Boko Haram, our nightmare over 2015 presidency -Northern leaders



Northern political leaders and traditional rulers have resolved to work tirelessly to bring the deadly activities of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram to an end in the North before the dawn of 2015 presidential elections in order for a northern candidate to have a smooth ride to the presidency.

This was contained in a communiqué issued at the end of a two-day conference on the North and strategies for sustainable development held at Arewa House, Kaduna on Thursday which was read by Dr. Usman Bugaje, the convener of the conference, who was Katsina State governorship candidate on the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the 2011 general elections.

The conference drew participants from concerned northerners, comprising former Heads of State, vice president, governors, one time Chief Justice of the Federation, Speaker, House of Representatives, academics in their respective fields, erstwhile ministers, federal and state permanent secretaries, retired generals and police chiefs, serving heads of federal and state agencies, businessmen, women and youth groups.  The communiqué read in part: “That the Northern region will create a strong and united platform to address the current security situation and the politics of the North with particular reference to 2015 elections.

“The effect of the current insurgency of Ahlas Sunna li dawa’ati wal Jihad and other forms of insecurity have impacted negatively on the socio-economic, political and the religious life of the people. Economic growth and development, commerce and trade in both formal and informal sectors of the northern states are being stifled with multiplier on the larger national and African sub-regional economies.  “That the Federal Government in liaison with state governors, the affected communities, religious leaders should get together to genuinely dialogue with the insurgents with a view to ending the insecurity in the North.

“That with over 72 per cent of the national landmass and favourable climatic condition for both rain-fed and irrigation farming, millions of livestock and other sundry agricultural endowments, the North has to modernize its agriculture with all the priority attention required to return the region to its erstwhile leading position as the food basket of the nation.

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  1. Jokers. U guys created Boko Haram to distract Jonathan nd now want to end it because of 2015 elections. Selfish beasts!! If Jonathan fails to re contest come 2015, or an Igbo man fails to be d President,Niger Delta Militants wil fight u guys 2d finish nd dis country wil also be made ungovernable. U think d North has d monopoly of making bombs!

    • @ Dr. Henry, am not a Northerner per say neither am i holding brief for anybody but i want to it to you that those of you who say North create boko haram to distract GEJ are either ignorant s of truth or are just being economic with the truth….. Boko haram came into existence fully in the days of Yar’dua even though it had existed in several other forms before then, so to say somebody or a group of persons form boko haram to distract Jonathan who was not the president is borne out of sentiment and a total lie….. Boko haram is purely an Islamic religious set ….. Politicians may have taken advantage of boko haram to cause violence in the country but that does not rule out the fact that boko haram was primarily created against Christians and not against Jonathan as a person and until we begin to see it so will not win the war,,,,

    • Dr. Henry u are a mad man, whether u like it or not IGBO man will never be President of NIGERIA, U guys have blown your chance in 1966 by staging a lopsided coup, killing our leaders, u fools , morons, u are not even united even amongst your selves too selfish

  2. Dreamers fools jokers in park come 2015 you cann’t destroy what you have built. Killing and bumbing churches is the only reasons why you should not think of 2015. Those that used public funds to promote killing and destrotion of God peple will suffer here on earth and also in hell islam’s wicked.

  3. “Northern political leaders and traditional rulers have resolved to work tirelessly to bring the deadly activities of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram to an end in the North before the dawn of 2015 presidential elections”

  4. Which 72% land mass? 0kay! Is that land mass not enough to form a nation for you so that islamization and sharianization will be easier for you people? Please try that option. That will be safer and will serve you better.

  5. Which Way Nigeria on

    What goes round comes around and the evil men do live with them. Cowboys, it already late for you to rule your papa.

