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Judging by the way Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole has been speaking in the public space, the language he uses, the authoritative air he exudes, the ease with which he has been pouring scorn on everybody associated with former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government, you could see that Oshiomhole is yet to rid himself of that baggage of a militant labour leader for which he was known. The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), you must remember, is the platform through which Oshiomhole rose to become governor.

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So what’s so special about next month? Well, it is my birth month for one, but, most significantly, September would witness the official debut of the “change” the All Progressive Congress (APC) promised at the campaigns.

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One of the burdens of being a longtime commentator on issues Nigeriana is that people frequently search me out, via email, text messages, and phone calls to ask questions about Nigeria. These questions come from Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike. For me, what’s fascinating is not that so many people feel tempted to put questions to me; it is that, as a rule, they expect me ALWAYS to offer a coherent response, if not the answer.

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First a little bit of history. The National Peace Committee on the 2015 Elections, according to available information on the subject matter, was set up by the office of Senator Ben Obi, erstwhile special adviser to former President Goodluck Jonathan sometime in the last quarter of 2014.

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We have to be careful as we head somewhat unconsciously for political/constitutional retrogression, which has nothing to do with misgovernance of the present administration. Rather, should we go down the precipice, the blame would be on all of

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