Boko Haram: Stop the killings now, students beg Jonathan



Students from the South -East have called on President Goodluck Jonathan to stop the wave of killings in the country or resign.

The students said bomb explosions and gun battle by the Islamic sect, Boko Haram have turned the country to a mine field. Their reactions followed the Kano bomb attack, where more than 60 passengers were reportedly killed.

The sporadic bombings in the North have created panic among students in the South East, irrespective of the reassurances of President Jonathan to stop the attacks.

Some of the students, who spoke with our reporter expressed anger and disappointment with the failure of the Jonathan administration to address the situation. They insist that the cardinal agenda of any president was to secure lives and property of the citizens.

Most of the students said that the Transformation Agenda of the administration has failed to herald a brighter future, with the daily loss of lives and property worth millions of naira. Above all, they expressed the fear that subsequent attacks on tertiary institutions and place of worships have left no safe place for students, as they could be cut down prematurely.

In University of Uyo, Etim John Bassey, a 300 level student of Economics, who was grieved with the insurgency, said President Jonathan was not doing enough on security.

“Let him not let us think that the vote and confidence we reposed on him was in vain. If he cannot confront the issue of insecurity headlong in the country, then I will advise him to resign. He should resign or better still not re-run in 2015.

Nigerians keep losing their loved ones, while women keep wailing everyday over senseless killings by Boko Haram. I pity students living in the North because the fear of the Islamic extremists has become the beginning of wisdom”, he said. Also, Shedrack Udeogu of Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH) lamented that the Jonathan administration has turned Nigeria into a mourning, wailing and killing field.

Hear him: “He promised in his Transformational Agenda to provide constant electricity but since he assumed office, the only news we hear is blood letting, bloodbath and bloodshed. He promised to curb corruption but the monster now walks on 10 toes in all sectors of the economy. Jonathan should not allow Nigeria to collapse ”, he pleaded. , Kingsley Ukam, a 400 level student of Computer Science, University of Calabar (UNICAL) said: “One of the burning challenges confronting our country is insecurity; while incessant bombings and abduction have created panic.

Yesterday was bombscare, today is bomb blast, only God knows what tomorrow has for us.” Another student in the Faculty of Law, Unical, who pleaded not to be mentioned, said that the challenges facing education have become so numerous, ranging from poor funding, brain drain, cultism and abuse of trust.

“For corruption, we are oblivious that fighting or discouraging corruption is even more damaging than terrorism/insurgency.

Perhaps it is the single greatest obstacle to both human and national development. We know that the poor rating is not due to lack of the required intellectual capacity, but basically poor allocation of resources to our institutions. Therefore President Jonathan should take a bold step towards building a world class universities in the country”, he added.

A graduating student of Political Science, UNICAL, Fredrick Ogbidi, said the current statistics revealed that tertiary institutions churn over four million graduates into the labour market annually. Out of this number, only 40,000 fortunate ones secure jobs.

On whether the Federal Government should grant amnesty to Boko Haram, Gabriel Ojukwu a 300 level student of Banking and Finance, University of Uyo said that government should do so for peace to reign.

“Everyday, people are being displaced, wives made widows, children made orphans and livelihood, businesses, churches and schools are destroyed by these terrorists. If the so-called Boko Haram will ceasefire when granted amnesty, I will urge the government to eat her pride and grant them the amnesty in order to save lives,” he said. Uchegbu is a 500 level student of Accounting, UNICAL

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  1. peter omelazu on

    My children,please do not blame the president for the killings of boko haram.Blame it on northern leaders and elders who believe in born to rule mentality.Average northerner believes he is born to rule the rest of Nigeria while you and all your generation are born to serve.The killiing in the north is their own way of saying that they do not accept president jonathan as a Christian and as a non northerner.Therefore,you have to brace up for your liberation and the hour is now for those who know that there God created them equal with all man and hence, the need to resist any organised attempt to coward you into submission.

  2. I still say it. The North and south must divide in order for there to be real peace in this country. I advise those of southern origins to leave the north cos Jonathan can’t stop anything. If the Northern leaders can’t stop the BH boys then what can Jonathan do? Let us split this country and let us go our separate ways.

    • Adams, your correct, we should stop beating about the bush. The main point is that, we are not one, Britain join us for their own intrest,so weather amnesty or not, our thinking are not same. These people are from chad,afghanisthan,niger and iraq origin. Can’t u see it? They love their religion more than they are people. Best thing is to break, so that, their can live they everlasting president life.

  3. Peter Ike Offurum. on

    “Unrealistic uptimism.” How can they stop when the president isn’t manly enough to stamp his authority on boko haram instead he makes comments of uptimism that are unrealistic hence the headline.Their fathers sent them out on this expedition of destructive carnage just to attract presidential sympathy in the form of amnesty which they have just succeded.I pity my nation.

  4. kanus ugbana on

    D quest for annesty by d boko haram northern leader to d faceless killer is nt far frm d 19 century jihad of d fulani if nigerian could remember, dey dnt wnt christian broda to rule dem becos it against deir religious n political ideology dat is y dey ve to equip dis boys wit armed if nt wia on earth could dis boys ve d fund to buy dis sophisticate weapon, lets be realistic fellow comrade n cuntry man, we shld nt apportion blame on our presidnt abeg, cos d northern leaders ar to be blame for d insugency n loss of live in dat part of cuntry. D amalgation law stated dat after 100 we cnt co-exist den d country shld be split n dat can bring a last peace in dis country

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