  6. Anthony I Efobi on

    STOP refering ur area of greed and corruption as Northern region, but candidly call it Hausa/Fulani or Muslin Brotherhood Region. Middlebeltian, pls open ur eyes and be intelligent this time around. Northern Christians pls be wise. The Hausa/Fulani and Northern Muslims can now make u chairman of meetings, conferences, political parties just to involve u guys in their power crazy culture.
    I think that by now, this Hausa/Fulani/Kanuri muslims must have looked for other areas of lives that is aware of power or presidency. Does it means that they will not grow, change or have 2013 sense?
    Look at where we are today. Muslims culture and teaching in the North West and North East is like a snail toil, virus and dangerous thing to progress, development, peace, good heart feeling, human safety, good economy, poverty and far from long term good neighbourhood. Few states from North central are not free from this killing Islamic culture, teaching and believe.
    These muslims can do everything bcos of power (being President). They have Boko Haram inside cooler and dispatch them to disstablise Fed. Govt. simple bcos is not headed by a Northern Muslim, not a Northern Christian. Now, they want to start applying killing and bombing break on time b4 2015 Presidential election, after they have bomd and killed many Chriatians, destroy many Christian place of worship, scared christians away from worshipping their Lord and their God, destroy christians family gathering, causing fear among the children of God all bcos of our Islamic religion and not being President of Nigeria. Shame on you. All that practice Islam and support voilence in any form or being negligence, insensitive and reclessness about killing, shooting, burning, stabbing, disfiguring of huma body in any form in the name of Islam or power (not being a President of failed Nigerian State).
    Middle Belt be wise now, Yoruba muslims be reasonable as usual and keep practing mature and modified version of Islam free from voilence in any form. Northern Christians, stop following the Northern muslims in power quest for they are power selfish and high-lucreative post/position greedy.
    Is it for what? All for money. Are they the Igbos? No! Power for what? Power money. Money from where? From the oil. Oil from where? Oil from all the Oil Producing State located in the South practicing christianity. Yet, the Southerners never kill the Northern muslim theives, instead they may at high anger kidnap, esp foreign oil theives or seize/destroy oil facilities. They never go to musque and throw bombs to the religion of oil theives and parasites. No body want to die even the suicide bombers, as they were forces or religiously deceived into comming suicide bombing. Kidnap is bad as it always happen to opne person, but bombing market places, town meeting or congregation of churches is Northern Islamic Hell to black worst.

  7. Hausa/Fulani together with their Christian brothers are the same. It,s only chief Solomon Lar and Jang reasons very well like the southern leaders. Is it Jery Useni, Domkat Bali , the most unintelligent old man Gowon. So now they wants to mend fences just because of 2015 general election, but southern Nigeria are not fools like them. They unanimously vowed to make Nigeria ungovernable if they failed to clinch on to power at the expense of GEJ and actually made use of the treat till date by making Nig a nation of anarchy. Nig only inherited evils in the hands of northern elites to the optimum, after mishandling of Nigeria,s common wealth for a good period of 38 years, still they refused to cross check their stock cards in the annals of leadership in Nig political history. Let them name that geographer that allocated 72% land mass to the entire north out 100% that made up of Nigeria territorial land mass as a land locked area while, living only 28% to the entire southern Nig. Playing blind politics will only continue to derail the north in all ramifications.

  8. My brother you said it all. Middlebeltans and non-muslem living in the north, never again you give your vote to this bloody fools Boko Haram Hausa/Fulani mediocres. Let us see how they will outnumber the whole country.

