the co-incidence of the two men, given Azazi’s heavy public statement regarding the violent crimes in the northern part of the country by Boko Haram, as well as given the fact that the emergence of Yakowa as governor of Kaduna State never went down well with some fundamentalists in the state. For me, I see Patrick Yakowa as a martyr and should be treated so by the Roman Catholic Church and by the entire world. The reported spate of jubilations in some parts of Kaduna over his death gives enough credence to the notion that he died a martyr.

Like in the early times of the Church when the knights sprang up, especially my Order, Knights of St. John (the Baptist) International (KSJI), to defend the Christian and Roman Catholic faith from annihilation, all the Christian knights and other Christian faithful should rise up in the face of the present challenges and defend the Church. Abuchi Anueyiagu, 08033205799, [email protected]

Religious ignorance Thanks for the piece on Adeboye and God’s hidden agenda.  I currently call Texas (USA)  home and a regular visitor to Nigeria. Here is my take on your piece: dump religion completely, we would forever have peace.

Don’t get me wrong, you want to stick to your beliefs, it’s okay, we as a people, in my own observation and opinion have been brainwashed for too long. The average Nigerian equates God to any of our neighbors, almost like someone you can just walk up to his or her front door and knock or press the bell and ask to speak with the resident, in this case God, to complain or ask why this affliction. On Sundays you have the most pious people in the face of the earth, come Monday through Friday you have the worst specimen of God’s creation.

You are damn right, I bitch and curse each time I run into traffic along the religious highway (Lagos/Ibadan). This idea that God will suddenly put a brake on a chopper or a car not to crash, or a lion not to devour people, is to me religious ignorance. We need to move forward and not backward.

Oh, who cares if Jonathan stands, sits or is on his knees! Kola Akinmulero, [email protected] No respect for God Your write-up was great. One of the things that God hates that some Nigerians are guilty of is the spilling of innocent blood. Ghanaians just ended an election; there were protests here and there by the opposition, but no human blood was shed. But if it were Nigeria, coffin sellers would be smiling to the banks.

Lack of respect for God, his servants (pastors) and lack of respect for the sanctity of human life has made God very angry with Nigeria and when God is angry with a nation, even His servants are not spared His wrath, hence His hiding events from those we feel should know. Formerly, when you enter a Pentecostal assembly, the presence of the Holy Spirit would charge you up, but today majority of the Pentecostal assemblies are like a conference room where unbelievers take coffee, while some have become a disco tech where customers come to pick harlots; hence nightclubbing is no longer fashionable.

We must change our ways because Christ comet soon. Rev. Monye J Gold, Coordinator, The Mass Movement for Responsible Leadership, [email protected] More than a calamity I am yet to get over the shock, my eyes remain filled with hot tears while cold shivers run down my spines. It was such a big blow, more than a calamity.

Enough is enough in this country. Olu Aluko-Apalara, 08051476622, Adeboye had foretold it Precisely on 31st December 2011 cross-over service at the Redemption Camp, Pastor E.A Adeboye in his prophecy for the year concerning Nigeria said that prominent men should pray fervently that those of them who “see the beginning of 2012 shall see the end of it.” I strongly believe that the lofty Lord had given the word. Let him who has ears hear what the Spirit is saying.  I also urge us all to be sensitive in the spirit and attune our mind to the things of God, and be prepared to meet our Creator at any point in time. [email protected] You can’t question God I read with interest your reflection on the mystery behind the tragic event of the chopper crash, particularly the big theological question: “So, why didn’t the Lord confide in Adeboye about the Bayelsa crash… “

Well, your reflection reveals the religious and spiritual mentality of a typical Pentecostal Christian. Have you not heard Adeboye on several occasions saying GOD TOLD ME, and the crowd acknowledging these utterances with wild, thunderous and joyous acclamation! So, your question should be directed to Adeboye: “Why did you not get this revelation from God since you always claim that: “GOD TOLD ME.” Uche, [email protected] He’s a blessing There is no point arguing the fact that Daddy G.O. is a genuine man of God to this generation. Whether the chopper crash was hidden from him or not should not be an issue. He’s a blessing to us. Omonua Benjamin, [email protected] Bad eggs

