Boko Haram: We lost 109 members, 50 branches-Church


… How we averted deadly Xmas attacks, by Jonathan


President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday said that, but for the security measures to check Boko Haram, this year’s Christmas celebration would have been the bloodiest, going by the Islamist sect’s plans. This is even as a church disclosed that it lost 109 members and 50 branches to the group. Jonathan spoke of plans by Boko Haram to push the nation backwards and stop the government from providing the dividends of democracy.

“They would not succeed because 2013 will be a good year for Nigerians and Nigeria,”he said. The President noted that Christianity and Islam are religions of peace and tolerance which forbid killings and blood-letting. The President disclosed this at the Ekklisiyar Yaruwa a Nigeria, EYN, (Church of the Brethren in Nigeria), Utako, Abuja, where he attended Sunday service. While re-assuring that his administration was working round-the-clock to address insecurity, Jonathan said that government will contain insecurity posed by the sect.

The President said that government will ensure that the activities of the Boko Haram did not push the nation backward as the strategic security plans put in place were already yielding positive results. According to him, the sect had intended to unleash deadly attacks on Christmas day, but the plans were aborted because of the effective strategic operations of the various security agencies. “The Boko Haram planned to carry out a lot of attacks on Christmas day, but we suppressed their plans during the Christmas, because the extent of their plans was not executed as a result of the strategies by the security agencies.

“Although, we still recorded some incidences, but the extent of attacks which they planned, was not allowed to be executed. Boko Haram will not push us backwards. If their plan is to stop government from providing the dividends of democracy, they would not succeed because 2013 will be a good year for Nigerians and Nigeria. With your persistent prayer, we shall defeat them,” he said. Jonathan noted that it was strange how terrorism and suicide bombings which were alien to the culture of any section of the country had crept in. He thanked the EYN nationwide for keeping faith and remaining calm even in the face of provocation.

Earlier, Senior Pastor of the church, Rev. Daniel Mbaya, said that about 50 of their churches had been burnt and 109 members killed in the North by Boko Haram. He said that EYN, predominantly in the North- East, was worse hit by the Boko Haram insurgence. The Senior Pastor thanked the President for worshipping with them, saying it was a demonstration that the country was blessed with a caring, loving and concerned leader. Mbaya also noted that Jonathan was the first sitting President to worship in any branch of the church since its inception.

In a sermon titled: “Walking with God” and taken from Genesis chapter 5, Verses 22 -24, the clergy dwelled on the benefits of putting God first in all human endeavours. According to him, any mortal being who walks with God by obeying His laws and instructions would have peace, everlasting joy and eternal rest. At the service were the President’s mother, Mrs Ayi Jonathan, his Chief of Staff, Chief Mike Oghiadome, Sen. Philip Aduda (PDP-FCT), Executive Secretary, Christians Pilgrims’ Board, John Kennedy-Opara and some presidential aides.

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      • Heinz Nwabuzor on

        U think so? Ur president is not in control of the state affairs! He was address my his political god father as a weak leader. The boko haram, kidnapping, corruption, slow govt and his personal comments has shown that. I read and seen that the words of a king is power but that is quit different from mr president GEJ.
        I pray God gives him wisdom and direct the affairs of nigeria

      • Heinz Nwabuzor on

        U think so? Ur president is not in control of the state affairs! He was address my his political god father as a weak leader. The boko haram, kidnapping, corruption, slow govt and his personal comments has shown that. I read and seen that the words of a king is power but that is quit different from mr president GEJ.
        I pray God gives him wisdom to direct the affairs of nigeria

  2. GEJ is always praising his administration that hv disappointed Nigerians,just look at our power supply he can’t even solve d problem.

  3. Boko Haram is the result of corruption and mismanagement of our resources by past Northern leaders like, Yakubu Gowon, Ibrahim Babangida, Sheu Shagari, Abdusalam Abubakar, Sanni Abacha, Atiku Abubakar, Adamu Ciroma, Rilwan Lukman, all past Sultans of Sokoto, and all the former Northern Ministers during their tenures.
    They should go and stop the Boko Haram otherwise, it will consume all those leaders that turned their Youths to the most deprived in the whole country.

  4. adeyemi sandra on

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  5. Islam is a religion of idiots and senseless people like senator abba bukar almajari Ibrahim, adamu almajari ciroma. And loser gen muhammed bokoharam buhari.

