Boko Haram: Senators, former gov under watch



The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Abubakar, yesterday said that the senators from Borno State accused of sponsoring Islamists sect, Boko Haram are under police surveillance. He appealed to the public who may have evidence to assist the police in arriving at conclusive evidence on the senators to help the force with such facts.

Abubakar said that the police were finding it very difficult to arrest and prosecute a former governor, Ali Modu Sheriff, as well as past and serving lawmakers accused of sponsoring Boko Haram owing to what he described as a “lack of preponderance of evidence”. He said, “we are doing so much about it looking for evidence and those who have evidence to give us.

We are investigating, but please, anybody who has evidence about that should help us bcause you cannot take anybody to court without preponderance of evidence. All those people you are talking about are under watch and we are investigaing so we need assistance.”

The IGP has also announced that the police will soon prosecute Farouk Lawan, who allegedly collected $500,000. from business mogul, Chief Femi Otedola, to erase his company’s name from the list of indicted oil companies in the fuel subsidy probe by the House of Representatives, as soon as it concludes investigations.

Abubakar, who made this known while opening a two-day workshop for heads of Criminal Investigation Department(CID), in the police, warned CID personnel that he would no longer tolerate a situation where suspects are detained illegally and tortured to confess.

The police boss lamented the deterioration in the CID units where he said there were lapses as the personnel lacked the competence to resolve simple criminal cases. Consequently, he noted that there are several unresolved cases of murder, rape and kidnapping in the country.

The IGP, while charging CID operatives to live up to expectation by carrying out their duties professionally and rightly, said, “for us to move forward, we want a very effective and efficient CID that will have respect for Nigerians, that will respect human rights, that will do their job without fear or favour to anybody, that will do justice to all at all times, a CID that will run away from torture, a CID that will not detain people illegally, a CID that will not detain people more than 24 hours and a CID that will grant bail to those bailable offences without collection of money or bribe at any given time”.

Abubakar, while noting that the Investigation Department and units of the police are vital in any police organization worldwide, wondered why it has not been able to resolve the numerous reported cases of murder, rape, kidnapping and other heinous crimes in the country. “You are aware of the fact that there are several unresolved cases of murder in this country, There are several unresolved cases of rape, kidnapping and heinous crimes in this country that not because the police are incompetent to be able to resolve them or find out those who committed the act with several factors which we shall discuss today”.

He said. According to him, “when we came on board, we realized the lapses and incompetence of not only the officers but the incapacity of our departments to be able to resolve certain criminal cases that ordinarily should have been resolved with quicker and faster investigation.”

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  1. I always see a man of action, a man of his word whenever Mr IGP Abubakar speaks. Keep it Mr IGP, God will continually bless you and posterity will write your with gold.

  2. when a profile Nigerian is accused of crime, our police usually lack evidence to prosecute them but they don’t require any evidence nor prove to deal ruthlessly with common Nigerians who sometimes may not be involved in some crimes they are being accused of. Sir, i want to ask you if truly we are all equal before the law or what we have here is like the proverbial animal kingdom, where some animals are more equal than the others? we have heard of the former Italian prime minister being sentenced to jail for tax related case, can that happen in Nigeria?

    • God bless you my brother, you just said it all. A man who buys rams of millions of naira for BH sect, you still need me here in Phc to come and give you evidence, thank you very much.

  3. All Nigerian police men and women need education. Most of them went to school without passing through the school. How do you expect a police officer who forged his or her college certificate or bribed his way out of college to leave up to expectation. Let us stop fooling ourselves.

  4. Ogbuisi chukwudi A on

    a decade to fight and we are claiming we have security no wonder the west call us black monkey we aare even worse than that ina no de see eaurppe

  5. NIGERIANS av been marginalized, whenever it comes 2 police cases, d moment u ve go no money, u can’t make it there. Evil perpetrators can proudly tell their victims, nothing will happen, even with an arrest, Soooooooo Mr IGP, twill b a very nice thing if u can change d notion dat many NIGERIANS like me av abt police 4rm experience nd NIGERIANS will b very grateful.