The article was excellent. However, the attitude of some myopic and bad eggs should not be a base for generalization. When Governor of Taraba had a plane crash in October, some Muslims and Christians, especially members of okada riders he banned in the state capital, rejoiced and celebrated when they heard the news of the crash. I hope our leaders will work to correct it. Thanks for your effort. ? Ibrahim Kawuwa, [email protected] God is not obliged to any man Femi is my friend, deep-deep. His rumination is expensive; he got most Christianly long way before me. How can I not pause beside his words and reflect? But I put my bounds just before I get to Baba Adeboye, God is not obliged to any man.

But what about CAN President, Oritsejafor, who did the famous homilies right in the creeks at the gravesides of Oronto Douglas’ father…while the chopper was yet taking off? Let God be true and all men be liars, this Christianity, I insist, is not a social networking instrument. Gbenga Ogunsakin, [email protected] Spiritual check-up May God grant Yakowa and others eternal rest. This is a reminder to our leaders that think that death is far. Our governors should go for spiritual check-up. David, Ilorin, [email protected] Past finding out Regarding the crash, God’s ways are past finding out. As to the claim that the current security challenge is traceable to the torpedo of zoning, I beg to disagree. If anything, the zoning debate shows clearly that rulership to some people is a non-negotiable birthright.

It also shows that the issues that divide us as a people go deeper than we will admit and that all we do is attempt a cosmetic solution to a far- reaching problem. Valentine Ezike, [email protected] Political advantage God Almighty is not a respecter of anybody. He is the only One that sees the deceitful and wicked hearts of men. I feel God hid it from Baba Adeboye because President Jonathan is using his visit to the Holy Ghost festival for public show and political advantage, and not for true repentance and worship, which is the essence of the occasion. It’s also a warning to Baba Adeboye to speak out against the excesses and mal-administration of our country by the present government of Goodluck Jonathan.

God bless Femi Adesina! God bless Baba Adeboye!! God bless Nigeria!!! Yusuf Umaru, [email protected] Shocked to the marrows I read your essay and was shocked to the marrows at your comparison between what transpired when Elisha prayed for the Shunamite woman and when Pastor Adeboye prayed for President Jonathan on Friday, and the disaster that followed the next day, without the pastor having a premonition.

You have erred in that Bible account, quoting your essay thus: “You can imagine the delirious joy that would fill such household. But did they live ever happily after? No.” I expected your answer to be Yes.

In fact a capital YES, because the child was raised back to life. They lived happily thereafter as the woman had her son revived back to life and reunited happily. In fact, I took time off to revisit this biblical exegesis in our local church last Sunday. And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed. He went in therefore, and shut the door upon them twain, and prayed unto the LORD.

And he went up, and lay upon the child, and put his mouth upon his mouth, and his eyes upon his eyes, and his hands upon his hands: and he stretched himself upon the child; and the flesh of the child waxed warm. Then he returned, and walked in the house to and fro; and went up, and stretched himself upon him: and the child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes. And he called Gehazi, and said, call this Shunammite. So he called her. And when she was come in unto him, he said, Take up thy son. Then she went in, and fell at his feet, and bowed herself to the ground, and took up her son, and went out.  (2 Kings 4:12- 37).

