Brig-Gen Oluwole Rotimi’s wife kidnapped in Ibadan



Wife offormer governor of Western Region, Brigadier-General Oluwole Rotimi (retd), Mrs. Titilayo has been kidnapped in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. The incident, according to an eyewitness occurred at about 6.30p.m yesterday in front of the gate to her company, AOK Logistics Limited. Titilayo was abducted by four armed men, while returning from her office.

The residence of the Rotimis at Ikolaba area of Ibadan was deserted yesterday when newsmen visited the place. Oyo State Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO), Ayodele Lanade who confirmed the incident said: “It is true the woman (Titilayo) was kidnapped on Monday at about 6.30p.m and I can tell you that our men are currently on the trail of the criminals.” According to him, no arrest had been made, but it was gathered that the case had been transferred from Egbeda Police Station where it was initially reported. The abductors came in a green Nissan Primera car and on arrival; reversed into the gate of the company.

The police said the command, however, suspected a foul-play in the matter, adding that the manner through which the kidnappers drove into the gate and forced Titilayo into the car, while her driver was looking and allowed them whisked her away without any resistance called for questioning. The Acting PPRO, Mr. Ayodele Lanade explained: “The incident was different from other cases of kidnapping in some parts of the country because, in this case, we learnt that the driver of the woman was looking at the abductors when they took her away,” he said.

“And we found out that there is a rift between the woman and her workers because she was said to have owed them three months salary and there was a kind of agitation from the aggrieved workers. “In the course of demanding for their unpaid three months salary, some of them were sacked. So, it seems there is a foul play in this case. Its not in anyway related to other kidnapping cases in South East and South South,” the state police spokesman said.

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  2. Rtd Brig Gen Rotomi was placed under course for insulting Ndi Igbo for a rift between him and his former boss Ojo Maduekwe. That cost him his ambassadorial posting at USA. He boosted that he defeated Maduekwe as captain of Biafran soldiers with his rag tag soldiers. See a general that can not even face a common armed robber in his compound.
    Then he was unanimously coursed by Ndi Igbo. His problems honestly began since then, calamity be failed him, his ambassadorial appointment in USA was subsequently withdrawned, it systematically gave rise to family squabbles, now his wife can not offer remurations to her staffs as at when due. For him to obliged to be part of the groups that destroyed 3 million souls of Igbo extraction, those innocent Igbo blood must continue to haunt him and his entire family from generation to generation. My prayer now is for his wife to die at the hands of those kidnappers, let him test the pain for losing a dear one, then other meaningful calamities will follow suit, evil man. No one should apprehend those kidnappers, they must go scutch free, wicked family to owe workers wages, husband and wife same birds that flucks together . You must pay that debt either death or alive, u re a very wicked woman.

    • Owerri are u saying that the rtd Gen. is paying the price of killing Igbos? Could that also be the reason behind the family squable in the house of the Ikemba Nnewi for leading the cause of untimely death of millions of Igbos during the civil war? Bcs u urself knows that wherever the Ikemba is now is not happy with the problems happening in his family.Pls bigot like u Owerri should be wary on how u make a comment that concerns any crimininal activities. Nwa Biafra ke mgbe i ga a muta ihe.Instead of u 2 sympathise with the family ur busy raining stupid comments and unnecessary accusations. Owerri a zughi a zu.A beg grow up inu la.

  3. Leave the poor driver alone what do you want him to do, to chase the kidnappers or to block them?or to loose his life because of his madam? He’s helpless so don’t blame him ok

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  6. Nda Remi Obijur on

    It means the insecurity has engulfed the whole country and no one is safe. Our security operatives, pls rise to this occassion, do somthing nd fast too. Mr PPRO we are not interested in ur parroting, engage your men into action. As for that “owerri” person, i’m shockd at ur callousness and satanic mind, it doesn’t depict that of a real Igbo man. Remember what the Rotimi’s family is passing through now, could happen to any family. Even if u lost ur loved ones (as in my case) during the civil war or that u are among the woman’s staff being owed for 3 months, u are still not justified to talk to this family that way especially at this time of their calamity. Remember two wrongs can’t make a right.

  7. owerri, i don’t think u re educated at all. All d igbo’s u keep blablaring, u kill my ppl d innocent blood and all that……… I dont want to say some things dat will make me be like u let’s leave it at that but pls educate urself and ur igbo brothers.

  8. Let the police arrest any accused personsuntil otherwise is proved. There is no any concrete evidence that driver had pre-knowledge or not. He might be one of the criminals or innocent accused. The onus of the truth is that he must be arrested and investigated. His actions is questioning whether u like it or not.
    In addition, some of her staff must be also arrested in order to put light and assist security to get to the bottom line. Issue of salary or payment is different from the issue at hand. The unpaid staff should file their case in the competent Industrial Court. Finally, we are now in real problem in Nigeria. Nobody is secured and saved from abductors.

  9. That titilayo is very wicked how could she be owning her staff for 3 months dat so wicked of her,even if i shuld be in d shoes of her driver i wil do d same, she want d poor driver who she hav n’t paid his salary for 3 month to retaliate dat so stupid of her, they shuld liv the poor driver out of dia useless case.

