Chime back to work in 2 weeks –Akpabio


Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State yesterday gave an assurance to Nigerians that ailing Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, who has been hospitalised in London since September 2012, would return to the country in the next two weeks.

This is coming at a time Akpabio has promised to make public any activity of the Governors Forum, which negates the principles setting it up, even as he insisted that the forum would continue to work in harmony with the Federal Government. Akpabio visited Chime in a London hospital, in the company of Governors Gabriel Suswam and Chibuike Amaechi of Benue and Rivers states respectively. Speaking with airport correspondents on arrival from London, U

nited Kingdom at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, Akpabio, who visited Chime in London hospital recently, declared that the ailing governor was now hale and hearty and capable of ruling the state upon his arrival. Akpabio admonished Nigerians to always trust their representatives and warned against playing politics with people’s health.

His words: “I was part of the delegation that visited the governor in London and I brought a message of goodwill to His Excellency, the governor of Enugu State and like I said, we must learn to mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice. We should not play politics out of people’s health. “For me, I’m very grateful to God that Governor Chime has recovered fully and he would be assuming duties within the next 10 days

. It’s not something that any Nigerian should be sad about; rather, we should be happy and we should pray that he’s returning to the country within 10 days from today and he would be in the Government House in Enugu on his seat as the governor of the state. I can confirm that because I had interactions with him and he’s in good health and he’s recovering. Once the doctors give him the go ahead, he will be in the office. You can quote me.”

Speaking on the allegation that the Governors’ Forum was gradually becoming a cartel and working against the Federal Government and the Nigerian people, Akpabio, denied such claims, vowing that he would not be a party to any association or forum that would attempt to bring down President Goodluck Jonathan and his team, even as he described such allegation as baseless. He insisted that the Governors’ Forum should actually be a major collaborator with the Federal Government, maintaining that they are part and parcel of government, which should work together to uplift the living conditions of Nigerians. He said: “I will not be a party to anything that will attempt to pull down the government of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and that I’m assuring you.

The allegation they are making is news to my ears. I’ve not been around the country for a while and I don’t know what is going on. Definitely, when I get in, I will observe things and if I should find out that the Governors’ Forum is what they are saying, you will hear me., I will shout out. “For now, I want to reassure Nigerians that the Governors’ Forum means well for the country; majority of us are behind Mr. President and we are determined to work together collectively so that we have one monopolistic democracy in Nigeria, the government that can deliver the dividends for the good of Nigeria. I think that is all that matters.

There is no room for any acrimony. I will not be a party to any divisive tendency that will tend to turn the forum into a kind of a trade union. I will not support that.”

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  1. If he comes back, let him build such hospital here for Enugu indigenes to as well get medical attention. Criminals with exception of Akpabio and Amechi. I heard that they are doing well in their states.

    • Ashiwaju-D-Ole on

      They are most pretenders AKPABIO AND the other one they called AMECHI.

      Never trust blood suckers.

      Who much is given much is expected so nothing to show compare to what they have received.

  2. Gov ernor Godwill Akpabio is a very stupid man for making such statement that Nigerians should learn to mourn with those who mourn.Dis Chime initially told the people of Enugu state that he was sick or he said he was on vacation,it is only when a Governor officially decrared to his people that he is sick that he will get the sympathy of his people and they will pray for himHow can somebody that went for vacation to enjoy himself deserved to be prayed for?All these stupid Governors should always mind their words.Being a Governor does not warrant you to talk any how,you will live there tomorrow.Foolish.

  3. But Chime was doing well in Enugu state before before he became indisposed. He is still among few performing governors in Nigeria.

  4. From that very day this man Chime described APGA as Sick and Death Party, he has not be with himself till now. That was a very nasty and arrogant statement he made and by God’s grace, when he returns he need to apologize to APGA, the only igbo’s party.

  5. Akpabio should watch his words when addressing issues of national importance in public, he spoke as an emperor not as an elected governor whose stay in office is only eight years and after that they are subjected to humiliation here and there due high profile corruptions they must have committed during their inglorious tenure.
    Akpabio must even do better with what he’s doing in Akwa Ibom because the state is small and revenue accrued to it from Abuja on monthly basis is huge enough to develop three states in any part of Nigeria if the resources are well and judiciously managed, so he should not get carried away with the level of development in Akwa Ibom, he should concentrate more on providing for the well being of Akwa Ibom people and stop wasting their money on television shows everyday.
    Nigeria will never have monopolistic democracy.
    I pray Chime returns hale and hearty to Enugu state soon.

  6. We will celebrate his arrival back to Enugu govt house, 85% of Enugu ppl ar solidly behind Gov. Sullivan Iheanachor Chime. He is the best gov in the southeast after gov Rochas Anayo Okorocha of Imo State.