  9. ola fajemobola on

    Truth can never be buried. The truth and the whole truth behind Boko Haram is sipping out gradually of the core nothern leaders’ hideout into the open. It is by their words and deeds that we will know them. Let’s watch for the southerners who will be rushing to form alliances with them or accepting running mate’s position to a northern presidential candidate.
    How can you be bombing christians and turn around and say you want to lead them? It is unbelievable how Nigerian leaders think, see, and treat common Nigerians in general. So it is now time to pull plug on the senseless violence because 2015 is around the corner. What a barbaric way of thinking?
    What out for the trend?
    This horrible objective in the above article–let’s stop killing bacause of 2015.
    Sardauna of sokoto merry-go-around jamboree with Edo State Governor.
    Their continued useless suggestion to Jonathan to dialogue with criminals.
    Their sad comment on the of transfer of two hausa/fulani officers from Jaji as if the lives lost and maimed there by their boko haram did not mean a thing to them.
    Atiku kneeling down for Obasanjo, asking for forgivness.
    Obasanjo gradually becoming their darling again.
    All of these in a span of two weeks. Nigerians haven’t seen anything yet from these criminals. If they strongly that they own 72% of Nigerian land mass and they believe in their north very strongly, why can’t they just go and form their own country? What are they afraid of? Or what are they looking for? I know; OIL. I am sure the south-south boys are waiting for them, I guess. And people like Edo State governor will not hesitate a bit before he sells the whole of south-south to them; political masquerades like him.
    I wonder about where they are going to get their votes from in the south in 2015?
    What are they going to tell the other ethnic groups they have killing and maiming their people in the north? Vote for us, and if not, we will continue bombing you and driving you out of the north. Nigeria is a land full of absurdities.

  10. The cultist, in the name of northern leaders have gathered again. the children of satan,what do you need power for to continue with your usual madness with wastefulness.

  11. Any southerner that accepts to merge with this hopoloids that call themself ‘born to misrule’,should be excommunicated.


  13. haaahaaaaaaahaaaaa nortther leaders has no wisdom at all , so they dont know that boko haram has made 2015 smoothly for jonathan , even if jonathan failed as the north has made him failed, people will still vote him in again eccept some one more reasoable from south easth /south west, can come up if not is a free vote for jonathan bcos no one i mean a mad man can never vote for north

  14. If these gambari still think they are rellevant to de rest oif nigerians, then they have not woken up from their slumber. Let me tell u alimajiris something, if care is not taken, Hausa/Fulani will never rule this country again. De day of one northern Nigeria is long gone n it will never come back again. U know what i mean?. Ur conference will lead to nothing. By de way, don’t u have no shame at all?, n u still think de rest of de country will allow u again to destroy de country even more. No way for hausa/fulani at Aso Rock again. Lot of u are wankas.

  15. north my foot so Gowon u think any country can help u again no no no no for u Gowon any more……… u will not believe with ur eye what will happen in 2015 if south/south or south/ east fail………….any way i don’t believe that Nigeria will be together before then so Gowon u don’t think at all what if u die before 2015 lets wait and see 2015

  16. Watch out that Yoruba man Tinibu, he is cozzing up with
    Buhari to run as his Vice. As much I know a Yoruba can change course with out warning or on a dime just as he performs his OWAMBE dance.

  17. ……For by their fruit you shall know them. Finally, it is true that Aboki is stil Aboki evn when he wears suit. Wow! Imagine Aboki sense! Cowboy trying to outsmart Cityboy. Interesting gist……
    Pls Northern Political Leaders(NPL), hw can you put a stop to it when they are faceless. Hw can you do this when u were nt the ones that caused it. Hw can you put a stop to it when it is being done by the mere jobless youth(do u nw wnt 2 create job). Remember Boko Haram insurgent is not for political/Religious reason but those protesting against the injustice being done to North, against bad govt of Gudluck, and against the marginalisation of the North. Hahahaha. So its time to unveil d truth and admit dt it is an orchestrated plan to destabilize Gej govt and kill christian southerners. I did not hear you guys well, maybe u need to speak up a bit. We r movin down to 2015 .

  18. The only tin north want to do for nig is to islamise us. Turn everybody to moslem even animals wil be worshiping their bloodsucking allah, and they wil achieve it by all means, religiouse fanatics, fools.