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  7. The IGP lacks evidence to prosecute sponsors. of the deadly Boko Haram but has evidences to prosecute Farouk Lawal who has not killed anybody but b/cos he fails to bring returns ”Boko Haram has infiltrated my govt.”. President Goodluck said but a lot of comments followed that. The member of the public will now provide useful evidence and will be prisecuted instead. Nigeria we held thee. My friends who have not forgotten will now agree with me when I said the other time that the nigeria police is looking for evidence to free these people.

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  9. Sir. IG, you people are trying to make nigeria better but without the elimination of partiallity it will not work well.

  10. May God help us in this country. Am tiired of this flimsy excuses. Mr IG please, prosecute those boko haram sponsors and mr farouk without further delay.


  12. Abdullahi Usman on

    I am pondering over IGPs statement that the Senators from Borno State linked with BH sponsorship are under surveillance . When has surveillance become an issue of public discuss ? I thought the most appropriate thing should have been you put a suspect under surveillance for a reasonable period of time without him/ she knowing. I need to be educated .

    • u re rit my dear, if u re putting a suspect unda survelliance, do u nid 2 blow d trumpet 2 let d world no including d suspect dat he is on watchlist? dnt u tin u re indirectly informing him 2 b on guard. d nxt news we ll hear nw ll b dat since dez no evidence his no longer a IGP pls undastnd dat nigerians re nt illitrates. u dnt giv a thief clues dat wer his goin 2 carry out his operatns is guarded, wht do u tin he ll do, folishly go ahead 2 steal????????????? talking abt d CIDepartmt, hop datz nt d way dey ll b trained 2 go abt der investigatns. pls lets be wise

  13. This baby face IG can’t do this job , how can he open his mouth and tell his suspect that he is on surveillance on him , now bcus is norterners he need evidence ,when it come to yoruba ,igbo ijaw, no need of evidence .,

  14. The Nigerian Police is a disgrace.

    There’s not a single thing wrong with police forces around the world connecting a line of information between its office and the citizens, except i think here in Nigeria where i fear, the heads of the force hardly knows what to do with such call-in- information delivered to them by members of the public.
    The report up there is revolutionary. A better caption perhaps should read; ‘

    Correct me if i am wrong but isn’t that what the IG sought to say when he said that the Criminal Investigation Department, the man inclusive, ‘lacked the competency to resolve SIMPLE criminal cases.’ Come to think of it, how realy simple are those case types pin-pointed up there by the IG? If such obscene crimes as rape, murder and kidnappings are merely refered to as ‘simple’ cases by the police bose, i wonder what the ‘hard’ cases are. Simple cases indeed, that explains why he and his stone hearted colleagues invariably treat them on simple terms, right? You bet the incessant festival of murder around the nation by the religious extreemists, boko haram is a simple case too.

  15. Thank u my brothar so u see that face he tell a bh man that he is coming to arest u, so obetar u live the house b4 we come. Wondars shall nevar end.


    this bastard Farouk Lawan is a free man, he is there making laws till this day. well sorry Nija we are doomed

  17. Let us try and make constructive criticism pls my dear brothers and sisters, Nigeria need prayer more than any other thing.

  18. Onyeka onuorah on

    I always plead wt evrbody, dat yes we hv so much curptn in d land but we can say no to curptn individually, I do it and it works one by one then naiga will change

  19. when it becomes mine n oder common men’s prerogative, (who, 4 obvious reasons r afraid of being victimized), 2 fish out criminals or manufacture enuf evidence 4 dem 2 b prosecuted, den, mr ig, what is d functn of nig police?

  20. If corruption should be totally eradicated in this country, then, the law enforcement agencies and the Judiciaries should do their work more professionally. And say no to tribal and religious sentiments. The IGP has spoken well, we want to see changes with immediate actions.


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  22. BRO. CHRIS NKEM on

    Mr.IGP,i am not to blame you much because it didn’t with your regime. The system in police has been bad ever b/4 you were made IG.The President has an evidence you are looking for because has told us once that some of his cabinets are members of Boko Haram. 2. Your predicessor and his ex-commissioner who allowed the already arrested Boko Haram members to escaped from the custody has enough evidence you are asking for.3.The Senators implicated are truly sponsorers, yuo are an intelligent police officer i respect any time any day and through their words of confession one can understand and conclude that they are sponsors. Let us not celebrate evil as a .birthday.