Conclusively it is because of this that God warned whoever adds or removes from the Bible. Every man must heed the warning in Rev 22:18-19 Apostle Olusegun Oyewole, 08059271649 *Femi Adesina writes: Thanks Apostle. Yes, the child was brought back to life, but that does not change Elisha’s words that God hid the fact that the child would die from him. That is what we are talking about, so adding to, or removing from the word of God does not arise. No guarantee Why drag Adeboye into this issue? God has over 50 million Nigerian Christians He can use, including you. Besides, foreseeing/prayer is no grantee against occurrence. Ariel, Idimu Keep the light on Your article on why the Lord hid it from Adeboye is a masterpiece. Keep the light on. Chukwuemeka, Port Harcourt Seeking political correctness We mourn Dauda Tsoho, Mohammed Kamal, Murtala Mohammed Daba, Lt Adeyemi Sowole, and two others. These four innocent men lost their lives because they were on duty, ferrying bigwigs who were seeking political correctness.

Those four men would have been alive today, in the warm embrace of their families. May their souls rest in peace. Pastor Frank Oputa Can’t agree more Good write-up on Pastor Adeboye and the chopper crash.

Can’t agree more with your biblically laced views. You made my day. Fred Agbaje Esq Things we can’t ignore I love your piece, but the following can’t be ignored. (1) God cannot be questioned (2) Not all prophecies are from God. (3) God Himself is a mystery. Engr Enn Anolue, Aguata Aguluezechukwu Quite natural Your numerous questions are clearly natural in this circumstance. One hopes that answers to these questions will emerge someday soon.

Rev Dr Anyanwu Those who rejoiced Those who were happy about the death of Yakowa will one day sleep and never wake again. No one knows when his day is. It could be today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Alhaji Danladi Yaro, Sabo, Ibadan We’ll never know There are certain questions that will never be answered until we meet at His feet. The Holy Book says “for we know in part… (I Cor 13:9-10).” We shall understand it better by and by. All will be well. Onuh Anayochukwu, FCT What will be will be God did not hide any message from Pastor Adeboye. It is a case of whatever will be, will be. God’s ways are different from ours. It was simply time for those six in the chopper crash to bid farewell to this sinful world. All we need do is prepare ourselves.

God knows better. Gov Yakowa did his best for Kaduna State, those rejoicing over his death will one day join him, after all, there’s no religion in heaven. Revd S. A. Adetayo, St John’s Anglican Church, Ikotun Right place, right time President Jonathan was at the right place at the right time. Christians should be sensitive in the spirit when to go and when not to. Jesus is Lord (Deut 29:29, Col 2:10). Col R. N. Oputa (retd) God allowed it God did not cause the chopper crash, but He allowed it to happen, to teach us some vital lessons.

One, that Satan lied in the Garden of Eden when he claimed that the first couple would be better off by disobeying God. Second, to teach us the grim consequences of man relying on his own understanding rather than on God’s divine laws. Third, for us to see that we are not safe in this wicked world ruled by Satan, not till God’s kingdom under the rulership of Christ takes over the affairs of man, things will continue to go wrong.

May God have mercy on the souls of the departed. Chief Amos Ogbonnaya Joshua saw it God hid the chopper crash from Adeboye, but revealed it to his brother, Prophet T.B Joshua, who told us on January 2, July 15, September 23 and October 27, 2012, that a crash would happen involving a governor and his aides. I’m a doubting Thomas, but have had cause to believe T.B Joshua. Gov Yakowa was very unassuming. By his death, he has broken the hearts of Kaduna Christians, who saw him as the messiah. Barrister Fabian So what? If God hid it from Adeboye, so what? Leave that great man alone. Don’t you fear God? 08072103049 Love the quotations I really enjoyed your piece, especially as you quoted from the Good Book. Thank you.

Tom Obulu, Abuja God should have revealed it Good to know you have the attributes of spirituality and journalism together. Well, that was another masterpiece, but God should have, indeed, revealed the crash to Adeboye. Uche Zeph, Lagos God different from man The fact that our highly respected Pastor Adeboye did not foresee the chopper crash shows that God is different from man. He chooses whom to reveal things to. God had destined the crash to happen, and no man could stop it, but it does not in any way diminish the personality of the great man of God. Okenze Romanus Amakor God won’t reveal it Papa Adeboye has always been praying that evil men will never rule us again. But they are still ruling, and having the recognition of our clergymen. As long as that happens, there are some things God will never show those clergymen. Mafe A. J Keep the flag flying This is a very interesting and powerful write-up. Keep the flag flying. We’re always with you. Tayo Tola Agbaje, Garki, Abuja Adeboye hid it Baba Adeboye saw the crash coming, but hid it from the president.