  7. i think he has done well for the people of Enugu and we pray for his quick recovery to continue from were he stopped.

  8. Politics or no politics, health or no health issues, i am certain that Governor Sullivan Chime is fully alive and working. His good works are evident and glaring. So i enjoin all Nigerians to accord him the needed support and also continue to pray for him especially now he is facing some health challenge.

  9. Stupid and hpeless people with useless comments. Chime is building road all over the place, buying vehicles for schools and doing so much. He is an example of a good Igbo Governor, why can’t these stupid idiots say, “thank you to God” because Chime is coming back. They are rather interested in what he said and what he did not say. Are these true Igbos? See how Theodora Oji is messing Abia, perhaps that is what you want.

    Please I am praying that God will bring back Chima strong and healthy to continue with his good works.

    I also thank God for his Deputy who has continued to good works of Chime

  10. Idiots and stupid comments! This is a Governor that is building roads, buying vehicles for Schools, and doing so many good things. You are rather interested in what he said about APGA and what he did not say. This is why Theodora Oji of Abia is messing the aroud with his kidnapping son and no one says anything. He has destroyed Abia yet everyone is quiet.

    God it is our prayer that you may bring back Chima in good health to continue the good works he is doing.

    Idiots who thought he will die have failed; shame on you and thanks be to God for sparing Chime’s life. I am not a politician. I am for everyone that is doing the correct thing like Chime.

    Thank God also for hid Deputy who kept the State very strong

  11. Shuma or wateva u caled urself, wat on earth gave u d odacity to cal d only performing governor in dis contry names. You shud learn to respect ur leaders. Akpabio is one govnor dat knows wat he’s saying at any given time. Sometimes i wonder y sunnews wil permit such unguided coment as urs. I dont blame u, it’s lack of proper upbringing. B warned.

  12. i av few comments to make,first; no gov is doing well enough in naija consider d money they are given, i dnt see any reason any gov shld celebrat constructed roads,sch,mrkt,hospt etc why is he there or is it their fathers money. Two am nt frm s/e i like dat man but he refused to tell us the truth, what do u expect ppl to do, there is dis good example laying b4 us venuzwellan president, his ppl knew he is sick all of them are wit him, they even postponed his inaguration. My ppl like i always say let’s 4get abt APGA,state,region or wat av u let’s beging to hold our leaders resposible for infrastructural dev’t growth and better future. Because it is our money nt their fathers money. God bless nigeria.

  13. Please when did gov Akpabio of Akwa-Ibom State become the chief press secretary of gov Chime of Enugu State.
    The good people of Enugu State should not be deceived by these evil men of our present generation. Gov Chime is under a Life-supporting machine. His illness is incurable, it is only Jesus that can heal him, but he does not believe in Christ.

  14. @ the insider, gov Akpabio should to be because he is the best performing gov in d south south, therefore him and Chime are birds of the same feather that flies together. So this time around, u are not actually the insider as u claimed.

  15. I pray dat God wil heal my governor and gve him sound health.i pray dat any man/woman dat shall die 4 him governor u re bless nd covered wit d blood of jesus.

  16. We dont value what we have until we lose it. People of Abia never valued my hero DR Orji Kalu uzor until they lost him. PLEASE ENUGU PEOPLE LET CHIME LIVE TO GOVERN ABIA SO THAT YOU HAVE THEODORE ORJI, THE MAN THAT HAS NOTHING TO OFFER.

  17. The truth is dt our leaders give room for speculation. Initially, it was denied dt Chime was sick. Instead we were told dt he went on an accumulated leave. How can one pray for somebody who is on leave? So, Gov. Akpabio did not get it right. The people were not told abinitio dt he was sick. As a leader, d people u lead must know ur whereabouts, even ur state of health. It is when they know ur state of health dt they should pray for u. The Venezuelan president is sick and his condition is being made known to his people almost on a daily basis. But in Nigeria, everything about our leaders is shrouded in secrecy. They should learn to make themselves open if they really don’t have skeleton in their cupboards.@ Aniagu: U mean Chime is d second best governor in d southeast after Rochas.

  18. If not for his empty promise to the students of ESUTH,to cut down their tution fees with 50%, he would have recoverd, but the endless agony on the students si the reason of his own endless sickness, let him just have it in mind that a promise is a promise.

  19. For once,let’s hope the rumours are true. We all at Enugu will be glad to say ‘Welcome back His Excellency,Welcome back the Action Sullivan’…To God Be The Glory

  20. No serious comment for now. We wait and see 10 days. Wish the Chime well. What type of sickness is wrong with him so we know how to direct our prayers for miracle on him. ALL OF THEM SHOULD LEARN FROM HUGO CHAVEZ

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