  23. I don’t care how they go about it, but what i want 2 say is that “justice should prevail”. If truly those senators are responsible, they should be kept in the prison all their lives because of the numerous death and pains boko haram has inflicted in Nigeria. So am hereby advising the IGP to try all his best possible to see that those evil men should be brought to book. So let action speak louder than word in this case. Do your job well IGP. I rest my case. Thanks

  24. I don’t care how they go about it, but what i want 2 say is that “justice should prevail”. If truly those senators are responsible, they should be kept in the prison all their lives because of the numerous death and pains boko haram has inflicted in Nigeria. So am hereby advising the IGP to try all his best possible to see that those evil men should be brought to book. So let action speak louder than word in this case. Do your job well IGP. I rest my case. Thanks. Good Nigerians

  25. Mr. IG,
    What kind of evidence do you need? one person said that the other person is a partner in crime and you said you need evidence. What evidence is greater than this confession?
    Remember that God will demand an account of what happened to the victims of the bomb blasts not only from boko haram but also from anyone who is in the position and has the capacity to solve this problem but has refused to do something.

  26. Nigeria will never change, so Police is now looking for evidence from street people, wonders shall never end. What other evidence are they looking for? for instance the Senator was accused of sponsoring boko harram, it is a duty of an investigating department in police to show what they are been paid for, not to asked us to provide evidence, we knew Nigerian police no amount of evidence will come through us that will be accepted so what other evidence do they want? maybe they need a private account owned by the Senator and the withdrawals slip from the same man, and again a shipment order of aminations from the same man, perhaps that was what he needs. Mr IG. I love you so much if not for any other thing, atleast for the concern you have for common people in the society, your men are messing up the innocent people whenever they are on their net, now we are seeking evidence to prosecute rich people pls I want you to extend it to us the common men so that your men will treat us with respect and regards, all these I asked in Jesus name Amen

  27. mr I G u hv said d true 99% of nigerian police ar robbers mr ig can u handle dis issue.if u see police station hv turn to market ar times even d members of comminty police report d bad ones to cp or dpo u see no action wil b dealt particuler wat respect do u hv for pcrc mmbr in gnrl dey ar very imprtn in d cmmnty more grese to ur elbow

  28. Alhaji Dan-azumi Gana on

    The call by IGP to the general public who might have evidence to assist the police in arriving at conclusive evidence on past and serving lawmakers accuse of sponsoring Boko Haram is a welcome idea. please Nigerians! if any one has useful evidence, feed the police without further delay, so that peace would become everlasting in this country.

  29. I don’t want to say much. But i put it as question “what another evidence does IGP want in case of Lawan where he agree that he collected money at all?

  30. oga IGP what naija police need is money no matter your crime period…is in naija that a policeman will cover an evidence maybe because the complainant has no who is fooling who here?

  31. Ethelbert Opara on

    I see a humble, smart, diligent, competent, patriotic and professional IGP. Our public institutions sometimes perform based on the personality in charge, and not on institutionalised work ethics. The desires of the IGP will work if and only if the men and officers of the Force are re-oriented. Let them imbibe the global best practices in policing so that even at the exit of the current IG, the standard will not only be maintained but improved upon. The vices the IGP mentioned can only be reduced drastically if well educated and morally sound men and women are appointed DPOs and State Commissioners of Police, because most of the rort in the Police emanate from the Divisional Police Stations and the Commissioners’ levels. The success or failure of every investigation depends on the position of the DPO and/or the Commissioner of Police on the matter.
    I do not think it is right for the IGP to make it public that the Police is watching/monitoring the ex-Governor and the two Senators. What Nigerians would like to hear instead, is that the Police are prosecuting the men based on preponderance of evidence before them.

  32. IGP most nigerians including myself likes and trust your efforts the statment credited to you if it is true is un fortuate for one; the police is monitised hence are readily an associates of our criminals so called big men; police needed no further evidence;the boko haram have comminication leaks with them; some of them were arrested from their houses and some were abated to escape after arrest.the type of police we have today is suicidal for any one to vention into giving any information and GP knows they will kill you knowing you have such information and go and take their payment the facts we al know.IGP; i dont know weither you or your aid dont read this page; i have been urging you through these colum all along to use your good office to compare all insurance companies responsible for gratiuty and other entitlements of your dead and retired officers to pay up immediately it will help to boast the morals of those in service.the delay is quit unfair

  33. The IGP is right. You cannot just grab somebody and take him to the court without any concrete evidence in form of witnesses or exhibits to prove the allegation against the person. The trial Judge would dismiss the case. Then the same public would conclude that the trial was designed to fail.