  19. My only regret is the numerous Christians this mad people are killing in thousands.i think their main reasons of their killings is bcos after 2011 election.the felt that GEJ worn the election due to Igbo Population and other Southern/middle belt population in the core Islamic/Jihad North.even though there are still indigenous core northern Christians.their thinking is let us kill the Christians so that the can run away from the north.come 2015 their votes will never count against them.pls who can still reminder us those States that Gideon Orkar excised from the north during his failed coup.let those states produce any presidential candidate and let see how the core islamic north with their Alhaji OBJ’s backing will win the President.
    the truth the South will know is the earlier they start to find a better candidate for 2015 the better for the South.if not i don’t think any reasonable southern will still vote for this PDP going by billions of money which accrues from the South being use to develop the so called Jihad States at the expense of the south.Vice president house will cost additional 9Billion naira to complete after 6 billion naira have being spent since 2009.whether BH or not 2015 winning election by a southern candidate have to be on a proofing ability not on a sentimental issue.we can’t elect a president that spend money like water whether the person is my blood brother or not.a president that spend 9billion to service presidential fleet if it is true,a president that can allow 15billion residential Manson for his VP,a president that can borrow 9billion dollars without concrete evidence of where the money will go.lets vote in a president with human compassion ,who will be willing to shake hands with the commoners ,who’s cry of the masses will be his own cry,who will see bad road,bad Airport,non functional water ,agriculture ,employment,non equipped hospitals ,University education decay,lack of transparency,Corruption,EFCC’s non performance as a concern not a President that can make Nigeria gold by mere word.that should not be the President we want.
    To the core Islamic/Jihad States and their leaders you don’t need to worry and don’t need to stop killing people for you to win 2015 election.the more your BH kill the more popular you become and the more sympathy you will attract.after all the UNO and other Civilized world will
    never classify you as a terrorist North since our fed govt is against it.with yr continued killing the whole world will ask Nigerians to allow you guys to rule even with out election.remember you still control the Arm,Police,CBN,
    Customs,Navy,Airforce,Immigration above all yr great and mighty population of about 82% of Nigeria and 72%
    of land mass and air mass.with 80% of looted funds of
    Nigeria oil money in yr kit.the more you fight,worsen the national economy,the more hungry people become,the better for you guys because the more you will buy the people with over 80% looted funds

  20. Anthony I Efobi on

    To be crystally frank with you Nigerians, the reasoning behind this Boko Haram is coming out gradually. If 60 percent is revealed, it can cause the so forseen division between south and north and also btw Chriatians and Muslims. Northern political, traditional and religious leaders are gradually telling good Nigerians, Christians and entire Southerners what they want to achieve with Boko Haram, terrorism, sponsorship, aiding and abating, glorification of terrorism.
    The truth shall definitely come out, irrespective of the fact that those dubious Northern leaders will try to hide it for political support. The truth shall upset the whole good people in Nigeria, esp Northern Christians, Fed Govt and the Igbos. This shall cause political unrest, suspicious feelings, excalate tribal conflicts with deep hatred and religeous conflicts. Due to crazy search for Northern power, they will tell public indirectly without knowing the implications the aims and objectives of their founded and so much funded Boko Haram.
    Just for 2015 to draw nearer.

  21. Day dreamers. They are trying to make Nigeria ungovernable because Jonathan won elections. Should any of them become the next president, southern militants (nama haram) will also make Nigeria ungovernable.

  22. Hausa/fulani muslim should prepare to reap what they‘ve sould,middlebelters can never work in common with them again and we‘re not afraid of there bombings and terrorism activties,if they push us to wall with there irresposible and inhuman behaviours they‘ll suffer it.

  23. Northern Political Leaders should wait till Next 45 years
    Because they have Failed this Nigerians with Boko Haram

  24. These wicked and devlish so called elders, if they put half as much efforts as they use in promoting their selfish tribal agendas into genuine nation building. Nigeria would’ve had a better story to tell. Why must it always be about power 4 the north instead of power 4 the good of the nation?

  25. There are things that need overlooked. An issue lyk this needn’t comment. Anyway, Nig. affairs needs be piloted by south more 50yrs i.e, the presidency, vp and the senate presidency should rotate among SouthEast,SouthSouth and SouthWest while middlebelt takes the speaker house of rep. I knw my northern brothers will be happy with this my sharing formular.

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