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IT is always the way out of the truth,particularly in politics,for some people to see criticism as something borne out of bad motive. Many leaders have been consumed in the office they

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CORRUPTION has been defined as “the abuse of be- stowed power or position to acquire a personal benefit.” It includes embezzlement of public funds, bribery in all ramifications, cheating, including examination malpractices, etc.

Opinion police_nigeria

THE Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, has recently put forth innovations aimed at improving the social strata of the Nigeria Police Force. Over the years, the police has placed on bill-boards at various commands and police stations, the slogan “Police is your friend” and this is

Opinion 2000px-Flag_of_Biafra.svg_

THE current pro-Biafra wind blowing across the length and breadth of south- eastern Nigeria and some contiguous parts of the south-south geo-political zone reminds me of the timely warning of

Opinion Bolaji

WHAT I am suggesting today is unlikely to be popular especially among our Moslem brothers. But whether it is popular or not, it is imperative especially in view of the bloodletting in the country

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