    Concerning torturing, it is inhuman, crude and a lazy way of obtaining result. Imaging someone applying a hot pressing iron on your skin. I am sure you would say something your torturers want to hear, whether your did it or not. There are many modern ways of obtaining facts through various gadgets. The government has not told us that they could not afford them.

    Surveillance is a general term. The whole country is under the Police constant surveillance, and this does not prevent the criminals amongst us from perpetrating crime.

    The IGP has also been under my surveillance and I have found him to be thorough-bred Super Cop. An action man.

    Shortly upon resumption, he started lamenting the corrupt nature of his men. What remains for his men to do is just to carry calabash and start begging. His men did not take him serious until he descended on them by banning road block , a major source of revenue to his men.

    Now, the man has started lamenting again concerning the CID’s mode of operation. His men should learn fast that this man meant business. otherwise, his hammer will soon descend on them again.

  34. If d IG will not bail us,who will? Asking ordinary citizens for evidence nd “useful” information to pursue or investigate a serious crime is unacceptable. The police will often remind us that we can’t teach them how to do their job, the Ig knows this, so he should. get serious. Awosika

  35. Mr IGP if it were to be a poor man that was accused of a crime, you guys wont waste time in torturing him. You beat, hang, plug electricity on d person, administer raw tear gas on the person’s eye and so on. But now it has come to the case of a senator, you remember that torture is against the ethics of your profession. Shame on you Mr IGP, your kind of person will put poison on someone food and before serving the person, you tell him/her that you applied some poisonous substance on the food and at the end expecting the person to eat the food. WISE UP MAN

  36. Many times, the security men do succed in arresting some of the boko haram members with there dangerous arms, most of this arms range from assorted types of military arms to different types of explosives. Now my question is this: can not nigeria police force try and make those arrested suspects tell everyone where and how they got those dangerous weapons bcos each time we hear about the arrests of these criminals we dont hear the out come of there investigations. There is never a day we were told how the politicians, army, customs etc helped these criminals to get those arms even how and where they get the chemicals and substances they use in making there local bombs. Pls in every arrest of these criminals made, pls we want to hear how and the source of there arms because if the source of arms are known in every arrest made, it will go a long way to expose the big heads behind this violence in our dear country. We dont just want to hear that they have been arrested, killed or there camps been stormed and raid. PLEASE WE WANT THE SECURITY OPERATIVES TO ALWAYS BACK UP THERE REPORT OF ANY WEAPON RECOVERED WITH THE REPORT OF HOW THOSE CRIMINALS GET THEIR WEAPONS. NIGERIANS WILL BE MORE HAPPY TO HEAR ABOUT THE SOURCE OF THE WEAPONS RATHER THAN HEARING THAT THE CRIMINALS HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. IF ALL THE SOURCES OF THE WEAPONS RECOVERED IN EVERY ARREST IS KNOWN AND TACKLED, THEN IT WILL GO A LONG WAY TO REDUCE CRIME AND MAKE NIGERIANS HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE IN THE SECURITY OPERATIVES. Thank you.

  37. I think some cave men who head institutions in nigeria haz draged the rest of us to their dept. Those celebrating the IG’s toll dismantling,and road blocks should move around the south east nd south south especially btwn 6pm to 8pm.These police men ar out there always, collecting tolls from poor folks; okada riders, keke napepe, commercial buses nd traders returning from market. I do ask mysef,why can’t they respect the IG’s order, either they don’t take the IG’s order serious or they know they can get away with so many crime. In most villages the DPO nd his men collects as much as ₦10,000 for bail,even after IG’s good speech. I hope we dont get to the point the poor will rise against these deceit.

