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Opinion illicit_guns

LEWIS OBI 08173446632 SMS ONLY [email protected] Humanitarian organiza­tions like the Amnesty International are the salt of…

Opinion Abia_state_tower

The outcome of some elections do not produce the best candidates. And, that makes politics too simple to theorize or predict. Which is why keen followers of politics say that politics does not favour subtlety.

Opinion emmanuel udom

The scriptures say the ways of the Ant (Prov.6: 6-8) are a great source of attraction, admiration and learning to the prudent and visionary. The Ant by its propensity to

Opinion PDP-APC

The new government must recruit prayer warriors that would assist it to succeed. How will APC deal with the witches and wizards that held the power sector hostage for ages? If the PDP could not fix that sector in 16 years, APC requires powerful

Opinion Yakubu Dogara House of Representatives

LEWIS OBI 08173446632 SMS ONLY [email protected] At the time the leader­ship elections were held in…

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