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  12. Anthony I Efobi on

    You can see the best head of reasoning possessed by the Oyodele. Look at how he reasoned. That the driver was standing looking at the 4 prepared kidnappers taking her madam away and as such, he is a prime suspect.
    So Mr Ayodele, tell us what the driver would have done? Is it things that ur NPF with all the training cannot do? Now u want to push ur blame on the poor man.
    The worst in all this senario is done by the victim for not paying her staff 4 over 90 days. This staffs have dependants, responsibilities, they need money to transport themselves to work and faces sack once they fail to turn up to work for not having transportation money cuased for not being paid.
    Do u guys see the kind of greedy and selfish people that have pilotted the affairs of this failed Nigerian State?
    I must call this Ayodele a foolish man and full blown tribal Yoruba man by saying that the kidnapping that happened in the South West is not kidnapping and as such is different from the one that happened in the SE and SS. I don’t know what the trabaluist call it?

  13. This parroting PPRO is a disgrace. A woman owed her workers 3 months salary and in agitation for their legitimate money, some were sacked without benefit all because her husband is a general and now you want a driver with 3 months unpaid salary without the hope of celebrating the festivities for his family to take the bullet on behalf of her wicked madam? You are ungoldy mr PPRO. so the live of the poor driver is less important to that of the General’s wife? Pls advice the general not to even talk too much as he too may follow his wife.

  14. By the grace of God Titilayo will return home safe and sound. I hope those who engage their own minds in thinking will appreciate that they could be in these shoes and have a loved one kidnapped?

    I shudder to think that a man called Owerri can post these words. I lived in Owerre and loved the people and the place so much especially some of the surrounding villages like Egbu, Emekuku and Mbieri where the people showed me endless kindness! But now to think that some people can exhibit such inhumanity?

  15. I wonder the type of dectectives we have in this country, so what do you ant the poor driver to do at that juncture, to fight 4 armed men with emty hand,but what is the reason for the woman to owe her workers for over 4 months? the civil right society must take note.
    Any way if she can not pay her workers she will pay kidnappers. i rest my case.

  16. I will not be hypocritical about my stand on this wicked woman that owed her staffs unjustly. @ Nda Remi, u can sacrificed ur life on Rtd Gen Rotomi,s family for their present predicament it,s up to you. I have said it without contradiction that , this evil woman should loss her live at the hands of those rogues, God can use anything around Him to accomplish His purpose period, evil family.

    • so mr. oweri, you wishing evil on another person be it the person is right or wrong, what does that make you?? it makes you evil as well? the way you think just confirms it.

  17. @ omoibile, i must comment on what i know very well. That family is pure evil, u must go back to history lane concerning Rtd gen Rotomi. That,s why it is very good for any human to be at the right side of history. The evil that men do now lives within them. I,m very much happy that u lived in my home town, do we align with evil ? We can not be bought over by anyone. We re only interested in academics, true or false?

  18. If the general is proud of wasting 3million lives and boasting to their loved ones about it,then it’s fair he taste the soup he help to cook.he should loose his wife and if possible his children as well.divine justice can come in any form.

  19. @ Abidemi US, i wouldn,t join issues with u because u re being debased by your winter jobs in USA. Come down to Nigeria then organise a symposium, u must be rattled by my person, i,m not boosting. Does American nation abhore cheating ? Empty drum like you. Rtd gen Rotomi and wife are killers/ cheaters they must reap what they have sowed.

  20. All I know is that kidnapping is very bad. The police has to do thier job but should avoid any form of intimidation and unnecessary brutality. Thank you.

  21. My observation on this write up is the way Nigeria police spokes person jumped to conclusion as to who and who are responsible without any proper investigations.@Owerri you definitely need to go back to back to school,you are simply not making any sense.

  22. ” So, it seems there is a foul play in this case” – Police statement on the kidnapping

    By demonstrating such astounding powers of logical deduction, we can have every confidence in the Police to resolve this case, quickly and safely.

  23. shez owing her wokers 3mths salary, 3 months, n even at dat stil hd d guts 2 sack d agitating 1’s 2 @ dis tym of d season, haba, dat is pure wickedness. wht goes around comes around. since she dsnt want 2 pay willing, she hs 2 pay forcefully-abduction. even doug evrybody is a suspect, u dnt xpect d driver 2 fight back at d xpense of his own life 4 sb who hs no regard of his welfare…….


  25. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    Rtd General Olarotimi, we pray your wife would be released soon. If she is released, advise her to immediately pay her workers the three months salaries she is owing them and for those she sacked, she should pay them their gratuity and pension if they are due.

  26. Kidnapping its now going round and round the whole state in nigeria as result of insecurity,were are we heading 2 in this country call nigeria,will nigeria ever be free from kidnapping, will this evil moster remain with us for ever.which way to go nigeria,must we all check out off the country as result of this evil moster call kidnapping, may God deliver nigeria from this evil moster call kidnapping as a result of bad and currupt leaders without vision or better plan for its citizen ,

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