  38. IGP, it is very clear that you are not ready to bring those men to book. Whosoever gives evidence is in trouble because they the police will inform the BH of your identity, of course, they will for your head. Come to think of it, I will be in Phc here and know of evidence against those BH sponsors? Oga IGP, habaaa

  39. Mr. IG, I respect United States police force for their Zero-tolerance, hyper-speed way of detecting crimes and all that goes with it in this time and age. You will agree with me that they are the best, and in some cases that will take “developing” world police years to solve, USA police force will even mention the name of the suspect/s hours or days before the actual arrest is effected. My request is that you send your boys to USA (not Europe) for training and do your best to equip them like the cops over there when they come back. If you will it, it will happen. This contribution is not to say that I support the demand for state police (as Nigeria is still 100 yrs. behind state police system).

  40. Nwachukwu obinna a.k.a don dezila on

    Only God can help this nation cos our so called leader are very weak, shame unto u all! u nd evdns, if na pool man u go ask 4 evdns?, wicked gnrton.

  41. You people seem not 2 understand qat mr igp is asking of you. What he mean is ‘pls provide the evidence that will help me free these suspects’. With due respect 2 the Nigerian police, I hereby submit that the evidence being sort for is within the dormain of the police force and the IGP knows it

  42. Thank u mr peter yusuf u are curent,dnt mind them majority of them have not been to law court,IGP is quite right in his statement, let people who insinuate go there and give evident let them be bold, police will give their evident on investigation, base on the statement of witnes, else in the court of law no litigation,so nobody should dare insult my IGP.MIND UR WRITE UP Mr Anthony

  43. Mr IGP you have spoken good, but what is left is the result that we are all itching to see.
    you people( the police) should make pragmatic efforts to bring these people to book.

  44. Putchina Bitson on

    Every society produces the kind of police it deserve. The police men and officers are Nigerians not foreigners. Don’t blame the police rather blame the Govt. And our past and current Leaders. How much will it cost the Police to effectively patrol the entire Nigeria with 36 states plus FCT, about 774 L.G.A in just a day? What is the administrative cost of Policing Nigeria in a month? How much is allocated to the Police headed by a minister? How much the Dpo in your village get to run the Division? How much the families of decease officers in Boko haram get from Govt? Mr IGP well done…

  45. IG was supposed to Arrest and keep anyone who have a link with the BH on his custody while investigation is ongoing to avoid them carrying out their wicked plots and still be moving freely to those who will advise them to sue and claim damages, so as to distract the security agencies from performing their duties

  46. Nigeria @ 52 our securities cannot investigate an issue & come out with a result. the only thing the IGP is looking for is a way of freeing them for lack of evidence

  47. Ig,thank u very much,u alerted a suspect dat he is being watched,u’ve informed him 2 be very careful in his activities with bh.Nw u want common nigerians 2 provide evidence,abeg u want who u go kill?U only talk, talk but no action.History ‘ll judge all of u.

  48. Obibiokwu Afara on


  49. Did i hear you talk of lack of propanderous evidence?Do you want them wear masks?Do you need to see them carry bombs or wear a boko haram logo?Are you rubbishing the findings of the sss and the jtf?Are you saying that there werent evidences of phone calls and revelation of key phone numbers or that key militants have not been trailed and arrested inside dishonourable members’ houses{govs and senators}The man who threatened making nig ungovernable has he not been mentioned by boko haram as their leader in negotiaton,i mean Gen buhari rtd?Or do you want them carry the charred body of Dr Goodluck jonathan to your office as a propanderous evidence?what you need is circumstancial or direct evidence and they are there.Dont think we are fools,we are talking about what had killed many citizens and you are talking as if we are talking about rams.Show us the statistics of christians and muslims killed so far,churches and mosques destroyed and tribes highly affected.

  50. Abroad it is eye witnesses dat aid the police in their investigations. In Naija eyewitnesses are the prime suspects. If na u u go help police do their job well? I remember a case some years back wen dia was a robbery incident at Intels camp in PH.20mins after the robbers had gone the police were still arresting people found around the vicinity, and collecting 10k bail bribe.U no the funny tin, even commuters in a bus coming from Aba were not spared.

  51. Mr IGP pls u can not say cos of evidence lose thousands of people you are ment to protect us. If Nigeria should lose one person and save millions I think that is fair enough pls u can take laws into your own hands.


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