If he had revealed it, President Jonathan would not have flown back to Abuja. He does not have then mind, liver or heart for it. Chief Mazi Ogbonna, Abuja The pastor who saw it Why didn’t you mention the name of the Lagos pastor who predicted the crash? I enjoy reading you. Ambrose, Abonyi State We’ve fallen into God’s hands I have read the Holy Bible for 60 years now. I know that all men will die, after that, judgment. I’m always frightened to read Hebrews 10:31. I pray we have not fallen into the hands of the living God. Smart, Eket Ignorant people Those who celebrated the death of Yakowa are ignorant people. Do they know what will happen to them in the next minute? They should learn from Gen Muhammadu Buhari, a Muslim, who cancelled his birthday activities because of the death of Yakowa and others. Isaiah Zachariah Foul atmosphere You are right. The spiritual atmosphere over Nigeria is foul. Not that God refused to confide in Adeboye prior to the Bayelsa crash while he was praying for Jonathan, but the outcry against the sins of this nation has gone out before God, and God is angry. To avert future occurrence, the presidency should proclaim three days of national repentance, prayer and reformation.

You cannot cleanse or deliver a nation or a people that refuse to repent. Rev Emma Nwoko, 07030058943 You took sides You mentioned the name of Pastor Adeboye who did not prophesy about the crash, and concealed the identity of the man who God used to warn Nigeria about the crash. Akinco Gabriel Enwelu, Yauri, Kebbi State Prophet Joshua saw it A friend of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, saw it, and gave warning. I love Joshua. He makes me believe there is God. Famakinwa, Abuja Mystery of God Very incisive piece. The mystery of God. Shakespeare says there is no armour against fate. Jide Ojo, Abuja Over-flogged chopper Whether the Lord hid it from Adeboye or not, what impact would his marathon publicity stunts have had on an over-flogged chopper in a nation where technological blueprints could be written at the back of cheque leaflets? Dr J. J. Akinmayowa, Uniben, 07086431658 Can’t be discovered or prevented A spiritually ordained event cannot be discovered by any pastor let alone prevented; a fact you corroborated in Elisha and the woman with a dead child. Lai Ashadele, Lagos Let’s look towards sabotage I think we should be digging around the possibility of sabotage in the system, or new pattern of sophistication in terrorism.

Remember Azazi had full knowledge of the fifth columnists in government, so it could be a way to get rid of him. How long can we continue to lose our best needlessly? I’m sure you are concerned too. Otunba Femi Soluade, Ogudu, Lagos It doesn’t depend on our prayers Psalm 135:2 says it is whatever pleases the Lord that He does on earth and in heaven. It does not depend on our prayers. May the souls of Yakowa, Azazi and others rest in peace. O. Z. Nwamadu, Umudioka Ancient Kingdom, Orlu, Imo State Tempted God enough God hid that chopper crash from Adeboye for the simple reason that He wanted us to learn.

God knows He cannot refuse if Adeboye interceded. We have tempted God more than enough. 07082904854 What is written is written God is not a liar. What is written is written. God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

If President Jonathan knows what God wants him to do, he will not for any reason kneel down before any mortal. He can only win 2015 polls if and only if he does what God wants him to do. Time is running out. Solomon U. C. Okezie, 08032634142 Quite sad The death of Yakowa, Azazi and others is quite sad. Big loss to the country! Chika Nnorom, Umukabia, Abia State God is angry God could have spoken to somebody, not just Baba Adeboye alone. There are always 7,000 men who have never bowed to Baal. We just tasted a bit of God’s anger. I pray that God will help us lessen the volume of blood that cry from the ground to heaven.