    • U are mistaking,it is Christianity that is a religion of morons,follow,follow,senseless human beings!what can Jesus do in this situation?NOTHING BCS even when he was alive,he prays ONLY to GOD ALMIGHTY for his miracles and help.Only God can help anyone from any evil plan and not your idiots that are milking you dry with lies

  6. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    May the souls of the 109 members rest in perfect peace and may Almighty God give their families the fortitudes and courage to continue to bear the irreperable lost, amennnn….

  7. Ur Excellency,u’re too civil to handle d bh issue cos d only language d muslim world seem to understand fast is ‘an eye for eye’ur excellency may I know where U see peace in Islam,is it in Hamas & Fa’taa,Al’shabab,Taliban,Al’qaeda,Boko haram etc?in all these i’ve not seen any notable muslim leader call them to order,verses of their holy book support killing of their non muslim child.relatives&neighbours.So ur excellency wise up.Give dividend of democracy to any region dat creats an atmosphere 4development.don’t wait till ur people stone U satchets of pure water b4 U fix d East~West road which cut through d SS states to the SW.As many projects as U can initiate and fund d time is now thank you.

    • MIKE,

  8. The president is corrupt that is way he can not fight the menace called aboki haram because the sponsors are his cabinet ,so before u remove sand in other peoples eyes remove urs first . JONA KEEP ur house in other then other things wil be added unto it. Boko boys is top govt and muslim officials period . U can deceive others but u cant deceive = I=ME= AND MY SELF.Tell ur self the truth

  9. 2013 is the yr the lord as made nothing not even boko haram can stop the blessings of the lord. thank God we have a God fearing president and the blessings that goes with God fearing will locate the president and the entire country .Fruitfull new yr to our humble president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and to our beloved country in advance.

  10. If only GEJ cld fix d power supply, he wld’t be receiving these kind of insults 4rm d masses cos tats d source of empowerment 4 d less privilaged.

  11. Nduka Felix mobolaji uzuh on

    I dont think that boko-haram emagence, is as a result of bad governance. For if it were to be so, it should’nt be christians that they will be killing and bombing. They should have directed their grreveiancies to all their past leaders, that has kept nigeria at its present state today. It was gowon who started the destruction of nigeria, by dissolving the regional system of government, and creating states in its place. Just because he wanted to create desunity amongs the people of the south-south and the eastern region of the country. In my own opinion, i think the people of the north are just using the bokoharam to achieve their jihadist aims.

  12. That is where you got it all wrong Mr. President. And we the Christians will appreciate it if some of you in government will spare us all these political statements. While Christianity preaches and live peace, love and tolerance, same can not be said of Islam which not only preaches but lives, instigates and encourages its adherants to kill and destroy lives. Mention any single religious conflict in this country that was not started by its followers; starting from Maitatsine uprising to date. Mr. President, we should stop decieving ourselves that there is a difference between Boko Haram and Islam. It is one entity. Their names, motives and objectives clearly show who they are. No amount of denials and explanations will change our belief that what is happening is ISLAM and it AGENDA.

    • Heinz Nwabuzor on

      Godfrey Izah Ukpor you got it right… It is a political ploy to take over the government or make government to pay them big money it is done with Niger delta today! Boko haram is been sponsored by politicians with stolen funds from Government… I only pray that God gives mr president wisdom to know the bad eggs in and around…

  13. @k If only he can provide just power the story would have been different, we would have taken side with him. To me this is the worst government. The only man Nnaji who would have assisted him in achieving this was forced to resign. Jonathan can anything Good come out of this ur reign?

  14. Andreas wubal, Jos on

    @Dele adugbemi,pple like u r d problems of dis country. Wat abt obasanjo? Is it bcos he is ur tribe? Obj ruled twice wi virtually notin 2 show 4 it. Pls try n go to skul. Did u get me right?

  15. WEL we hv seen 2012 gdbye welcom 2013 as d yr 12 pas let GOD prs d act of dos bh an there sponsors an giv our prsndt wisdom to role dis great nation in JESUS name hpy new year

  16. LRA rebels of Congo and Sudan that use children as soldiers,Charles Tailor,Bush,Central African Republic rebels,Breivic and so on are examles of Xtian crusaders,all lovers of blood.cristianity is a religion of aggressors,never do well peope who never see good things in others.All you that ISLAMPHOBIA disease is worrying,you better repent and follow ISLAM,the only way that give total submission to ALLAH,one and only GOD,that western evil cannot affect,or else you perish in your ignorance.You don’t blame MUSLIMS if some criminals take up arms against helpless xtians,and your govt is too gentle/corrupt to deal with them

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