Pastor Livy Onyenegecha, Observers of Good Governance and Performance Initiative, Mbaise Only God knows when God’s ways are different from that of man, and He does His things as it pleases Him. Only God knows when, where and how death will come. Uzomba Kanu J. Thanks Thanks for making known the names of the other people who died in the crash. The press and government makes it appear that only two people died. Robert, Uyo God has no business here Look around you, the entire country is completely godless, God forsaken, and God has no business in such place. Make no mistake about it: this place is ruled by the Devil. George Ibecheozor, Owerri Pitiable sight The picture of President Jonathan kneeling before Pastor Adeboye cuts a pitiable sight, and has left a very sour taste in my mouth. I think you should have saved us the agony that picture has caused some of us. I may be wrong, but I think the president missed it, or he has not got what it takes. QED. Barrister Saba Nze Transcience of power The Yakowa/Azazi death is indeed tragic. It shows the transcience of power, and it is absurd for some people to rejoice over such monumental tragic. Charles Otu, Abakaliki You are ‘Senior Prophet’ It took me three days to read your piece.

Do you know that you are the Senior Prophet? You have already told us the truth about PDP, Igbo versus zoning. Keep the good work going. Sankwai, Zangokataf, Kaduna I want to relocate I will love to relocate to Ghana or Botswana. Too much bad luck in this country! I love Pastor Adeboye’s simplicity and humility, but I have issues with a church that gives you more envelopes to fill with tithes, covenant donations, at the expense of salvation messages. Gbenga Dan-Asabe,Lagos

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  1. Reward December 28, 2012 at 12:24 pm

    We wish you the same, Mr Adesina!

  2. Joseph Zubair December 28, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    The example of Elisha that was cited by Femi is, for me, enough to tell any unbiased reader that he has no issues with pastor Adeboye. I dont know know how some people read articles.

  3. John Nwa Okposi December 29, 2012 at 5:53 am

    Ndi ochichi (ndi no na Ala-Igbo na ndi no na mgbago), ihe oma unu ga-emere onwe unu bu iletu anya ala ugbu a mara ezigbo ihe unu ga ebido imere Ndigbo. Unu ga agba nbo meputawa ezigbo ihe na-ala Igbo nke ga eme ka umu aka anyi na enweta ezigbo ihe ha ga neme wee hapu itinyewa aka na ajo ihe. Ochichi unu n’achi Ndigbo mere ihe ojoo dika ori, ndi-nto, na igwo ogwu ego jiri buo ibu n’ala Igbo karisie ebe nile. Ewoo! Jisos onye obi ebele! Ndi ochichi anyi, a choro m ime ka unu mara na ochichi ojoo unu na achi anyi mere umu aka Igbo ji juputa na Ulo-Nga (nkporo) di iche iche na obodo di iche iche. Ulo-Nga (nkporo) Chaina, Jamani, Amirica, Malesia, Indonesia na nke di na obodo ndi ozo di iche iche ga agbara m aka ebe.

    E jim ohere a na-eme ka ndi nile bu ndi Ikorobia n’ala Igbo mara na oge erugo mgbe anyi g’ebilite n’ura. Ihe obuna ndi ochichi anyi ma obu ndi Naijiria choro Ugbu a k’ha ga-enweta, ha choo mma ha enweta mma, ha choo njo ha enweta njo. Ndigbo abughi ndi Naijiria, anyi bu ndi Biafra. Naijiria choo k’anyi buru otu, ha nye anyi Ochichi na afo puku abuo na iri na ise, ha ga-emezukwara anyi Steeti anyi ka ozue ezu di ka nke ndi ozo.

    I g’enweta m na: nkiti asato nkiti ato itolu ano nkiti asato otu itolu abuo

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